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M :J' u TUMR.4DAV. SEPTEMBER 24, 1903. """
j f lan-M-vK - . am hi t r 1 m i-c r nulla itww .. i
i V.i,
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Ift.jfj: S a n I . nm am wuHUUK
MS . ? inrini
That have the wearing
quality and give perfect
and comfortable flta are
I the kind we handle,
our xnpolnl shoes for
boys wtar like iron.
Dmdinger, Wil
son & Co.
jspeetor of the Omaha Division Says
! They Are Highly Successful.
in i. x.ll nt ninflhn Kfb. in
I ' lector of rural mall routes, of the
Jmaha division, is in the city visiting
f iends. He was formerly in me w
nv nf thn O. K. c IN.
nv nirnl mnll delivery IS oe-
I11U "U Ml"-'"-""""
. n.nar min .1 Kia?G nu.
M V'. Ald Mr. Newell tms morniae.
i, J '(.'everywhere It has met with trie
SLt'ii.? . oiirress. It may be a broad
hF'.',.' t,. ftmrn nm manv coun
ii '-y people who believe that it has
,t,nr.nnri the vninp nf their property
I ino r. nor nrrfi. PeODW living
long the routes can secuie tnuiU
,r,ro rpnrtlne matter, the children
. . i ,, nrt it hna increas-
I . .... i. tho lottorH which
' ' iey write a great deal, ana iue
; 'luence for good is great.
) n ..rr.i.,. i,nnoflt in tho farmers can
.i ' l nt hft ove restimated. Where form
' i rly they would go Into town with a
i f.'-ad of produce, ana peruuws um
,! . !ii ble to sell it off, they now manage
. return with empty wagons and
I '( ill pockets. The reason is obvious
1 ' -they now get the newspapers daily
fvnd as mese comam mc m--
I itions they know jusi exueuj
roduce to taKe to town uuu
n mnrUot is short on any particular
1.1 nnA tt onrl I1R n reSUlt.
Il'here is not the least trouble in sell-
fag They also learn wnai me -Ipnt
nrlpfic are and sell accordingly.
Utural mall delivery is a great sue-
.' ' ess."
4 i The Merchants' Cafe.
,'f Keeps constantly on hand import
9! d lleberv irst, Frankforters, Ham-
IV' mrg eels, crawfish, crabs, oysters,
'Siji kinds of cheese. Hot merchants
anch daily from 11:30 a. m. to 2 p. m.
' ' Berlin's sanitary precautions are
' j he most perfect and extensive of
1 J Jiy great city, and Paris' the least
I "o.
Who is It that does not ap
preciate a sweet, delicate odor,
especially of the dainty, last
ing kind! We have the largest
line ot Imported and domestic
perfumes In Eastern Oregon.
A few of our leading Imported
odors are:
Azures, La Trefle,
Peau d' Etpagne,
Vlolette de Parme,
Indian Hay.
And many more of the same
nsJItr In b'llk as well as in
fancy package.
It is perfection in the butter making art.
Itis always sweet and good.
It is recognized as the best product that conies from
any creamery.
It is a butter once tried, always used.
It is handled in Pendleton exclusively by
Much Wheat Is Still Being Held .y
the Farmers Buyers' Reasons tor
the Slump Millers Buy From Ne
cessity to Meet Orders Rye Is
Scarce in This County.
other dron. and
iif a i lias
as a result the market is tighter than
it has been for some time, mi- -
nnrtprs are offering 62 cents, wli He
the mills will give 64 cents for the
common run or tne gram, uuu
bltiestem. This is quite a drop from
.io thnt hnvo been holding all
of the year, and the farmers are as
a result relusing io sen .u
.i nf thpm are be-
ginning to think that the bottom ot
things is nropping uui
rushed their grain to the market.
The reason for the drop Is, accord
ing to the buyers, that they are un
able to pay so much for the grain
for shipment. The selling price of
the grain will not allow it. Grain
has been too high all the time, and it
has come to pass that they are una
ble to pay what the farmers want,
and have to offer what they can make
good on.
Millers Buy to Fill Orders.
The mi .s of the county have to
have the grain to fill their orders and
;1Uters OM Nhlng That foT th the average, and there will be
SetK Tof wheat to the altitude no cases of great Interest. Tho
u reached was the fact that the cases are all of a petty nature, rang
mils ahaaouarS contracted for Sep-llng from pe ty larceny o horsey ca ;
toml.or and October, and had to gei
tember ana utiuuti. b ,
ZpXdtrhthV'gmin. and paid standpoint of a spectator are
high for it. The farmers started out j quiet.
aT h fife? held & g.nThp .N NOVEMBER.
riSinirjStad!N.Kt Meeting Co.umbla VaUey
us and pretty near landed us. If they j gatlon Association,
hort held on a little, we would have , p..,,,,..! n. A. Hartman. of
had to pay what tney asKed, lor e ,
had to have the wneai.
Rye Is Scarce.
Rye is a scarce article in the
it Tinnld nav a few of the
grain men of thi ssection to plant a
. ii mi r -rr mill nriK
little more or u. iae ",,",
hiRt received a carload that It sent
to California for. The farmers want
ed seed rye and they couldn t get it.
They came to me mins ""-j
j i. cirlo nf Hallfornla.
couiuu i uuu ii - .
Now with the freight charges and the
price, the stuff costs tne iu
' ' rf lr,r aoed. it WOllld
CeillB tt I'wuuu w. .
me lueutiD mo .......o - - -
Ing it for the reason that most or it
has been stored or shipped. There
is little free barley in this part of the
county. Many of the sheepmen and
cattlemen who want the grain for the
chop mill are having trouble in get
ting what they want. But there Is
Baking Powdei
The remarkble increase in contumpt.on
(roves iti purity and wholetomenets.
ith a Coupoc
Oil and Sweet Spirits of Eden
Are guaranteed to cure any caseofRhen
uiatistn Money back If they fail.
A C. Koeppea t Bros., Agts. for Pendleton
seem to be a paying crop, for mere. . -
Is not near enough raised in the I Notice to Contractors,
county to meet the demand. j Sealed proposals will be received
Barley Is More Plentiful. I at the office of the undersigned, room
Barley Is Plentiful; at least there 12. Judd building, until Thursday,
1 J f it Irnwn for the use or October Sth, at 3 p. m., for the erec
LCSy "v t sWJtta and completion of the Bowman
the county, prou.c i n a hotel, situated on Main street, Pen-
J,ound0 where 't can L foundC; but dleton Or., according to Plans and
liuuuu v v - ir flnri. I snpr float our urenared by C. E.
i . MAimtv in Niiir n n n m i i i
. . ii tih' to sun-
acreage enougn in ...
ply the market, provided the count
were used as a market.
One Man Operating Train of 70 Ani
mals Between Boise and Thunder
A scarcity of freighters to take siip-l
nl es into Tnunuci ,,.
S the serious problems con ran i inp
those who are desirous of fiottinfi in
pile, into Thunder .
supplies before winter seI8 in. y
able to secure sufficient mini l.or of
freighters to take in his stuff.' U
:. r,' ..ootorit.iv inirchnsed 3.
Ma.hen'rmo : wt ch win ntmif
from Boise within a clay
or two for
Thunder Mountain with ""'I'J'jf.- -0 1
inrKt;n.nj uu
.1. nnlmnlc HH
the trail between
Thimiinr Mountain, cam
Inc supplies for the men ho will keep
to work on his properties this win-
t?Mr Mackenzie has purchased 120.
000 pounds ol supplies in Boise with
in the past 30 days, making about
350.000 pounds ho has purchased so
iar'this season In that city.
The Docket Will Be Arranged Next
Monday as to Civil Cases.
i n,nnfn- -t in n't -Ir-rk .
UUUUi. v in ui lit lib " " '
Judge Ellis will meet the members of i
. i- r ,.nr tlli rl'll
the bar in conference over tho civil
docket for the coming term or court.
At this time the date of trial will be
set for the different civil cases on
the docket, to meet with the conven
ience of the parties to the actions.
The docket tnis term is nm uuhi;i
nig anu iuibi.. -
.(...(llnarv n(j ana from
i ne
Coiumuia Valley Irrigation Assocla-
iinn is mnldnsr nlans for the holding
of the meeting of the association,
which is scheduled here lor tne nrsi
...... I. In Vnvomhnr Ak vet 1111 Start
has been made In that direction andl,
tlie program is a thing about which i
nothing is known. Ij
As i.oon as the sessions of tho coun- (ii
ty court are off tho mind of Judge '
llotrtifit. illl rnnfpr with
interested In the meeting of the as
soclation and will make arrange
ments for the program and the other
details of me bcssion.
Troutman, architect. Bids will be re
ceived for the diffeient brancnes 01
the work as per specifications. Plans
and 'si"clficationK can be seen at the
office of the undersigned. The owner
reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
To Attend State University.
Robert Cronin, Iter Nell and Mary
Itothrock, members of the high
school graduating class of last year,
left last night for Eugene; where they
will attend the State University the
coming year. They will be joined
at Portland by Olin Arnspiger, anoth
er member of the class, who has been
working at North Yakima, who will
also attend the university.
Social Next Saturday Evening.
Saturday evening the Woodmen of
! the World will have a social meet
' Ing In the Secret Society hall for he
members or inn oraer. tub commu
tes which has tho affair in charge
promises an interesting time and pro
gram, though the numbers on the
latter are not as yet fixed. There
will be siieeches and music and
lunch after the program has been
completed. A good time is predicted
rannMu RaHv in Rtart
H. C. Willis, of tho American Ilaro
Packing & Cold Storage Company,
has made all arrangements for the
nncinn npedpri hv thn nannerv and
the work of canning fruit and Amer
ican hare will begin about October l.
The company has a large number of
the hare In cold storage In this city
and those who have used them find
the meat to be of line quality.
New Residence for Minister.
J. If. Koontz. of Echo, is In the
cltv today, on a brief business visit
Mr. Koontz Is erecting a commodl
ous residence in Echo, for the Meth
odist minister. Rev. Gennette. of
that place.
From Heroner to Pendleton.
Pleasant Howard, of Ifeppner. is
in tho rltv and will locate, hero ner.
manently. Mr. Howard Is the agent
of the Knultable I.tfn Insurance Cnm.
pany and will make his headquarters
uere irum uuw on.
iuuiruuo uumii, uic Ol, Hill'
lionaire brewer, has offered a loving
cup tuiuvii i ouu lor iuu uesi. uops
rmwn in ttiA Arid land nf iht TTnUaH
Parm8 Around Ogden Are
Absolute Models and Oregon Farm-
ers Should Heed the Lessons They
Teach Small Farming and intensi
fied' Methods Are the Ideals.
. . ..- n u-Mlo thinks that the
jmiBP irrieatlonists
national " f .t,i,
at Ogden was a great thing for tills
nauoiuu - - - -- . u,3
"ounu - y In that it will bear good re-
j tinin in cuiiiv.
It has
BU1" h itornst of men of
. .L: ,fiihIHtles of the
co i Hit ry. and th e j will in tho future
S into the conditions here and
it may result in the est ablishme of
works here that will be a big thing
for the state. .
The East knows nothing of mo
conditions here, and the I'-0801.
.iAinrmt nn nt the meeting
brought the matter before the people
of the country. They told of the
conditions that prevailed here ami
nut the matter before the country m
n new light. The best thing that will
a "c. . .m iw the result of the
cu lilt" l uiii .
interest that has
conn. liuiu t "... .
been awuM-uu.
Men are talking of Oregon and its
possibilities who never gave the
tnto n thoncht bcrore. ia "
- Tlinro nrp IMI1V ODDOrtll
itioc hPie hut the majority of them
' . i fr.r n Rlrnrln man or a
are iuu iuii,.- "
small number of men. It will take
money to develop the country nH 1.
1 nocossarv lo uraw ma- i..-..-.-
Oreaon Farmer Skims.
Tim nrecon farmer is a man who
...mno- idon nf his business as
a rule. He has been brought up to
the Idea that he must have in the
neighborhood of a thousand ac.-es be
fore he can farm. The Orestin farm
er Is a skimmer. Ho is taktns the
faff)K'E THE 1
1905 CIGAR
The Best 5 Cent Cigar
on Earth
Save the bands and
get a ticket to the
Despain & Clark,
I Just Received f
My expreh-i a ucw uum-u ui
neckwear, scarlet midget four-in-hands,
the lattwt craze for
both men and women, and a
thousand other styles.
Wo nan nlpiiHn vnu In under
. 1 I. - T
wear, we have It from the
cheapest to the silk and wool or
silk and linen.
Our hate are here and they are
beauties, all the latest novelties,
cowboy shapes with leather
k.nila ol.'n Ilia nonm BtlltTVM
which are worn o much in the
When you want anything new
in furnishings come and Bf e us,
we have Cooper'n Underwear,
blister 8 nweaiere, ueau uiuvro
and the beat ot everything.
Men's Furnishings.
We keep nothing but pure
aatural Ice, frozen from pure,
clear mountain water. It goea
farther and lasts longer than
artificial Ice. All we aak is an
unprejudiced trial ot our ice.
Why not order a case of the
celebrated Schlltz, A. B. C. or
GambrimiB for your Sunday
order to Main
Se" resTot The products, and boj
needs to have, his eyes nenl'-.c.Th0et
farms near Ogden are n model of
what irrigation will do. If a manta
40 acres of irrigaieu muu
t right he has all that he can at -
ii ." f.mllv needs,
tend to. an im - i,' it is ---.- ;
Tho Utah farmers arc farming no. "r Llfeblloy Soap for all hmihoM
Intensified system, and arc making.' . a p?1M, dlslnfectnn nd
heir property pay them good returns ! ,g neK,e, In my "P'""""
L. . ' .t nrocrnnlnn wants to 5l'.' i niirl have UKeil it for the
learn- . .. .hcn
The state should seo umi
men who are tho pioneers in this "no,
Xnrr tnaxe9nRsiS
be made as low as possible until they
arc on a paying basis and tho,
should bo encouraged In ej
for from their efforts and the (tin
pie that they set w .. .p... u, ,
turo rrlgation sysiuui ui "".
anJ.With,?"lr P ,"" invest ""tho
country will be changed 1 from i tho des
ert to tho garaen '"";;"
the Columbia, anil in mosv u i
of tho state Interested in irrigation.
Is better than that of tho Irrigated
belt in Utah, and win ormg
suits once it Is under the water.
We will give away, FREE without
money and without price - in Dec, 19o3:
$ 1 0O.oo in Gold Coin I
as follows:
$60.oo First Prize
$25.oo Second Prize
$15.oo Third Prize
Tickets 6iven with Each $l.oo
aurchase We have the largest and best
assorted stock of goods we have ever shown
in Pendleton, bought for SPOT CASH, ena
bles us to meet the sharpest competition
from any and all quarters, and this we will
do. We assure the citizens of Umatilla and
adjoining counties it will afford us much
pleasure to have the opportunity of proving
our assertions. So come and see us before
buying your Fall and Winter Supplies.
We are determined if Good Goods, Lat
est Styles and Lowest Prices will accomplish
it, to make this the busiest season we have
ever had since locating in the city. We
have a competent and affable corps of Gen
tlemen and Lady Clerks who will take great
pleasure in showing you any goods in our
The Feast is prepared, so come and
Thanking our friends for their liberal
patronage heretofore, we remain
ters (or ihe Big Crowd on Carnival days,
OCT. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. We are making all kinds
of arrangements to entertain everybody that
comes. Look over the following list and perhaps
you will see articles that you may need before
the show .. ..
Here's Our Winner
MADE Suit in
black, blue aa
and tan....vfiuO
The Big Boston Store
uaCU '
Twrk VpflfC
i . ..unUiir I rrptmuiiHnri
i'f; V.VvJr.m St.. I'lillixleli.liiu.
ii -.
Ijlfebuoy Soap equal to ll y...
I Vcheerfullv reconin.Jbd
f'T a superior tlislnfectant for ,.!
ri It Is
-of rfokiiMi. fron. .
ri;a hIsprkps. H. I. t' nuts, lir.-
Maiden, Mass
Truly Vourw
Ladles' Walking Skirts from $1.50 to
$7.50. Ladies' Mercerised Black Petticoats
$1.00 to $5,00. Ladles' Drop-stiich and
Lace Hose 25 and 50c. Ladles' Knit and
Muslin Daderwear. Ladies' Bead Girdles,
Parses, Combs, Bags, Meckwear and Belts.
States. The hops will be exhibited
at uio si. Imis world's ra,r.