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he daily
Eastern Oregon We
ather I
cloudy J
" K. I
Will be dellTerffl M jour ni.i
Tonight mid Sunday
i5c A WEEK.
' nml occasionally threatening.
'OL. 10.
NO. 4.S..
ingham Bay & British Co-
mbia Railway Will Be
jilt Next Spring.
lorthern, Northeastern and cn-
Washington Will Be Tapped
the Proposed Extension of the
i n. The Extension Will
Pendleton or. Another Through
tane sept. is. tTom tnc
PACific railway offices at Oma-
lies the announcement that the
kham Bay & British Columbia
belongs to it, and that the
kill bo finished through to Spo-
make connection with the O.
a part of the Union Pacific
Tramp With $500 Is Supposed to
Have Robbed Arlington Saloon.
The Dalles, Sept. 19. John Green,
who has served a term In the Walla
Walla penitentiary for murder, was
arrested this morning by the city
marshal on suspicion of being one
of the men who held up a saloon at
Arlington last night and secured
$500. Qrcen came Into town on a
brakebeam, and answering the de
scription sent by the Arlington au
thorities, he was arrested. When
placed In custody he had $500 on his
person and a revolver. Ho is held
for identification.
Refused by a Decisive Vote to Recommend the Wholesale
Repeal of the Present; Reservation Land Laws.
Rancher Was Assaulted by Robbers,
Who Got Nothing.
Baker City, Sept. 19. Dick Garrett,
a rancher living near Auburn, was
sandbagged last night on the streets
Vote Overwhelmingly In Favor of th e Statu Quo: Present Reservation
Lines to Be Maintained, and All Other Lands Will Remain Open to
Actual Settlers Oregon Vote Four to One for the Substitute.
Ogden, Sept. 19. A battk royal of
giant minds of the West was waged
of Baker' City, about 9:30 o'clock. He! ,urlusy " day yecrday afternoon
sold a number or horses to Jluther-1
ford Brothers, the Willow Creek j
horse dealers, yesterday, but was do- (
layed In drawing the money from the !
bank until this morning. He thinks '
persons learning of his trade yester- ,
day laid" in wait for him last night
with the intention of robbing him.
Garrett was not seriously injured. I cl,open sPcalers or each side, after
firm foundation upon which their
faith is built.
Pioneer Irrigator.
Yesterday evening tlio mayor of
Osden introduced Hebcr Brown, aged
S2, the man who plowed the very
first irrigation ditch in Weber coun
ty, of which Ogdcn is the county
seat. When this pioneer opened the
banks of Boar river to turn aside its
waters to begin tho reclamation of
an empire in 1S4S, the Now England-
which there was open discussion by j or was scofflng the idea of founding
on the repeal of tho desert land, tim
ber and stone acts, and commutation
clause of the homestead laws. The:
committee on resolutions presented
a majority report In favor of tho re
pea of those laws, and a minority
reirt was filed against their repeal.
The debate lasted 15 minutes by
Woman Smothered.
Kansas City, Sept. 19. A fire this
officially announced that with morning originated in livery stables.
,In,r of the snow from thei""6- w nmuuierco. m
v. snrinrf the Belllncham room adjoining tne uuiimnc. j nir-
5 will begin construction . l-v horses wero burned. j
J the Spokane end and niBh j
tin to the Methow valley. ,
II give the Union Pacific an
to the rich wheat fields
stern Washington. later on 1 11"'"""')' recuter.
will be continued westward J
mus, wmcn win iunusn r mm .t r Dill I III I
Pacific an outlet on Puget
Senator Scott Recovering.
Denver, Sept. 19. Senator Scott.
of of WeBt Virginia is better and will
Congressmen Shafroth, of Colorado,
Mondell of Wyoming, John P. Irish
of California, who were chosen to de
fend the present laws, and William
E. Smythe of California, Attorney-
General Donovan of Montana, and i little,
George H. Maxwell of Chicago, to
urge their repeal.
Substitute Resolution.
Ex-Congressman Needham, of Cal
ifornia, offered a substitute for both
majority and minority reports, peti
any of the Institutions of civilization
on the Pacific Coast. But in Utah,
these grizzled pioneers were found
ing a new order one of which tho
New Englander still knows but very
Hospitable Ogden.
Ogden has handled tho irrigation
congress in a very ablo manner.
Headquarters for rooms and hotols
were established at tho Union depot,
where reception committees met the
rilinm TUP Dlllllll v niiin I tIPnl"R.con5reES tD'.S0. modify, tli; delegations and located them In
I A VU n lilt. InilAMn UnNllLr IaWB that the remaining public i suitable quarters throughout theicl
B. & B. C, leaving Maple
II pass through Mount Baker
I Salt Creek country Into the
I valley, thence to Pateros,
long the Columbia through
bem part of the wheat belt
Northern Will Counter.
pat Northern has officially
that next Bpring work will
on the construction of a
pe from Wenatcbco to Ito-
he survey is finished and
n be called for
of this line is forced
ojected extension of the
Bay & British Columbia
le Falls to Spokane. The
both lines is about com-
by the time the Great
irts Its Okanogan branch
B. C, will have Its con-
prcep at work and the race
for the control of this rich
the two roads
domain be saved to
; and prevent frauds.
Debated Four Hours
actual settlers Headquarters of the National Asso-
j elation were established at the city
i hall, where the assistant 'secretary
gress nio opposed to tho resolution.
So far there Imb boon no resolu
turn introduced asking for govern
ment appropriation to aid in the
work of reclamation. Tho sentiment
seems to be to allow the West to vo
claim herself. The nearest, approach
to this, was tho address of Senator
Burton, of Kansas, who advocated
tho storage of water by tho govern
ment, to prevent Hoods, and said
heavy costs would accrue, anil that
tho scheme came properly under the
head of the reclamation department.
The address of Booth Tucker, on
'Colonization," wns the ablest speech
yet delivered beforo the congress.
Senator Gibson, of Montana, read nn
able paper on the repeal of tho des
ert land and timber and stone land
acts, but ho treated the subject from
a legal standpoint.
One of tho brightest men in the
congress Is Congressman Frank Mun-
dell, of Wyoming, who defended the
desert land act In an ablo address,
Wednesday afternoon.
Twenty Men In Evidence.
About 20 men transnct the business
of tho congress, make all tho
speeches, and go on tho record of
tho besslon. 'Tho 925 delegates aro
not heard, oxcopt In tho caucuses of
the state delegations. Spokane and
Bolso City are tho two leading can
didates for the next congress. El
Paso is making a hard fight, but sho
is so far out of tho real arid belt that
her only supporters so far, aro South
ern California, Arizona and New Mox-ico.
Tho work of the congress will not
bo finished beforo Saturday noon, at
tho present rato at which tho pro
gram is being disposed of.
English Government's Foreign
Policy of Past Few Years
Has Reacted.
Demands of Colombia Upon the Ca
nal Company Have Been Modified
and May Be Accepted May Con
clude Affair Tuesday Next.
ACCEPTANCE OF ROUTE. 1 The debate continued from 2 till C registered the delegates and supplied
i o'clock, the most prominent states-1 ,llenl WIU1 badges and tree passes to
men, attorneys, public men of tho lm- -'' uuinueius urruu
West, fully debated the question. ; ,lle clt'. whlch Included a vis
bringinc out every feature. to tllt? stk'u county fair grounds, as
Prominent rnllrnart ntinrnevK u-.-rn ' Often as the delegates wish to at
on the ground. Land speculators i -nU during the week, a grand musi
were !. there u-lth Rfrnn ..rm.. -'a' recital In the Mormon Tabernacle
ments. Never before, outside the.011 Wednesday night, the grand re
halls of the national congress, have I cc"tlon an(1 ba" Tuesday night, a
so many public men discussed such 1 vlBit to n,ouel Irrigation farm at
Playing slot Machines
h Counterfeits.
Sopt, 19.. M SraIth
3. claiming Seattle as
I', are hotH Ihr.
Kterfelting. wi ar
lo playing a two-bit
uh bo CUR mnm.v A u.
pis vr in ivw'.i..
DJ AeaaulUr From the
and Hano
'9. An armcri mnt.
i.uxora, Ark. tx,
fc'th criminals "
J f 1". agbd 8 ano
"1 bangtd him to a
1? th body was left
1 1...
r Ceorgo Pearc(, and
-. are the guests of
01 IJvcrmorn o.
Tl " fr Marlon
"wiaiure. and 1.
til u
Washington, Sept. 19. A cable
gram dated the 17th, was received
today from Minister Beaupre, at Bo
gota. There Is no change in-the situ
ation as to the discussion. The canal
question Is apparently in a hopeless
state, and probably the Colombian
congress may not adjourn before Oc
tober 20.
Favorable Indications.
Robert Farnuni, representing
Panama Canal Company,
the state department this morning a
bhort time after Beaupre's message
was received. This, taken in connec
tion with Minister visit last evening,
leads to the belief that an euoit will
be made without, if not within, the
state department, to bring the canal
affair to a successful termination,
despite the adverse action of tho Co
lombian congress.
It Is known that .Mr. Herran re
ceived dispatches from his govern
ment whl h ho communicated to the
state department, but the utmost so
crccy provails. It is understood that
demands upon the Panama Company
by Colombia have fallen from $10,
000,000 to $3,000,000, which it is pos
Bible tho Pnnama Company may ac
cept. This, which would mean the
ratification of the treaty beforo Tues
day next, the date when It expires by
limitation. So far the company of
ficials say thoy will not permit what
they declare to be a plain rase of
a momentous question.
Veterans Divided.
Veteran Irrigatlonlsts are divided
on the subject, and no political lines
1 were visible In the debate. It is
the I simply a matter of difference of lion-
called at est opinion. Eloquence, logie, repar
tee, wit, humor, learning and states
manship marked the course of the
debate. Giants clashed in brilliant
A five-minutes' recess was taken
for the states to caucus. Pandemon
ium was turned loose. Enthusiasm
on both sides worked furiously.
Compromise Adopted.
Tile vote when finally taken stood
212 for tho substitute and 148
against. Oregon voted 16 for the
substitute and four against. Colo
rado, Idaho, Utah, Kansas, New Mex
ico and Wyoming were solid for tho
substitute. California, Texas, Ne
vada and Nebraska were divided.'
Montana and Minnesota wero solid
against tlio substitute, both favoring
An Excursion Today.
About one-half the delegates went
on the Cache Valley excursion today.
Many will stay over for tho Salt I-ake
City excursion Sunday.
Professor Suicides.
Columbus, Sept. 19. Frederick
Clark, professor of economics and
sociology In tho Ohio state universi
ty, committed suicide this morning
by shooting.
Tailors on a Strike.
Cleveland. O., Sept. 19. Throe
hundred tailors struck this morning
for the recognition of the union, Five
hundred more are expected to strike.
Pioneer Irrigation Works in
America Were In Utah.
Ogden Sept. 16 No more inspiring
place than this in which to hold an
Irrigation congress could have been
seloctcd. Utah is the birthplace of George II. Maxwell, of Chicago, Sena
systematic Irrigation. Surrounding 1 tor Iteed Smoot, of Utah, Governor
the state deaf, dumb and blind instl
tutlon, near Ogden, Thursday, and a
free excursion to Cache Valley, Utah
Friday. In fact, thero 1b too much
amusement to permit of a rapid
posal of the business of the conven
tlon. Much complaint Is heard of tho
slow movement of the congress and
many delegates left the second day,
Six Hundred Disfranchised.
The committee on credentials did
not report until Wednesday after
noon at 3 o'clock. Thoy seated 945
delegates, but only allowed 346 votes
in the congress. Tho constitution
provides that no state shall cast moro
than 20 votes, and COO delegates to
the convention are disfranchised.
Tho commltteo 011 resolutions has
received over 300 resolutions, vary
Ing In length from 10 to B,000 words,
and It has tho most gigantic task of
any of the committees before it,
All resolutions aro referred to tho
committee without debate, and tho
fight will be precipitated when time
comes to adopt Its report. So far,
tho resolutions presented have been
of a progressive and liberal charac
ter. The most important ono so far
Introduced is one by George H. Max
well to repeal the timber and stone
act, the desert land act and the com
mutation clause of the homestead
law. This one will cause the hardest
fight of the congress, as the most in
fluential and able men of the associ
ation aie divided on the question.
Line Up on the Issue,
Senator Paris Gibson, of Montana,
Ogden lies one of tho most versatile
and productive regions In the world.
All the glorious array of Irrigated
products Is set before the members
of the congress as an evidence of the
Morrison, of Idaho, and Pardee, of
California, are all. In favor of the re
peal, while tho Wyoming congress
men, Senator Newlands, of Nevada,
and other able members of the con-
His Last Appearance Before This
Was In Northern Georgia, After
Escaping Four Months Ago From
the Nashville, Tenn., Jail.
Chinook, Mont., Sept. 19. That
Kid Curry, tho noted ban. lit twl
train robber, who escaped from
Knoxvlllo Jail sovernl months ago, U
again in his old haunts In Northern
Montana, where his gang held up the
Great Northern limited near Malta,
about two years ago, securing $13,
000, Is believed to bo a fact.
The Hon, James T. Moran, onn of
tho . prominent stockmen of this
county, today notified tho authorities
that Curry, whom he knows, called
nt his ranch nt Granite at midnight
last Tuesday night, and compiled
him to saddle a horso for him. Cur
ry told Moran that ho had Just como
form Havro and had dropped off a
freight. A number of strnngerB have
appearl In the section about Chin
ook, and It is supposed that they aro
Plnkertons looking for the doHitern
Is Succeeded by Premier Balfour
The Incident Is Regarded as a
Triumph for the Opponents of a
High Tariff, and Indicates the
Downfall of the Tory Party.
Dundee, Sept. ill,- The Advertiser
today announces that the Karl of
Salisbury, lord high chancellor In the
British cabinet, will Khortly resign
because of 111 health. Ho will prob
ably be succeeded by Attorney-Gen
eral FIndlny, who Is now conducting
England's case before tho Alaskan
boundary commission.
Colonial Secretary Out.
I.ondon, .Sept. I'.i. -Consternation
and excitement caused by thn an
nouncement of Joseph Chamberlain's
resignation as colonial secretary pre
vailed among all classes In the United
Kingdom. Tho Pall Mall Gazette this
afternoon apparently sums up tho
general feeling by describing the
present crisis ns the "most extraor
dinary In tho whole history of tho
constitutional government," adding
that what will happen next no one
enn forecast with any degieo of ab
solute certainty.
The liberal organs, though an
uounclng "the wreck of tho tory
party," nearly all agree that Mr.
Chamberlain's resignation does not
mean a victory for free trade.
Chamberlain Is succeeded by Pro
mier Balfour, who has been lender
of t!u opposition.
Llpton Improving.
Chicago, Sept. 19. Sir Thomas
Lipton continues to Improve, hut Is
secluded by his physicians.
Shamrock at Home,
Liverpool, Sept. 19. Captain
and the crew of Shamrock III, arrlv
cd hero today from America.
New Heating Plant at High School
Passes Scrutiny.
Thu new healing hysteni at tho
high school was given Its iilllcial tost
this morning In the presence of Br.
C. J. Smith. .less.. Fulling and Jxo
'PoutHch o the kcIiooI boi'iil, and
Professor U U. (,'oiiklln, the superin
tendent of the city schools.
The test was HiitlBhictory to tho
board, and It Is understood that tho
contiact will be. approved and tho
work accepted,
George Phillips, the contractor and
tho man who bus hud churge and
management of the Installation of tho
plant, Is confident that his work will
stund the test of tlmo and will bo
entirely satisfactory to the school
as long as It Is used in tho building.
Tho entire plant bus been put In
with great care and Is us modern and
complete aH a hot air system 'can be.
Changes In Progress Will Be
Ished About October 3.
Gilbert Joyce, who has charge of
tho changes In tho heating plant at
tho courthouse, Is nearly through
with tho work there. He has all of
tho pipes In placo and will soon have
the radiators connected to them. Ho
is now working in tho courtroom,
and him fitted tho radiators In th
offices bock of tho bench.
In getting the pipes In place It was
necessary to tear up mo noor anu
tho rostrum and put It down again
after the work had been done. Tho
plant will bo ready for the steam In
side of the Jiex'. two weeks.
Satisfied With Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry KYmpko and
family havn been the gueBt of
friends In tho city far tho pant week.
Mr. Koepko Is one of thn oxtenslvo
land owners of the Helix country,
and has lieen visiting with his fam
ily In Ih Angeles during the last
year. However, ho thinks that Pon
dleton and tho eastern part of tho
state is thn beht placo on (h map.
Four Carloads Cattle,
J. C, Ijnergan will ship four car.
loads of cattle over the W.- & C, It.
Monday or Tuesday evening for tho
Frye-Brubao Meat Company, of Seat
tle, The cattle wero all bought In
tho Camas Pralrlo country, mid are
all young cattle and fit for the mar