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Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight nml Saturday, fair.
ellTetP.1 t ! resMence
ol buMii by "trier
iMjsmummamummmi: ummmsmatt St
NO. 48'IS.
A. Clark of Montana is Elected President of the
Irrigation CongressPortland to Have the
Convention in 1905.
through Ogdcn canyon Is the most
perfect artificial road In the West.
The delegates also Inspected the
State Blind school and farm en route.
The procession returned to the city
at G p. m.
Agriculture at St, Louis.
The congress convened for a night
session at 8 o'clock. There was an
nson, of Colorado, second address by Hon. F. W. Taylor, chief
t. rlfiniltv nf fho rilvlcfnn f an,-tii,1t,iTA
of Texas, third vice- at the St. Louis World's Fair, on the
. subject of agriculture at the fair.
nnt 1R. El Paso was
A. Clarke, of Montana,
t Tttnli ftlnnnrAel.
ruin, ui ui.au. nv-nvor
fontanel, faonator Kelley gave lils
services to the state In tho war
against tho Yakima Indians In the
fall of 1855, having a commission as
a lieutenant-colonel. He removed to
Washington. Senator Kelley left a
wife, a son and a daughter.
senator Kelley was a native of
Pennsylvania and came to the coast
In 1849, going first to California in
the gold rush. His family In Penn
sylvania has achieved fame as con
tributors to the common weal In
civic life and military exploits. They
were represented in the Revolution'
ary war with numerous officers who
won distinction.
Senator Kelley was a Princeton
man of the class of 1839.
engineers at the morn'
the special order on the
the next meeting place
pn inr rHniiinu.if!H inr
St. Louis and Idaho
Texas named El Paso.
on the subject of the
votes were distributed as
nun vi. inwn Miim.
Oregon, 20; Washing-
Kiiiin 111 nnn vv wm inrr
received ur votes nnri
of Idaho, and seconded
the election of El Paso
g that the 1905 congress
11 da fin .n.,.l J
ivwu.iiiiwiir uiauc
debates on the adontlon
occupy the afternoon
Citizens to Help.
"vi 111 UU
were assured by the
"-v niuniiuil Ut"
search of information
operation or the clt
8e the Sights.
18. Perhaps never
"'story of Utah did
Procession of cnthusl-
- iuo Bctmc Deau-
Opien canvon In
"8 carrlaces. vninn.
Aliens of Oeiw
01 TUok. . . ..
v- luivuga
" aam of tho Or-
na nrODOsed
""nolr at the hud
county road
on the general subject of Irrigation
In the West. It was the most strik
ing address of the congress. He re
ferred to tho rapidly diminishing
public domain. The speech was In
terspersed with deafening cheers.
First Vice-President Prince presid
ed at the evening session.
The other speakers of the evening
session were William Smith, of San
Diego, Cal., nn "Ideals of Irrigation";
Congressman F. B. Brooks, of Colo
rado, on "Locan Conditions and the
National Irrigation I-aw." j
How the Cup Went. j
In the competition for the silver
cup for tne fruit and hop exhibit,
Idaho won the cup for fruit and
Washington for hops. Washington
had the only hop exhibit. Tho cup
was awarded Idaho fruits on the
ground of more general variety than
tho other states.
Tho Washington delegation form
ally entered Spokane as the candi
date for the meeting place of the
next congress.
A resolution was offered by Sam
White, of Oregon, favoring a more
rigid administration of tho land laws
to prevent frauds.
The Oregon delegation also pre
sented a resolution thanking tho cit
izens of Ogdcn for hospitality shown
In arranging tho excursion through
Ogden canyon.
The city of Logan extended an in
vitation to the congress to visit that
city and the state Institutions loca
ed there on Saturday, the 19th. Tho
Invltatoln was accepted amid cheers.
An excursion train will carry the
delegates there Saturday.
Reclamation Department.
Ogden, Sept. 18. Tho congress
convened at 9 a. ra. today. F, P.
Newell, bead of the reclamation
bureau of the department, Govern
raent Engineer Hoss, Forestry Expert
Plncheon, and Irrigation Engineer El
wood Mead addressed tho congress
on the progress of work In the arid
states. They outlined the intentions
of the reclamation and forestry do-
Water Has Risen Nearly One
Foot Above Danger Line,
Flooding Everything.
sonsjwlilch aro not disclosed by tho
union. It Is said, however, that this
feclldg was due to tho fact that tho
builders hnd whnt thnv
comparatively Inadequate! representa
tion On the trades council when ques
nun uuecung ineir union was
brought before it.
He Will Inspe
spect All the Army Posts
of the Northwest.
s Moines, Sept. 18. Adjutant
General Corbln, who Inspected the
forChero today continued west,
where ho Intends to visit nil army
terminating his trip at Seat
Petition is Heavily Sinned
This Morning by Many
Business Men.
Muddy Water May Go Two Feet
Higher Before Floods Abate En
tire Police Force Is Notifying Peo
ple to Escape for Their Lives
Communication' Are Cut " Off Rairn"""'''aon at , -Did. Before. Run
roads Are Tied Up.
I-a Crosse, Wis., Sept. 18. Tho
Mississippi was seven Inches above
the danger line at noon today and is
rising an Inch an hour. Tho railways
are submerged. The wholesale
houses on the river front are being
inundated. All the available men are
moving the contents to places of
safety. A greater portion of the city
streets are flooded.
The farming country for mile
around Is under water.
Communication to tho north and
west Is cut off.
Will Go Two Feet Higher.
Tho river will go possibly two feet
higher. Tho damago will bo enor
Hundreds of families of tho district
are fleeing with what valuables they
can carry.
On advices from tho water bureau
the entire police force Is detailed to
notify the peoplo of the surrounding
country of tho floods. As yet no loss
of life has been reported.
Dispatch From Paris Claims on Good Authority That He is
Murdered---He Has Been on the Throne
for Only Three Months.
New York, Sept. 18. Tho stock
ticker senns out tho following:
London, Sept. 18. A dispatch re
port from Paris claimed to bo on
good authority saps that King Peter
of Sorvln has been asassluatcd. Ho
hns been upon the throne for only j minister of foreign affairs tells me
writer's dispatch now at lUilgrnde.
snyB ho has found overwhelming vl
denro convincingly proving that the
Turkish atrocities aro greatly underestimated.
The writer says: 'The Servian
The Doctor Says: "I Would Not Run
On a Political Platform, But Might
Accept a Nomination On Citizens'
Ticket I Would Run the Admlnls
mnhs that th. .
0 the fete,-, . .
teu f the
ireaay inrtl.
Uc Prominent In
the first ch..
"fraud th
th --- oy a
partments. .Tho work in both
branches is to bo vigorously prose
cuted. Extreme caution is necessary
to lnsuro success of the government
New Yorker is ono whose name was
mentioned in a recent investigation.
rinv .
Famous Pioneer and Politician
Passes Over.
Portland, Sept. 18. Advices were
received yesterday from Washing
ton, D. C, of the death of James
Kerr Kelley, who was United States
senator from Oregon, being elected
In I860. Senator ICelloy was 84 years
old. Ho was appointed to tho su
premo bench of Oregon upon com
pletion of his term as senator, hold
ing that position until 1882, after
which he resumed law practice in
Mexican Troops Tracked a Big Band
of Outlaws.
Magdalena, Mexico, Sept. 18. A
troop of Mexican ruralos command
cd by Colonel Kosterlltzky has Just
concluded a record-breaking round-up
of border renegades. Tho troop rode
into Magdalena, Sonora, on Sunday,
with 21 of the toughest of Sonora's
outlaws, the result of a throe-weeks'
chase, covering all of Northern So
nora. The prisoners wero tied In
tho saddles and brought In heavily
guarded. An attempt to escaje would
have been the utmost folly, as the
rurales were prepared to take no
chances of an outbreak among such
a set or rumans.
Builders' Union Will Stay In Trades
Walla Walla, Sept. 18. Local
Union No. 12H, United Brotherhood
of Carponters and Joiners of Ameri
ca, decided last night to take no ac
tion with referenco to the possible
withdrawal of this union from the
Walla Walla Trades Council, a step
which was agitated by several mem
bers of the building trades for rea-
The political mt has begun to boll
anil this morning It boiled over, leav
ing when it had settled, a petition of
most of tho business men of tho city
and a large number of residents of
tho place asking Dr. F. W. Vincent
to place his namo before the peoplo
as a candidate for tho position of
mayor of Pendleton. Tho men who
fathered tho petition point to tho
past record- of Dr. Vincent as tho rea
son why ho should bo given the hon
or. It Is claimed by his supporters
that he gavo tho city tho best ad
ministration that It has ever had
They say he gavo more tlmo to the
city business than any man that has
over held the chair, and personally
saw that tho business of the city was
carried on In n business-llko way,
Dr. Vincent was asked whether or
not ho would accept the nomination,
and stated that ho had not had tlmo
to consider tho matter. Ho had not
thought It over. Ho had understood
that some petition was in circulation
but had not seen it.
"I will not run on any political
platform," said the prospective can
aidate, "hut I might run on a citizens
He Would Run it Right
"What would your policy bo in run
nlng tho city; would you run It open
or chut?" was asked
I have not accepted any nomlna.
tlon yet, and have nothing- to say as
to bow I would run It. When I ac
ccpt the nomination I will tell you
my policy, v I would run It as I did
before. I would run it right.'
Following are tho names on tho
H. F. Johnson, Frank Frazler,
Stephen A. Lowell, Leon Cohen, Wil
liam Sblvcrlck, Charles It, Dutton, U
O. Frazler, Wiley Frazler, C. A. F.p
plngcr, II. Aloxander, James Craw.
ford, Charles Hamilton, C. C. IJerke-
loy, N. Berkeley, S. II. Thompson, J.
W. Maloney, F. O. Schmeer, T. J.
Morris, Thomas Fltss Oorald, J. R.
Means, Jr., J, T. Drown, C. F, Coles
worthy, D. Vinson, Miles Kemlcr, J.
E. Dean, Chris lie n ley, John Selbert,
G. Schulz, W. Miller, Ralph Frazler,
Martin, Charles E. Dond, J, W,
time months, having been placed
there after the bnitnl murder of Alexander
10,000 Are Murdered.
Sofia, Sept. 18. Kastorln, whero
10,000 are reported to be massacred,
Is burning. Today's reports show
that the slaughter by tho Turks was
Men, women and children wero
ruthlessly put to death In mnny
cases. Tho fiendish torturo to which
women and girls wero subjected waB
of Hucli treatment that tho details
are unprintable.
Worse Than Have Been Told.
London, Sept, 18. A prominent
ho knows cnscB of starving of the
Maredonlnns, who nre wandering la
tho forests and who turn- had to kill
two of tholr children to preserve the
lire of tho third."
II'i added thnt (hey will nil perish
within two months utili'sm nld reaches
Want War Immediately.
Sofln, Sept, 18. The reeling here
today Is moro pronounced for war.
Tho population, It In reported, hat
been massacred at Kanturln.
If this proves true, the government
will 1)0 comiHilled to linmedinti'ly de
clare war.
Red Dragon Is Washed Ashore With
Bottom Up.
" "Atlantic- City, Sept. 18. Thn w-ibt
fears regarding tho fate of the fish
ing smack, Hcd Dragon, and crew,
wero realized this morning when re
ports from Harvey Cedars' life '-.v-lng
station wero rccolvcd saying
that tho vessel with bottom up, was
washed ashore. Two of tho crow
wero found in tho water. All tho
others aro missing. Mrs. John Swan-
son and grand-daughter, who wt-re
on the vessel for a pleasure trip wero
also drowned.
Sullivan, Joe Dasler, A. D. Nash, Fred
W. Iampkln, R. T. Wade, H. J. Still-
Thomas, of Seattle, Had Just Escap
ed From Penitentiary,
Seattle, Sept. 18. W. 8. Thomas,
the Patrolman Schanaen murder sus
pect, Is positively Identified as "Kid"
Smith, Just out of Deer Lodge peni
tentiary, whero ho served nlno years
of a IB-year term for robbery.
It Is Alleged He Got $15,000 by High
way Robbery,
Kansas City, 8opt. 18. Coscy I.
Snyder, the millionaire's non, plead
not guilty today to four charges of
highway robbery, n which h got
Damage cf Tuesday's Storm la En or.
Norfolk. 8opt, IS. Further re
Jorts of damage done by tho Mora
wero brought In today by steamers.
Captain Ilussolls, of th Atlantic
Fishing Company, who brought In a,
steamer today, says then- can tie no
doubt of the loss of the Ashing h tenn
er lleatrlco, with CO aboard. All are
belloved to have perished.
Tho marine men cutlmati- thnt 121
llvos Tcro lost at sea by Tuesday's
storm, which was umiuestlonably the
worst of tho Atlantic const
Posse Drives Them Off Before They
Get Pay-day Money,
Wabash, Ind., Sept. 18, Barly thU
morning robbers shot tb night oner
ator of tho Krlit road at iJikotOB.
Herbert AugcnlK)ugh, while he w
In tho office, Inflicting possibly fatal
Ho managed to fhcapt- to a nearby
houso and formed a posse, which l(
pursuing the men who lied without
getting a considerable sum of money
which was In a safe for pay-day.
It Was Planned to Attack Him While
on a Trip.
Madrid, Sept. 18. A warning sent
to Alfonso of a probable attack on
him if ho visited Barcelona, Is the
cause of him abandoning bis trip.
More Resignations Expected.
London, Sept, 18, Tho Dlrmlng
ham correspondent of tho Exchange
Telegraph Company, claims It has the
highest authority that tho reelgna
Hons of other members of the cabl
net will bo handed In shortly. Lon
don Is surprised by the resignations,
which Is tho chief topic of tho morn-
ng and this afternoon papers,
Box-Makers Strike.
San Francisco, Sept, 18. The box-
makers and sawyers struck today.
Tbreo hundred and sixty are out,
Tho demand of 20 per cent incroaso
n wages is refused by all the big
Tho dally wages aro now
Alaska Boundary Commission Is on
Its Fifth Sitting.
Ixmdon, Sept, 18. Tho llfth sit
ting of tho Alaskan Ikiundary com
mission today finally resumed the
arguments and continued tho exami
nation of tho maps or the Portland
canal. It la contended that no mx
marking the boundary lino, accord
ing to American assertions, has over
boon accepted by Oreat Britain.
Attempt U Made to Hold Beavers at
New York, Sept. 18. Commlsslo.
cr Hitchcock today decided tho hv
llctment tiled against Heavers.
charging him with accepting u cheek
from Drandt-Pont Autoroutle CbUr
Company was valid, A ruling wi
mado In tho fight for Ikutvcrs pre
venting him from removing froer
Balfour May Resign,
Ixuidoo, Sept, 18. Thoro nro waay
rumors regarding tho cabinet rfH
one being that. Balfour will bu unable
to And men -to fill the vacancy anil
will bo obliged to hand tho king bit
(Concluded on pago 8.)