East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 16, 1903, Image 6

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I KrXVETIA jnZJI B LaflaMnNaHfi siB
v,.!(rr!lo3 of scC feri.
The method of farming ro7ei Ty
ij at ptesest V tl lr
Tjtves no!ttt? rroppisK. Ji-t
-c et the store of ferclttj. !-
i an with mere cr.s 'and
- - stock may r f :'
w- r -way b rea 01'
- ri- respect she-? a-'- '
Kcdct Grves Sirff
rrtT i
latf ami transform Al.
7 irme M&i ttot may l
i kind of blood "-a
. es. feeds toe t15
. tae museies ard Tp
3i o ti entire body
--" Cure cere (fig"
catarrh etf tbe rtoir
s-nnach Hcct?er SO"
i- . Co
Any Time
V Ru"f W- t;
Now is tne accepted time tc
have your house painted er pa
pered. A little painting here ane
there will help iti loocs wonder
fully. Some nice, fcrignt. new
wall paper will lend a freshnesi
tc any rccm. Our stock of wall
paper was never .71 ore complete
pattern in endless variety and
every ere new and up-tc-date Ir
color design. Setter come in anc
let us show them tc you and tell
you what it will cost for your
whole house or oil; room.
E. J. Murphy,
111 Court Street.
The BcrzaniA-ctr -a -e-;- :---.. ''L'' "
ins conjpwnv of stxtv paopie. wiii be tbe attraction thr f razcr, epC ?t.
Tbi 4ar prodnaMooTtb tuneful opera come witb the prestige of nana
bad a uicdstlul run in Chicago. where tbe crrtic dec'.aied that it aw superior IB
moantiBCS conimung ami cast to the onpn: prodnctum. The ciTntpany in
cludes such well kaowx peop Hnth While hcj L. r izmoc. Tbonu Kicketu.
WilUini Riley Hatch. Charles Sharp. R J X Oeontt McKi.-k. Hem Drs
ter. Harriet Sheldon. Lociw- Bracken and johitK Iht:. The chjru- b. -aid to
btf remarkable for the Vanti o'' the trir Then ire hi'.:' a -!oer. new "0g bst in
The Burgomaster anl one or their. n"fe: M ' Xe Vct' : to rrr.
is populanrv Ule amoo ' The Tj't Tht Kanearoo
The wit ofwatff Pr thi larportac r....' tT..j-t;o- f-rn Frida- !.
Are distributors for Malta j
Ceres a new Health Food.
Everyone shoulH tr
Just received CaUforcia
Fig and Oregon Honev m
tbe cossb
544-614 MAIN STREET-
Phone Main 1741
States Stimulating the Manu
facture cf This Product.
ESoru irp trains; made by h fP
emnwat in sVHd Uk- nmao(Bctm
of cbee in Uk- Cnited Stale airi
to iocrL iu eouasnptior. sax
Recm experlmaatt with th-e coo
mos Aoericac brand of ebv show
its food ralw to be very crest. Noi-v-.tbeundia?
iu rercsrtiaMy mmriab
In; qnalitien. ch-e is eases only so
a limited extent is tbe halted State.
In ;a. it coostitotei Sef tbaa half
of 1 per ceat oi tine total food coo
aoined in this tuanMj Aflr y-r
of sU(ij acientiot have esoivnl a
plan to populsrfi cieeae is tbe
United Stat They ar eoBTtneed
cbal the tystem of making zr
cbeet which in tbe retail trade are
carved into awkward niies has
watly nandirapp-d tb ni v
Tb che tbns prepares ao:
1 1 snot striklosly tempt ins "Co'ins
I that priU boUerr bring? a !.t
a ran xc 'if '-apttal Add- Abeba tbe
naravaa jonmer ocmprnir taor- than
a month
Makers cf Fertilii..
To tbe ' aoldec hoof" of toe ber
tays OB" writer, has bec attribot!
the foundation of EnLsfc anicuiiur
tbe afcjt anchor of British pros
perity Shep evrtaJtiy bar aede
poarihie the teftioz f-rulity of s;
iaod's toO. aad tbe eonseruuve r-a-yi.-Ws
for whieb that soil is sc. fas
00s can be traced lareiy to the pre-s-ence
of Bb--j upon almost evry
farm. In that country the fer.;::
of tbe wil n as all :mportan i& .c r
no much so that niany of '.ci
nTMi stipulate :n the land leases
thst a certain nasaber oi shce; ahaii
b" kept on a given amount oi lan!
In th- past th- famer of zu MAi e
West has g.ven Dot it'.e:-4 -r
- t 1 A:-:-taral Colleoe Maes ,
Lse'ui Tets.
. -xneriaesr i? tb'
test began trc ?ear
,'.!epe farm, it bas
very small acreage of
f r itaia a larfte herd o?
- i considerable period
- tut. 17 bead of cat-,
.- -aa f bors were jaais-
:i - fc lZlh of May to th
, and there i tii;
. -t the Vtr o k- -r
of weekf.
iij -.ecan on th 11th
r.maon clover was -ut
r---c o the herd Whrc ta
-.1. xhamted a first -rop '.
. and wa foll
-2- A2i erv-'B oats Tb-c 't-
. . - . r; and on unt.l thf pre-
h-n a third crop is in tis-
A arroont of the extra ex
pease ot account of the cost of labor
for cnttinc and f-edhir has seen
keot and it has accrecated three
rents per cow. j-fr day. The estitnat-
erf mrome from the nerd based on
present prices of dairy products is
for tbe period, IIMJO. Tbe resole
sbo that by miliar, aoy ferae; can
make up for tbe deficiencies as be
may bav m pastnraze for a Ions
iier.uc m tb snmater. and st the
aar t.me enrich his land for the
r :nx I'iacts r-ae the mtrocen
jn tb land that rthrwi5 nnst In
:me - bought tc "i." 'onn of com-snt-ri
tal f-ni!ix'rE and added tc the
laavi in order -,. secure a cror Cor
valiis Tines.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
rlr YOU wish
To Eat Well,
Sleep Well,
And Work Well,
eecham's Pills
You vW Eaf ytolh
rwjwU rtiei Ctve Ox mae 11 rata,
yoa vw7 Stoop vc,
BECAME BMCtam'l P yjTSTl iMUen rrcajA tth tao
you w Work well.
ri Ecc barn's PHI ":t k -
Sold Everywhere in Boxes, W cents and 25 cents.
9 .
This Of-!
everr da
a ceciccs aau h- ul- e-.. j-r-.
pared ia tvro c -.-.. 2Co :.. atj' r
rnrrg! add bo l:r tTJter 4ii st; i
eooL Flavors Lnt: Orazgt.
terry and Strawberry. Get z. po-a0
st yocr grocers :o-da-. 10 cts.
We keep nothing but pure
natural Ice. frozen from pore,
dear mountain water it goes
farther and lasts longer than
artificial Ice. All we ask is an
unprejudiced trial oi our ice.
Wby not order a case of the
celebrated Schllu, A. B. C. or
Gambrinus for jor Sccday
price than that article in tul
j E. H. Farringxon reason-!
I cheese pat ap in pound pai-t.a?
t ! each one tearing tbe irapr m tu
1 maker, would enhance its -.al- WT-a'
recommends tbe method !rt"ii-
iv it that it opens a nrsataoie a!.; u,
'individnai dairy fariaers A' presv.
jless than six per cent o th-
l cheese canufactcried in the TUitt-t
. , States is made on farms Faetj-n-,
AHrr ano its due j.uImi'Xt m'-as'- su -es- u- j.r irity
i.ut merit means disastt- at-d fa.lure for tbe jiubl:. i acnot be fr
ed sncewf ully The ZJrcscjtt -, - - . -
Ostermoor $15
Patent Elastic Felt
$15 Mattress
a pro
T- -r ordeal which til
T.en approach with
tnccscribabte fear, for
o:tinz compares with
the pain and horror of 1
.-l.-..d-birlh. Thethoueht , 1
r'-b :he expectant mother ' 4,
aao casts over tcr a
Thousands of women
t ' control the indaotrr The
Pb.-ice your order to Main ' annually aboot 30.iW.'iu
u-r ;
p '("""i
Make His
Reffigeyated I
Monarch to
Own Coin.
King Mecelek of Abyssinia is get
ng along ia tbe world. First he
thrashed the Mabdists Then he
drove the Italians out of his k eg
dom Then he weicor!d the diplo
mat of European nations, playing
one against the other.
Now he is to have a mitt, says the
Sew York World What an advan
this mean? may be realised from the
fact that Abyssinia unta recently has
been getting along with cubes of rock
salt for cash. A small amount of
com minted in France has of late
J been in circulation. Now the king
win mase CIS
or; Aden reports
kAtifktt ifrk' pose
Uli' m . . 1... There are 4 cm tons of miat machin
nailer 5 1 iiiunno r 11 (err. u m . o,.i
- - - -. . w . -- vj umiii tuutirrc
"an luuueu ujioouti. east Afn-
ca. with a competent mechanic to
set it op. The machinery vill be t
cf the sefferine and canper in ?cr fir ...
of all pieaian: anticipations of the tor g e!
shadow of sloorn which cannot -. ,
Have found that the of Mother' Friend during prcTnancvTobs !
. uaiata; si a go:.tend to all women at ti-e
ume of tar most critical trial. NV L,r does Mothert FriiS
carry women safely through the perU -- ,d-b.rth bu iu 7
gentW prepare, the system for the - ere o'e'ti
ackness," and othe- dis- p-ets 'morniPg
eonutning Yakabie inforiEaUoc free JpMn
Th. sVadfteM UpUiof U., Aliaau, Ca. i" KMkLNO
t sncce9 due to pu'Jiit .nowteoge t- genuine rotr -
- fcttf-r than ha.r :n every possible way softer, cleaner purer
,ar more eiastic dust proof vermin proof germ prtnf aid r.e
a;er rroof it will Boat These menu art endurins it i-ve- e
oin-et 'pmaking and is practically un-wear-out-able
Not stuffed like hair, but built of eight a-ry. interlacing shittr
f Mllowy downy, everlasting sof inert, band-laid and daimiiy en-'l.-d
m tick by band sewing.
The sheets are called "Felt, and the name Twit is Uadfc
niarKM) and copyrighted by Ostermoor Co.. an Oeteimoor Mai
rfs therefore Is the only "Felt" Mattress
If it isn't an "Ostermoor" jt s an imitation. Our nat&e an Vide
mark label must appear on the end
trest B tarefsl! Don't be fooled'
of every genuine 'lei mat
The Leaders
Standard Sues and Prvcet.
i feet 6 mehes wide 2t lbs . J S.3S
3 ftet wide 30 Ibe.. . 10.00
3 feet t Inches wide. 25 lbs , . 11.70
4 feet wide. AO lbe.. 13.35
feet I Inches wide, 45 lbe , 15.00
All t feet 3 Inche-s )ong.
ra two parte 50c extra. Special sues.
special price
Express charges prepaid tc any place.
Greu.ich. r tops
J 3chwaiz &
. Wholesale and retail deaiers in
Leef, ,1'ork and Muttun Cured
J Meats and Sausage of ,ali kinds
oofifaiu Street. Phone ifti'
Capacity, 150 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat
The Unsurpassed
The Always Satisfactory
ine wiiEon coal and wood Heaters
Yes eat have at Ottternitior Uatlress, skp on it tbiny
aithts. and if h Is not better than any other Mattrera yu
save eer used if h Is not all yoq even hoped lor rctara i'
il ocr exj?nse and your money win be Immediately refaades
without (jurticiL What mor can w do to convince yo
The Genuine Ostermoor Mattress is Sold in
Pendleton Exclusively by
own. consul Masierson I Ut .ai fitOVeg ranPinp ir, nric. frr
that he ha, saved i CT to WV :' r'.' Vw"
or gold for th pnr. x0 " " - ".c cigiug in price irom
; .?-OU IO tlr toes are
Main Street, Near Bridge.
Rour, Mill Feed, Chopped Feed 1 Mn0f,d b" ! 'o New Harrar.
tc alwavs o. ha..l rdefl'iabot 130 mllss, the nd of the road. I
.c, always os haad. Toence ,t vln tM63J0.ted b a J
621 Mala St. Heau
carters for fishing supplies
ELATER1TE U Mineral Rubber.
ornrn it necery to ItKPUACE A WOKN-OUT lltior
Takes ti
1 rooStgi
teed It
p.at of shingles, tin. iron, tar and gravel and n nreoaxed.
For 2at and steep surfaces, ratters, valleys etc. Easy to lay
for all climates. Reasonable in cost. Sold on merit Ouaran
wju pay to ask for prices and ltfonaaUoc
" I I I I H n I H I I
H I H I II I It H 1 Worcester Building.