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tiling, Scaly and Grusted
With Loss of Hair
wedily Cured by Guticura
I Soap and Ointment
Retail Dealers Butt In and Arc En
deavoring to Force Up Quotations
to Those Customers Manufacture
ers Look on the Inn Men as a
Class by Themselves.
x-... vri.- Rnnt 11. Furniture
1 purchases by hotel men arc threaten-
, Ing the peace of the furniture trade
FVPrV Other ReniBUV ai1U of the United States. It has been the
tVCiy UIIICI lib idu hiiu , furniture manufacturers
PhVSICiailS Fail. to treat with purchasers for Hotels
i nipiuimia iu.i. ag)s of w)l0e3ale 0Ujers. te-
II- .... . rn.i.inl n r)l 1111
ijr ,(ail sealers nave uikuh ium..u
tWarm shampoo-t with Cutlcura Soap t0 force the manufacturers to con-
the ' aiiW ihn hotol men as retailers
K"f.ii I;.rJ t n,,r .ton falllnn and quote prices accordingly. While
r,saM, the- ta. foa longtime beenr urn
Who Irritated, Itching surfaces, do- 0, ja(en tho form 0f an organized
mv hair r,arasltes, stlmulato tLo hair ,r,vnmPi m,ii this week, when tne
F-fipiclc-i, loosen the scalp skin, supply National Association of Retail Fur-
Wile roots with energy and liouriMi- nlture ucaiers sea V""",
'JII . .. , ... n t thn mnmifacttirors of furnl
llntmcnt. tho crcat skin enre, for pre
irvlntr. nurirvhiK and beautifying tuo
tin, for cleansing the tcalp of crusts,
jiIps and dandruff, and the stopping
I falling hair, for softening, whiten-
g and soothing red, rough ami sore
iinds, for baby rashes, Hchlngs and
fiaflngs, for annoying Irritations and
fliunmatlons. or too frco or offenslvo
Inspiration, for ulcerative -weaknesses,
fid manv antiseptic purposes which
L-sdlly suggest themselves to women,
Li wi'll nM fur all the purposes of the
;f ffllllet, bath and nur-ery.
iijft'Completo treatment for every hti
' awour, consisting or Cntlcurn Soap, to
canso the skin, Cutlcura Ointment, to
!t(4Wal tho bkln, and Cutlcura Insolvent,
'41 (!jSi cool and clcauso tho blood may now
8rK had for ono dollar. A single set
;li'!.)L often sufllclent to euro the most
M tajirturlng, dlsllgurlng, itching, burning
",Jiiid scaly humours, eczemas, rashes
MAid Irritations, from Inlancy to ago,
jHen all else falls.
- Vf'ldjJJlhreiiihoolth. world. Cutlcun H'l'""'..wf;,J?
ti'rmof UlocoItU iMlfd 1111a, Mc r Vl.l .?! M. Oil
i-.f:i-rJ:'ii.l.i5lWiiiDc.ior..l.f ColumbaiAit. ll rnln lers' r tthlH will receive till
Mll&r ! bulk of tho trade. The situation has
; ft I assumed so aerlous u phase that it
-JS'klS Is now proposed that a meeting of
Ml i committees of the Natlonnl Furniture
" , Mnnntarturers absocuuiuh mm un
11 ! National Iletall Furniture
The manufacturers do not relish
what thoy term the attempted dlota
tlon of the retailers and say they will
make sales at such prices to hotel
. men as tho trade warrants. On the
. side of the manufacturers the claim
I is set up that hotel furniture is. In
a measure, a class by Itself; that the
buvor Is not purchasing for his own
personal use or profit, but for the ac
commodation of the public; that no
prlvnte Individual buys or can be
expected to buy on the scale or in
the- nuantit.v that the hotel man does;
' that he is to all Intents nnd purposes
n wholesale buyer and In consequence
is entitled to the same consideration.
The retailers' association claims
that the hotel man purchases for his
own use and for his own house; that
in affording him wholesale rates the
manufacturers nre deliberately dis
criminating against the retailers and
1 taking from tho retailers considera
ble sourco of profit, that such ac
tion will not be further tolerated, and
that the manufacturers who recognize
lar throughout the world oMm.lnw
and finance wcro assembled in the
hotol mis murium; yi.
president Biuimcu """,.. fn.
chair. Tho sessions will conclude to-
Championship to Be Decided at At
lanta Tonight.
Atlanta, Oa Sept. ll.-Dovotees of
tiie cycle sport are on the qui vivo
n anticipation of the great lC-mllo
motor-paced race which takes place
here tonight between nobby Walt-
10ril I. , r,nl M.inrnn. WalthOlir
nour huh , , .,
Is the world's champion, while Mun-,
roe is the holder ot mo imn.n.
hour record. Tho race, moreover,
will in a way determine the Dixie
championship, as both riders are
Southern boys. Walthour's home is
in Atlanta, while Munroo halls from
.Memphis. The race will formally
open tho cycle racing season In At
lanta, which promises to be the most
successful over seen hero.
Saxon Officers In Mimic War Are
Vigorous In Their Comments.
Hallo, Sept. 10. The cavalry
chargo today, led by the kaiser, was
a furious one. Many were unhorsed
and Injured. Tho ambulances wore
kept busy. When tho kaiser saw
that tho Saxons wore outmaneuver
Ing tho Prussians, ho tool; all the
cavalry from the Saxons over to the
Prussians. Tho Saxon mlvanco was
thus stopped by their own cavalry,
lerl by the emperor. It resulted in
the Saxon officers being enraged at
his majesty. Their comments were
more vigorous than elegant. One
nniii tho mrtnpiivnrs were nf tho pur
est humbug. The new recoil guns,
which were tested for the first time,
proved a great Biiccess.
m B.JLJA Above the Rest B
JHBHPHHi Because it's Best g
I $w j0Qk. tiKM&to JS
Ejgest Selling' Brand of Cigars
Kodol Gives Strength,
lly enabling the digestive organs to
digest, assimilate and transform ALL
of the wholesome food that may bo
eaten into tho kind of blood that
nourishes the nerves, feeds tho tis
sues, hardens the muscles nnd recup
erates the organs of tho entire body.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures Indiges
tion, dyspepsia, catarrh of tho stom
ach and all stomach disorders. Sou.
by Tallman & Co.
In Memory of Drandywine.
West Chester, Pa., Sept. 11. Tho
1 'f.th nmilvoran rv nf i lin hnt tin nf
Association bo held anil a thorough the battlefield, where on September
i.... n. ...ntx 11 1777 fnr thn flrct tlmn tlin Pnn.
t fltionlnl nrmv rn rlrtil r i ri Ctnra nil fl
BANKERS IN SESSION. I Stripes Into battle. The exorcises in-
i ciimo several orations interspersed
dliicussloii of the matter had.
ipw I Mnneu nrriar Business Be na Con- i wmi music, and tno participants con-
idered by the Delegates. ! sisted of members of various patrl
' .' t i t i-j rrinr nnM A lTr ., I title orders from Philadelphia and
sldered by me Delegates. , '
u... v v cm tn -Hollos I ,ltl' orilcrs fr0D1 Philadelphia nnd
A Serious Mistake.
K. C. DoWItt & Co. is the name of
the tlrm who mnko the genuine Witch
Hazel Salve. DoWitfs is tho WItu
Hazel Salve, that heals without leav
ing n scar. It Is a serious mistake to
use any other. DeWitt's Witch Ha
zel Salve cures blind, bleeding, ltcu
Ing and protruding plies, burns,
bruises, eczema and all skin diseases.
Sold by Tallman & Co.
Phone Main 1741
fray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
1 ... . ....
'. We Don't Keep Everything
' But we do keep n good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
; Celling, Rustic and Finish,
In all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In-
eluding Lath and Shingles.
(, Our stock of Doors, Win-
I' dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, and any
one In need of Lumbtr will
not be wrong In placing
their order with the : :
SjGray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. Wt & C. li. Oepot
imminence the nroaram for the
lnth annual convention of the New
York Stale Hankers' Association in
session here, provides for discussion
of a number of matters that just now
are regarded as of rpat importance
by the banking world. Among other
things the convention will discuss
plans looking to the doing away of
the money order system by the ox
press companies and the postofllco
department and the taking up of the
same by the hanks. In addition to
the money order business, the con
vention will take up the ijuestlon ot
admitting the trust companies to the
state association.
Jinny men whose names are farnll-
Eleventh Annual convention Pacific
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs,
Olympla, Wash., Sept. 22-25, 1903.
For tho above occasion a rato of
ono and one-third faro Is authorized
to Portland and return, and to Seat
tle and return under the following
conditions: uuiuguiua ui " j
lies will purchaso on any three days i
prior to September S, regular one-
way tickets to Portland, taking ro- j
.nn,n tt'iilnii .in tirosenfn. T
Ccipi 1U1 oauiv, .....VII, w. i
tlon to agent, Union Depot, Portland.
togeiner wun tuiuutaio i""i""j
signed by H. W. lirlnghurst, secretary 1
of meeting, will entitle the passenger MB"'
to return ticket from Portland to
starting point at uiie-uinu iait-, iu-j , kaoiwukeii
vlded same is presented on or before Ma
September 27, 1903. Vor further par- ' eoprmoHTtt
tlculars, call on or address v. I-. osnnMooRaca
Wamsley, agent O. It. & ff. Co. ,4-ncwyodk.
Ladles and Children Invited.
All ladles and children who cannot .
stand the shocking strain of laxative
syrups, cathartics, etc., are Invited ; t.
to trv tho famous Little Early HIa-'j
ers They are different from all oth- j
er pills. Thoy do not purge tho sys-i.;.
'dm. Even a double doso will not
gripe, weaken or sicken; many people f
call them tho Easy Pill. W. 1 1. Pow-;
ell, Houston. Texas, says nothing bet-, i
tor pnn lii iisnil fnr rnnstlnntlnn sink a
headache, etc. Hob Moore, Lafayette.
Intl., says all others gripe nnd sicken,
while DeWitt's Llttlo Early Itlsors
do their work well and ca3 Sold
by Tallman & Co.
twL-"'-- i v i i v. W " - -
ootJr iMirwe
I .
Merit and Us dili publicitv. nuiiiiK succt-ss but publieitj with
out inerli means disaster nnd fallun- tor tin- iniblic camiot be fool
td snitcssfully Thi-
Pendleton people aro loyal to Pen
dleton's business enterprises. That
la tliA i-fificnt. Iltv Uftea Inn P. f.il.l
... iviiaun v.i; llusa W li V.UIU ,
Storage Company havo had to put on T
two wagons and then can scarcely
handle tho trade. Glvo us your or- i
tiers and we will take- care of It If T
wo havo to put on four times two
wagons, -mono .Main issi. '
Patent Elastic Felt
Silk llcdil.iclie.
sa SB ,'i. n,itiilenc.
KELHRATtO H lleltliing,
loss of
ll)spi-psiii itnd
roll rnufM hy
thu itomaeh bc
I'omlng wtAV.
--tronglben It
with the Hlt!M
iiiiil lt curiil ut
ilunu allmenu.
It nctvt' Ulh
lie pin.' lu try
ef rfgeuated I
I comfortiibh' root:i from :!'
centKu.. pi turnlitaeil
throughout. i)uven r.iupltouu'
VUUVk,, M. -ltl" All
ll'Uy wink hf em.
I oan
playeil. (Ilva u n 1 1 nil.
'al ers Flouring Mills
!apaclty, 150 barrels i
Iglour exchanged for wh"i
fTlour. Mill Keed rim.,.-.: ,1
1, always on band.
J Schwniz & Grtnlich, l'rops. J
-T" t.. l .:i .... j.. If
M llin-aiiv .inn rcutll itvuicrs 111
Beef, Pork and Mtittun, Cured ?
Meats ami iiiuMgis of all kinds. J
607 Main Httect, l'houc 8i. J
to Prevent Pneumonia and Consump
tion Is to euro your cold when It
Jirst appears. Acker's English Rem
edy will stop the cough In a night,
and drive the cold out of your system.
Always a qui. k and sure cure for
Asthma, Bronchitis, and all throat
and lung troubles. U It doea not sat
isfy you the druggist wilt refund your
money. Write to us for free sample.
W. H. Hooker Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
R. W. Schmidt Co., druggists.
''''' : ii''" i' il il' '' '1 !
i i 1 liJ
is a proven succest- nut to Mil.m kiih 1. .lu. m i. inin.i- merit
11- better than hair jn every possllili w softei clrnuer. puror and
far more I'lastlc, dust prom verniin pnmf genu )irmil'. nnd no
waler proof It will Horn Thebc meritu an- ttiiiluring. It never rt
quires remaking, and it, practically mi-wear-oiit-Hblo.
Not stuffed like hair, but built of eight airy, interlacing HlieiitF
tit billowy, downy, nverliistliiK softness, lmnd-lulil and daintily on
closed in tick by hand sewing.
Those sheetB are called "Felt" and the nnine "Kelt" Is trade
marked and copyrighted by Ostcunoor & Co ; an Ostermtmr Mut
trttss, therefore, is the only "Felt" Mattress
If It isn't au "Ostonnoor" itv an imitation. Our nnine and truth
mnrk label must appear on the end 01 eer genuine "felt' mat
tiess. He cnrelul' Don't Ik- fooled!
Clsniln. O I 1 r. .
win.iuuiu auD. rlliu rrices,
teet (, inches wide, 26 lbs, ..$ 8.35
,i teel wide 311 lbs 10.00
.1 Teet r, inches wide. 35 lbs , . , 11,71)
feet wide, to lbs 13,35
i feet ; incheB wide, 45 lbs., . . 16.00
All 6 feet 3 Inches long.
In fwi, parts 50e extra. Speelnl slses.
2 pedal prices.
Express chnrutts prepaid to any place.
You can have an Osiernioor Mattress, slet-p 011 (t thirty
nights, and f It is not bottur thau unv other Mattress yon
have ever used-if It is not all yon ,.vn hoped tor return it
at our expense and your money will be immediately refunded
without question. What wore cm we t!o t convince yon?
The Genuine Ostennoor Mattress is Sold in
II .1 . ar . .
rencneion txciu&ivtly by
uTrT"Vlr' uVm Ulnte! Dl'1 'ou "Il h!ui I was out?
ilnlrt-YWm. Ho said he thought you'd bo out; that wm why ho called.
i Main Mit'C, Near Biid'.
alogwc of them.
Suukui mr a iree cat-
a iw supply always kept in stock.
irr-nrnnTtTiiis rr n n.
1 iii -I iiiiifrn,ir-Vii,"iifiiMifi'iiiTiiii:iiiii- . ,r .