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: J " IRRIGATED "CROPS;? sSndaVaV 1"
Hi ' -E
1 1PA
Four Staple Crops of the Wet
compete for Prizes at Ogden Irri
gation Congress Barley, Hops,
Fruit and Sugar Beets to Enter
Young rirls at
this period of life.
or their mothers,
are earnestly in
vited to write Mrs.
Pmkham for advice; all such letters are
strictly confidential ; she has guided in a
motherly way hundreds of young women ;
tad her advice is freely and cheerfully given.
School days are danger days for American girls.
r.Hn J1115"?1311 collapse follows, and it takes years to recover the
kmc Tltauty. Sometimes it is never recovered.
Perhaps thoy are not over-careful about keeping their feet dry;
brough carelessness in tliis respect the monthlr sickness is usually
rendered very severe.
J.nen uegm ailments which should be removed at once, or they will
dure rvi:wt"Mif cnfFurinrr ttv.orloi.l.rf fn:.n-nnn i:i.i- i:
The tanners of Oregon are In a
liosttion to carry oft several vnluaulo
prizes .from the irrigation congress,
which is to meet In Ogden on Sep
tember 16. Senator AV. A. Clark, of
Montana has offered a prize of $500
for the best general collection of
fmlts, and Jlavemeyer. of tho Amur.
lean Sugar Company, a similar prize!
fOr tho llOHt OThthlt of tuinno !. I
First Christian Church Sunday
school, 10 , m.. W. W Ttnirtov 011.
poriutendent; preaching 11 a, m.,'and
to''-"" v- n. Alien wiison, tbe great
utdusviisi, wni BpeaK both morning,
and evening. Prayer -meeting Wed
nesday evening at 7:30. Christian
Endeavor and choir practice Friday,
7:30 p. m. Tho public is cordially in
vited to all these services. N, H.
Brooks, pastor.
M. E. Church, South (Tho lastj
Sunday of the conference year:) I
Sunday son-ices as follows: 10 a. m.,
Sunday school, I. E. Earl, superinten
dent; 11 a. m., preaching by pastor;
7 p. m.. Epworth League, leader, '
This H. JicDroom, subject, "Tho A1-,
1 1 111 CnwmC ' t nlnhlnnn.nnB.Hi O
prcacning uy
m nrnnphlnn tit nnoln. !.... .. 1 i
tnw V, 1 . " , , " ' I ' " t'J iwoiwi. i IUJVI I
u. 01 sugar ueets. meeting on Thursday at 8 p.
Kk tne back and louis, irregularity, loss of Bleep and appetite, a tenclencv
to Avnirl thi Krvmfi- nf nflmr-e o eir.fni 11 : 11.
ui iij uipwuia uu lllulUUkUJ 1-Uilb IVUIUIU1S
rrfunomv i nf: Wnml
iydia T,. Pinkhaui's Vegetable Cnmpound has helped many a
jwmg ffirl over this critical period. "With it they have gone through
tbcir trials: with courage nnd safety. With its projxjr use the voting
prl is safe from the peculiar dangers of 6ehool years and prepared for
hearty womanhood.
A Young: Chicago Girl " Studied Too Hard."
"Dear 31ns. PixKnAji: I Kish to thank ypu for tlie help and ben
b I have received through tho use of Lydla E. Pinkliain's Vege
table Compound and Liver Pills. When I was about seventeen
years old I suddenly seemed to lose mv usual good
ucuiui uuu tiiiiui. a'uuier baiu 1 scuuieu too
Hard, but tne doctoi thought different and
prescribed tonics, which I took by tho
quart without relief. Reading one day in
the paper of Sirs. Pinkham's great cures,
and finding the symptoms described an
swered mine, I decided I would rive Ivdia
. Plukliam's Vegetable Compound a
triaL I did not say a word to tho doctor;
I bought it myself, and took it according
to directions regularly for two months,
and I found that I gradually improved,
and that all pains left me, and I was my
old self once more. Liixis E. Sinclair,
17 E. 22d.St, Chicago IlL"
"Miss Pratt Unable to Attend School."
Dear Mna. Pdjkiiam: I feel it my duty to tell all young women
' much Lydia E. Plnkliam's wonderful Vegetable Compound has
b for me. I was completely run down, unable to attend school, and
4id not care for any kind of society, but now I feel like a new person,
and hare gained seven pounds of flesh hi three months.
"I recommend it to all young women who puft'er from female weak
wn' Miss Alma Peatt, Holly, Mich.
Xydia E. Pinklintu's Vegetable Compound is the one sure rcm-
' to do roueu upon at tins important period 111 n young girrs me.
FORFEIT If we cannrtt forthwith prnt!nr lhnr3mll letters azul lljputore at
AOuTa lMiunnmaif, wjuen win luri Atwniau tnci:xrr.
I.yilla H j'lnKHam .U4i!!.-!ijt t;o, xornn.
The Pnbst Brewin;: Comnanv. of Mil
waukee. offers a prize of JS00 for the
best barley exhibit, and the Anheus-
er-uuscn company a like -amount for
tne best exhibit of hops
! Alt .1 1 . ' .
I " prizes sliould come to
, uresun, 11 me right kind of energy
. S l! I ! 11 1 H .1 H 1 1 . I
L11 1. H ' ,u cuiieciiDg me ex
hibits from this state. Every one of
: uitrse products are grown to nerfec
ttion in this state. The Willamette
valley is entitled to the hop prize
j without any doubt, but will sho bring
i ii uump.- xo oinor country in the
, esc can produce the article grown
jin mat magnificent region. It is the
uuiutui uume 01 mis plant, and no
other district on the entire Pacific
coast can come anywhere near her in
this respect, Umatilla county could
capture the fmlt and barley nrlzea
without a struggle, if they were gath-
ereu up anu snipped to Ogden nnd en
tcrod in tho contest. Tue Milton nr.
iiiuius are emiuea 10 mis-premium,
j The quality of Irrigated fruit rrown
j In that district cannot be surpassed
I In the arid region. It should stimu
j late the orchardlsts of mis county to
collect a magnificent exhibit, to
send to this congress.
I Grand Rondo valley can bring home
1 the sugar beet prize. If she goes after
it. The Utah valleys cannot excel the
' plants grown under the shadow of
! ML Emily, but will the Grande Ronde
iteople muster up the courage to
compete for these valuable prizes?
j This congress is to be a national
j affair, and the winning of even one
of these prizes would auvertise the
winner to all points of the country,
' and would be a splendid stimulant for
Oregon immigration.
1 The task of collecting and shinning
these exhibits Is so Insignificant, that
it should not stand in the way of such
n triumph. The products are here.
The quality of the Oregon fruits,
grains and vegetables cannot be sur
passed. None of the states can carry
! off more prizes than Oregon. Her
! rich will and congenial climate ren
I tier her the most natural candidate
for all these honors. It is now time
! to be getting the exhibition reauy.
Everybody cordially invited to attend
any or nil of these services. E. B.
' 1
First Presbyterian Church l6 a.
m., Sunday school; 11 a. m., sermon
by the pastor. "The Divinely Appoint-, "
ed Way to Acceptable nnd Efficient j
Service"; CMS p. m.. Christian En-1
deavor; 7:30 p. m., sermon. All '
strangers In the city and ' residents j
without a church home are most cor
dially Invited to these services. Rob-1
ert J. Dtven, pastor.
There is no beverage more healthful than
the right kind of beer. Barley malt and hops
a food and a tonic. Only 3J per cent
of alcohol just enough to aid digestion.
But get the right beer, for some beer is not healthful.
SchEtz is the pure beer, the clean beer, the filtered snd
sterilized beer. No bacilli in it nothing but health.
And Schlitz is the aged beer that never causes biliousness.
Call fir tht Brewery Bulling.
Tfca Br taof madm Milwaukee fammus.
Phone 51 Main, H. Kopittke, 507 Main St,
Church of the Redeemer Divine
service tomorrow at hours as fol
lows: Sunday school at 10 a. m.; ser
mon and celebration of the holy com
munion at 11 a. m.; evening prayer
and address at 7:30 o'clock.
Congregational Church Services
on Sunday as follows: Sunday school
at 10 a. m.; morning worship and
preaching at 11, subject, "The Cause
and Cure of Despondency"; evening
service at 7:30. Praise and prayer
service on Thursday evening. A cor
dial welcome to all. J. Edwards, pastor.
Succeeds Rev. Levi Johnson.
Rev. Robert L. Alter, who 13 to
take up the work formerly in charge
of Rev. Levi Johnson, arrived in the
city today nnd will preach in the
South Juniper church tomorrow.
September C, at 3 p. m. There will
be no changes in the time or order nf
the services, and Rev. Alter will
preach at the Temple at 11 o'clock
a. m., on the second and fourth Sun
days of each month, and at Pleannt
View schoolhouse at 3 p. m., of the
same days. On the first and third
Sundays of each month he will preach
in South Juniper church at 3 p. m.
Tacoma millers are paying 85 cents
for bluestcm wheat, in order to se
cure enough (o make the season's
run on next year.
You May Be Cured
SAi Ciarlit'M Avenue,
I . w'.Ts l inrAiio, Jix., ()ctoler9. 1802
Aftrr doctorinp lor eleen niontb and tnkinc
forly-tlirce linulra of mrdicine and lindmp unrt'iri
for lenitiTThaa rosulims from irritation of a fallen
womb I took Wine of Cardui and fourteen lolCs
cunil iu. This si-emu strange l.ut it if the sinmir
truth. Wine of Cardui helpiil mr from the t tne I
V lB'c:mtakiniritaiHlliavinfliraTil itvim -.1
s.0 hichly by friendii who had trie il it I felt
g sntiafied that it would belli me, and it iliu
urarm me. iook every uu ot acnr pain
and headache, cramp and dracpinp down fns..!oii
awa.v till 1 felt voiine, strono and happy once moip.
it is a wonderful medicine and a true friend to women!
When I look hack on the months of torture 1 liaU it
teems like a hideous nicutmare. Wino of (.ariiu.
cure any woman I believe. I have more faith in it
than pll ntlivr medicines combined.
;V!C-I1i., t'hiC3Ri ninlairiral I'luU
Ilow can you refuse relief when tn know you are cruwing worse dar al
ter day r fchootinp pains, irregularity, inflammation nnd bearing dowrrpahu
make thousands of women miserable. Why drag throuieh life never enjoy
ing anything? Wine of Cardui bus made over 1,500.000 weak and nufferinc j
women wen and strong. e sk oulogo to your dnigist today and secnre
a $1.00 bottie of Wine of Cardui auu bejrin to tuke it at once. l)o tbat ana
wr- urajiu .urs. c mi' , i nes nooui win vwn ee j ours, n you uusr iwe
la! directions are needed in your case, address, giving symptoms, Uaii
Auvuory ueitartmcnt, 1 he iJhatianot ;r .Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Teaii,
! I
Missionary Convocation.
Hoise. Idaho. Sent. &. Delegates
and visitors are arriving for the mis
sionary convocation for the Idaho
diocese, which will convene tomorrow
for a session of three days. The serv
ices will be held In St. Michael's ca
thedral, and a splendid program has
been arranged. Many prominent
churchmen and mission workers will
take part.
of them.
Write the East Ore
ctmian for a free cat-
A foU strpply always kept hi stock.
Salmon Will Be Scarce.
Portland. Ore.. Sept. 4. Revised
figures based on nearly definite re-i
ports from all Pacific coast districts,'
Including Alaska, 3how tbat tho sal-i
mon pack of this year will be 1,000,
000 cases smaller than tbat of last
year, and 1,750,000 cases smaller than
the pack of the provious year. A gen
eral advance in prices appears to bo
inevitable. I
UmMcMty. Finesrflavor,
On Its Merit
Has the large demand (or
Byers' Best Flout
Been built up. Only the choicest wheat that grows enters in
to Byers Best Flour. It's perfection in Flour. Made by tbe
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
Have Yotsr Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at One
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
We have Secured for Next Week Some
This Week will be comedy week at Shield's Park. We have a splendid
list of attractions a partial list of which is as follows:
THE HARRISONS, Comedy Sketch Artists of
Unexcelled Merit
THE LEONS, Hfcn Trapeze Artists
There will be Several Other Features of Especial
The Moving Pictures will all be new as well as the
Illustrated Songs.
Remember Thursday will be Amateur Night and some excellent Home Talent will be brought out. Bring your
wife and the little folks and enjoy Two Solid Hours of Good, Clean, Wholesome Fun.