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    r--r-nt nncnnM urnucetilV BPPTEMBER 2. 1903
DAILY EAST OREGOMftlN, rLmJUCn ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
' :
4. .;-..!..'. -i---S---!--!-"-i---!-'
In Men's shoes
a pair
Hose Company No. 4 Wants More
Hose Fire Chief Wltliee Will Be
Delegate to Olympla Two Miles
of Sewer Has QCen Laid and All
the Piping Has Arrived,
. .. . . ,1... .... 1,t..
I lllg at tilt' 110101 I'UIHIIUIUII, usi umi
just came above lier piaie, nun
the little laily had travcieci an
nm P.imona. Cal.. to Portland
from there Is going to spouane,
where her mother Is residing. 1
Edna has been living with rein- O. R
fives In the California city for some (
time, having boon loft there by her
mntlmr wlm Is .1 widow, until .iat
lady could go to Spokane, where she Ng)t 0pcratoP alld Ticket Agent
had friends, and arrange for a homo
for herself and child. After some
months the time came when Mrs.
Krauts', was able to have her girl
come to her, and she sent to her tho
money for the trip.
The aunt In California bougnt 1110
Both Absent at the Time Nothing
Ml3slng Except the Cash in the
Till Only One Clue, and That Is
Very Slight.
In The
Simply washing clothes with ordl.
Last night was hill night at the j Ucl.et mill putting a tag on the little
luuiiuu imuuuuk, mm umi hub uii
that forced the city fathers together
Box Calf Vfci, Valour, Cor
dovan and Calf. All
the new shapes
Dindingcr, Wil
son & Company
' Phone, Main i iSi
Cunningham Has Sold Forty Head to
The Dalles.
Charles Cunningham has sold to
John Oglesby, of The Dalles, 10 head
of his famous Kaniboulllot rams from
his Pilot Hock farm. The rams are
all of them younc. and brought Slii
a head. Mr. Cunningham has made month
several sales this season and is well
pleased with the success ho has had
wjth his blooded sheep so far.
The sheepmen of the country nro
fast coming to tho vlow that tho high
er the grade tho better tho success,
and thoy are looking to the best
place thoy can find where thoy will
be able to got stock that they will
be stiro Is good. It will not bo long
until the mongrel bred sheep will bo
a thing of the past and all of the
ranges of Umatilla county will be
covered with high-grade stock.
In meeting, for most of them wanted
to go to the show, and most of them
did go, for they finished the business
in short order.
Tho only business of Importance
that was on the program was tho al
lowance of the monthly bills, as follows:
Fobert Forster, $354.91); J. II.
Means, street commissioner, S218.S5;
A. J. llean, $22.70; M. 13. Keos, $7.92;
L. 0. Frazler, $11.25; Turner Trans
fer Company, $3; Light & Power
Company, $297; E. K. and C. J I!a
ker, $1; W. II. Wlthee, $2; John 1).
Drown, S2; James Thompson, $2;
Geary Kimbrell, $12.50; Pendleton
Tribune, $35; Carl. Churchill, $C; E.
.1. Murphy, $2: Water Company. $50;
V. S. Wells, $C0O; Crane & Co., $10.
S0; Hobach Urothers, $3.
The council allowed tho fire chief,
W. It. Wlthee, $50 for tho expenses
of a trip to Olympla as a delegate to
tho Northwest Association of Fire
Chiefs, which will meet In that city
in the near future, and tho chief was
given permission to go as a delegate
from this city and represent me Pen
dleton fire department.
Tho report of O. N. Miller, the city
engineer who has charge of tho sew
er construction work, was received.
The work ot construction for the last
lias cost $S.4U.07. which
Last evening the olllce of the O. It.
N. ticket ofllco was broken Into
girl which told her destination ami tllc, tl. ri)UCU or sin.so. L 1
name, placed the little passenger In orry t1G nKht operator, had charge
the care of tho conductor nad start- of tlc oIlln, nt tne tmei nmi mvlng
cd her on tho long Journey. After ccas0I1 to conmiunlcato with tho
changes In San Francisco, Edna .... nf .. RWitchlnir denartmont.
1 cached Portland, where she was (,ft ,(lc omcc ful. a n,mlt0 nnd when
tauen In chnrge by he matron or mo 10 rotllrncj the till hnd been opened
Hoys' and airs- Aid Society until her nm, tho moll0. taken,
train was ready to stnrt. Tho girl I( I W(Jf( t10 ticket agent, had
was put in the care of Conductor Co- ,10PM j,-, tno n(Ilco ,,n tho ovonlug
man. who watched over hor on the ni)r.ng on i,s monthly report, but
trip up tho river nnd took her to the ,m(1 sfcm,cil out j,lst ns tho other
hotel when tho train reacaed this m;ui iet am, ln tho .,uscm.0 f both
city. After having breakfaRt, tho 0. icm tlR1 (lceil wn8 ,,onc
kindly conductor put his charge 01 An ,ron shof )I!lci;ot Was used to
the Spokane train, and sent her on Bn cntraco nlo tho till, but it Is
to tne nioiuer. wno is immune .- mU i.nmvn i,mv the m0 ,;nt into the
I olllce. for the door had been closed
1 when the man left. The till was,
I bioken in the efforts of tho men to
1 get nt tho contents. T110 cabinet 1
holding tho tickets was also broken
Into, but none of tho tickets wore
of No. 5 this morning, containing two
rnmnnnlos of tho Notional Ounrd
from linker City nnd La Granuu, on
their way to Oearhnrt Park to nttond
tho niiuunl encampment which will
be held nt Hint plnco this year. Tho
boys In tholr kbnkl unliorms, made
a pleasing sight as they swarmed
over the platform, and reminded 0110 t
of the stirring times not long ngo,
when tho trains woro nil crowded '
with boys of tho state, not bound on
a pleasure trip, but to n far country ,mry ,, nIla Wntur may make them
in defense of tho Hag of tholr conn- . . , ... not ,estroy th
tr Roy Alexander was one of the I.u ! seen microbes of illsenso which got
Oiando company and will go with Into clothes unknown nmi unseen to
them to the encampment. s. The use of Lifebuoy Soap will
. .TZ Z j not only thoroughly cloaiiBo clothes,
A M. Snyder Returned. . ... ., '
A. it.' Snyder, of the Spokesman, hut also tree them from tho seeds of
Hoviow, is homo ngaln from a couple , Infection. Lifebuoy purifies, illsin-
or three weeks spent In Walla Walla tPC.B perfectly while It cleanses. It
at the head of tho Union. He will . iorfection
now tako 1111 his old work as tho man- ' 1
nger or the Hlun Moiintnln service
of the Review.
Hlanch Iiolnnd, of San Francisco,
was fatally stabbed Tuesday by
Matthew J. Thumns, a fresco paint
er, because she failed to return his
arrival In that city.
Plaintiff Also Asks Care and Custo
dy of The Children.
draco Hudspeth, through her nttor
work was quickly done, and
ney. Will M. Peterson; lias filed in there are no clues that wlh definitely
the office of the county clerk an ae-1 point the blame In any one direc
tion for divorce against her husband, tion. In the till there was a $5 gold
Hobert Hudspeth. piece nnd a $5 bill, and shortly after
The plaintiff alleges In her com-; tno robbery took place and before it
plaint that she and the defendant ; was known on the outside, 11 man
woro married at Athena, November came Into the St. George restaurant
1C. 1S90. and that over since that and asked for a $10 gold piece in ex
abuse on the part of tho defendant. ' change for a bill and some gold. The
a good and dutiful wife. There mo j money was given him and he left tho
three children the fruit of tho union place' but whether or 1101 tho men
.Mabel, aged 12. I.ophey. aged 10, in the restaurant know him is not at
and drover, aged 9. the latter being this time known. Other than that
in tho custody of tho defendant. faint clue the police have notnlng on
Cruel and Inhuman treatment is which to work. The inside of the
the plea of the plaintiff, who alleges till was found back of the round- i
amount was ordered to he paid. The
engineer reported tuat there h
been about two miles of the sower
laid up to thlb time, and that all or
the nine for Hih wnrl: bnil rnnin nmi
was ready for use as fast as the work n co,irso of varied and unnatural house by one of the workmen this
could bo done
Hose company
In all departments of our big store
As heretofore, you will find our prices
much less on reliable niorehnndlse
than elsewhere. Our largely increas
ed sales over former seasons satisfies
lib the people are Icnrnlng this fact.
We shall continue In do nil we can to
merit the good will nnd patronugc of
the nian customers we now hnve and
hope also l add many new ones. Any
goods bought ni our store "not satis
lifiory." returned in good condition,
the mom will Ik promptly returned
ui all times
No. 4 asked the
abuse on the part of the defendant morning.
ami aai:s tno court tor a divorce dls-
council for 5flo 'teot of hose and the I folvinK the bonds of matrimony now
Will Visit at Wilbur.
Mrs. M. J. Holman and .Mrs. Smith,
ot Adams, loft this morning for Wil
bur, whore thoy will visit with their
father, IJ. J. amble, of that city, Mrs.
Holman Is tho mother of Mrs. D. J.
McFaul, of this city, and Is long past
the meridian of life, and Airs. Smith
was a girl with her at tho time In
tho past. Thoy are now going to visit
with their father, who Is one of tho
oldest men In the county, and per
haps In tho state. While In this city
tho ladles were tho guests of Dr. and
Mrs. McFaul.
Of 1,200 locomotives In use in Jap
an, 500 are American mado,
Who Is It that does not an-
ircclato a sweet, delicate odor.
T especially of the dainty, last-
ius mum wu navo tno largest
lino of Imported and domestic
T perfumes In Eastern Oregon.
Z A few of our leading Imported
odors are:
m zurea, ua Tretle,
reau cr tspagne,
Violette de Parme,
Indian Hay.
And many more of tho samo
quality In b-ilk as well as in
fancy packages,
manor was reierred to tno lire com
mittee, and tile lire chief, witli power
to act.
Policeman Tumor asked for a va
cation and the petition was granted,
and lie was allowed a month off with
out pay,
A communication waB read 11 0111
I. L. Ilerry. one of tho Quaker doc
tors, now at Baker City. In relation
to the license that the cliy asks 01'
them for the privilege ot showing In
this city. The doctor Is willing to
pay $10 a day and pay a month in
advance for the good of the people,
but he thlnsk that tho ordinance is
excessive In Its demands, and reluses
to pay what the city asks. Ho says
that bo will "work the city" anyway,
but would lie to do It, wituout too
much cutting of the profits of tho
fleecing No action was taken in re
gard to the letter.
The council adjourned after listen
ing to the reading of the letter from
the Haker City man.
in existence, and awarding to tho
care and custody of the plaintiff the
minor children, the Issue of the marriage.
rrngirarrnr:iirsTHVt;ry Truly YourGiCUlgonezzasKS
Two Companies of the National I SI
Guard Accompanied by a Pendle
ton Doy.
Two cars were attached to the end
Engineers Refuse to Take Risk.
Yesterday afternoon Engineers Oli
ver. Diefson and .lett, or the O. 11. &
N.. were discharged at La (jrando
because thev refused to en out when
called, on engine 3(10, one of tho , Indigestion Dyspepsia, Constipation,
freight compounds, for the reason Bllliousness, Heartburn or Nausea
that they considered the boiler un-1 "n be quickly cured It you will only
safe. Since the explosion of the ' take Hostetter's Stomach Hitters nt
boiler at Weatherby, last Friday, tho "'e first symptom. There can bo no
men have been more or less nervous, disappointment, beeauso It contains
mid fear that the accident will be re- 'lly thoso Ingredients ns will
peati'il on some of the engines which strengthen tho stomach and euro
have been leaking badly. Engineers 'heso ailments. Wo urge you to try
Allen nnd Nick Illover wero also I the next timo your stomach gets
called for the samo engine, but were ' ut of order. Tho genuine must
unable to go on account of sickness, j have our Private Stamp on neck of
Prepare to Celebrate
Three Drunk and Disorderlies
One Dispenser of Whiskey.
T. Davis, a transient, was also up
before the city court for tho crime or
being drunk, and was fined $5; but
as lie had not the money he will he
the guest of the city for threo days.
Wild Hill, an Indian, found some
firewater some place In the city, and
took too much of It, and as a result
loft $5 in the core of the city Judge,
which amount he has not as yet been
mound to claim.
J. It. Franklin, an old offendur, was
caught passing whiskey into tho city
Jail, and was given 15 days in which
to discover the error of his ways.
On Tuesday evening, September 1,
at S o'clock, in the parlors of :he
Hotel Eastern. .Mr. llurton It Xorh
and .Miss Inelln M dentonix wer
united In the holy bonds of matri
mony. Row K. II. Jones officiating.
Tho bride and groom 1110 both resi
dents of Milton, and expect to make
their future homo there. The wed
ding was very quiet and Informal,
mere being present only a few rela
tives and friends of tho contracting
parties. The wedding party will re
main at tho Hotol Eastern until to
morrow, when they will return to
September 7
Dress tip, some, and got a snit, hat, overcoat, sW,
undenvuar and all the reseat
Lenclhif,' Druggists
M-W"H"MM. ! "I'll 'N'
Very Little Girl Makes a Long Jour
ney Alone.
This morning, when Conductor E.
. H. Coinan came in with tho morning
train trom Portland, ho had with h in
and under his care u little passenger,
perhaps the youngest that has mado
the trip for some time nlono. Edna
J-rnntz was the namo of tho little girl
and sho was so small that when alio
sat at tho breakfast table this mom
They Lead the Procession
The popularity ot Swift's products among all classes Is very
largely duo to tho absolutely clean and hygienic coidltions un
der which each carcass Is dressed, and tho moat and tho food pro
ducts prepared and Inspected. This is particularly true ot S v ft's
Premium Hnm and Bacon. Fiom the sleek, corn-fed hogs In tho
ISHm" 80 .ecte!' ,,ams !,ml bacml la t'10 smokehouse.;
m S "n ll.0XPrt Inspection by the U. S. government, and, lastly
W wra,P'?1 in Parchment paper, each stop the evolu
Z tiZ ifg" ttvMK 1,ro,ll,cts 19 a
Thresh in the Nez Perce,
W. W. Olllette, of this city, will
move his threshing outfit to the Noz
Perce country this evening, over the
W. & C. It. During the season .Mr.
(iillcttc has been hnsv In Milu t.ni-r
!nr ).. ....int.... I ...... .i... i
vest here Is over ho will take advan
tage of the lateness of tho season
In the othor section and will go there
for the rest of tho harvest. Hesldes
tho machine, tho crew necessary to
run It will go at the samo time.
It you linri-n't a mrnlnr, healthy moremrnt of the
howvu uvvrv Uny, luu'u III or will lc. Ktep youi
tut!aocii, mlbn well, fcurci-.ln tho itiapeor ylo 1
rnrrhTilaurilll pol-.n,i itMiiriroiie. Tl.o Flnooth I
.-loir auj 3v"
Wt-tra r"s jtt r. K T -,
Pleasant, 1'alnlaHe l'olent Tuato "ioyl. InOooi
NtTr SicLtti, Wu.iUen r Url, lt,u, and 60 centi
wr ox Wilt-! for treo oatiiiilc. ami IiooUlet oc
jojIUi, AU'Jtcia 133
mmx nhxriiv innritv, miiico.r v& toiu.
Will Visit at Spokane.
John Kelly, of tho O. It, & N ac
companied hv his slxtr.r Ml
Kelly, of .Minneapolis, left this morn-1
luff for Spokane, whero they will
be the guests of relatives and Menus J
for a short time. After .Mr. Kelly nns J
visited during his vacation timo In J
tho Washington city, ho will return
hero to his position on the road, ami
his sister will return to her home in
tho East.
3- -
I New Store and J
At Shields' Park,
In splto of a strong counter attrac
tion Inst night, tho mirk had Mm
usual largo attendance. a omeil v
wool; Is being greatly enjoyed by tho
patrons of this popular resort. Tho
members this week ni 'O milisnnllv
good and tho special features ar
ranged for Thursday night, as nma.
tour night, should not bo forgotten.
I .
Reservation Lots Sold.
N Howland has sold to tho Pen
dleton Savings Dank for $1,700 lots
f". and 7 hi block 5, In tho reserva
tion addition to Pendleton, tho snmo
1 elng subject to a mortnairn nf tonn
blven n lavor of Thomas Mllurkoy,
1 of Ibis city.
New Goods
Wo carry a completo lino ot
men's up-to-date furnishing
goods, Fop Instnnco, Cooper's
all wool underwear, silver col
ars, 2 for 25c, nnd neckties, the
finest you over saw, from 25c to
$1 each,
Suits, overcoats, trousers,
fancy vests, mado to order, and
wo guaranteo a noi-fent ot
Como and soo us. You will find X
us at un Main street, near St.
(3eorgo Hotol.
Union Store
Shields' Park
Provides an evening of rare enjoyment
Good, clean, wholesome fun. Not a
dull minute.
Near O. R. & N. Depot
Admission, 20c Children, 10c
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
iMrst-clnss work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Pfomber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel