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Labor Day,
Y ti art- lrvit-;.
to Inspect vur
MenV Suits $10. $12. $15 and $'20
Hoy's Suits $2. $3, $4 and $5
Uaeqtialed Variety. Lowest Prices
72d Main St .
Illinois Central railway telegrapher
get an Increase of 15 per cent in sal
ary. Hc, Gilbert Combs, of In wood. U;
!. died of hean failure in his pulpit
last Sunday, aged 79 years. !
Cunfai Kir Hlckey and two em-nlove.-
nere asphyxiated by gaa and (
died !!i a Milwaukee sewer Monday.
The State Bank at Ulencoe. Mtnn.
wa.- routed Monday night of 12.500
cash and al! its notes and securities
Tb report is current m nnanciai
irei.-.- that an American syndicate ,
!- ir.iiiL :i forncr the Brailitan cof-'.
fee i ron
Tb.- reiehthandlers of New Or
mi strike, ft especially af-
Sumhern Pacific Steamship
The German exhibit at the St.
, l.onir- Exposition will be the finest
,-ypT iirpnted by any foreign coun
try at any world's latr. i
The American cotton crop of 180S
ih K .727.55S bales; In 1902 was
HuiPti.HO; Is 1901 It was 1U.3S3.4S2:
in 1M It was 9.436.436.
Corn and cotton bring their grow
rs more casta than any other crops
in the United States. Wheat is not
tb king crop, and ha never been. .
The new United States cruiser
Cleveland was given a trial run yes
terday around Cape Ann. The omc
ial figures are not given, nut the ves-:
set nude great speed. j
The R. T. Davis Mill and Manufac
tatlng Company, of Kansas City, has
gone into bankruptcy It was made
insolvent by losses sustained during ,
the May floods partly from lumber 1
which floated awa . and partly from '
Are. which wet lime started.
Tb- Moe block, in Seattle, was ;
completely gutted by Are Tuesday:
loss about tvi.inwi
Daring tbe month of August the
olty of Antoria collected 11.110 from
Ones and forfeitures.
Oswald West, tb oifewly appoint, i
Mute land ant. of Oregon, took for- j
mat possession of the office Tuesday. (
Ban R. Crosby, a society man of '
Butte, has been arrested for larceny '
of ?M from a former employer In S'
Paul. j
a W Crier, a prominent merchant I
of Victoria, B. C was drowned '
TiMBday by his sailboat upsetting. In
the bay.
The yield of Oregon apples has been
estimated by the horticultural board
to be ion cars greater this year than '
in 1902.
Edward U Dyer
wno ouiii tioiei
Kiovel at Seaside, and operated sev
era I large mining properties in South
ern Oregon, is bankrupt.
.1. B. Noe. of Oregon City . who was
fatally Injured in an accident at a
sawmill near that place, Saturday
died Tuesday trow bis injuries.
Mrs Harry Stewart, of Victor .a.
who secured a divorce from her hus
band in Seattle and then married
again in Victuria has beer adjudgi-il
gullt of bigamy the Canadian cnunr
not r- fi.-n''iii; tht ni. -l' ai. di
Have you Indigestion?
Have you
To avoid Indigestion
Beocham's PIW
To euro Sick Headaches
$ielL laij tic- 1 rt-i L
Beecham's Puis ' ' .
dMltt(Ht A r m . 'r .
7001 m ly . f i
Sold Everywhere in
September 7
. !
Hotel Pendleton.
E J. Arnold.
J L. Wilon.
Ahio S. Watt. Portland.
A. D. aU'.lman. ilty
J. T. Peters. Portland.
J W. Morrow, Portland.
William Maher, Portland.
C. SI. Smith. Portland.
J. H. Habb. Portland.
C. L. Hnff, Portland.
H. R. Brell, Portland.
8 L. Wakefield and family.
J. s. Dictman. Denver.
T. Q. Melchell, Denver.
Mrs. 0. L. Bakr.
Mist Blair
Miss CciiiUi;-.
M. Wllllard.
Miss Heohest.
Miss Kilday.
F. Esmeiton.
Arthur Lane.
W. G. 8ayles. Walla Walla.
E. K. Cogest. San Francisco.
E. Bay. England.
R. Church. Seattle.
J F. Bulllvar. Chicago.
George Stevens. Spokane.
C. E. Braydon. Portland.
T. M. Bell, Spokane.
R. H. Conner, Chicago.
Moaey. Spokane.
R E Baucbrant, Portland.
1.. a. Robenson and wife, Portland.
R A Seeds. Spokane.
F. J Maloy. Portland.
Sam Riser. Portland.
Martin Murray. Louisvlll.
Urna Conlee. Denver.
O. B. Branes. Denver.
John F Logan. Portland.
Golden Rule Hotel.
F J Berg. Walln Walla.
Thomas Milliner, city.
Mrs. C. Stanton, Helix.
Miss C. Stanton. Helix.
J W Harrington, Helix.
F E. Hume. Salem.
J. Maggs and wife. Oakland.
K F Fahrenwald. Ridge
F E. Palmer. Pomeroy.
I.ee Hale. Heppner
T. H. Follett, Tekoa.
F. J. Gardner. Portland.
J. B. Bellinger, Portland.
S. Thinman, Portland.
P. C. Flowers, Condon.
H. 1. Sheets. Hood Rlvr .
A. Harala. Havana
J. S Dixon. Parsons
J. H. Dicks, city.
George Somers. Weston
A. S. Godfrey. Seattle
F. E oung. Boise.
Mrs. M. K Hemtner
and son. im '
gutsoromo cut or lotuo . ,
. LecwcoTOTT. . ;
hjoIo: prtncr
" "J""J """" "!"A"V
aoinc mhi
In the oilf of Tidfj. rotitT
nrrcMeol Caurrb tbi cntmotlw eurd br '
pr;thi.tbiJyo rxmmWr.A. ;
A Wkoyrwie.
Hsir. eurrb t:u i uuin inieriutUy noe '
teudirtctlr on U blood nd macoot .urlate
v j rupvrv a i'ii rMo lUiin.
iM by dnisf t.u. TV.-.
Hall's FbsilTr rt tb tl.
Te'itch s
Sick Headaches?
s Pills
Betrchnm's Pills .My t ttiJ lake
Boxes, 10c. and 25c.
Leading Characters Are Dramatic
Artists Meet All the High Re
quirements of the Play. Easily
Hall Calne's Masterpiece Well In
terpreted. The theater season opened In this
city last night, auspiciously. The
opening performance, happily chosen
by the management to usher in the
play year, was greeted with an im
mense audience, and the new addi
tions anil improvements to the thea-
I . l. I t. t .. m ...'. I r. , tl.l tlV I li 1
who rememliered the old Frawsr. at
the close of last year, and entered the
new Frazer for the a rat time, last
"The Christian" was rendered in a
manner that augurs well for the sea-
son. The new management ua start
oil off right.
A better selection for i
the opening play could not have been
chosen and It will be easy to keep
up the standard for the season
Tm- orchestra
ronsistlng of Pro-
feasor Kirkman. violin: Professor
Motscbman. piano; Mr. Scott, clar
inet, and Ralph Folsom. cornet, met
with a pleasant reception at th
hands of the large audience, and
their nerforniance was especially
worthy of mention, ft is the most !
vahmhie rniiiaitinr. mailt, to the
newly arranged opera house and wn!
be highly appreciated by Pendleton
people during the coming winter
'The Christian" was presented in
an able manner. From the opening
scene to the last drop of the curtain.
it was Intensely dramatic, and the
company met the high requirements
of the play in ac able and artistic ,
manuer. the 6 o'clock closing movement goes
The leading characters. Miss Cath- lDto effect this evening. Several mer
erine Countis as Gloria yuayle. and j chants interviewed today stated that
Asa Lee Willard as John Storm, are j they expected to observe the agree
especially deserving of notice. Miss i mf.nt liy dosing their places of hue
Countiss adds to 8 charming person-1 jnesti. Th- early closing movement
ality a rare understanding of the role j naK wt,umt. general and It is expected
she plays, and a still rarer grace In ven merchant who signed the agree
presenting the spirit and meaning of ' ;,.', v-w ,,)0,. tonight.
the author, in a touching manner, j -
Her rendition of the difficult role was !.4 t
perfect. She reached the emotional i WSiaf 11 fill Wfi
cltmaxes with ease and perfect poise , ' T i'tl-
There was nothing of the unnatural. , -nra. far' PipCCPfl"
nothing of the stage effect in her, HaVC LJVi X, .
acting, it was the work of a cultur-; phis quction r.- - i" the far "
ed artist with a high conception oi . -very day. Lit t:s aj.f i: to-tUj.
the meanine of the role, and su h
thorough understanding of her art as
to allow her to transfer tne vivid
scenes pictured by Hall Caine from
the pages to the stage, without any
loss of beauty, but rather strength
ened by her own human touch.
Mr. Wllllard has a magnificent
voice for the part of John Storm. He
la a student of bis part and is imbued
with tbe spirit of tbe story He un
derstands tbe meaning of tne author
tn me tnriumg lines, ana teeis. as ne;
acts them. In every strung point of j
the role. Wllllard is equal to me ex -
pectationx of the audience, and goes
beyond this at times. He has perfect
control of his part, and his ability en-'
ablea him to appear with a wonderful
indication or reserve power. At no
time in the presentation was he near
the limit of his dramatic force, but
seamed capable of unfolding sun fur
ther meaning and power if occasion
Tbe support was good throughout
and the play was well received
Stock and Property at Walla Walla
Formally Transferred.
The work of formally transferring
tne stock or tbe walla walla ias u
Electric Company to Isaac W Anuer-
ing. and it is expected to be complet-1
ed within a day or so. says tht Walla!
Walla ililuiTnin Thar.. Ic a .,f '
i.si suareb to lie iransierrt-u. 1
learned today
that an average
price of J6o a share or $10 above par
was paid by Mr. Anderson.
'or several nours yesteruaj it
" property would be blocked. A lo-
eal stockholder owning 2S shares
made a demand of $7.5u0 for the
Mr. Anderson refused to be
heid up. it is said, and gaw tbe other
stockholders until 3 o'clock yester
day afternoon to get the stockholder
m line
A a result several conferences
"Ti- held in the company's general
uffi.et A few minutes before tbe
time specified, word was s-ent to Mr.
Anderaui, that a compromise had been
effected and the sale could proceed on
hi..- laid down. It is understood
Oidt the stockholder received 51,875
iur iiib 5 shares or a trifle more per
share than was paid for the remain-ik-r
uf the stock
Old Settler of Walla Walla County
Takes His Own Life.
Walla Walla. Sept. S William H.
Koster. a well known Walla Walla
Uiver rancher, committud suicide last
eenmg at o'clock by shooting hlm
selt thruugh the forehead with a .3!
'ailber rifle One shot was sufficient
to cause immediate death. It is
thought despondency over continued
ill health was the motive. The dead
man is a on of J. H. Foster, uf South
t Second street
Tin suicide look place in the loft
of n bnrn near tne rosier (
The dead man was found by his son,
i ., EV.afnr vilin WHIlt tO tilt' bam
I to look for him. Young Foster climb
ed luto Hie loft ami ronmi ins mvuei
l ing lifeless on the liny with his rlilc
at lils side
Chinaman Held at Walla Walla on (
Circumstantial Evidence.
Andy Lee. a Chinaman, was arrest
ed by the police yesterday morning on
a charge of attempting to Are several
buildings iu this city, says the Walla
tt'niia mien. Patrolman Klotst made
the arrest after some boxes in the
J.r ..t ,hp unt-i fiacres had been set
' '
nn Ar
F The oollce sar the evidence in the
case is enough to convict the China
tnau of arson. If the case is decided
against him It will go hard wlch him
as every effort will be made to spp
that lie gets the maximum petialtj .
for such a crime.
Eleventh Annual Convention Pacific
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs,
Olympla, Wash., Sept. 22-25, 1903.
For the above occasion a rate of
one and one-third fare Is authorized
to Portland and return, and to seat
tie and return under the following
conditions: Delegates o' their fami-
lies will purchase on any three days
prior to September s. regular one-,
way tickets to Portland, taking re
ceipt for same, which, on presenta
tion to agent. Union Depot, Portland.
together with certincate propen
ilaned by H W. Brlnghurat, secretary
of meeting, will entitle the passenger
tn return ticket from Portland to
starting point at one-third fare, pro
vided same Is presented on or before
September 27, 1903. For further par
ticulars, call on or address F. F.
Wamsley. agent O. R. & N". Co.
Stores Close Early.
Walla Walla, Sept. 2 According
t an agreement Walla Walla mer-
chants reached several months ago.
a delicious and h ' i.l it--'Tt.
Cid in tv.-.-. ir.'rii t.iiil i:r
ing! nci'l bo-.:: v.-.itt-r
cool. Flavors: Lf on, (r.-ans!;, J
Oerrj' and St-av-iK'r.-. G-" a ji:.
U your gToccrs to-cr. jo ccr..
! j
I .
j f
V Ktej uotliine but pure
natura: ice frozen irom pure,
inar mountain water. It goes
:artl:er and lastp longer than
artificial ice All we ask Is an
unprejudiced trial of our Ice.
Why not order a case of the
celebrated Schlitz. A. II C. or
Qambrinus for your Sunday
'Prion, inn iinir
;cure dyspepsia and all disorders aris
Ing from Indigestion, endorsed by
ibysiclans everywhere. Sold by all
druggists. No euro, no nay. 25 cents.
Trial naeVtape freo hv wrltlnp tn W. !
H. Hooker & Co.. Buffalo. X. Y. F.
W. Schmidt & Co.
How to Join and Get Quick Results
at Small Cost.
Why not join our union of piano
purchasers and have a hundred dol
lars? You can do It and we can help
you. This is how it is done: We can
well afford to sell ten or more pianos ;
cheaper than one, so have organized
a union of ten members. You Join
and pay $10.00 down aud J10.00 a
month, the piano Is yours. Now here
is the best part of it. Bverv time a , "versight of all students from out
new member joins the price of vour'of town- A" srades of public school
Instrument depreciates in price $10 : ftork thoroughly done. Our college
in other words, when the union is preparatory work is accepted by the
fillet every member Bots his instru-1 best colleges East and West Moral
munt tio.' less than regular price i na social advantages the very best
for example, a regular 30immj instru- Torm begins September 14. 1903.
lng advantage of this great opportu-1 "
nity. Hb It will only last a few weeks j STATF NORM A T
of the dull soason This, combined i; U iVX L
with our easy payment plan and ex- SCHOOL
change contract makes It possible
for everyone have an instrumenL I WESTON - - OREfiON
Tnorkelson's Piano House. 315 E. ' ' vyruivjrwi'i
Court street Everything musical. I TERM OPENS SEPTEMBER 16th
u;r- nf oil Bottled Beers.
Brewed from Bohemian Hops.
M mlu ii i '
Of Your
I'topli who ha'.i been
tl eir niimnici vacations arc
beginning to return an.i
arc bringing back with
them some beauti
ful pictures
Cameras, Films,
Plates, ail kinds albums,
printing paper, mounts,
and all kinds of supplier
tor amateur photo
graphers at low
Help You with
Photo Troubles
St. Helen's Hall
i We'll
I Your
I F. W. Schmidt j
1 The Reliable Drnggh'-
I ComdHic 111. c k I'hoiii Main , I
What Do You hat? I
w icu us wiiiit j pu eai ami vr
we will tell you what g
B ho.tsomt. palatable.- 81 6
4. 1 appetizing, high gradt
J. 1 groceries is what you K
I 1 will find in our store at IJ
, liard .v beat. g
ti c
-" - - -
Kst ISO by Kt Rev B W. Morris )
Will enter its 31th year September I
it. Hu3. Number of resident pupils
l.uiited to sixty. Hook of informnMun
sent on application.
Before deciding whaie to go to
s' liool. examine a
mluiuyue for the cummi: ur.
i building and equipment. New
agement, and a faculty of oxiicrlonc
ed teachers Spocial arrangement
for music students and for the care-
Just call up Main 1631,
ton's Cnndy Store, we will
our wngon around with
quantity of Ice cream you ,
What dessert can you get
saMsinctory and refrei
ih'- hot weather than nu(
r.nd Ico cream. Our cream
pure, cold and delicious
you are down town dron In J
. . ' -
tr- our not weather drlifj
,i) uui H.UUIW mi are mlm
fresh every day.
1- always tnnvt. wlie:
plact our orkrw h ji
Fir. Tamarack
Vh buy pocr i oal ntj
rnn (Tf flvr It t I -r Ufl
Telephone Main il
Tuleplumu Mnlu 1
nv Time
s h
Now is tlie acccptei
have your house painttll
pered. A little paintinjC
there will help Its loom"
fullv. Some nice. brijS
wall paper will lend a
to any room. Our stock
caoer was never .nore C6it?M
pattern in endless wratin
every one new and up-w
color design. Better csmt
let us show them to you
you what it will eot
whole house or one room.
E. J. Mtirpij
111 Court StreetB
it, .li-lvlno U Min f.lll(
Huge accidents, but carc'J
never bo charged again"!
lng repairs. All wn
us Is finished in 'he
possible, by skillful
repaired vehicle one"
hands hatter than new
Cut vnwr tires set on 1
Kinohlnn rW.C not bUf
no heating up the fellJ
ing bolts. Lasts icis
iv ov Sol llifm Will" ,
ernments on riinr.v j
..n.,n f lie mincrlorlt; I
methods. We have m
price; we set big of w
are the best. W'c keP'1
Ml ' T