East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 22, 1903, Image 2

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MHb-f..l. niHiiitiniinnim ihiwwhhh utt
Boys washable suits to close out 50c suits at 40c.
65c and 75c suits at 50c.
Si 00 suits at 75c
St--5 suits at St 00.
$h 00 men's outing suits at S5.00.
$13 50 men's summer suits at $10.00.
$17.50 uien.s summer suits at S14 00.
Balance of straw hats at half pr-ce.
Golf shirts 50c to $2,50.
Neg igee shers 501 to $3 50.
Summer underwear :5c, 50c and 75c per garment.
Just Received Anoihcr Shipment of Belfast Mesh
L ncn Underwear
One rice Clothiers.
m.. t 1 1 s . I 1. , f fnf. 1T11T1 ifl ?
Immensely rich eold 111, in
been discovered in Peru. S A
Fires in the Shoestring oil fields of
Texas have done $1.5iM.inih damage
during the pact 10 day.
The Los Auseles club of the Paci
fic National League of baseball clubs,
K.ie reeeired orders to disband.
The Federal Mining ft Smelting
Company, of Xew York, has Increns-
J its capital to $30,000,000. its ori
ginal capital was $3,000.
All the mills of the American Sheet
Steel Company. In-Pennsylvania, are
to be unionized. The company luts
164 mills, of which 9S have been non
union up to this time.
At Winona Luke, near -Warsaw.
Ind.. will be built an open air audi
torium that will bold SO.OfH). The
Wluona Assembly works along lines
nearly paralleling the Chautauqua.
A negro named Cody, for advertis
ing purposes, jumped from the new
Kant river bridge, at New York City.
147 feet, into the water. He was
picked up unconscious, hut almost un
injured Some Japanese sporting men with
money to throw away, declare their
intention of getting into the interna
tional yacht race next year will
iirobably slip into the place left va
cant by England
The nnlnlon is ranidlt- cainine crei-
me opinion is rapiuiv gainiug c ret.
vuv iwawuj, v.u(.,
break was with the connivance of the
officials of Uie prison, and that the
chase afterward was a succession of
carefully planned "muffs" and 'foo
Lars Anderson, a pioiur of Ore
grin City, died Friday, aged 70 years.
William KJeeman. of Portland, was
drowned at Newport. Friday, while
surf bathing.
John Walton, of Salem. ..ed at hie
home Friday evening, of heart dis
ease, aged 79 years.
The 0. It. &. N. steamer. Indravelll,
arrived in Portland Friday, with an
Oriental cargo of 5.0OO tons.
Hay Peters, of Cohurg. near Eu-
geno. was sent to the asylum Friday,
having gone Insane from reading
Frederick Knapp. a prominent ,
farmer of North Yamhill, was drown-
i In a mill dam. near that city. Fri-'
day evening.
The war department will order coal
for use at Vancouver barracks the
coming winter, instead of wood. The !
price of wood is almost prohibitive. 1
ed young farmer of Albuny. was kill
d Thursday by the arm of a horse
power striking him in the stomach.
John Hamaker, M. F. Hodrlck and
a man named Coburn. were InHtantly
killed by the explosion of a logging
engine uoner ar tjnenans. wasn.
Henry Wuinhardt. the
brewer of Portland, has begun
construction of a seven-story build
Ing at the corner of Fourth and Pino
streets, in that el'y
Pacific ironworks
Foundry, Machine
and Blacksmith Shop
Structural Iron, Gast Columns, Etc.
Carry in stock Steel Beams,
Angles and Channels, Bolls and
Rods. All kinds of
Repair Work Attended to Promptly
F-ast End Burnside St. Bridge, Portland.
Furnishers and Ha ters
Hotel Pendleton.
V I. Marshall. Portland.
I.. Tassel San Francisco.
William Malier. Portland,
r M Smith. Portland.
E K Harbaush. Seattle.
Mrs. Ken Murphy. Seattle.
Count Palaski. Chicago.
H. H. Tramp. Minneapolis.
Charles Blann. Dnlutli.
AVllllam Henry. Portland.
D. E. Hall, Portland.
J. A. Luckel, Portland.
William S Wallace, San Francisco
Mrs L. n. Traver. Salem.
E. llraydan. Portland.
R. D. Hall, Portland.
W. H. Koach. city.
Golden Rule Hotel.
W. p. Jinett. Adams.
W A. Campbell and wife, Wheeler.
W. A. Weller. Wheeler.
E. Withertte and family. Milton.
G. S. Turner. Snohomish.
Mrs. Betzold and family. Minnesota
Charles Williams. Walla Walla.
W. J. Moore, Spokane.
I. Cunningham. Portland
S. S Gill. Spokane.
Claude Meyers. Baker City.
friAts or Ohio Citt or toieeo i
Lrcac Cocsrv. i
. icnlor t7tncr of tho firm n( r. J. Cbcner i Co . i
rtoloK burtnej In the city of Toledo, county
forelrt nd that id Arm will py ,
lne turn o; ime iiuniirec imimn loreicn ina
yeryee of Catarrh tht cannot be cared by
"U'i.SHncrlbed in n,r
orcnce thl h day of Reccmbor, A
; j,KAL 1 A. W. GLEAPOK.
I Notary Public.
. If all's Catarrh Cure it taken internally and
act" directly on the blood and mucous aurfacet
ol the yfiem. Send for testimonial), f r.
t. j. unc-tci a cu., ioieao. unio.
Sold by drujrRlsW.TSc.
flail's Famllr Pills are the best.
Health and Pleasure.
When one goes to Lehman Springs
there is every assurance that not only
will one's health bo benefited by the
pure, bracing mountain air and bath
ing to he enjoyed there, but also
while gaining health one can enjoy
! a great variety of pleasure ranging i
I from hunting and fishing to bowling
.and goli. C. H. Dutton has sustained
his reputation as n cnnable host by
the manner In which ho is providing
f0r the comfort and pleasure of his
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometimes results In
death. Thus a mere scratch, inslg-
mfleant cuts or puny bolls have paid
"e d-'ath penalty. It is wise to have
'Hicklin s Arnica Salve ever handy
it g the U0Bt Balvo on carth and wI"
a"" P threaten. Only SEc
at Tallman & Co.'s drug store.
an Ru a,)Qut the r(.
of manufacturine lee at the Boss
Ice Jfc Cold Storage plant. Come and ',
ivt g. eold Storage plant. Come and
800 Uow lt is done and you will see
that there is no ammonia, alcohol or
any other substance whatever added
to the distilled water to aid In the
Haw our
Tei.s -h
shoes repaired at
First Christian Church Sunday
school. 10 a. 111.; preaching, 11 n in
nml S p. in nro. Jason Brown, of
Washington, will preach. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening nt s
o'clock. Christian Endeavor anil
choir practice Friday evening. The
public cordially Invited N. H. Brook--pastor.
k" iwiclT
' m,,,r
Methodist Episcopal
Sunday school nt 10 o'clock;
ng nl 11 u 11 r. u. - .u.u
League at a p. in.: r. w - . "'"V o I, exports agree that a deposit ot
at 7 p. m. No service In the evening ; "J, tnt. rl, farmlnR
Church of the Redeemer Divine !"" T Willamette valley, ami In
I service tomorrow at hours as fol-
lows- Early celebration of the hoi,
communion at 7:30 a. m.; morntn,
praver and sermon a- 11 o'clock.
! evening prayer and address at 7 :."
f"C o
! . . u c
rirsi uapim l-Mursii ouiltin..
school at 10 o'clock. Spencer Sim
' mons. who has been absent fur some
weeks on account of sickness, will
be in his place ns superintendent to
I morrow. Preaching at 11 o'clock
! subject. "Witnesses.." Subject of the
aniilni. aurntnll "The fruit Without H
, ni i..,.i...tn. te
f r , "...r...
lUUURfl U ! WIIU Hint III! II""'
place of worship.
R. W. Kins, pas
Will Consider Colonization (if the
Holy Land.
Bugle. Aug. 22. Representative
Jews of the United Status, Groat
Britain. Germany, Prance. Austria
and other countries have gatliereri
here for the sixth Zionist congress,
which la to begin Its sessions touiof
row. The congress this yenr prom
ices to be the most IniiHirtnnt ever
held lu view of the late Klshinuf out
rage and the political situation in
Bnstern Europe. There seems excel
lent reuson for believing that
Zionist leaders are iireimrinc to take
full advantage of the situation devel- i puPont. Ga.. "and gnve me up Ev
ened through the Macedonian upris-! erybody thought my time had come
Ing. I A n last resort I tncj Dr Kinr.'-'
One of the principal discussions of New Discovery for Consumption
the congress will be the colonization J The benefit 1 received was strlkini;
of a province of Wadel-AiiBch In Pal-1 and I was on my feet In a few day
estine. It is a protectorate of Great j Now re entirely regained my
Uirtain. where it is proposed to settle i health." It conquers all cjughs,
WO.iMM) Jews Negotiations have al- colds and throat ai.d lung tioubles.
ready lieen opened with the Hritish
I government.
Missionary Alliance Meeting.
Atlanta. Ga.. Aug 22 The fifth an
nual Southern convention of the
Christian nnd Missionary Alliance,
began today nt the Piedmont Park
auditorium and will continue for a
period of olght days. Nearly every
Southern State is represented ut the
gathering and the speakers will in
clude a number of eminent divines.
Besides the sermons and addresses
the program is to include musical
features of n high class
Mr F U. Gray, of Portland. Ore.,
writes of July 10. 1&02. and vurlfius
his statemuut of February 11. 1!)03.
read them both: this is very convinc
ing evidence that Trib is the one
true cure for the liquor and tobacco
habits. July 10. 1002, Mr Gray
writes: "I believe your treatment.
Trib, a good one. I tool; the Keeley
cure at a cost of $130. 1 think Trib
is honestly the best treatment of the
two. lt has, I believe cured me."
February- 11. 1902, Mr. Gray writes
again: "Since I took Trib last June I
nevef felt in better health In my life.
It has made another man of me. I
have recommended It to many people
and have heard of no one taking It
that It has not cured."
Price jier treatment. $12.u. For
sale by all druggists.
Permanent Pastor.
The Baptist church of Athena in to
have a permanent pastor in the fu
ture. Bev. C. H. H. Moore has beer,
retained for the coming year and will
enter upon his year's work next Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Moore are well
pleased with Athena nml surrounding
country and this week purchase
C. A. Fischer cottage, with the
tion of residing hem permanently
Athena Press.
Fighting the Thistle.
In Athena and adjacent country the
advance of the scourge of the soil,
the Busulun thistle. Is being hold In
check by the use of the sharp blnded
hoe S. C. Stanton has been engag
ed lor boiiie time in locating the punt
nnd seeing that Is is properly exter
minated. Atheun Press.
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Mokl Tea.
A tileasant herb ilrlnlt Huron PmiHtl.
patlon and Indigestion, makes you j
eat, sleep, work and happy. Satlsfac-!
tlou guaranteed or money back,
cts and SO cts. Write to W. H. Hook
er Sc. Co.. Buffalo, M. Y., for a freo
sample. F. W. Schmidt & Co., drug
gists. For Rent.
I have remodeled the upstairs of the
Deapaln block and have some of tho
nicest onice rooms lu the city. Cnll
and see them.
Best shoe work at Teutsch's.
Famous the World
( 0f
Capital Has Temporarily
Quelched a Boom.
a nronilnent prospector "f linker
City Is authority
(or the statement
I that taring for nil has been temper
!) "8IH.'i"lel I" Oregon not
through luck of Indications of the
, . . , fc of cafnal
"'' ., ' " 11 "t ,1 ,.,,.. frn. i
omprntive y short . 1st,, cos fro ,1
.ur fnc 'but ' " J"r J
t been over $r..imn spent in nnj one
' bw.R hp ,u.lll8 ,.ParllU(t tt
depth of U(H feet, with excellent In-
.in iitious when the money gave out
----- , ., Mnnmmllh
Ullll lf II VIHUIV 11...-.
nil was actually Btruck at l.oiio reel,
when the stockholders concluded to
shut down for a while.
lu Lincoln county the drills had
not reached a depth of Son feet when
operations were suspended, and nt
1 Vale, in
Utistorn uregon. 11
' .hought a few feet mote v,o,.ld
1 ...... ,..,. iif.lon.il
ine 1111. wiwu iur iuvu ....v....
to drop their tools for the time lie
mg Drillers are now nt work on the
hank of the Willamette river below
St. Johns, with good prospects, and
it is probable the work will be pros
ecuted until the contention of the oil
experts has been vorlfiud.
Were capital to llow Into Oregon
fur the purpose of drilling wells, as
it has into Kentucky and Texas. It
i- likely that more thai, one oil well
would be spouting long ere tins. The
ovyerts who have looked over the
field aver that the I'lunlity of Oregon
oil is superior to that of the South
End of Bitter Fight.
'Two iihyslclaus hud a long and
stubborn dght with an abscess on my
right tuna " writes J. F. Hughes of
Guaranteed by Tallman Co.'s drug
50c and Jl Trial Ixit
ties, free
Murderous Assault With Six-Shooters
In Malheur Mountains.
Ontario, Or.. Aug. 22. In an niter
cation at the Seaweard ranch. In the
Stein mountains, on the Mulhuur
Harney county line on Tuesday, .Ike
Fra&ier was seriously hin t b In i. y.
struck on the lie. d with i re oh or
in the hands of 1m Dawson
A warrant was issued for the arrest
of the lu'ter and Sheriff Allen now
has liawt-oti in tin- i-ounty jail at
We Have Them
One needs appetizing aud
Iain' wands this hot weather.
Where will you find anything
daintier or that vou can relish
more than our Queen Olives,
Heinz h Jnms, Russian Caviar,
Sliced and Canned Meats
What do you drink? If you
like u hot drink for breakfast
try our celebrated "M. J. 11."
Mocha and Java coffee.
Some coui drink for lunch?
li-ul a if an old standby hot
weuliii r drink
Wt have some splendid
bran...-, Engli ,h Breakfast, Gun
nnwuer Spmer I.r-p Young Hy-.-jii
S'k.' i.r and other
fiheiJHAWLEY Bios.
inten jg
How to Join and Get Quick Results
at Small Cost.
Why not Join our union of piano
purchasers and have a hundred dol
lars? You can do it and we can help
you. This U how lt Is done: Wc can
well afford to sell ton or moro pianos
cheaper than one, so have organized
a union of ten members. You Join
and pay $10.00 down and 1 10.00 a
mouth, tho piano Is yours. Now horo
Is the best part of lt. Every tlmo n
new member joins the price of your
instrument depreciates In price $10;
in otnor worus, when tho union Is
filled overy mombor gets his Instru
ment 10,i less than regular price,
for example, a regular $300.00 Instru
ment can bo had for $200.00 by
joining tho union. Don't delay Ink
ing advantage of this great opportu
nity, as it will only lost a few weeks
of the dull season. This, combined
with our easy payment plan and ex
change contract makes It possible
for everyone m have an Instrument.
Thorkolson's Piano Houso, 31C 13.
Court street. Everything musical.
Over Fully Matured.
the Crowd
Any of these warm even
ings and you wi;i find
them at
A ter trying our soda you
will readily understand
why they all come here.
They say our ice cream
is the richest- our gjn
ger ale the snappiest
our egg drinks just right
Foncy drinks well, the
mere names will make
your mouth water. The
reason is simple we use
nothing at our fountain
but the very best, and
our fountain man has
made a life study of the
business and knows just
Have you tried the '' liter that
made Pendleton famous'
Our Root Beer
f. w. Schmidt's 1 Laatz
The Reliable Drnggisi 1
i oitjilicc Pluck I'lioiic Mam 8m TclcpBoilE
Hill I
Academy t
Dr J W. Hill, Principal. I
J4t, & Marshall Sts., Portland.
Oregon. J
MEN. .
New mlldings, modern and t
I complete.
Manual training. uiil.tary
T discipline.
f Hoys successfully fitted for I
4 all colleges or for business life. T
T Principal of 21". years' expert- I
? encc in Portland.
. Boys or nny age admitted at f
tany time. 1 ,
Write for catalogue
t Fall term opens September J
1C' I'
t t i 'M I I I I I 1 I I H"H"Hfr
Oregon Portland
Saint Helen's Hall
Home and Day School for
girls of all ages Academic
and College Preparatory courses
ns well as thorough Primary
instruction. Ideal Hltuatlou on
the outskirts of city of Port
land. Basket ball. tennis,
horseback riding. Year book
sent on application.
Ueiore deciding where to go to ;
si-hool. examine a
.nir.t.in.... fi.t- fim ..Mtninf vL-ar New
building and uiiuipment New man
agement, and a faculty of experienc
ed teachers. Special arrangement
.... tkn pftrt
for music students ana iui
fill oversight of all students from ou ;
of town. All grades ol puuu. ----work
thoroughly done. Our college
preparatory work Is nccoptcd by "r
best colleges East and West. Morai
nnd oiinlnl ndvnntaKes the ory i
Term lMgiiis Soptomber 14, 1003,
lata -
llih I!
jaunty of 1 - 'l
aoa ' ere,
PTC cold
"U ut iv
try our m.ji.. ..
l. r"?"
Fir T'imnr.l!
..I r! -l
- iiiwii j
Win- K. .
rn n nn. .L . L . .
h1-' IC UCSl lot
Any Time
ft . . ic Ina
11. Cm. hIm
pvprv enm new usr
lb SIB OUKU '"" I "
vvnoie nouse nrw
111 Court Srf
. . vd
, driving is J
riagc accident w
ine repairs. '
8 is fin W wj-,
possible, by J1,
hands telM jgk
110 ,i litsI
... thfl bWi- - .4