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Eastern Oregon Weather
or Uce of buslneti by carrier at
1 5c A WEEK.
Tonight nnd Sunday, partly
. t clotnly.
rine and Seven Coaches
bitched Four Miles South
Navy will Attack Portland, Defended
by Regulars and Militia.
Portland, Me., Aug. 22. Tlio naval
war game having concluded and the
enemy" vanquished, the stage Is now
cleared for the second game of the
war drama in this locality. In addi
tion to the naval forces which partic
ipated In the recent maneuvers the
forces of the United States army, re
inforced by tho state mb .a of Maine,
are now to have a part Beginning
today and continuing for a week the
fortifications around this city are to
he the subject of attack by the bat
tleships and cruisers of i.ie North At
lantic squadron, under the command
of Hear Admiral Albert S. Barker.
According to the plans of the two
departments these maneuvers are to
be even more comprehensive than
those of last year, when the fleet
mado a mimic attack on the defenses
of .Vow York city, In what is teimed
uie artillery district of Xew London.
I f! El UNCI
Champions of Both Boats Claimed it Was Their Kind of a
Day Before the Race Began.
Loaded I auacmng neet lias been some-1
, what weakened bv the temnornrv ills, i
nown Details Are Meag
cial Train and Was
Portland Elks and Their i ablement of the Massachusetts, but It
Lj. r,. r- nl..l. ' c-M'--i-ls n
lain Line Northern Pacific. Portland.
Reliance Crossed the Line About Five Minutes Ahead of Her Competitor
A Race Without Flaw or Fluke A Great Contest Between Ship
builders and Skippers Said to Be the Prettiest Yacht Race In His-tory.
pma Aug. zz. An excursion
rarrylng Elks from Portland to
In was wrecKoo mis morning
nlles south of Chehalis. The
and seven coaches went into'
Ich I
Factory and
Parlors Burn.
Walla Walla, Aug. 22. The Walla
Walla Mattress Factory, located on
the corner of First uml Abler street a
eman arriving at Centralia at , and an undertaking parlor located on I thrown up
toys no saw uie nreman cai;en the same block, were destroyed by
Cthe cab dead, and 100 passen-; fire this forenoon. The entire block
Irc'-hed on the ground, some was threatened. There was no wind
Highlands, Aug. 22. Just 52 years
tO nn tmlnv 1hn Amnrlftn Innl.- tht
I quean's cup in the contest around the
! Isle of Wight. Today visitors refor
! led to tho act and said they would
retake the cup on this anniversary.
: seeming undaunted by Thursday's
I Surprise was shown by the Specta
I tors' at the sniallness of the bow wnvo
by the challanger this
bil a majority of the excursion
Ire injured
lei f-nln kit Centralia at 11:30
srrne of the wreck. Another
rain enrrying nurses una doc-
It Taconm at 12. IS, and is due
vrerk at 3 o'clock.
That Six Were Killed.
rreek occurred on the main
Ihe Northern Pacific, between i enforce it.
and Chehalis. The train
becial crowded with members
Portland lodge of Elks and
ends, bound for Olympia on
urn from a picnic. Up to 1
be details are very meagre.
phes have just been received
uth Tacomn saying tho en-
up and that it is known
and the department did heroic work.
Loss about $15,000.
No Gambling in Shoshone County.
Wallace, Idaho. Aug, 22 Judge
Morgan, of the district court, yester
morning when going at a good gait.
Reliance rode as easy, but apparent
ly no enaler than her rival. Tno
breeze at sea is very even, with but
few soft spots.
Getting Ready for Second Race.
As In previous races, the revenue
day issued an order eloslnir all cames ' 'inters preceded In a big fleet the ox-
in Shoshone county, Idaho,
structed Sheriff Mauley to
and In-1 curslon boats to the starting line.
strictly Almost as many craft are witnessing
I as before.
i Captain (iresliam held all back tin-
she was not doing as well In the wind
ward as Reliance. The ehnngo ap
parently benefited, as Shamrock
worked a llttlo higher thnn before.
At 12:05 llellanco began establish,
lug an overlap. The fight was the
prettiest In racing history, both skip
pers getting nil possible out of their
At 12:0S llellance overlapped
Shamrock and took lead, forcing a
weather passage.
At 12:1-1 llellance tacked to port
and King plucked to nvold a back I
wind, and a mlnuto later put Sham- (
nick on a port tack. Wind nine knots i
ami holding well.
At 12:20:5 the yachts in good time1
turned to the weather, both n lather
of foam. Shamrock Is doing surpris
ingly good In view of Thursday's per-1
froniance. llellanco had the lead at
the end of tho llrst halt hour, but for
a few seconds. The race has dovel-i
oped Into a hot fight. Until yachts '
were heading to Seabrlght at 12:30..
both sulllng under small sails. I
At 12:43 llellance tnckod to atnr-
Entitled to Name One of Vice-Presidents
of Reichstag, But May Not
Berlin. Aug 22, The socialists tiro
entitled to have appointed from their
part one of the three vice-presidents
of the relchstng. on account of their
Increased repiesentation and other
parties appear willing to concede this.
Tho socialist leaders, however, dif
fer us to whether they ought to ac
cept the offer, as it would limit their
complete freedom of obstruction and
opposition. Uerr Hebel takes this
low. but llorr Bernstein favors ac
cepting. The socialists of Munich rejected
the Idea hy a majority of IS yester
day, while Stuttgart voted for It.
Great Northern Not Affected by the
Wall Street Flurry.
Uwiolt. Wash., Aug. 22. -Lewis
Hill, son of .1 .1 lllll. denied, while
In this fits. Hint Iho (Irrat Northern
was nboiii to undergo i iftrenrhmonl
policy owing In present business con
ditions. .Mr. Hill proclaimed general
prosperity, niul said the Croat North
em would continue ;lenslvn opera
tions lu (he West. He also said that
Wall struct was only skeptical for n
lew days leaiiiiUng Western social
tics, and that no hnrm was done .Mr.
lllll further said tho action of the
courts would not nnd could not keep
the Croat Northern from Its work of
Charges Against Jno. D, Ham
mond, Manager of Branch
Methodist Publishing Co.
ople were Killed, including The taan Believes it Would Settle southeast of the lightship.
, til he drew alongside the navigator , board and approached Shamrock on
to learn th.. startlim line. At 10:20 opposite incK. ino ilirreronoi
tile regatta committee announced the
wind was too much to westward to
carry out the original Intentions, so
set the new stnrting line to n point
English Statesman
Away This Morning
London, Aug. 22.--Lord Salisbury
suffered a reverse nbout 3 this morn
ing, and is slowly dying.
Lord Salisbury died this morning, 1
nr,.M 1.,1.. i i....... .i... ,
unvi uxjiiik miniuw louti IllllllfSl lllt'li,,, .
i nan
eer and fireman.
of Dead and Wounded.
, Aug 22 So far as re
names of the killed are:
Freeman the oldest Elk in
the Present Crisis and Lead to Per
manent Peace Beautiful Scheme.
i I'otwoen the boats was shown when
Shamrock was forced about to port. ,
Five minutes later Ibllnnce wnH
squarely on Shamrock's weather i
quarter. Boats wero so close they i
could hold conversation If so ills- claimed That Break at San Jose Will
hurt- Miss Comstock. of
a sister of Dr. Cornelius,
and; Mrs, Campbell, arms
st sockets, Dr Cornelius and
brnellus, his niece; Dr. Mor-
porter Daniels, of the
arms broken.
: Miss Tiille Cornelius will
Kelly and wlfo; Dr. Brown
wife will die; Gus Krltz, a
leper, Max Schiller, a cigar
Ind secretary of Portland
harles Haar and Mosher Per-
Littlefleld, face and hands.
five tramps riding on the
am was killed.
and worked out seaward.
Up to the Starting Line.
Home. Aug. 22. Illccicio Garibaldi,
son of the famous patriot, proposes
the establishment of an American
gendarmerie In the disturbed dis-
trlcts of the Balkans. As such a 1
lorco would no w inout prejuu ce ami i BtartillK Mm.. A BInart eight-knot
impartial, he believes it would also , wm nn( 8fa (lH gmooth as atl inallii
be self-sacrific as. He believes It I i.mi,. i.,,. . ui,.
Ore-' would definitely settle the present r0(,k ,jrol;p ou, , lieadgaiB anil jpf,
iiniKan crisis unti obiuuiisii priinu
lu the meantime Captain King had ! At the end of the flisi 1 r'H mill
sent alort the largest club topsail, In-, ng llellanco had gained 25 seconds
dlcating that the challenger will be on tl)c adversary and hold him firm
driven to the utmost In today's race. ; on the leeward quarter, ondo.-norlng
Reliance stood by the llghtBhlp to kIvo him windward.
At 1:10 Itellance Increased her lend
many seconds and at 1:22, King,
At S:50 llellance takes tow for the
uie onuio e.ieiio- ui lon kaM shamrock will show
eluding tho cost of recruiting in the ! (h, , ,0(, ,s(,)hl on
United States, be paid by the powers , , , Sm,)Cam, ,,fiuai
mosi iiiieiesiuu. hii-iuuihk u i'v'" ' pleubed. but says
ace by the Turkish government. The '..,.,,r
author would, if possible, give the j
Americans wide latitude as to ills-
finding himself hackwludcd. sought to
bluff Hair by taking Ills boat under
the stern. Ilarr craftily threw llell
anco over, designing to follow the
next tack of lllng, who, finding he
could not get Ilarr to tack agulu
llellance then seemed to take a
Have No Local Effect Terms Ask
ed of Company by the Strikers.
Portland. Aug 22- Although it Is
admitted hy momliors of the Lines
men's Union that the striking line
men at Sim Jose liiivii lotiirned to
Most Sensational Episode In History
of the Methodist Church for Many
Yearo Claimed That the San Fran
Cisco Depository Lost $72,000 In the
Last Four Years.
San Francisco, Aug. 22. Soven
Methodist clergymen have li. niiahl
charges against lt v .lulin I), Ham
mond, local miumgcr for II eurs of
the .Milhodlst (took Concern, tho
largest and richest publishing house
In tile world.
Tin- neeusiitions are of misiminagiv
inenl, doubtful deals In collect Inn of
ncroiiiils, nnd c'iiuhIiis certain onipn
iile' tiooks to tie destroyed He Is
also culled to give an nccouiitliiK for
n largo amount of endowment fund
held by htm for tho University of the
Pacific and for $111,000 per year allot
ted him by the missionary hoard as .
PIchIiIIiir elder In the Chinese dis
trict. Hi whs xiipiHiscil to have opened
mi Anglo Chinese college here. Ho
two classes of nine pupils curb
f uml one of three. He received a
large salary and had on nnnUtanl for
both classes.
Hammond was ictuoved from tho
mniiiigerslilp In I'jou, but was loliilu
ed to uiiilvO collections. The Kan
Francisco depository lias lost 173,000
In the last four years,
Balkan Troubles Have Developed
Some New Phases,
Holla. Aug. 22.--SuMiral Turkish of
ficial Inivo been ruptured at Ailrlnn
opule and taken nemos the frontier
Into llulgiirln, where they wore Irl'-d
by the locnl authorities nnd limit!-
i anu esiauiisn peima- f startn muleI. , san.
nent peace. The plan proposes mat, Vac,ht8mn a,e enthusiastic Lip-':", "'"
the enure expense oi me sjsiem, .-1 .ai(1 si,anlroL.; will show some-
lly well
it is llellance
At 9:25 the committee boat. Navi
gator, passed the Hook bound for the
spray flying from beneath her boom
us she tore along further to wind
ward and pointing higher than the
work at the company's terms. It Is oned.
claimed this will lu no way Inlloi'iice Dlspatchtis this morning "lulo that
the local strikers the Mai edonlans Intend In 'end it
There is as yel no indication or nil , ilt-logaHim headed by n bishop, nuking
ligmeniont being piobalile between the powers lo Intervene
tile striking telepliono lliiumeu at HepoitH are of s-veiii lighting and
Poitlaud and Ihelr employers, the a iiiiitliiiious buttle iicmr Geogllo.
i'aclllc Ktates Teleplioue Company, . II h heay Iimsos nil botli Hides. It
although two months have elapsoil ; Is also stated that the Macudiinliin
since the men quit work. There are , lnsiirg"nts. nflnr a let rule fight, cap-
said to lie about a dozen non union
men ul work for the company, lint
the strlkeiH say they have been nble
to win those non-union men over to
lured and burned lliislllkii, lu Iho
Adrlnimpolc district, and later Mill
bullied 12 nolgllhoiillK vllliiKiw-
At 1:27 Ilellnnco had siifilelont lead , Uiolr side n rapidly as the company
Ither Banks Involved.
Igton, Aug. 22. The comp-
Gibbons In Switzerland,
Moutreiix. Hwllcerlnnd, Aug -
lightship, at the same time llellance I , ,,., n, ,i,,, ii,., lean hire olhers This loaves the
'dropped tow and started around tho J At ,33 ,,,, ynt.illg nr within two ! number of employes about thu same Cardinal (llbbons arrived Iuti
Hook tor tno siarung nne. uiniei ,,,us or tj,0 ut,,r llark llellanco ul ""'os. i;iguiy men went out
I ,nlnD,,ll ClllTIMIL- rUlAfri till . .. IL'ltlltt 111., ulill.-,. I mi M.II.V ,,t lIl.lLJI
tho currency this morning I Quotations Furnished by Coe Commls- hlBl,' hnost with the committee fi." il,-.. "rJ. ,.L' S;.?...' Imv.. obtained wink in somethliiir
id that tho closing of the' -i r.nmnanv B. E. Kennedy. Lo- i,nnt I 1...1.1. i.. 1. ....... else Dallv meetliius are held bv the
Bank of Groesback, Texas,' , ,, ,., I .. . 1 A( o. m n, . ,i,i iu .in,i .i, ,i 1 (ommltlee of Ihe sir kers and pro
tlie failure of the Beaumont 1 . . . " . . .a ... tin. khIIh nr i.ih v.iel.t n i,f.llvlnLr gross Is imported
rhram Auc. 22. uauies were , th. rnmin ttee a d a new Ktarting r - - ,,. ,. ,
higher. The market opened about , Ilt. lollr u,iiui to tho southeast of tho
the same as yesterday closed, but oI(j oov The cour.se Is southwest by
Franchise Granted Capital
ists by Idaho Town.
fe I'ence, who is Interested
Btor Fred T. Dubois nnd
an extensive Irrigation
car Lewlston, was Informed
Dday that the city of Lewis-
I granted them a tranchlse
an electric street car lino
sic principal streets, says
quite Important, as their ir-
ilans included the building
lhan lino through their Irrl-
fur u distance of 15 or 20
lewlston, By having a line
town its operation will be
a"! seasons of the year.
P'taii bns diverted liumor-
so that thev will cimntv
IValia The lake will have
I -I" oot nnd has an area
Tm altitude or the lake
1 wn n that of Lewlston
feet The mirvov elves
I 'aUs 'ii 400 feet each, be-
JGr 'ta' hes a point wliore
ii iripn i..itri,tirni nnr.
'ira power sites win
' " pte electricity to
r' line and for ail
Tf eiai jnirposes. It
at power In the
is only an Inci-1
n ion scheme, and I
r a ready market
l) 'he mining ami
-r by 1
In Line for the Start.
At 11:20 llellance comes up in the
wind, takes in a small topsail and
sets a larger one. A dense haze off
At 2:17 the wind shows signs of
flattening out. Shamrock Is making
the better showing and seems to
have tho most breeze.
At 2:25 Iteliunce Is again morn
than holding her own. Barring nee I
dent or fluke, she Is certain of win
ruled easier the first part of the ses-1 wehl 15 Wueg ana roturn,
slon the market being relatively
weaker than Chicago. Our Septem
ber sold down to SP.fc. aiound ....s
price. There was some profit taking
by the shorts and buying by the pit.
There was a considerable amount of
December wheat on tap and not very
much demand, the tavorable weather
reported from the spring belt and
easier cables are the depressing in
flm.nm The market turned weak
i imvnrrls the close, closing about " , .; " rock at l:G7:t3
the low prices of today. Trade light g, ,ck 8lart(Hi at 11:15:21. Itoll-1 , Kellnnce has now deinoi.strated
and the market very weaK. North- J , ,46 flat. her superiority to the Kngllshman,
WUSl rtM-ciiUB, ihvi.i...0i - " lQ.lrraVlllie ftl SlUrl HUH lilt uuuuoi , . -
Minneapolis and Dulutl. were 314 cars 1 ?or juion ever made In a cup, owing 10 ""'' ",""'1 ,
against 4SC a year ago. , , u1ter the ,)reuaratory slunal tlmo ullowanco at 1:67. lei ance hail
Com opened firm and little higher. . 1 S(.uarey oll 32 swonds to go on at the outer
The local seetetaiy of the Line
men's Union miiIiI today that tho men
who had been out ul San Jose, Cnl.,
had returned lo work 'it tho old rates,
but that this action would have no
effect on the unions of other cities.
Ho censures the officers of the Han
Mill Men Claim Prices Are Liable to
Decline Growers Hold for Raise,
Wheat has fallen one cent lu the
export market, so Iho exporleis ciiy.
A duy or two ugn wheut was quoted
at 711 i'i'iii mid some of II was sold
for thill llguin to the eXMirl men. but
thuy eon Id not stmiil to pay thai prlr
tin the outside market, nnd the com
modity lias fallen down 11 emit Tie
O . .. . .. ' ..I ,1... A .1 I.n ,1,11.,..
shoie and the starting lne is practi-1 "'K j nuns.. im- nuihii,
rally obscured. At 11 :30 the propata-1 down. llellance now loads by more
tory gun was fired. Both bouts on a lan four minutes,
starboard tack, Jockylng for the start. Around the Turn.
And Now They're Off. llellance lounded tho outer mark
...leu .i. .1,1.. ...in iihk at 1:55:31. on a long reach. Sham-
Theie was not much corn offered lor , g: ; k., weather quarter. The , mark. Pandemonium rages on uie
sale. Tho continued bad crop reports XSr tftorts filled to stand cun.lon fleet which had rushed for
. 1 ,, vaiirnskft resuiuHi m 1 - , ..r..i
leteiicu 1. -in ",-; ,, ,,. 1 nil warning w si" ' I
snons covering nuu '
Ing. although the weather
ot the crop are good.
Wheat Opening.
Sepi S6I
I)e' Sl
s.-i 1 M
liniioapolis. Aug. S8.-7-!
jt OpmJb-
M ,, iV
!)e, .. 7".
Hank cloarani Hs lotia.v .
$1 ' 1 h;.
t rind to
foren ach on the
loans $'J.5U!I B'Hi
Chicago Wheat.
..yi Auk Wkett.
loht i! T'T
Reliance Exnected to Win.
I bui owiug 10 Ban s quickness ai . o the presumjitlon that tlie yachts
1 11:53 Reliance crossed the sturuouru auMl wU)l tbe Mrae reatiVe dls
j tack and had the weather, but was Un(v ag u U(JW itween them, and
behind as they stood along the bar ... .,...,,, ,,,u niinne will be the
held so high in the wind so at times w,nner by at Mgt flve minutes. The
Rliann''s sails trembled. 8lowly. offlf.)a tarlnK time Is announced as
but evidently she began to cut down - ,r shamrock, llellance four
tbe challenger's b-ad. Reliance M (.,)nll al(.,. a few of the ex ursioo
seemed not only a point higher, bo' a oaM a(, u(,afj,1 for home, seeing
foot faster. Helianie U almost a sure winner.
Tie (,r.-i 10 lninmes bhowed Roll- The ra,.e wm probacy be flnlshed
ume i homing the wind belter and v,,i!m 2d uiinutnH.
Linking out 11101 1 lo in winu
At 11:58 Klne, findlnz he could not
.nln! u'Hi Kd'auie uok In the jib
Jose union who mo! nnd udoplod u ! fuel of tlie matter is nun me iieui
losolntlon lo resume work without sold lo Ilium at Iho high figure
consulting the rank mid file of the 'was perhaps liirnoil In for Hie mills,
organization There wore 25 men nt Hym l limiting 7o ami In snmo
work at Han Jose. , places 71 cents for groin, but he
Tho men wunt 3.D0 pur day lor claims thai It Is higher thun the mar
those classed us Journeymen. Tho ; km will slmul and Hint the price will
wiigim when limy quit wero 2.6u mid ' lull U'fore the season Is over Ho
$3 for eight hours' work Tho quus-1 Imuglu some i-stiM gra'le '''
Hon of hours Is not lu dispute, Iiik the middle of tho wek fur 72
, eiils, but It whs limaime lie anted
COSTLY VALISE. thai purtloiiliit wlieal ntnl not because
. I the uistkei ili-iiiamled Him piiiy Uml
Baker City Man Sues O. R. & N. and , ho M the llgiire
Collects 40 Cents Damages. Kvmi yet Uie grslu i siHI in tl
The Hcholl cumi iigaliisl Ihe () II fields slid has nol Imk"" ' gel '''"
M I4IHIIIIIIIV rnr 1 h entliiii of u.l lie tMiruuoilst-s nun wn- mm" '
gn.il 1 tenl All of lhl 'r IBe lly
r,.' mill liu, IioiikIiI bill UlO.UIlO
lniiii I,, wlui li Is one ii nib o( what
ihe will urn In tin esi run Th
rui no 1 " nil to In 1I1 tei mini d to
valise wus finally settled yesterday
when Mr. II. I' Connor, stloim y lor
the Navigation company phIO into
court tl5, the mnounl of the Jil'lg
mem roeoi-red by achell agulnst iln
f) R N.. says the Haker rity
Deiuoi rai The Jiidgnient wos thu'
uiiiouni and mi touts The costs in
ihe esse taxid M Ihe plslnliif Hehell
amounted in 114 Wi. losvlns 40 cents I
msrsiti for attorney's fees, In addl-' Th- ' -'" ' 1
I iin in this the O. It & N. iDiiinsnv 1'enqsylviiiila, r moru
hu' lllgll'-r flgUle lliull ill UK' PH'S-
1 el Hiiio offered snd rioin ilie In 'It
I 4II..I.-, tin lii H" 'i '" 1 il"l" in
th K.amc
Reliance Wins the Race.
Reliance wll.h, llllOffleial time
f the
hlsl dpi II
loufesslon that ending of tbe race beimj i.U:V.
'oik if
t tor 110,-
ban pos-ssloii of Ihe vsllse snd its OvO.QOO, and Mr.il.wuie i-W' -
contents, which It is slaU?l will In have been bom 1. m Vi 1 e.i
' ,.ui ui ,,.,l.lle Hilelklli Thu O. It. is 1 rilUle hlil.ile.'l I 1
v eomi.aiiv ulso no J a tunginein 1 i iiiii. -
1154 '!li auaiust Mr SohelL wblr b U "he wfcll bjt th Vm
in process or ooisscuwi. - 'Ymff,
llK iBwrrnBaayel
A- '.lililW.'.MV.'