East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 15, 1903, Image 4

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I'nblWlifd -ery afternoon (except 8untaj)
hi tvnilleloii, Oregon, ujr the
Thorns Mitln 11.
Oullv one year by mall
Dully, six month by moll
llnllv, three niimtlii by mil 1 1
Iiallr, nne month by mail
Dally, per iiionth hy carrier
Weekly, one year by mall
Weekly, six month by mail
Weeklr, four niuntht by malt . . .
Semi Weekly, one year by mall . .
Semi-Weekly. hx month' by mall
Semi-Weekly, three month by mall
. js.no
. i'.nn
. 1.2..
. ..10
. .is.
. l.Rii
' , ,
The Hunt Oresonlmi I sale at II. It
lilch't News stiiiulH t umel I'ortluiui ami
Hotel IVrkln,. IMrttanil, Oregon.
Member Si-rli-.Mel!ne
Neiri .noela
San KrancUco lliireim. -40-. Fourth St.
CiTIiuto llureau. will Security llullillns.
WiiHhiiiKton. D c liurenn. .101 nth St.. , abide tho renl power to direct the
N- w- ! policy of the ofllee.
llntere.1 at l-e.i,lleom .mt,,mc- ve..n.J. ! " reported that President ltons
el matter. . ovelt Will, in the light of these facts.
Out of the night that covert, me.
Mack as a pit from pule to
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circum
stance I hare not winced nor cried
Under the cloudiness of fate
My head is bloody but unbow
ed. Hoyond this place of wrath and
Looms up the horror of the
And yet the menace ot tho yours
Finds and shall llnd me un
afraid. It matters not how straight the
How charged with punishment
the scroll.
I am the master of my fate.
1 am the captain of my soul.
The wheat yield of the Athena dis
trict is so satisfactory that it is not
In order to mention this as an "off"
year. The reports from the harvest 1
field, showing returns of from 35 to j
55 bushels per acre, are not to be
classed with short crop rejiorts. Other
portions of the county may show a
slight shortage in the yield, but In
the true wheat belt, where the bulk
of the Umatilla county crop always
gTows. there is no serious decrease in
the usual yield. And what adds to
the good condition this year is the
fact that tlie price is 2i cents higher
than usual.
The Spokane Chronicle bids fare
well to the gambling fraternity which
has been put out of business In the
State of Washington, in the follow
ing manner, which applies to ever;
city in the West: "Take it all in all,
Spokane can well afford to say a long
farewell to the gambling dens.
There's plenty of honest use for the
laborer's wages, tho farm hand's sav
ings and the clerk's salary plenty of
good things for sale in the stores,
plenty of ks waiting for little
homes to lie built upon them, plenty
of room in the banks for more depos
its, plenty of chances for safe Invest
tmmtti that will help to lift the fel
low at the foot of the ladder up to the
level of the successful business man."
The county seat fight in Union
county brings to mind the fact that
tho pioneer aspect of the "West Is
passing away, and the permanency
of well organized and vsell regulated
government, suited to the conven
ience and needs of the people, is
succeeding the first efforts at state
building made by the pioneers. As
the country settles up and the cen
ters of population chaugs from one
locality to another. It becomes neces
sary to change the boundaries of
counties and states to meet the ail-'
vanclng needs of civilized society. I
Portions of different Eastern Oregon
counties have been annexed, added
to and taken from the original boun
daries, until the entire face of the
map has been changed. As new
towns and new settlements spring up
and new roads and conveniences are
established, it becomes u pari of
progress to change the seats of ((uni
ty government to suit the greatest
number of people. It is not all Jeal
ousy and selfish Interest that actu
ates these changes It is fate, pro
gress, or whatever you may call that
silent process which transforms the
Ince of the earth, ulways for the best.
The rocont Inlior troubles In con
noctlon with the govornnictit print
ing ofllce developed the fact tlmt un
like tho heads of other hurenits, the
government printer Is responsible
only to congress.
The Washington eorresirondunt for
the Chicago Uerord-Hornld says that
the president nor any cabinet ollleur
has any direct authority over the
public printer and that tho nearest
npproach !n the direction of placlnr;
him under the supervision of a cabi
net otllcer Is the Inw which requires
! him to furnish a bond to the secre-
tnrv nf tlm Intiirlnr
, It Is pointed out that the secretary
cannot say whom the public printer
, ' '
shall employ, how many hours a day
I n,g cmpIovc8 slm work wlint ho
I shull pay or how he shall manage
! them. In consress alone rests this
1 authority and In the committees on
j printing In the senate and house
recommend enactment of a law
j will place the printing ofllee directly ,
under the supervision of the secre-1
tnry of commerce nnd labor, but it Is ,
pointed out that Senator Piatt, of i
', New York, is chairman of the senate
, j committee on printing and that he Is
1 not likely to surrender without a j
struggle tlie opportunity placed in '
his hands by this chairmanship to ox- j
j ercise much influence in the manage-,
, ' incut of an Institution that employs ,
j many hundreds of men and women j
I who. In a greater or less degree, rep- j
I resent votes In the districts from
which they are appointed. j
As there has been no occasion to j
regulate the manner of employing the ;
printers In the government ofl'ce. be- i
' j fore, it has not dawned upon the poll-1
1 j ticians that this one graft Is beyond 1
' j their control. j
j I Now, thnt tlie fact Is brought out.
the president. It is alleged, will have J
the law changed.
This is in keeping with the spoils
I system. Whatever is, belongs to the j
power in office, anil no congress lias 1
a right to interfere. This policy has j
despoiled the nostofllce department. I
the war and navy departments, and I
w) despoil tlie entire government
service if not chacked.
Congtess is the only natural etisto- j
dian of the public printing office. It '
should not be made a plaything of a .
cabinet officer, nor the president of
tne United Stntes. It should lie kept j
aloof trom political traffic, and all Its !
t tl Ml (Tfirtinti ultmtlil lin I'liatml Iti 4 li n
iiiuuuiitvui oiiuuiti iiv iun u in in.
chosen representatives of the people.
The president has enough to do,
and there are now enough grafts at
the disposal of the heads of depart
ments. There should be no new op
portunities for corruption. nianufac-
tured by congress. If congress does
anything with the matter, it should .
strengthen its own supervision of the !
public printing office. The depart-1
meni of labor and commerce is now
the abject tool of the money iKiwer,
and its reports, statistics and find-i
lugs are manufactured by corKirate '
When the last congress abolished '
the department of labor statistics, j
its only object wns to get rid of Car- j
roll D. Wright, and place the matter j
of labor statistics in the hands of a ,
man who could not be prevailed upon i
to hide the truth.
By merging this important depart
ment in the department of commerce
it made the subject of labor statis
tics a secondary matter and placed
their collection in the hands of hired
"experts," who oscillate between the
management of some corporation and
a chief position in the United States
The public printing office should
not be prostituted to the interests of
grafters. It is one of the most vital
departments In the government, and
should be free fro intrade, traffic or
political use.
The announcement that the Harrl
man Hues of railroad will spend $50,
l.Oo advertising the Lewis nnd Clark
fair, is In keeping with tlie progros.
sive business methods of the compa
ny, lly doing this, the Harrlmau
people are setting a pace that it will
pay every business man lu the state
to follow. I impending this amount
in advertising the transportation fa
cilities of the roads included In the
Harriiunu lines, they will sell enough
tickets uud carry enough traffic to put
to shame this Insignificant Hum of
$'0,000. it Is the only way to get
business. It Is the only way to in
troduce the special features of your
establishment to the public This Is
the ago of advertising. It Is the ago
or trade hunting. It Is the age of
competition, mid the man or Institu
tion that would Bitcceed, must get be
fore tho public us often nnd In the
most attractive niannor possible. The
Harrlmati people are laying the foun
dation for the greatest campaign (if
travel and tratllc In the history of the
West, and they nre doing It through
the agency of printer's Ink. It Is the j
first weapon of every successful man.
In spite of the murdorous feudists. j
tlie courts of Kentucky have done 1
their duty toward Jett and White, and
some somblance of Justice has been
mated out to them. In n life sentence
to each. If the money Hint lias been
spent prosecuting feudists in tills 1
grand old state had been spent In
public Improvements, she would lie ,
twenty years in advance of her pres-1
cut condition
Tlie harvest leveled all social bar
riers, nnd at the same time raised
tlie standard of living In the eoiintr
The sturdy college man whose mighty
muscles won him glory on tlie fool-'
bnll field worked with the country
lnd whose distinction lay in the fact
thnt he had shocked 211 acres of wheal
lu n day. and rubbed elbows witli the
.Mississippi levee hand temporarily
turned harvester, slept at night lu the
cool of the open beside some laborer
with only a wagon overhead as shel
ter from the dew. nnd felt better for
And all of these, the college man.
the levee hand, the country lad. and
tlie laborer demanded that their em
plover set a table that would shame. ,
in ubundnnce and quality, the fare of
many n house that attracts the sum
mer boarder
Harvest bauds in companies of lull
nnd 200. were sent out from employ
ment agencies in the states adjacent
to Kansas to various points in the
wheat belt. Just before the harvest
some farmers found themselves need
ing more help. Then the fnrmer used
all the guile and promises nt his
command to induce men to stop with I
him Instead of journeying to the pulnt
to which they were ticketed. Harvest
hands who ventured on to the pint 1
form of some railway station while
tlie engine took water have actually
been kidnaped by the farmers, who
used force to hold them until the train
had gone.
One farmer who raises hundreds of
acres of wheat always secures Ills full
qtiotu of harvest hands from colleges.
He prefers the collegians, and says
they make the most intelligent and ,
trustworthy help, nnd he selects tliem
lu preference to some other classes
of men able to do more work each
day. From "This Year's Hlg Wheat
Harvest In Kansas," by Philip East-,
man. In the American .Monthly He
view of Iteviews for August. ,
"That drug clerk is a chump. I
kept winking my eye for a 'stick' in
the soda." "Did he give i to you!"
"No. He said there niM. be some
thing the matter with my eyet and
directed me to the optical il ipur'.
ment." Chicago Dally News.
Church They say thai I; .s no use
for a person to try am! signal a street ;
car in Newark, J. J., with his Iiiuil'h. I
Gotham No: I suppose the conductor
would think that he was only brush
ing mosquitos away Yonken States
man. Time seems
most untimely
when he brings
a woman to the turn
of life. Life ta or '
should be at its
ripest and best for
her, and she ap
nroaches this change
with a dread of its effect born of her
knowledge of the sufferings of other
women at thin season.
There is not the slightest cause for
fear or anxiety ut this period if Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is used.
It gives health of bodv and cheerful ness
of mind, and by its aid the liains and ,
pangs of this "critical eriou arc pre
vented or cured.
Dr. l'ierce's I'avome Prescription is
woman's medicine with a wonderful
record of cures of womanly discuses.
Diseases that all other medicines had
failed to cure, have been perfectly- and
permanently cured by the use of "Fa
vorite Prescription."
"I feel It my duty to write vou as I have
received to much benefit from the ut of vour
uociliciue."sa Mr I.lzile A. Umvnun. of S'cw
Malamoras, Wailiingtoii Co., Ohio. "1 bate
Uken four bottle- of favorite Prcicription for
female weakveM and cIuiikc of life. IKfore I
began taking 11 1 could not ilnanylliiui; I lull
Mich pains in my heailauil in the buck of my neck
inai iiiioiixui i would ioe niyiiiinu. rnivi can
work every day. 1 recommend Favorite I're
cription' loan female Mifcriug in the period
of cliaiiKr of life. H l the belt medicine 1
have found "
" Favorite Prescription " has the testi
mony of thousands of women to its
complete cure of womanly diseases.
Do not accept an unknown and un
proved substitute in its place.
Keep the liowels healthy by the timely
use of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
I . - ' 'Ml 1
How a Young Wife Regained Her Health
and Beauty.
W. K. Tlrch, Afton.Va., tm extensive
fruit grower of that place, writes tho
following letter to tho Pertina Medicine
Co., ot Columbus, Ohio, Wo print tho
letter in full:
Af ton, Vn., Juno -I, lftOO.
Tho I'cruna Medieino Co., Columbus, O.:
Gentlemen "The country is ho Jlooded
with patent modlclneR of every kind that
are worthless and a humbug, that I for
one, am plud to lie ublo to say I have
found one that is everything and more
than Is claimed for it.
"My wife was Tery much run down
mul out of sorts in every way. Mio had
k jielvlc disorder which left her very
weak, nervous and no appetito at all.
"One day I happened to ho at my
father's store, S. A. Ulrch, Coresvllle,
Alb county, Va., and noticed your raedl
ctno ho had there for Mile.
"1 thought it might help my wife, so
I brought a tottlo of it homo and within
a week sho commenced to eat and now
the is hungry all the time and not half
tho medicine has been taken. We bath
ngreo that it boats any medicine to bring
on nil appetite and to put the nervei. in
pood shape tlmt wo have ever had ony
thing to do with, 7'o hnd onr family
doctor to giro hoi medicine, and ho did
til ho could, but sho did not improve tho
('ft your gun-- .mil Xmimuiitiiiii from a man in the gun biistncsiv A full stock
carried bx
H. J. STILLMAN, I. O. liun.iu.NT.
Ref.ui'Mig of all Kind-. Satisfaction Guaranteed
ELATERITE Is Mineral Rubber.
-CM .MAY INI'KNll ltl'IMHNG ,.
or lin t It iiiM'...iii-yto UKi'l.rt C'K A Wolt.N-OL T HOOtr"
Takes tin place of shingles, tin, iron, tur and gravel, nnd all prepared
roofings, for Hat nnt Btnep surfaces, gutters, valleys, etc. Easy to lay
Tempore for nil climates, Reasonable In cost. Sold on merit. Ouaran
teed. It will pay to ask for pricesand Information,
Worcester Building. Portland.
Chicago. New York mid Minneapolis quotations received direct at the
Pendleton ollice over the liest extciiMvc private wire (.v-teni in the world
RtllRINCIl 73 VtioiMl and Stp Bonis
lacludinq IVmllfloti Sdvinqt Bank
rpo..'n HorrAr
Uldf O lldl UUr
Commercial Co.
We Don't Keen Everything
But we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Rustic and Finish,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Dhingles.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, and any
one In need of Lumbtr will
not be wrong In placing
their order with the : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. Wi & C. R. Depot
least. Sho lias con
sumption lu Iter fam
ily and sho was in
such had shape; so
run down, nervous,
weal;, and could not
eat, that I liud begun
to got very uneasy, but yonr medlch-o
made nn entirely new woman uf iPr. j
lielleve she eats and fuels better uow
than she lias for years.
have not the slightest doubt but
that your medicine has saved her from
a long spell of sickness, it nothing
more. All my family had begun to
get uneasy, but, of course, she did not
know It and I have only Just told her
of It since she has Improved so much.
I had no Idea It would do half what It
has and don't think there Is another
medicine made that will begin to cam
pare with lt."V. B. Ulrch, Fruit
Grower, Afton, Alb county, Va.
If ynn do not derlre' prompt and sttl
fartory result from tlie use of Peruut,
write ntonco to Ir. Hsrtman, glTing a
full statement of yonr o;ue and ho w!U
lx-pleaded to giro you hU valuable xi
vlco gratis.
Addres Ir. llartman, Fmddont of
The llartmuu SuulUrluin. Columbtu, O.
Oil Id I
10 fowl Slrwt
' H HUM I I I I I I H'f
Conrad Platzoeder
; All kinds o( Fresh I
'it Meats always on j.
It hand. Fine Bacon, Ti
I? Hams and Sausage.
I J Prices as low as the lowest
'Farmers Custom Mill
Fred Walter, Proprietor
Capacity 160 barrels a day
It'tfiilr .Vf.liniifr.wl fur U'llRUt
Flour. Mill I'ted. Choniied Kt-cd, el
dways oa bund.
t on ham: at tiu: east onnaoSMN
ollice. Iare bundles of nownparM-". "
lalnlne over ltio big papers can M
talntd for 25 cinli a bundle.
We have the
in Ke-1 Fs!,lei
8nine -iee hotae6
bo 80ld' Cho
L018. Alfnlf.t
-"a i.
acre lo 160.
DlLm P P
I I I I I I I I II Hi 1
"I 10 (Utt
it .
Pendleton Real j,
I'....,...... .1.......
' rui anil 2 nt.
(-room dwelling aid i
fully shaded Ian
J 1-rooin linnnlln. i-
centrally located-!-
(i-rooni dwelling vtiis
null t,Z0U,
A llllmlior nf In.. ...
?! to $150 each
1 Int mi flat A... ,t
.....w.i umel ierj
iy I or sale All
Come anil buy
To find just whit
rlglit price, see
i ii iini'ii in
U. U. UU I u.
I Tt. I..
I A All. JVL
I T f l tl.
i.. r
nHI rtlll J
In I
A Cool
To Hnlilnann 8 Al
i .i-'tW
1UI C uuuv. "
Just the iilacew
leisure time
.IllU '"""
. . . ..t.nAtlnff ti
nera ice ien
. ---tt-T-I TC K
i ID
j Will -
He will be here
come in any time
mcture van--. ,
cn V 25 cem--
vnrietv of har.es
. i ' nflndia"
Dig Hliw
inet photos only -
'rim oil v-"- .
of insurant
-.' CIRC
AKCtit for v-
. . . iCR.
. . .
Dally E" :
only 15 cent!