East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 15, 1903, Image 2

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Boys washable suits to close out 50c suits at 40c.
65c and 75c su-.ts at 50c. , T
Ji 00 suits at 75c.
Si-25 suits at St 00. 1
56 00 men's outing suits at S5-oo. T
$13 50 men's summer suits at f 10 00.
17. 50 men.s summer suits at $14 oo-
Balance of straw hats at half pr.ee.
Golf shirts 50c to $2,50.
Negligee shers 501- to 2 50. 4
Summer underwear 251 . 50c and 75c per garment.
Just Received Anoiher Shipment of Belfast Mesh
Lncn Underwear
One ' rice Clothiers, Furnishers and Ha lers
!,....., ..... .......
r'l1 4 '1 1 I i n II I H I 1 I I 1 I IT
Crops Averaging From 30 to 55 Bush
els Per Acre Harvesting Half Over
Yield Pp to That of Other Years.
The AtliPtin Press reports tlio fol
lowing excellent wheat yields from
that vicinity. Harvesting Is probably
one-half done now and the crop prom
ises to he as good as in other years:
"W. H. Boeder's homo place aver
aged 47 bushels per acre.
Mose Taylor had in a small acre
age or barley only -10 acres hut
each and every acre produced 75
"Prom 22" acres. John Mclntyre has
an average of 30 bushels.
W. It Taylor's yield Is Sf bushels
to the acre.
"A. 1.. Swnggart's field north of
town netted him 37 bushols to the
The Oeorge Gross place of 376
The people of Pendleton alo respect
uillv asked to Investigate Tilb, the
world's greatest cure for the Minor
and tobacco habits, and to anyone
in need of a cure we say truthfully,
T1II1 Is an honest, posltlvo euro. You
do not use Trlh In your eoITce. you
can't give in that way: but bo sen
sible and take It for either or these
habits the same as you would a rem
edy lor any other disease Hero is 1
reference from a man well Known In
Pendleton. Rend It We have mnnv
J W. Daughorly writes oi) Mrv 24
11W3. "To whom It may concern- Ii
wish to say thai I completed n cure!
with Trlb 111 February, am' i.nvc had
no desire to drink since II will also 1
line the tobacco habit. 1 had n
I arder time to loavn to mol;e after
taking Trlb than when I firi learned (
ie smoke I am quite well Known In
linker City. l.a Grande. Summer. Pen
dleton and nnyone wishing to stop
using elthoi liquor or tobacco I would
recommend them to tnke Trlb.
Price per treatment. 12 For
sale by :.ll druggists
The Typographical I'nion appro
priated $2.rni. to be expended In or
ganisation in Philadelphia.
In Massachusetts the birth rate has
fallen in 50 years from 2S to 25 per
1.000. and marrlanes from 23 to 17
ler l.oon
Much opposition to calling the ex
tra session of congress for October ,
is developing on account of the cam
paign then in progress for n large
number of members. j
The Colombian congress will dis
cuss nine proposed amendments to
the canal treaty. By a vote of 17 to
S In the senate it was decided to de- '
bate In open session. !
A grievance committee of the en
gineers and firemen of the Great '
Northern. Is in session at St. Paul. It '
is expected that they will frame a '
demand for higher wages. !
Edward Yockers, a Brooklyn
switchman, became entangled in a 1
broken trolley wire which held him f
fast for Ave minutes The voltage '
was havy. hut he will recover. ;
The I'nioD Veterans national en
campment at Rochester. X Y.. yes-1
lerday assd resolutions strongly ,
indorsing General .Miles and com-
mending his acts of administration. i
Investigation rfisclobes that F. J. 1
Kohler. the missing treasurer of the I
City Trust & Hanking Company, of i
Baltimore. loaned to himself $154,000 1
of the company's funds. The firm '
was wrecked. '
A lii-tim Ice plant and cold storage
warehouse will be built at Oregon
City this season.
C. Hatrington, a farmer of Trent.
Wash., was worked for $2,300 by
bunco men, Friday.
Howard Kressley. a bank clerk of
Spokane, was arrested for forgery at
Great Falls, Mont.. Friday.
Hotel Pendleton.
W .1. Johnson, St. Paul.
I.. Sweatland. Portland.
John Andrews. Portland.
D W Cade. St. Joe
H. J Egan. Spokane.
Jett Catlin. Spokane.
J. C Ijio. Portland.
J. G. Conrad, Chicago.
William Mahor. Portland.
C. M. Smith. Portland.
C. P. Bryant, Los Angeles.
A. S. Cotteroll. city.
George W. Swartz, Portlnad.
H. H. Collins and wife, Taconia
Mrs. Skilos and daughter. cay.
Ed Rlackburn, Raker.
George E. K. Fltshnor. Pot land.
P. C. Baiiglunan. Portland.
P. M. Kevins. Seattle.
W. K. Shepherd. Spokane
J. H. Kloekner Diamond.
J I). Miller, Starhuck.
J. Fred Fisher. Spokane.
H. L. Marey. Spokane.
C. F. Overbaugh. Portland.
R. X. Jaokson. Falrhault.
D. I. Phelps. Falrhault.
L. B. Rlumenthnl. Chicago.
Lillian Boswell, La Grande
Lucy Dickson and children
John Curdau. Dayton.
Frank Pheliie, Spoltane.
Golden Rule Hotel.
D Hackett and daughter. Rarabno.
C. A. Heed or. Athena.
D. Warehon, Fonda.
S. Hlckson and wife, Stockton.
S. T. Hall. La Grande.
Mrs. Kate Murray. Ia Grande.
G .L. Coleman and wife, Wasco.
T H. HIteman aud family. Athena.
L. II. Davis and wife. Alba.
W A. Rullson, Athena.
L. Cunningham. Portland
E. E. Taylor. Pullman.
Oeorge Fleming. St. Louis
Miss Eastman, Walla Walla.
J. La Blauc, Portland.
T O. Yates and faniuy. city.
L. A Robinson. Monmouth.
Farms for Sale.
V twin Imvit iuti.il t'nr sale some .
acres, is reported to be good for 3 I of , b(,st whtat f(ir18 nIld stock
nusneis 10 me acre, uu wns puice u ,.(. tlf. POuntv The stock,
12-foot header averaged 32 acres per rBI)(.lK.s ,.,, ue 80,i either with or
!' ., , , i without the Mock All the places are 1
From fin acres. T. J. Kirk threshed , .p ln,nmVed nnd well supplied with '
1.4S0 sacks, averaging 53 bushels to wntor A)(J0 omo vprv jpgimble city
the acre. From another Ml, 1.1SS property, im-lurtlng new modern resl
sacks wore threshed, or 35 bushels north s(0 f r!Ver Call
por acre. an,i RPt prCOs.
"Brown & Hodgen. from Ml acres. RENTi.EY & HARTMAX
produced 1.461 sacks, being 43 bush-; " ' ,
els per acre. Another field of 155 j Krt. losses In the I'nitod States ami
acres netted the firm 3.2H3 sacks, be- CR1:ada were over $3.o00.uod for the
Ing an average of 50 bushels. flrl ,ml, f VMC t)lan ,iurlK u,,. ,.r
"Duncan Mclntyre got 3.112 sacks 1 ,.,.s,oaamg period of 1',mi
irom uti acres, uic average oeuig .
the Crowd
Any of these warm even
ings and you will find
them at
A'lcr trying our soda you
will readily understand
why they .ill come here
They say our ice cream
is the rich st our gin
ger ale the snappiest
our egg drinks just right.
Foncy drinks well, the
mere names will make
your mouth water. The
reason is simple we use
nothing at our fountain
but the very best, and
our fountain man has
made a life study of the
business and knows just
Have you tried the ' Ilccr that
made Pendleton fatuous ' '
Our Root Beer
.ine ..11
What dc8s,.H
8atEfflM.. """Hi
this hm ...ra
and ! "r M
nUri Ml ' uw t
tr-, : iiumm
Trv nt,r .. .. C4"6r
, uanale!,tlie,,
bushels )r acre anil
IMiunds to the bushel
testing C4L
F. W. Schmidt's
The Reliable Druggist
loM office Hlock. I'liunc Main &ti
E. A. Mc-Pherson. who has been '
first warden at the Salem penitentiary I
for a number of yean, has resigned '
the position. I
State or Onio. cjtt or toltdo (
Lcca Cocstt. "
Frank J. Chener makes oath that heli tbe
enior partner of the firm ol F.J. Cheney it Co .
doing builnesi In the city of Toledo, county
Edward Swanson. a car repairer fP? !1!?"
of Livingston. Mont., was instantly every case of Catarrh that cannotbe cured br
L-llt.,1 r.l.ln.. 1... 1 ..1 , . , r ih nu nf Tl.ll. r'.i.wl. Pit
njufTu fiiutt.. ii) uviiii; cui 111 twain I j , f j
ny a moving train
Dr. Le Roy Finds Baker County Peo
ple Ready to Respond to the Call
for Advertising Matter.
Dr. A. Le Roy. repiesenting tin Or
egou Information Bureau, is now in
the Sumpter mining district, and frotr
all reports from that section is mei
lug with great success in gathr-r 11 1.
exhibits for the bureau.
At Baker City he was given ..
hearty reception by the cit.v count 1
and Commercial Association of th'
town, anu was well rewarded for In
visit to Eastern Oregon b the exec
lent agricultural nnd miniim xlublts
collected there.
The Sumpter mines people lire pre
paring an elaborate exhibit which will
be sent down later, which eclliises ,
' nm-thln . l-lt,,! I.. 1 1, Llnln A!' I
the priuciiial ore producers will bi 1
re))rsented in the collection, and i
when placed on exhibition in thei
Pnion Depot nt Portland, will fully '
represent the mineral wealth of that .
great district. I
Dr. I.o Roy expects to stop olf at :
Pendleton on his return to Portland
If possible, to receive any collection
of exhibits thut may be brought to
the city, while he Is absent In Baker 1
county. The Freewater fruit exhibit
will be collected as the fruit season '
progresses and will not be ready tc 1
be placed in the rooms of the bureau
liefoie the first of October It will
include every variety grown in l"ma
tllla county, and will be a luscious
advertisement to present to the hun
gry homeseokers.
mmmm n m
i 1 1 i i l i iM' i i' i' i 1 1
The dead body of an unknown man
was found in the Columbia river. I
near Clifton. Friday. Xo clue to his '
identity has yet been found.
William D. English, one of the fore
most democrats of California, died J
Friday at Oakland, as the result of
an operation for appendicitis. j
Although rilliirenf Ri.nrpli Imu liui.tt j
Bvrorn to before me and nubMrtbed in my
jirenenre thli Ctb day of December, A.
- jtoiary ruDiic.
Hall'i Catarrh Cure In uken Internally and
acta directly on tbe blood and mucoua aurface
ot tbe ayitem. Send tor teatlmonlaU. Usm,
r.J. CHENKY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Bold by dniirelit,75c.
llall'l f ainlljr Pllia are th beu.
Dd veu erer r-t 3 the d '(e-ence
retweri country jr. . fi 1 'y m.iK?
nave you 3 f'ier, I- just
i r ab dil! erei.ee tJtv.te
and all the other brands When
you buy Evaporated cream, looic
lor the above cap label That
label Is our cuarantee and every
can is ol unitorm richness and
absolutely Pure You will see
no unsifhtly cuts in Economy
Brana. It llows smoothly Irom
the can and is plaasinf to the
eye. Ask your dealer lor
the ncnt Kina.
Ibfhland, m.
Academy !
i -
ts always received ,
,iaci: your order with t
; Fir. Tamarac
Why buy poor coil
can get the best
price '
Laatz B
Telephone Mafl
Dr J W. Hill. Principal.
.4Mi & Marshall Sib., Portland.
V a ulldlugs, modern and
. 'irpb (c-
Manual training, military
Roys successfully fitted for
1 all colleges or for business life.
I Principal of 23 years' expert-
t ince In Portland.
T Boys of any age admitted at
4. any time
Write for catalogue
T Fall term opens September
! ic-
M 1 l H rttHti nilHIIHt
Telephone .Va
Lodging House for Sale.
Best In the city; 20 complete furn-
made, no trace or Mrs. Parkhurst and ! Islied rooms. A lease for eight years
ex-convict Rllev. who elojied from ' and nIne months. It is subject to
Portland, has yot been found mortgage and can be bought for cash
The African Methodist church, of ' n,y- Enqulrc at thls ot"ce
the Pacific Coast, which will hold an! .... ,. ,., T , ,
annual conference in Spokane on' IMo,kl,Tea, PElt've,y c,ur" ick
4ucust 19 will i.usK Ktmiio ! Headache. Indigestion and Constlpa-
lions against ,ob ?m ! tIon' A delightful herb drink. Re-
tions against mob law mjjveg a)J erupUona of the Bkln ro.
holomon Bakr. an Inmate of St. duclng a perfect complexion or money
A Incent m hospital. Portland. trieI to refunded. 25c and GOc. Write to us
commit suicide Friday by slashing for free sample. W. H. Hooker & Co.,
his tluciat with a penknife on the ' Buffalo, N Y. F W Schmidt & Co.,
"' drusElats.
Athena Boy Meets With Serious Ac
cident While at Play.
A young son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Sheard has met with a serious nnd
painful accident, says the Athena
Press. He was Indulging in the fasci
nating sport of holding to rings and
sliding down a rope, tied at an angle
or about 30 degrees. The scene of
the performance was In the Sheard
barn, and a jiost to which one end
of the rope was tied served as the
stopping place in the descent
Finally the boy missed the post
with his feet and shot on out
and down for a distance of 15 feet
He landed with his chin against
wagon rack. The force wus such that
his Jaws were dislocated and one side
fractured. It is a painful injury, but
the little fellow, who is but ii yenrs
of ago. is getting on as well as possi
ble under the circumstances
ft ! r"V a
pnone Alain 1741
Pacific Ironworks
Foundry, Machine
and Blacksmith Shop
Structural Iron, Cast Columns, Etc.
Carry in stock Steel Beams,
Angles and Channels. Bolts and
Rods. All kinds of
Repair Work Attended to Promptly
Fqot End Eurnslde St. Bridge, Portland.
j Suicide Prevented.
) The startling announcement that
a preventative of illicitly had been
'discovered vl'! 'nMr-st -.liiy. run
J down system, or despondency Invarl
I ably precede suicide and something
1 hns been found that will prevent that
condition which makes suicide likely.
At the first thought of self-destruction
take Klectrlc Bitters. It being n
great tonic and nervine will strength
en the nerves nnd build up the sys
tem It's also a great stomach, llvor
and kidney regulator. Only 60c.
Bi'tlsfactlon guaranteed by Tallman
& Co., druggists.
Put an End to It All.
A grievous wall ofttlmo conies as
a result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. Dizziness, backacho,
liver complaint and constipation. But
thanks to Dr King's New Life Pills,
they put an end to It all. They are
gontle, but thorough. Try them.
Only 2Gc. Guaranteed by Tallman &
Co.'s clrttir store.
Oiegon Portland.
Saint Helen's Hall
Home and Day School for
girls of all ages Academic
and College Preparatory courses
as well us thorough Primary
instruction. Ideal situation on
the outskirts or city of Port
land. Basket ball, tennis,
horseback- riding, Yenr book
sent on application.
Before deciding where to go to
school, examine a
Any Time
lis a Good
Now is the aeeeptril
have your home paica
cered. A little painting i
there will helo iti local
fully. Some nice, brigfl
wall caper will lend a I
to any room. Our itH
caper was never .nortt
pattern In endlesi l
every one new and pj
color design. Better cum
let us show them to ynl
you what It will co
whole house or one rOT
E. J. flM
111 Court Stred
catalogue for the coming year. New
building and equipment. New man-1
t ageme nt. nnd a faculty of experlcnc-1
od teachers. Special arraugemcut j
' for music students and for the caro
1 lul oversight of nil students from out
uBu, f ,, 7T, , . "f 'wn. All grades ot public bchool
How to Join and Get Quick Results work thoroughly done. Our college I
amail lost. i nrelmrntlin- wnrl.- In nr-cmitncl bV the ,
...ire ; ?, r "" "" ?f ,"l!,no h coe KMt and AVest. M
i. nl '.' a hundred dol- Und social advantages the very b
v!,n' i i? '"'.I'.'"" ve Ciln Term lglns September 14, 1903.
ou. I his U how it is done: We can
well afford to sell ten or moio pianos REV. W. H. BLEAKNEY, PRINCIPAL
cheaper than one. so havo organized
a union of ten members, you Join
and pay $10.00 down and 1 10.00 n I C T A T 17 NHPM A I
month, the piano Is yours. Now here 1 1 A 1 t NUKMAL
Is the best part of It. Kvery timo a Q C H O O I 1
new member Joins the m-Ire nf vnm- v
!r otb"r word'r wOi'on thel'unonUls i WESTON, - - OREGON
menl Z"' than'tgu.ar Trice" 1 TERM 0PENS SEPTEMBERJGtll
for example, a regular $300.00 lnstrii-! ccif'fmwr.WPr
ment can be had for $200.00 bykk bPOONMUKU
Joining the union. Don't delay tnk-' THE HUSTLER
lug advantage of this great opportu
nity, as it will only last a few weeks' H you want your houses rented or
of the dun season. This, combined I your property sold,
with our easy iiavnicni nlim nmi . ' ' J
change contract makes it nnu.rJ - L- SsI'OOVkmoki., 220 li. uouri
for everyone .0 have an Instrument.
Have your
bIiocs tepaired at
inR repairs. All J
K .rel' 'n tbe H
I'"1 rinmirtm
i lm," Hmn new
, nanus ucn- . ca
.... l.otiflnir UI) le lt
1W K"3
nsrs s Fs.
methods, rratam
Wfi Bffc ' mm
rtil...i...t. .. a . ..
iiiuii.i-im.-iih 1'iano ilouse. -SIC K
Court street. Kverythlng musical.
Babbit Metal, best In the world, In
bar. Price, $1 per bar, at the East
Orejjonlan Office.
a set,
Winona wagon,
host, we
111 V 'v