East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 30, 1903, Image 3

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Peoples Greatest Outfitters
of the Best of Them Left I
JULY 30, 1903.
... mil i'nii fixacllv llm pnnil mint;.- ... .
lirn ' , . M-""""! ii may look
I,,!) we were uvauumg uiu niaucr.
L yon look at these suits you could sec "instanter"
a case oi
loivwilliiifi to iahc a ioss. rou are getting some-
the ordinary
5, $12.50 SUITS for
$18, $20 SUITS for
Lobby underwear and furnishings at less than cost
You Probably Have the White Scab
or Dandruff nn it
whLyi!,r,C0'',t 0r "owliter"s htn a if
hat it I f"pnn h f ''"' "'!T
lint It IS from ,lnn.1.....- ..... .
way to l,ormn.n J " ...J L 11. f
t L Lcmv. .th0. , hlcn Is a f
r.ewuro'8 Herplclil,. Mil the :
Proposition tn v.. nj. . Kcrm
- oonqs tor a New tvr.-,,, t- V. "-'r'i'u" m i me
School Building Will Be Submitted sue?, K,VPrV0"Ct Ubto shmM hnvo T
d m. w ur,a9e Will Be V "'K Kr It stuns all irrjt l- I !
Built at Foster J,
Build a Residence,
IJUIl. KrO to Ihn . i ...
Mi Koont? win "'v fwwi. mre mui
t,t i . . . "ivtiiwi uiiu Fume
uiiuu ruiimnii in i.. . .. . i
Eelin t..,.. . . w"' not do tho
left yesterday to ,;7A10X VnIroIm plcl,'- SoI'i by lead Ing dr w f
Schmidt & Co., special agents. '
Snaps nrc what we tins looking forth! tlmeof the ve-r nml
we have them hi nil line-.. Our CIwmiiw S Vlo V no v e'ol
on mid we are now sh-hlnK price on .VI miimbiu coo N You
half pri," null lis "Vr "r talSn'n c',m,t,,s, Summer .Irexs at
Clothing at 20 Per Cent. Reduction
ll.,JLlU'.r, !1K'B c.ui,,1i,!, hlUhMi' ilres-cM ami man v other
line.'art out dawn to Ntlrocl;.
work on thn rnnr,,ioii..
nerv Is i,nin " lor 1,10 can-
all thn . l" wu" n v'm and
a n ,1"? carpenters In town
o 1" ""o service
a. H. Thompson, the barber who
has been snondlnr. t
J. R.
Brown, of Monument, Loses 50
A full week of Sl'KClAIj
I't'T lMUCHS. Ho sure
and pot your share
The Echo Land it Lumber rn rn. " ,.yn' .of Mon"nient. woro poisoned
i eently sold to Frank Spil e the road X f ?' aR0 on nlx,n '
4 Mipeivlsor, a carload of lumber for t"?0 onK Creek Light. The trail was
T the bridge at Foster and Mr I!ca?h rn J ,rom tho rio
f now has a force of carncnte s rnn ! S"J L1P tho mountain to the Mid-
niso i.e made to the bridge at Nolan m 7 ig tms t,aU wl,0u tno'
In a short time ,camc ,0 a lot of saltpetre that had
A rtli... ti . beOll Dill In llin Irnll rnh ..l ..
A GOOD SMOKE? Try Pendleton Boquet and Pride
. nnuuL, Maker.
Ojiohb Saturday, August the first, and
you will need n new gun and ammuni
tion. Wo have tho Uncut lino In tho city
of double liarrol shotguns and repeat
ers. Call and cxamluo our lino before
purchasing, as wo can save you
ing tho bridge. A lot 0f re iln VZ u s" T 'r-.Un was taking
Arthur linmmnr .i , . I,ccn !' In the trail. Tno slice,, ,,r
today commence the ropwr and con. U,rso', bpn" cn,!"K t once and
structlon of the entire system of the S f thom ,,lc,1 ,R snlJ
... , : ""u,ij "i iiiu uaiies.
mined a cw days ago and have
lunun up tneir residence here
ror?ondletonKrcha m,1,;0,' $ ,mprces '10n
Strahon noomlng hoie whin?. - J? that Trib ls n I'ttrmlcss, posi-
., , , llRlit smoker. Chewing tobacco of
no. Jvew ,Lery Stable. no matter how long standing, cured
i .. .ar t-ampboll, better known as by Trib. Pi DO fimnl.'t nr A ftrf fnm.
m!.'Jey'.. on no,;t Monila' will com- menclng a treatment of Trib the do
mence. the erection of a livery barn , sire entirely leaves you
Son riP, - T,h? 1)ull(ln5 Is to be. An honest cure at an honest price
.00 feet long and 50 feet wide. This is wha: the Trib Chemical Coninnnv
is putting at your very door. Try it.
U you are in r-ced you will never re
gret it.
Price per treatment. $5 2 30. For
sale by all druggists.
o v ,uu, a ii,;,
Will civn Prhn tn-n flrDt.nlnnn II
barns and with two hotels, )t begins
to look like tho boom is fairly on.
New Six-Room C.nttani.
J. H. Koontz will in a short time,
commence the erection of a six-room I
cottage, with stone foundation and i
brick cellar, the building to be occu-!
pied by the pastor of the M E. 1
church. " I
School Bonds are Voted.
At the meetlm- vitprflnv m .Woi.-
mine the question as to bonding the
Lodging House for Sale.
Host In the city; 20 complete furn
ished rooms. A lease for eight years
and nine months. It is subject to
mortgage and can be bought for cash
only. Enquire at this office.
- .uiuu .ue tiuusuuii as 10 uonamg tne r, , , , ....
J district lor tho purpose of enlarging' ,,UJ If""lnini. a p oncer of Union.
J the building and creating additional ll lcA "esday of dropsy, aged 47
f crnrlnR thn vntn otf.rl on rT. JtarP.
hields Park
Provides an evening of rare enjoyment
Good, clean, wholesome fun. Not a
dull minute.
Near O. R. & N. Depot
Admission, 20c Children, 10c
KlMain St. Headquarters for fishing supplies
lhv ,uic oiuuu y iui UUQUS lO i
,r..l.i., I
, It is now proposed to call nnother
i meeting at once for the purpose of
, voting additional bonds with the view
J to building a new building entirely.
lAn offer of $400 has been made for
H I I iM.jnini t ,i i t ,t it i i. iit it i I, ii,iiiit.,i,.i ,t it i i 1 1, 1 1,10 'd lu'llding, and with an addl-
( creditable four-room building can he
niaue ami equipped. There ls but
(little question but that such a build-!
' Ing will lie needed in a short time
I and it is hoped that this new propo-)
I sitlon will carry. A few of those who i
I omiosed a bond Isriib nt first hnvn
'expressed themselves as favorable to
I the new idea.
Reward $100 Reward
I0W Until ftltlier nntir.f. I u-?ll oiv. In nil flnoii Pnnnlioc-
Miscount of io per cent, or in other word1;, any one
v "u.iu ui (juuus win pay oniy 9
Hookers will sell as low as 2r ner cent discount fiom
luiges and Cook stoves will sell almost at cost.
pemed pledges of Jewelry, all kinds and sorts, will be
PHDEED DOLLARS REWARD will be given to an
It' discovering that nrir.ps hni'M Unun mised for thn nur-
BflVirjfV Ulc rl!crriltr,. M ..... I..,. l,o r nr., nff..,t (nr
German Llod Steamship Co. and can sell you a tic
r; fu 01 uie worui.
'pUn Easier
"Just try a
Parrot Cigar
Three Wagon Loades of Presents.
President Roosevelt was the re-1
clplent of over three wagon loads of
presents of all kinds during his West-1
crn trip, and these have been dispos
er! r,f In 111 a Wlilln TTnticn l, cnU tlin
! tastes and desires of the president 1
and his family. The heaviest and I
IttitL'inul nf thn uracanl ...no nn l.n. ' I
mense chair made of elk horns. A big 1 1
elk in iuo pane at Tacoma. wasn., j
I has annually shed his horns. These
Ittivc. t.u.,,1 (ii-ricfit.vnil m.rl It i.'fiu fiwin I
i ineiii iiiul lut cnair lur inu jjjusi
1 .1...., ...... mt. unH i ..n
ut;iii art jjioiiv. i iiu emu J& du
heavy tliat several men nro required
to lift and move It ,
and Axle Grease
Yes, that's right
The Parrot Cigar
is the best cigar
of them all
I have ii larii stock of (uistor machine,
hlack and cylinder oils, graphite, Taylor
and castur oil, axlo greao, compmind in
bulk and buckets. Get my price he
fore buying your harvest supply.
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man
7.(1 Main Street
! alogae of them. A full supply always feept in stock.
Write the East Ore
gonian for a free cat-
ou'll Have to Hurry!
IGHT PEOPLE joined our Union last week and saved a hundred dollars each. Why not be in
the swim and join? You can do so without exerting your pocketbook, as the big discount of
$100, combined with our easy payment plan of $10 down and $10 a month makes if within
everyone's reach. Remember, it enly takes three more members to fill the Union, so you'll
have to hurry. Call or drop us a line, and we'll explain to you why we are able to do this.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Everything M isical.
Remember the number- -315 East Court Street.