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    The Peoples.Greatest Outfitters
MONDAY, JULY 27, 1903.
of the Best of Them Left !
kard to tc'l you exactly the good qualities, it may look
.,ifh we were overdoing the matter.
i Innk at these suits vou could
ply a case of a prosperous season.
. -.l-. 1,-r. r.. -
Etn0W wiiiihk " iuu are getting somc
t0 the ordinary
U, $12,50 SDITS for
$18, $20 SDITS for
s Nobby underwear and furnishings at less than cost
r ENJOY A GOOD SMOKE ? Try Pendleton Boquet and Pride
Ititilla. Made at Home. A, RHODE. Maker.
I Red-Handed Celestial of Heppner
I Caught at Monument by Sheriff
. Arlington, July 27. Wonc Wnnir.
GATION CONGRESS TO MEET ' ,1 Chlncso wn murdered his conn
meet, trjmnn at Heppner Junction last
" week, has j,,st boen caiIKnt a, Monu.
Ogden to Be the Scene of a Splendid ' . ,,y Sherlft Sn,lt'. Morrow
Gathering Sept. 15.i8Penrt.-t ' i,Uy' am, """fessed his crime.
De,e9ates- .murder nnd now has possession of
the murdered
The Eleventh National Irrigation ' lnt" t0 G00. The murdered 'man was 1
Congress will lie held at Ogden. Utnh
1903 ' '"d"''
A convention of vital concern to
the American nation; to those who
would make two blades of grass grow
where one grew before; to all who
reallte that water Is the Midas touch
which turns the desert sands to gold;
a convention of specific significance
to the states and territories whoso
arid lands are to be reclaimed by the
ivurmi government under tlm nm
a Biii'i'iuivriicr anu hnti snvmi im liin i
earnings with a hope of returning to ,
China, this fall, and his countrvmen 1
ured him to his death bv n ruse of i
looking nt some garden ' land along !
the Columbia.
His body was found by some fish-,
ermen. In the edge of the water, near
Heppner Junction, and suspicion nt
first pointed to n gang of hoboes, but
evidence brought out at the coroner's
inquest showed that he had been dis
posed of by his people, with whom
the Cigar with th
Band that vyj
hair lme mis Oh
Is truly ub proper name, for
no rltle was ever made to equal
a Savage. Simplicity In con
struction and operation, and
great accuracy make tnem sel-
lom equalled and never sur
passed. The new 22-callbre
Savage is a marvel for a small
gun We liavo just got a few
right from the factory and
wouv. like to have you see
1 Maio St. Headquarters for fishing supplies
Reward SIOO Reward
owunt futhT nutice 1 will give toal! Cash Purchas
! discount if 'o tir cent, or in other words, anv one
wort''i of rrjOr.; will nai nnlv $n
!Eockers w I .t 11 as low as 20 per cent discount from
Ranges ani Cook stoves will sell almost at cost.
r-temed plejec of Jewelry, all kinds and sorts, will be
1 sacrifice
PNDRED DOLLARS EEWARD will be given to any
discovering that prices have been raised for the pui
sne this discount Ri.tneinlier that I am aeent for
p German Llo.d Steamship Co. and can sell 011 a tic-
pi Il 01 il Wr,rjt
Ms and Axle Grease
liave a lar stock of castor machine,
aCK ailfl CD linrlui. b nrafl'l'iA 'IVlvlor
"Ocastr-r oil. axlo frpaso. compound in
Ukaii-l 1
bu3'ii your liarvest supply.
-TAYLOR, the Hardware Man
741 Main Street
SIttttttttvtt vrrvrrryryrrrrftrrrrrtrrr
al Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
??lay will lead to serious breaks.
"st-class work guaranteed by
visions of the National Irrigation act ! llp wns ,nst st,M1 in that vicinity The
namely. Arizona, California Colora-' cnI'turp f the murderer Is a very
do. hiaho. Kansas, Montana! Kebras-! c,ovor P'we of work, on the part of
ka. Xorth Dakota. Nevada, New Mox-' tllc s"orr"w county sheriff,
ico. Oklahoma, Oregon. South I)al;o-1 , tWo"K Wong is credited with hnv
ta. Utah. Washington, and Wvomiug. I "IR '"'""-''ly lived in rendleton.
Government ami leading Irrigation I w,lere as a cook, employed nt
experts, practical farmers, irrigation-1 '"ltt'e", ,lm,'s 1,1 private houses.)
ists. ft nit growers, representatives I ,
from state agricultural Institutions, ril,' !'t,v"n ''odies have been taken
state engineers, government and not- from Hanna mines In Wyoming
od foresters, as well as press repre-1
fentatlves. business men. officials and i
law-makers, will be in aitendnnce and
participate In the discussion I
The program will Include: "Practl-,
cal Irrigation and Forestry Lessons." i
"Reports ot Kxperts," "Application of !
Provisions of the Reclamation Act,"
"State Progress Under the National 1
Act." "Views on Settlement of Legal
ComplicanonB." and "The Pertinent
ard Important Theme of Coloniza
tion." i
Utah being the pioneer state In ir- i
rigation science proffers special op
portunities for the study of its history
and progress. Railroad and other cx-1
curslons covering this field will be ar
ranged for delegates by local com-1
For the first time in the history of
the irrigation congresses, the Elev-
enth Convention has been liberally I
tostered by state appropriation I
which sum has been doubled by pri-1
vate subscription from officers of the
congress and the citizens of Ogden
and Utah so that a large fund guar-'
antees the successful conduct of the
program and hospitable entertain-'
ment of all visiting delegates.
isowspapors everywhere are earn
estly requested to give publicity to
this official call aud to Inform their
readers ot the importance of this con
gress. Governors of the states and mayors
of cities and officers of organizations
entitled to appoint delegates are re
spectfully requested to select men sin
cerely Interested in the work of and
lik;y to attend the congress.
The basis of representation in the
congress will be: 1
The governor of each state and
territory to appoint 20 uolegates: the,
major of each city of loss than :'.ihi
population, 2 delegates; the mayor of
each city of more than 2C.00H popula- (
tion. 4 delegates; each board of coun
ty commissioners, 2 delegates, pack ,
chamber ol commerce, board ol trad j
commeiclal club or real estate t'
change, 2 delegates; each organized
irrigation, agricultural or livestock ,
i'.ssoclation, 2 delegates; each soclei- ,
of engineers, 2 delegates; each Ini-j
gation company, emigration society ,
or agricultural college, and each col
lege or university having chairs of '
hydraulic engineering or forestry 2
The tollowlUB are delegates by vlr-,
tue of their respective offices- The
president aud members of his cabl
r,t, the duly accredited representa
tive of any foreign nation or colony,
the governor of any state or territory,
any member or tho United States sen
ate or house of representatives, mem
ber ot any state or territorial commission.
wX.'n .". fvv montl";,
X w, m's l!i Knctui:
kills iliu dandruff gyrniM
th.it oust fallin;' h.iir
fr ami lirully baldness. No
(r .tlit r ni enaralion but
ft Herbicide kills thed.m-
ilruti i:urni. Destroy the.
o.nse, you remove the effect,
Ht-rpiciik is a (Vtightful hair
cIr-smiu; fir tciil.ir toilet tr-'c-.
Liv!ncton, MoNT.,S'lf W.Vi
t I ar tin "tone-luill Ix'Ulr if lit ri'. i",
itti.l hit lii U.1 ts trt- troiiKi.untriifl (nullity
linn'. .tfliUliUt.'S! lUll.Tli , ! Ulil'Tv
'M ti Ii i".llinm d ni'i t .n f nn'ls. .iml lr v
n-c .ii.uunk-ditton nnmtH ri'fmyfr.i'ii 11.
M VKK ,l 11 IWLiiWlN
For Sale at all Fim.Class Drug Storti..
The Only Cirfar
That's the same to-tlay, to-morrow, forever.
5c. here, there, everywhere.
The Largest Selling Brand of Cig&rj in the World.
The Hand is the Smoker's Protection,
Calico, any piece in the store 5c, yard
Bleached Muslin, Cc gratlf, any quantity 5o, yard
Outing Flannel; Sc, )C and 10c grades 7c. yard
Men's black striped shim, 50c rude .10c, each
Men's and Hoys' straw lints 20 pop cent reduction
Large size comforts, good quality $J, each
Ladies' knit pants, knee length UOo, pair
Ladies underve-ts, sleeveless, 15c nr.ide, white or
colored 20f, Oiiflb
Ladies' sleeveless vests, plain 4o, eiiohi
Watch for our UUi SM.KucM week
'Just try
Parrot Cigar
' A '
The Parrot Cigar is the
new 5c cigar bo much
talkod about. Its good
qualities aro astouishiug
Under New Manapment
I have imrcliascd the business of
W. K. (lurietson, Jowolcr nnd optic.
Inn, and hnvo put In nn entire
now line or Jewelry and optical
Vou will find nothing la my store
that Is not np-todato and llrst-clnss
In i'very particular. My prices nru
as low as Is consistent with high
class (roods
Having graduated from tho Ameri
can Optical College, nm thoroughly
equipped to handle all elasso of op
tical work
My Instruments aro of tho best
make mid einbriico the latest and
most Mclenlllli' Improvements.
.My guarmitei Is bark of nil my
HI .'1 Miiln sin 1 I,
IViiilleliin. OiTton
t t
: H6
Night Was Her Terror,
"i wou.d cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. CliarleB Applegate. .
01 Alexandria, lad., "and cou.d hari-
ly get any sleep. I had consumption '
so bad that if I walked a blrck 1 1
would ccugh frightfully and splt
blood, buv when all other uiedlclnea
tailed three $1.00 bottles of Dr. ,
King's Njw Discovery wholly cured j
me and I gained C8 pounds." It's ab-jj
solutely guaranteed to cure ouhB, .j.
colds. la grippe, oroncuuis ami .... -...
, i,,n twinlilcM lrlf:a LOe f
Llliuai auj ms ----
and 11.00. Trial bottles free at Tall
man & Co.'s drug atore.
Pleases th
Ask ror (jjjjci! Leaift B,a,ld of
Wi- K ep nothing but pure
tiatnnil lee frozen from pure,
clear mountain water. It goes
farther nnd lasts longer than
artificial Ice All we ask Is an
unprejudiced trial of our 1(0.
Why not order a ease of the
celebrated Schlltz, A. H. C or
(laiiibrlnus for your Sunday
'I'll ilie your order to Main
They are
Once Used
(50STA RICO COFUJK In oup pound I'lickiipuu
JAVA & M00HA COFJ-'KH in ono ponntl packages
Kor s,i!i l,y all IIP !'l.lle t-linern
Spices, Teas, Extracts and Baking Powder
Health and Pleasure.
When one goes to Lehman Springs
tfcore is every aimurance that not only
will one's health le benefited by the
pure, bracing mountain air and bath-
I., a in liP All loved there, but also
Hi,, w - !..,,
while gaining ueauu one can -uw .?...
a great variety of pleasure rang ngj .
nnnioiinn ah a canable host by i
the manner In which he Is providing
for the comfort and pleasure of his
u,IStriil .. .. i , r..l.. Mntel
i opposite tne uoiaea iui nw.-.
Stock Farm for Sale.
n... n: Btncl. farm, consisting of
t. mi a -res, about 250 head of cattle,
If-uty of vater. grass and timber.
Kan c has never been sbeeped off.
At) under fence. Will grow all hay re-d-'ired
Call on or write to Bentloy
& Hnrtmau
Pendleton, Oregon,
to Prevent Pii'oumonlu and Consump
tion Is to cure your cold when it
first uppearb Acker's English Hem
edy will stop the cough In a night,
and drive the cold out of your system.
Always a quick and sure cure for
Astbmn. Hronchltls. and all throat
and lung tumbles If it does not sat
isfy you the druggist will refund your
money. Write to us for free sample.
W. H Hooker & Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
F, W. Schmidt & Co., druggists,
Refrigerators at your own pri e. Only a few left. Wo want
to git the money tir-il up in our n-fn(,'r ators, into other koo1
them lor less man u cy ton us.
so yet can i'i
We are clobing out our line of rantjes and can wi anv price in
town in the range lint. If you want a Rcnuims bargain come
in and see us.