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ffice for Dress Goods at this
Lv tenth purchase in the Dry Goods depart-
Lih customer
radios' fast black, regular made .Hose (35c
lono pair oi lace nsie uiovoa.
mme Sale Prices
-.. i.i .. i ,
ilreiRrii um iu; mimi iuuhi iniibi ne cleared.
bants Kemnants Kcmnants
be Remnant week and if bargains will interest you
jkattlus table, main aisle back, it's a point oi interest
5 OF
Made at Home.
Try Pendleton Boquet and Pride
A. RHODE, Maker.
Is truly Its propor name, for
no rlflo was ever mado to equal
n Savage Simplicity In con
struction and oporatlon, and
groat accuracy make mom sel
dom equalled und never sur
passed. The new 22-calIbre
Savage Is a marvel for a small
pun, Wo have just got a few
right from tho factory and
would like to have you see
1(21 Main St. Headquarters for fishing supplies t
Thermometer Registered 105 Degrees
Tuesday Last - W. S. Mayberry
Will Engngc In Carpentering at
Heppner Work Has Begun on the
Mlller-Nlehols Building,
Milton, July 22.-Charlcs 1) VVI1-
amson came over from Weston Sat
urday night and spent Sunday with
his mother. Mrs. J. i,, Williamson.
Waster Truman Rogers arrived
hcio Saturday morning from his
homo at Pendleton and will spend
tho summer with his aunt and uncle.
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Dickey.
J. M. P. Snyder, of Walla Walla,
passed through town yesterday en
route to his farm on tho Umatilla
.Mrs. v. h. Chnstain was in Weston
Sunday and Monday visiting her
mother Mrs. U. B. Nelson.
Miss Winifred Chesney, of Tacoma,
arrived hero Monday and fnr a month
"in lie uie guest of .Mrs. u I,. Horry, i
lusieruay was tho hottest day of
the year. The thermometer at 3
o clock was 105 degrees.
Mrs. C. W. Steen and Mrs. Cora
McArthnr left this morning for an
uuuiig at j.enman springs.
I Grand Lodge of Oregon Names Offic
ials for Another Year.
Pon land July 24,-Tho second
das session of the Oregon Grand
Lo,iKe. Ancient Order United Work-
I nmtk w18 ,'?'0,e'1 to an election of
I officers for the ensuing year and dls-
cussion of the proposed Increase. In
!; inn- oi assessment.
Oeorge h. Durham, who was elect
ed grand master, presided at yester
day s sessions. His election was a
foregone conclusion, and there was
contest tor the other irninil
1 littl
uinces. win the exception of
the election no business was trans
acted the day being devoted to a
consideration of the plans for a
change, of policy. The following
grand officers were elected:
Oram Mnster Workman George
II. Durham, or Portland
Grand Foreman K. lierohtolds, of
Grand Overseer-V, j. Clarke, of
Grand RecorderNewton Clark, of
Grand Heeelver H. I,. Durham, of
Grand Guide Philip Gevurtz. of
Grand Inside Watchman W. II.
Warner, of Albany.
Grand Outside Watchman S. A.
rtoako, of Orogon City.
Grand Trustee V. I,. Cown, of
Grant's Pass.
Representatives to tho Supreme
Lodge D. Soils Cohen, lialph lYenoy
Dpllinrl MnRliiiils nl.-n.l
here from his home at Elgin Sunday 1 nml Wlllm, Smith.
mm is visiting nis aunt and uncle.
Mi. ami Mrs. William Talbert.
Mrs. Kato Stewart and daughter.
Miss Achsa Parsell took their dc
paituro for their home at Tahoe,
Idaho, yesterday, after several weeks'
visit with relatives and friends nere
J. N.
Stone left yesterday for a
visit on the Sound. Mr. Stone will
combine business with pleasure and
on his trip will purchase a large sup
ply of luinlture for his store.
Mrs. U j. Pierce received the sad
Washington Crop Good.
Walla Walla, July 21. Harvesting
has become general this week in
Walla Wnlla and Palouso wheat dis
tricts. So far indications point to a
larger yield than was first expected.
Fourteen bushels p(r acre will be the
average yield of the Eureka Hat sec
tion. Some fields will go 2G bushels
and others 12 to 15. In the foothills
southeast ol Walla Walla tho yield
will renrli 10 ImcVinlc Tl,n '.....lilt..
news this morning of tho deatli of price was on cents a bushel, 20 cents
lier brother-in-law, Mr, J. M. Hill, nbnve the mienln i,h net In viinr
of Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Jjoott have
gone for an outing at Woodward's.
Germ Infected Air.
Malaria is not confined exclusively to ths swamps
and marshy regions of the country, hut wheievcr tl.iie is
bad air tins insidious foe to health is found. Poisonous
vapors and gases from sewers, and the musty nir of itamp
cellars nic laden with the germs of this miserable disease
which arc litcalhed into the lungs and taken tip bv the
Wood and tiansmittcd to every part of the bodv Then
you begin to feel out of sotts without ever suk cling the
cause. Xo energy or appetite, dull headaches, sliepy and
tired and completely fagged out from the slightest 'exer
tion, ate some of the deplorable effects of this enfeebling
malady. As the disease progresscsand the blood becomes
more deeply poisoned, boils and abscesses and dark or
ycuow spots appear upon the skin, when the poison is
left to ferment and the microbes and genus to multiply in
mc oioou, ver nnu Kidney troubles ami other serious complications often
arise. As Malaria begins and develops in the blood, the treatment to be
cttective must begin thete too. 8. s. 8. destroys
the genus ami poisons and purifies the polluted
blood, and under its tonic effect the debilitated
constitution rapidly recuperates and the sstvm is
soon clear of all sk'iis of this ih
fe. S. S. is a guaranteed purely vegetable icmedy, mild, pleasant mid
harmless. Write us if you want nudical advice or any special informa
tion about your case. This will cost you nothing.
5c, yurii
5c, yard
Reward $100 Reward
now until fiither notice 1 will give to all CaBh Purclias
I discount of to iter cent, or in other words, anv one
lioivortli of goods will pay only U)
'Rockers will sell at. low as 20 per cent discount from
Ranges and Cook stoves will sell almost at cost
tamed pledgps of Juwelry, all kinds and sorts, will be
HUNDRED DOIiI.AHT: RtfWARTl will be (liven to anv
r discovering that prices have been raised for the pui
iSivinc this discount, n, tnpinlier that I am auunt for
kpGerman Llovd Stamshin Co. and can sell ou a tic -
IDy part of the world.
Mrs, Henry Frazler anil son, Thom
as, left Tuesday for the coast. Ueforo
returning home they will visit in
Seattle and Portland. j
Hubert E. Frazler. proprietor of the
Iieo Hive store, is In Portland on
business connected with his store.
h. G. Uarron, a real estato dealer
of Walla Walla, Is In town todny.
Rev. Adams Returned From Sumpter
Itev. A. J. Adams returned from j
Sumpter yesterday where for tho l
past five weeks he supplied the pulpit
for the Presbyteilan minister there,
while the latter was on his wedding
Will Carpenter at Heppner.
W. S. Mnyhorry has gone to Hepp-,
ner to engage In tho carpenter bus!-,
ness during his vacation from school. 1
Miller-Nichols Building Begun.
The excavating for the Miller
Nichols building has been completed ,
and the masons nre now busy laying 1
Ink K.
Lodging House for Sale.
Pest In the city; 20 complete furn
ished rooms. A Inaso for eight years
ar.d nine months. It Is subject to
mortgage and can bo bought for cash
only. Enquire at this olllco.
The Salem band has been engaged
lo play at the Oregon State Fair
Calico, any piece in the store
Bleached Muslin, be grade, ,mv quantity
Out'iig Flnnnel; Sc, i)c and 10c grades 7o, yard
Men's bla-.k striped shiit--, 50c grade , , 4l)c, t'lltlll
Men's and Hoys' straw hats 20 per cent reduction
Large size comforts, good quality $1, t)aoll
Ladies' knit pants, knee length 20o, pair
Ladies undcrvc-ts, lceveh's-i, 25c grade, white or
.colored " 2Uu, l-lioll
Ladies' sleeveless vests, plain . . . .... 4c, each
Watih forour BIG SALK next wiek
IkU'fl ! ln..,., .,.,., 1, f in. inlii 1111
11 " ""SI' OIUUK Ul UillUl iiiiii;ii"-
,Wack and i-ylinder oils, graphite, Taylor
Jnd caster oil, axle grease, compound in
I -..iiu utii'KUMj. uui my iJi";co
rte ouyinjr y0Ur harvest supply.
f TAYLOR, the Hardware Man
f 741 Main Street
Millions on Their Way to the Upper
Klamath Lake.
The annual migration of toads
lrom Lake Ewaiina to Upper Klamath 1
lake began last week, according to :
the Klamath Falls Express. There I
are millions of them. They cover
the walks and streets in the vicinity ;
of tho river and It is not easy to 1
avoid stepping on them. Their natur
al home Is Upper Klamath lake nml
they are instinctively drawn thither.
This is the explanation: The spawn
h, deposited in tho upper lake anil
iloats down the river and lodges
among the tuleb In the lower lake.
The moment they nro hatched they
note the strange surrounding and
their Utile pericnrdlums flap and llut
ter for the hallowed precincts of
home Thus, simultaneously inspired
all start for the upper lako as fast
us their diminutive logs will carry
them. These millions of toads ure
hlirhlv bonollelol in destroying ntom-
U- Impurities and so contribute to
the health of the cllmnte.
The World's Greatest
Skin Soap.
The World's Sweetest
Toilet Soap.
Sale Greater Than the Worlds Product
of diner SMn Soaps.
Sold Wherever Civilization Has
Under New Management
I have purchased tho business of
W. K. (inrretson, Jeweler nml optic
ian, and have put In nil entire
now lino of jewelry and optical
Vou will II nil nothing In my store
that Is not up-to-dato nml llrst-class
In eery particular. My prices are
as low ns Is consistent with high
class goods.
Having graduated from the Ameri
can Optical College, I am thoroughly
equipped to handle all classes of op
tical woik.
My Instruments are of tho lest
make and embrace tho latest and
most Kcientlllc Improvements.
My guarantee Is back of all my
Glenn WinsEow
M. M11I11 Mi-i et, rendit ion, llrrumi
Normal- Fanners Custom Mill
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Capacity 160 barrels 11 day
' Flour exchanged for wheat
I Kloiir. Mill Feed, Chopped K'ed. itf
Bids Wanted.
Notice is hcroliy glvon that sealed
bids will be received nt the olllco of
the county clerk of Umatilla county,
until Monday, July 27, 1M3. at 9
o'clock a. iu., for the west half of
block 8K. and all of block 8C, Reser
vation addition to Pendleton, known
as the county hospital property.
Hlds for single lots, quarter, half,
whole block or the entlro tract (21
lots) will be entertained, reserving
the riitht to reject any und all bids.
The right will lie reserved to oc
cupy the buildings, on the property
until about September 1st, 1903.
Terms cash.
County Clork.
Qallery Will Be Open.
During my absence the gallerv will
be lu charge of Mr. Vaugn a photog
rapher of 15 years experience. Mr.
Vaughn 1b thoroughly competent to
do all kinds of photographic work.
Amateurs wanting developing or
prim In flore will fi'1" Mr. Vaughn
evni'i-t In tlii.-. fhu-. of work
' M w S. BOWMAN.
j,t tl-iul, c. You ran ri t a $""'
piano for $:5 b:. i'' the union
nt Tliprkelscu'B I'l&no House
Millions of tho world's best pcoplo
use Cutlcura Soap, assisted by Cutleura
Ointment, tho Rreat skin cure, for pre
serving, purifying and beautifying tho '
skin, for cleansing the scalp of crusts,
scales flud dandrull'.and the stopping of .
falling hair, for softening, whitening
and soothing red, rough and sore hands,
for baby rashes, Hclilngs and dialings,
for annoying Irritations, or too free or
otl'enflvo perspiration, for ulcerative
weaknesses, aud many sanative, anti
septic purposes which readily suggest
themselves to women, especially moth
ers, as well as for all tho purposes of
the toilet, bath and nursery.
Cutlcura Soap combines delicate
cmolllcut properties derived from Cutl
cura, tho great skin cure, with the pur
est of cleansing Ingredients and tho
most refreshing of Hotter odours. No
nilier ni(!iltcttteil sonn ever compounded
Is to bo compared with It for prescrv- I
Sng. purifying nml lieuutliying inu emu,
scalp, hair and hands. No other for
eign or domestic toilet soap, however
expensive, Is to be compared with It for
oil tho purposes of the toilet, bath and
nursery. Thus It combines In 0110 toap
ut 0110 price tho most thVctlvc skin and
complexlou soap, and the pureit and
sweetest toilet, bath aud nursery soap
ever compounded.
Sold Mirouliiultlio world. Cullciir. lU.ulT.pl. If,
nnimm ut ChoroUw Cotd l-ilk. ; x l" r UI ol V.
KIT KolUr l)iu I'h.m. Corp . soll'n.l
ir Stud t" - All Ai" ii" ""'p
the most dreaded and deadly of all
diseases, as well as pneumonia, aud
H Lung Troubles aro relieved at
ei ee and cirod by Acker's English
I omedy "tl.p king .of all Cough Cures.'
Cures cruu'hs and colds In n day. 2G
cent-. Your money back If dNsatls
.el Write for free sample W. II
J .M-er & Co. Duffalo, N. Y. P W
Sennildt & Co.
H"S7 '01' think jou'ro Hliarp, b
1 could cut Crescent Pantry
lint anv old Ktick
"01 A Iitlh short and crusty am I?"
'.Wi ll I 111 not so tough as that last pie you fiKiired in Took
an hour to nirfke and an hour to hake, did it? Folks had to
die; tin innt out with a pakaxe, I'm told."
B it 111 ver at;.iin since now they use
The World's M'"1
Sold Everywhere
With a CoupoH
I Pound 25c
ELATEBITE Is Mineral Rubber.
l MA'HWli.V.,..il:!.N n. KH!M. K A WOIIN.UUT HOOK
md li
th plac
. ol ililie-'les tin iron, anil kiiivhi, mm un i..e...
Hat and steep Hiirfaees iuiters valleys, etc Easy to lay
for all climates Jti asona'.b in t oid on ineru. uuurwi
wM i" iisK for ),rl'-srid information
i Worcester Budding.
16th always ou hand.