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- --------"---- J-f.,f,,f,.f.fti.Ti
July Bargains
Straw Hats at half price.
Hovs Clothing twonty per emit discount
Mens Summer Clothing at a saving of from
S2 00 to $8.60 per suit,
Summer Underwear 25c, oOe and 75c per
Working Shirts 50c and
Gloves 25c to 1 50.
Mens Working Shoes $1
One Price Clothiers,
The largest battleship In the world,
tho Edward VII. lias boon launched at I
Devonport, England. She Is 425 foot
long and of 18.000 horse power 1
An eight-page morning paper to
rot l cent per copy, is soon to he i
Issued In Now York, owned, managed
and edited exclusively by women. I
The Irish land bill, which made a j
final passage of the bouse of com- I
mons last week, made its llrsl pas-1
aage of tho house of lords yesterday.
It is a fact that although there is
a telegraph lino direct from Home to j
London, that the news of the pope's .
death reached London from Now I
York. j
A public meeting was held on Stat
en Island to debate ways and means
or ridding the island of mosquitoes.
It was broken up by an onslaught of
the insects.
l'rofessor Hitter, of the University
of California. Is finding some ex
tremely rare and some hitherto un
known forms of marine animal life in
San Diego Hay.
Southwestern and South-central
Kansas is suffering from a ncxtromc ,
drouth and great heat. A magnificent
crop of wheat was harvested, but corn I
and forage crops are an almost total ,
toss I
Througli a receivership appointed
by the New York supreme court that I
state lias ronducted a brewery tor the
past year and realized a profit or
$500,000. of which amount the recoiv-'
sr will got $150,000. i
The possibility that the Macedon
ian troubles are fed with Itussian
and German funds in order to create
an excuse for Intervention and a
protectorate, is greatly alarming the
sultan. The Turkish treasury is so
near bankrupt that the sultan can-
not counter.
A canvass of the pharmacists and
manufacturing chemists of tho United
States is said to disclose that a large
majority favor an absolute standard
of purity for all products which they
reputation of indiv dunl firms should
J0 sufilcient guaranty
, . . . water that has been both boiled and
Tha school population of llakor distilled. II is cheaper than you can
county is 20 lass in ISO!! than It was J(,n tlle watm.. Hosli If.fi Co -illmw
in m-- Main 1781.
A now discovery of gold hag been
mado on Also); river, 120 mllos from Homo from vacation, feeling good.
Hliito Horse. Alaska. , Htrong and healthy, would ho the caso
Tho Northern Pacific will increase after an outing nt tho most beautiful
tlio wages of machinists and holler- of Him; mountain resorts Iehman
omkors 20 er cent on July 25. Springs. There isn't a placo in all
Luther Campbell, of Ilucoda, Wash., West whero you can find a more
is under arrest tor shooting a valim-1 'onvonieiit nnd delightful spot to
He horse belonging to a neighbor. -si,on,J fow days or n long time
C C. Wil.on. or St. Helens, kicked S' Tho S'rnaT
TJ SVTo arwZrorfuNo'ur me
aad was lined 80 for his exorcise. (Ii(.jnal I)r(,I)ei.tlo8. HotoI nccommo.
The Knights oi Pythias lor the , Nations are first-class, 'phone connoc
3lxth Oregon UUtrlct. will hold a tions. frof r-nmplng ground 25 prl
couventlon at Astoria. August 20 and 1 vnto cottages, largo swimming pool,
21 , baths, golf, tennis, hunting and fish-
J. U SUiddurd, the iiloneer lumber lug. Kor further particulars, address
man of Sumptor, has sold his mill and , '. H. Outton, lx-hmnu Springs, Or.
timber at MeRwon, to H. Hewitt. Jr.,
of Tucomu, for $10,000. ,
James Murdoch, a farmer residing
near Clear l,ako, In Marlon county
has been absent from home for four
days and fui.l play 3 anspected.
Tholtna Phyllis Stanley, or Kugene,
aged 4 months. Is u freak. She can
wall; and talk ns well as a child 1
years old, and seoms perfectly healthy
In every way
The Lebanon llourlng mills is pay-
mg a premium or 2 cents per busnoi
ou wheat stored In the mill ware-!
houses. In order to got a supply for .
next year. They shut down this sea-
son for want of wheat.
Tho water supply of Olympla Is be-
ing investigated by the city auiuorl-,
ties nnd it Is nulto likely tho entire '
iiipply will be condemned on account
of tho dead timber, leavos and unfit
substances found In the course of the
main stream supplying the city.
As an Inducement to the prosecut
ing attorney to stop disbarment pro
ceedings against him, A. .1. Shores,
an attornoy of Helena, Mont., prom
ises to leavo tho city permanently.
Shores offered a bribe of $250,000 to
Judgo B. W. Harnoy in a copper
mining caso beforo the court.
f,,f,.T. I
50 to $3 00.
Furnishers and Ha'ters $
Hotel Pendleton.
W H Hoknrroll, Jr., Portland.
Charles Oerklng, Athena.
L ii. llurke, Portland.
E. H. Clarke, city.
W. H. Boyd, Echo.
R E. Oreen, San Francisco.
T. Ilrook White,
.lames Lester, Seattle.
A. Y. Cameron, Calgary,
H. W. Cameron, Cpokaue.
Cllbert Joyce, Spokane.
(Jeorgo E. Mossor, Spokane.
(Jeorge I. Chirk, Lincoln.
J. A. Cooku, San Francisco.
A. Nylander, Portland.
It. A. Seeds, Spokane.
Frank Gutter, Heppner.
C. E. Dickey. Portland.
John Palmer. Portland.
Golden Rule Hotel.
Mrs. T. J. Warner. Long Creek.
.Mrs. Klnert. Everett.
H. S. Savage. Wardner.
F. M. Ilell and wife. Spokane.
W. W. Evans. St. Joseph.
William .McGinn. I.a Grande.
Charles McGinn. I.a Grande.
.Mrs. J. C. Downing and family, Val-
g. A. Fiaiis, Spokane.
Mrs. 12. K. Anderson.' Snohomish.
c. Anderson. Snohomish.
T. Moore. I'alouse City.
Mr. M. J. Wilcox and daughter
M. A. l'rultt, Spokane.
W. Hnunad. I'alouso CUy.
W. H. Kmhrew, Tacoma.
J. A. Marston. city.
II. liontho and wlfo, Kclio.
A. Hnllowny. Kclio.
Don't Run Any Risk Use Ice From
BoHed and C3tstllleci Water,
uwjug to tne low slago of tlio
U'lltltl- it. Mlu ilK. u-rill If ltiu Imntl
found necessary to pump some of the
" ,V V, w . . .
f"r " r",H ' m"'Bl!,n Y
' , ,l , i i . , i n. ', .
" .,a' '8n 'J ' . , ,', ' ,
used for drinltlng purposes." K. O.,
July 22.
Hotter use pure Ice. made from
Working Might and Day,
The busiest nnd mightiest little
thing that over was mado Is Dr.
"'b "uw. "e -xnoso p us
iuWieL " ' ill'
lessiiesH into
mental powor. Thoy'ro wonderful
In building up the health. Only 25c
er l-ox. Sold by Tallmaa Co.
Store For Rent.
I am nlnmiintr tn frect n twn-atnrv
ljr.u block on the comer of Wobb
and Cottonwood streets. Ilororo I
hulid i would like to spcuro a renter
for the upstairs and dowiistairs
either separately or togethor, so
that In oulldlng I can arrange tho
building to suit the renter. Thoso
desiring to runt call or uddross It.
Martin, at his grocery storo,
Stock Farm for Sale.
The Ogle stock farm, consisting of
3000 acres, about 230 head of cattle,
plenty or valor, grass and tlmbor.
Itango has novcr boon slieopcd off.
All under fence. Will grow all hay re
quired. Call on or wrlto to llcntloy
& Hartman, Pendleton, Orogon.
Ladles' half Boles 10c. Teutsch'a.
I Wlllliun Moollor, who wan ucol-
am jircDTA mivcD ic Ac-rro 'dontnlly shot, mid who was reported
AN ALBERTA BUYER IS AFTER (() ,k y(g mfU n,K,lti ,H tlltlo)l ,ul.
UMATILLA COUNTY HORSES, tor tills morning nhd no hi till rosulta
un expected.
Tin.1 accident happened on n limit
Regular nnd Capacious Market fori Ing trip yesterday afternoon. Mr.
Certain Descriptions of Horses In StolnolllT. of tliu Maker Cafe, loft In
m.u company with Mr. Mueller yesterday
.. '
In Shipping Cattle on Account of
the ' Freights.
A. Y. Canioron, of Cnlgury, Alberta,
Cmiaila, was In tho city today tho
guest of his cousin, Conductor Cnni
eron, of tho O. K. & N. Mr. Cameron
Is In this country looking for horses
for tho trado In his homo province,
lie says that the stock market there
Is as wen stocked with light stock Mr. Slclncllft' did not see Mr Moellor
ns the market In this country, but and had peppered him with shot uliout
that there Is a great deninnd for h;r yarils illstunce before lie realized
heavy horses, and on those u good hlw "companion was In the line 01 tho
margin can lie made. However, If sight.
tho stock that Is shipped in there Is .
not heavy enough it will not sell.! E A E MINE SOLD.
or If It does It will he sold for figures j '
that will cut the profit In the ship- Famoug Gold Producer Is Bought hy
Thousands of people are coming
Into the country and they all want
stock, for It Is a stock country; but
so much of tho light stuff from the
northern border of tho United States
has been shipped In that there is no
demand for anything that is
i. ........ .....i i........ i. ......
.111(1 llllftl- Ul uuiiu, i
Cattle cannot be shipped there from j
this country at a prollt, for tho freight j
Is tuo high and the margin so small
that the shipper will make nothing by
tho time he has fed his cattle nnd
held them for sale. '
Mr. Cameron left this morning fori
Spokane, from which place he will !
gradually work hack this wny, pick-1
lug the best of the stock from the .
bands that he finds until he has made
up a shipment or a hundred head or
so, when ho will put them on the train
for the Alberta country.
, clerks in connection with the robbing
Defaulter Made Dig Money for the i r freight curs. Six dorks wore ar
Firm He Victimized ' '',Hti'd some time ago on the same
charges, and live pleaded guilty. They
Hilffalo July 2.! Mrs. trunk La , ..,. supposed to have given Infonua
1 (luutie, the wire ot the couildentlal t()ll uwllng i the Ishiic of aildltloiial
clerk and bookkeeper for the new law warrants
firm of Wilson i: Smith, who. II Is
alleged, used hundreds of thousands
of dollars of his employers' money
to carry on his extensive real estate
deals, made a statement today In be
or 1 1 1 1 a I n n il S 1 1 o b 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 a t 1 I,l,m8 eruptions or the skin, pro
Uensive scale than tin.. f,.r r"timdo.J. SSc and HOc. Write to US
Half of
her litis!
more extensive scale than thus far
has been admitted. The llgurca now
tiro approaching the fiiOO.Ouo mark,
and the investigation Is not nearly
"My husband," said she, "has turn
ed over to the llrm property valued
at $100,000. When all is over Wilson
& Smith will be able to realize a
profit of at least $100,000 from ti
operations of a man who wa. Insiim
on the subject or real estate spent
lations and whose mental derangi
ment Is due entirely to being over
I.a Hountlo's salary from Wilson &
Smltl' waK $c--no a in'iiith.
Two Baker City Men Engage in a
Fight In the Dark.
llakor City, July 24. .1 P Ilcrrh 1
and W. J. Conway engngod lu n knife
fight in a dark room, at the homo oi
the former last evening.
As a result, Conway Is In the hop
pilal with a deep and ugly gash aeros
his lace and throat.
Horrlck Is a broom-maker by trade
and used a stiort-bladed knife which
he trims brooms with, to inlllct tin
Injuries upon Conway. Horrlck Is in
jail awaiting the result of Comw
New Houses Completed.
Tho now houses belonging to John
K. lionuett and L. Ii. Tarhett on
Thompson strtet, are Hearing comple
tion. They urn being built by L. O
Sheek and udd greatly to tho appear
unco of that portion of the city Mr
Tarbott's house Is nearly ready for
occupancy as tho papering and other
Inside work Is about dono. but Mr
Heiinett's will not bo completed for
several days yet. Mr. Sheek will
build u residence for himself on a lot
adjoining Mr. Dennett's house, and
overlooking lllnff street, from tho
point or the hill on Thompson it is
one of tne beautiful sites for n resl
deuce in the ell.
Acker's Blood Elixir positively cures
chronic Iilood l'olsonliu; and all Scrof
ulna nffcctlons, At all times a match
less system tonic and purifier. Money
refunded If you are dlssatlsdcd Kit
ty cents and $1.00. K, V. Schmidt &
Co., druggists.
Goes to West Point.
Walla Walla, July 23. John K
I'axton, of this city, won the endot
ship at West Point yesterday after
noon over sovon competitors taking
tho examination. 1'axton Is a native
of this city and Is 17 years of age
Will Study Great 8hakes.
llerlln, July 21. At the Invitation
of tho Gorman government n confer
ence with tho object of forming an,
International Seismic Association
opened nt Htrashurg today and will
continue until noxt Wednesday. Del
ogates aro In attendance from nearly
all tho countries In Europe. I
Baker City Citizen Meets With Serl
ous Accident While Hunting.
j afternoon fur ii hunting trip of hov
IllVH. it,fitli.
Tin- iiiTlikmt happened near Kent-
lug, which Is 20 miles from lliikur
City. Tho two hlintors liml scarcely
iinlved at tlio camping spot before
Mr Stolncllrt' In his eagerness to bug
somo game, began shouting Ho was
noon followed hy Mr Moollor
Tho Injury was Indicted after tho
usual niniiiuir or snooting ucciueniK,
the Bourne People.
linker City. July 21. The famous
IC. & H. mine, located at Cracker
crook, or Iloiirne, eight miles west of
Stimptor. was hid lu yesterday even
ing for $25,000 by the Uourno Gold
Mining Company, on a foreclosure
The mine has been closed down for
the past live days on account of liti
gation. The entire bonded Indebted
ness of tho mine was $il lO.Oiili. The
mine is one of the richest In Eastern
Oregon, and Is accredited with pro
ducing $1,000.0111) for lessees the past
three years.
New York Central Clerks Accused of
Robbing Freight Cars,
N y ,,, .,, Wr
rants have been Issued for tho arrest
or l!0 Now York Central railroad
Mokl Tea positively cures Sick
Headache. Indigestion and Constlpa
I tiou. A delightful herb drink. HO
for irep snnitde. W II Tlooker ft Co.,
liurralo. N.
Y. b V. Schmiui .a Co.,
Sumptcr's Output,
-" i' ' Or luh L'l -( ( ordliig
to ii mi.' couiiiili-d the uolcl out
nut for tin month oi Jinn- amounted
to $:ir0,000. the largest In the history
of this camp.
Can anyone suppose
that we would double
the necessary cost of
our brewing without a
vital reason?
Would wc spend so much on
cleanliness? Would wc cool the
I beer in plate glass rooms ? Would
' we filter all the air that touches it ?
Would we age it for months ?
Would we sterilize every
1 bottle ?
We do it to attain
absolute purity to avoid
the remotest possibility of germs
to make bchhti liocr healthful.
ttti .
VVliy accept a COm-
m i ., i i ...
mon beer, brewed With-
rmf nmr nf flwc-
OUI any OI lliese pre-
cautions, when Schlitz
Beer costs no more ? ,
Your dealer may prefer to fur
nish a beer that n.ivs n lliiln mnrA
(profit ; but does it pay you to per
mit it? Isn't pure beer Schliti
lliccr worth asking for ?
Alkftr the Hrvwiry tit tiling.
Phono St Main,
H. Kopittke,
507 Main St., Peudletoo
Our Iced DrlnkB are good
enough for the Angels and we
feci certain they will refresh
nnd please all ordinary human
bolngs. On these very warm
days and evenings, there are no
more popular beverages than
Egg Drmks
Root Beer
Rassle Dazzle
Pecan Sundae
F. W. Schmidt's
Tho Reliable Druggist
riMtoIKe lllnct. Phone Mnln 8ji
Wc can supply you with
Building Material of all
descriptions and sa v e
you money
H u i Iclin f; paper lime
cumi.'ut hrick and sand
Wood putters for hams
and dwellings a specialty.
iOrepon Lumber yardip1-1-
Alta St., Opp. Court House I NT. I dfTiara
liofoiv deciding where
chnol examine a
to go to
i-aialogiic for the coming year.
Now I
building and equipment. Now mail
ugoment. and a faculty of experienc
ed teachers. Special arrungoment
for nitiHlo students and for the care-
j fill oversight of all studoiits from out ,
' or town. All grades of public school
I work thoroughly done. Our collego '
preparatory work Is accepted by the i
j best colleges Bast and West. Moral
I and social advantages the very best.
Term begins September M, 1903.
St. Helen's Hal! I
Ma.- a Normal Kindergarten Training I
Class in connection with its Acndo-,
inlc Department. Separate residence, j
Two-year course. Model Klndergnr-j
ten 1'rovldos practice work. Kor '
details address 1
Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., California
'l borough mental, moral nnd pliysi-
cal training for hoys, Homo inllu-
onces: beautiful surroundings; excel-
lent climate: careful auporvlBlon;
Huiltod uuiiibnrs; prepares for any
uulvurslty or for business. Kail term
.'KniSr 1U So"" for 1""atr"t'
IRA G- H0ITT- ph- D- Pre8,dent-
Conrad Platzoeder
All ktnds of Fresh
Muats always on
hand. Fine Bacon,
Hams and Sausage.
t Prices as low as the lowest j
T 1
Anv Time
Is a Good 1
pcred. a ii,.T:" WW
there ul . u" 0 P""!!
fUllvT T ,'tl loo
wall paper will H
- ""y room, our .tJ
P'"ern ,n
ev"y one new and '1
color deslnn n..Va "P-l
't us show th "!
you Whnf l ... w J0!
Whole . " t
ur one i
E. J. MiuJ
"I Court Street
Just call up Aiain ,
ton's Candy store, w
our wagnn nround
quantity of lcu cream
What dessert can you
satisfactory and
this hot weather, tta
and Ico cream. Our
pure, cold and dellJ
you are down town iri
try our hot weather
Try our candles, thry
lresli every day
Willi I
Wli buy poor col
; can Ret the best for
I price?
aatz m
Telephone Mai
THERE is a N
finn noil frnits audi
tlmt tusto like Bottl
Iihk all tho fresh rid
tlio fruit or vegetal
ing but tlie most si
cnos into a MONOll
Evory bit is wfl
swoot ana ueiwj
painstaking careaa
not find an equal
Standard Gj
Moin ediiiwr'
By the Fire Ins
c om panies.
Alliance rt7"";.hW
Loudon & 11 1"1"
North ritW & J'frt ,
800 MAIN