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For 30 days we will sell
all our short lines of shoes
at greatly reduced prices. If
you want high grade shoes
at very low cost, now Is your
This Includes all of this sea
son's Oxfords for ladles, gen
tlemen, misses, I .s and
For stocks and prices see
hand bills.
Dincttnger, Wil
son & Company
Phone Main 18
Dean of the College Has Been Can
vassing in This Vicinity.
Frank E. Whitham, the financial
nfront nf Whltmnn Piillppp rntnrnpri
to his home this- morning, nftor a visit I u1b evening for Hldnway springB.
of several days In this city In the where the.v will spond the summer.
Interests ot his i liege. While here Mrs. F. B. Wells Is visiting friends
Mr. Whitham mnde arrangements and attending the Degree of Honor of
with several of the young people of ' tue A. O. U. W. meetings In Port
the city to attend the college during 1 land.
the coming year. In all about a doz- ' j. p. Robinson Is in Portland li
en of the prospective students have day In attendance on the state con
signified their desire to attend the j vention of the I.anudrymen's Assoc!
college, and five have made up thoir I ation
minds definitely to be there when the ; Mrg wl,,m g, h , , M
classes are called in September. , w, , this cvon f(jr ,
These are the Misses Myrtle Hawks. Rl,HM .h , -in ..,.! .1,0
Mabel McDill. Eva Boltz, Grace
Crockett nnd Orvllle Edwards. The
rest will attend If the circumstances
of the future will permit. .
-Mr. Whitham is enthusiastic in the
praise of his college, and classes lt ,
as the best of the educational insti- '
tutlons north of the California line.
He says that in the East it Is called
the Yale of the Northwest, and that it j
Is really the highest In requirements
of all of the small colleges of this j
territory- It has a quarter of a mil- j
Hon of dollars endowment and no ,
debt, and one of the best men Is at
Its head o Ik- found in the education'
al field.
Merchants' Lunch.
During the hot weather you can i
save your wife the misery of cook-
nf MtCMfoS
n,ii .. i . f . i u 4 i
LTllW mCh
loc, between n.3.. and . p. m. (
: . . r.'7,T, ,
4-1 IH- t -l- l-i-1 I 1 1 'I i I I ImM I. .n...
Howto Prevent i
The spread of infection and
contagious diseases, is a mat
ter in which al are Interested.
In order that our customers
may have th. most modern
mothod of disinfection, ns well
as the safest, simplest and
most reliable, we have added
to our already complete dru
Btocfe a fine lino of
u T i
Besides being an ideal sick
room disinfectant, it is un
equalled ln fleas, insects of all
kinds, etc. See them ln our
window and come in and let
us toll you more about lt.
TfiLLMAN & CO. !
Leading DrilKuists
Still eliaihiiip up. Th.- enormously increas
ing dt-mand is toting decidedly interesting.
Gold Medal Butter is, beyond all question,
tha Best and Purest over placed upon the
Tastes Good-beeaufce it ie good Once used,
always used.
"Not Good -Not Jloro"
11 '
I. O. Sheck went to Portland last
nlRht on business.
E. Sulllvnn, of Sumptcr, Is In the
city for n short visit.
W A. Chamberlain, of Wnlla Walla,
Is In the city on n business trip.
H. I.. Swncpcrt left this niornlnR
for Athena, on a short business trip.
Dr and Mrs. H S. Garfield left yes-
tordny for an outing at "lack nioun-
E. Johnson and A. l.lnporly, of Jo- m,g(nv iiipht. In a serious condition, sot into the whiskey nnd the ntmos
seph. arc in the city for a business lt wn"s thought for a couple of days I pliere. for It was a day of Arms nnd
visit. I timt on operation would not bo noces-1 of bloodshed. Todny 10 men woro up
A C Chandler, of McMlnnvlllo, is narv, but the case became so severe 1 before the police court charged with
In the eitv today on a short business that he submitted to an operation ! violating the ordinance against light-
R, C. French, president of the Wes
' ton Normal, Is in the city this after
noon. Ed Mnckburn, of Baker City, was
the guest of the Hotel Pendleton yes
' terday.
H. n. Strong, of Wnlla Walla, spent
, Sunday in the city the guest of
' friends.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Beathe. of Wes
ton, were In the city the guests of
friends over Sunday.
Clark Nelson, of Weston, passed
through the city Inst evening en
route home from Portland.
Kate Walker came over from Pen
dleton last night and wns nt the
Foley. La Grande Observer.
Mrs. Alice Paxon, of Tennessee, is
in the city visiting her parents, Con-
doctor and Mrs. W. H. Kelsey.
Father Van der Veldcn, of Wyom-
' ing. Is In the city the guest of Father
I Neat0- nt ,he Catholic parsonage.
t n -..! n..,i n..tl.. ...Ml 1 ..
.u. uuiii.-uu mil, luujut in ji-ut;
1 1
Ir- Sirs. George Proebstel, of
Athena, were the guests of tne Gold-1
p Ru'e yesterday IOr a short visit in
"le cll-
Mrs. Magers, the wife of Judge
Magers, of Portland, is the guest of
Rev. and Mrs. R. W. King, of this
city for several days.
Mrs, Gus Lafontaine and children
will leave this eveuing for Long
Beach, where they wll spend the hot
months of the summer.
Miss Grace Beagle, accompanied by
Mrs. Hopper, will leave In the morn
ing for Spokane on an extended visit
I with relatives and friends.
! T?n!wrt Wnrnnr thn nnoMr nt thn
Methodist Episcopal church, has re-
turned from Union, where he has
attera'DE meet,nK-
3lr ar"1 Mrs- A- F- Searles are in
r,rtlantl ln attenrtance n te grand
,odge A a a w and t,le
of Honor conventions, which are in ;
session there.
Mrs. E. Baum, accompanied by hor
son hoi. left yesterday for the valley,
where they will visit at Portland and
at Salem. They formerly resided at .
tne latter place. !
H. Kelson, of Walla Walla. Is ln the
city to arrange for tho production of
a vaudeville show to be opened noxt
Wednesday evening in the big tont
on Haley's island.
Mr. and .Mrs. L. M. Guard, of Pilot
Hock, were in the city yesterday on
1 ruuie 10 roniana, wnere tnoy have
gone to attend tne workmen convon
tions there in session.
4, 1 KoDert walker, one of the farming
men of the Helix neighborhood, was
in the city Saturday transacting bus
T I iness and making arrangements for
narvesting of his crops.
,.I'ee.Moorh0Ue WftB a vl8ltor to;
I "mot II in Qtinriaw wkAMk 1m ... n 1
take some views for the experiment
station at that place. The views will
be used for advertising purposes.
Charles Bond will return this even-
ng irom a two days' visit at toe home
01 friends In Walla Walla. In Mr. .'
liuml'b absence J. W. 8ulllvan Is con-
Mil' hi.k tin- store alone and flnria it I
'n:ii - lonely without his partner, 1
1 whom ho will keep with him In the
Well Known Employe of O. R. & N.
Succumbs to Appendicitis.
! Krnnnr. wollknnwn nnd hlch-
n. rcsncctcd enclnecr of tho nioun
tan division of the O, II. & N. nt I.n
Orandc, died yesterday nt St. Vln-
: cent's hospital In Portland, ns the
result of an operation for nppondlcl-
, Tm,slIliy whlIp out on thp ,, ,
l)0twwn j a 0rnlldo nI1(1 HuntinKtun, I
1 nml ..nc Inl.i.n tr flin hnsnltnl IWll-i
Frldav nt 10 o'clock In the morning. I ing. Tiiere nre so uiuii m mum mui
He 'recovered from the effects of it Is Impossible to get tho dotnlls of
the anaesthetic and was apparently ' the different fracases, nnd they nro or
making good progress townrd recov-1 no consequence, anyway, for there
orv, when be was token suddenly I was not much damago in any of
worse Snturdav night nnd died at 2 them. Thomas Hicks, John Doe.
o'clock Sundav afternoon. I Thomas Scott, lKinard Leltowo, Itoy
He leaves a' wife nnd one little Hounds. James Summers, James En
daughter. He was about 35 years old. , right, A. M. McLean, Murrey Curry
n competent aud reliable man nnd I and W E. Hose are tho defendants In
was the next in lino of promotion to tho different nffnlrs, nnd they are all
the position of passenger engineer, i of them up before tho court ns the
He lived in this city for a short time paper goes to press,
about 12 years ago, where he held) The wickedest one of the lot wns
thn finsltinn nf cnirino hostler on the the tight between M. Curry nnd W. E.
O It. & X.. nnd has many friends iu
this city.
The remains will be taken to La
Grande on No. 2 tonight, where tho
j funeral will take place tomorrow un-
I 41... nltlllnau f t ll fl T nnmnllfH
i -crb'
city Reservoir Was Running Over
Th, MornI and the WeM Was
For some time there has been n
scarcity In the water supply of the
city, and the nervously Inclined hove
become nlarnied to a greater or less
extent over the danger from lire; but
the danger Is now n thing of the past,
as the reservoir was running over this
morning, nnd thore was a well full .
of water from which to draw. The
water to be used on the streets has
been limited to some extent, and there
is no danger that there will not be n
sufficient supply of water to use in j
case of Are.
Fat Cattle to Seattle. I
J. C. Lonergnn will ship out another
car of fat cattle for the Frye-Bruhn
Company, of Seattle, this afternoon.
over the W. & C. H. The cattle aro
the pick of several bands belonging
to Jnmus nnd Frank Roach. W. Smith
and J. Jones, who live iu the vicinity
of the city. In the near future Mr.
Lonorgan will have another large
shipment from the soutnern part of
the county.
Building Delayed.
T. M. Lowe, who has been at work
on the Kerr-Gifford warehouse at
Cayuse. returned home Saturday, and
, " '.T,h u f,.?. u""
! the i)lllltlI1I: i ns been Wativ ilnl-Tv
al to arrive on Ume from Pern- The
warehouse Is now readj "or She floor!
! , d .. . com..etc, fn al)mlt
in days, if lumber can be procured on
time. 1
Big Hog Contract.
A. L. SwaKgert, of Athena, is In the
'-"'ty today, having come down with a
"aa or rat nogs for tho Perry llouser
.Meat Company. Mr. Swaggort haB
sold a large lot of hogs to the com
pany and by the terms of the contract ,
is to deliver a load of 20 head at the,
slaughter Iioum; ln this city every ,
Monday mornlnc until the pmitrnrr is ,'
filled. .
LI 1 1 J - i .
E. J. Wilbur, of Meacham creek, is I fa
in me cuy toaay. He reports a se-
varn haflatnt-m nf ., -1, T- 1.
' - ..n..o.wt u. iwnu ruin u 11 u I
Wilbur station, 30 miles east of this,
city last night about S o'clock. Some 1
of the hall stones were as large ns .
marines ana wniie no particular dam-;
i aso wns Hnn thla rant was Ana tn
the very brief ' duration of the storm I
Real Estate Transfers.
dleton Savings Bank for 12.585, the
souioeast quarter or section 11, In
township 2, north of range 32 east,
Charles H. Iloork has sold to Isaac
Jay for J 1.55ft lots 1. i mnii 9 in tho I
reservation addition to Pendleton.
Lec Street Bridge Open.
Tomorrow mornlDg the Lee street
' bridge will be opened to travel, both
; by foot and horse. 8treet Commis
! sioner Means states that lt will lie
, iierfectly safe, although more or loss
; work will he done upon the bridge
I for a week yet.
I Gone on Vacation.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Havnes left
j Sunday morning for OrangevUle,
Idaho, where they wHI spend a 60-
imy Titcniiiiii. rrank H. Moon, of San
Francisco, wll fill the place at the
depot left vacant by the absence of
Mr. Maynes.
Yeast "I see in a fat Kastern city
a prinon has been unearthed and the
mummies are supposed to have been
prisoners." Crlmsonbealo "Hardened
rriininuls. without a doubt." Yon
hers Statesman..
Froe concert tonight at Thwkol
sen's I'iano IIpuso by the Chicago
Mandolin Club
Fight Between M. Curry and w. fc.
Rose was the Most Serious and Is
Bcng FoU(Jht Other Events Were
i Trifng and Little Damage Was
Yesterday something must have
Hose. There has been bad blood 1k
tween the men for some time, and
yesterday Hose wns in the Columbia
saloon when Curry came In. Hose
was standing by the swinging door,
nnd as Curry came In he swung the
door against Hose, striking him in
the face. Although lt wns an acci
dent lt enraged H03P nnd he struck
Curry In the face. They had a short
fight iu tho saloon, but were separat
ed and kept apart for a time, but as
soon as Hose went out of tho saloon
and onto the street Curry followed
him nnd knocked him through the
window of ono of the shops, a couple
of doors north of the snloon.
Hose's face was cut by the glass,
and his hand was also cut. Today he
looks as though he had gono through
a combine, and tho enso is being
mught by both sides us tho paper
goes to press.
.... uncicce m ccitti r
Fj L , Ho w Be h d
, r. .
Tomorrow Some of Especial
James Irvine will ship a car of race
horses from the Smith it Porringer
track east of the city, to Seattle in
the morning where they will start In
the racing circuit Some good horses
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why u' fir and i -
and i',,lriug t.u -n Iffi :
produi . - lii t'.T f --ult-. in two minutes?
Ever; cim: iu tli- m i-e. Simply add hot
water and s. t tn ..I. !' p.'rfwti'Iu. Aur
priv tn t1'.- Ima-. i . Kn truuble, less cl- 1
wan: Tr i: t.-.li. In Four Tnit Flu. I
vnrs: L- ni"'.. 'raii-' . Strawberry, Hasp. I
btnr. A u"r r- 10c. i
" '",! ,.
S'rl '
J' .
'" -J
' n .. n.nt Of thl
Mil. K.rp yom 1
in 1 j i . of ,o
' i i Iim l.iO'ilb
i k. iin 'he tuMelJ
ti " r urn Tn.
Just call up Main 1531, Dut
ton's Candy Store, we will sond
our wagon' around with any
quantity of Ice cream you wish.
What dessert can you get more
satisfactory and refreshing
this hot weather, than wafers
and Ice cream. Our cream le
pure, cold nnd delicious. If
you are down town drop In and
try our hot weather drinks.
Try our candies, they aro made
fresh ovory day.
Cieuant I' ' ,"1 '. n T I.-.llogrfj
r '-i . . i..r i.u" I : tf.lt iiu i t
t - 1. i I. f . u .i. I t . .. t,t M ,
IZ3 -1-
1 1
'Un ft ffl !
hnvo been In training nt that track
for weeks past, nnd thoy arc expect
ed by thoir ownora nnd managers to
mnko n good showing for themselves
when they nro put on tho trnck. Pour
of tho horses going today aro Ollle
M, Ovltn, Francisco nnd Ilonner. M.
There Is tnlk of Bonding others, but
It Is not known yet whether or not
they will go nt this tlmo. Mr. Irvlno
will accompany tho stock on tho
course nnd mnnngo thorn In their
Visit of a Pioneer.
I Andrew McQueen, ono of the ul.
ueer residents of this section of the
country, wns in the city todny shak
ing hands with whnt number of old
friends ho could find noro. For nonr
ly 20 years Mr. McQueen wns a farm
er on Birch crook, nnd Is now locat
ed In Washington, where bo is en
Joying tho declining years of his llfo.
Delegate to Grand Lodge.
C. P. Tlnvls has gono to Portland,
where ho will nttend tho mooting of
the grand lodge of the A. O. U. W.,
which convenes there todny.
Be sure nnd attend tho trco concert
nt Thorkclscn's Pinno IIonso tonight.
datura a.v Mnnrfav T j
joiy om July 20th juiy2
SATURDAY and MONDAY we will civeall
patrons 20 h?. Granulated Sucar for Si no
W I a Uh 9 I Ull
On 3 Coat Enamaled Ware. 5 Year
Guarantee. See oar Granite Ware
Window Display.
k v w . . it rv r. iv. & r 1 -in i.iuiri .-
is now on. Our RED LETTER SALE has
h nrrafi- Rf tliic rlpnranL'e S3.it
V UkWIU-U UWULO UUb U ' ' --
II .. a 1 I ..... V..,a. Mtrah hnn I tils
is to clean up all cotton dre'Sgooos,wimi
shirt waists and shirt waist suits.
Si. 00 shirt wai-t8 in white or c-l rd
7oc shirt waists in white or co! n ii
20c colored fane' dimity ....
m lawns
U5c white goodn
20c white goods
loc white goods ,
05c phi te, large eizo
12Ac pillow cases, thro for
$1.50 sLirt waists ,
$2.00 shirt waists
Longsdale muslin
loe dress duck
$100 hod snreada
-uu mce uui LUiiJiiig...., j.3
$2.25 Blurt waist suite ,12
2oc silkinots for waists
They will all go quick at the prices we '
3 $
rcwnise,u 1,,lis'i
"e tenof jou15!
' Private entrance ,0 ft
' Payments in aii r, ;
an?, 10 Per cent 2?
Fair open w fe
4 Brtl
. tila trrtf
- ---- .