East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 20, 1903, Image 5

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eat July Skirt Sale
..... i4Q SKIRTS left that must be drr.,t
-to mane iuu... .w. 6 ,i aim vinierstcck soon
Eupped. Weao noiwani io carry over a single skirt
W't' . ..oc nn tnnm that will mit tU. ....
. nai pi"-" - "iciii move, what
'' . .,,,r rain and it vou are a umc v.....
Pf-n.. pvctv item below and then act at nr.
hllouri3 h" ol $10.00
'2 ' " 9.50
ioo n i. 3,00
9-00 " " ' 7.25
oo " " ' 6.40
7 5.50
6 00 4.75
5 0 " 3.90
4 00 " " ' 2.95
ijo " 2.75
3-o 2.10
2 50 1.90
2 00 .. .. , 1,45
U will last just 10 Days from Thursday, JULY 16th.
to oaiuruay iiit;m, dum ZOID,
DC DT1 nDDADfriWDXTm omnrm
Cor. Main and Alta Streets.
new game at Fra-
books just arrived at Fra-
wanted at the Domestic
i:e Undetermined and Un.
brat Yields This
liclated and Exceptional
little More Raised Than
Supply the Local De
les! Is on and the barley
to come into the ware-
the mills, but as yet there
Castled for fresh flslt.
Fresh fruits at Kemler's.
$50 given away. See page 4.
Try The Delta's Iced drinks.
See Sharp for paper hanging.
Fresh fruit dally at Martin's.
Delicious Ice cream. The Delta.
Fresh ranch egss at Kemler's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman's.
See Sharp's artistic wall paper.
Dining tables ta and up. Rader's.
For the best bread, get Hohrman's,
Hlaekberries by the crato at Ken
ler s.
"Flinch," the
N'o extra charge for tabulator on
me underwood.
Raspberries, fresh, firm and dell
clous at Oliver's.
Wanted Machinist and moulder at
Rigby-Clove Foundry.
Ciirrants from the Palouse, best In
tne market, at Oliver's.
Don't fail to read the Underwood
typewriter ad hi this issue.
Look up the offer In the St Joe
btores ad. It will pay you.
" 1 Try the Palm, 221 Court street,
places, and will be the except'on and I for mlts' candlcs and fnllts
not the rule. " I U C Hader about that ?50 worth of
The local brewery will use on an j furnlture he 8 siWug away,
average about 2,500 sacks of malt I Received dally, fresh tamales,
barley, and there' are other breweries I rrabs and crawfish at Gratz's.
in the county that will use nearly as i Forty different styles of extension
much, but the whole crop of this I '.ibles from 5 to $30. Rader's.
Best stock ranches In Camas Pra
irie. l0 to 1,000 acres. Wade.
Tents, camp stoves, camp stools,
etc.. at Rader's Furniture store.
New patterns, new styles, new
hammocks, 30c to $3.05. Nolf's.
MI Preferlda, the best cigar made,
at Rees' cigar store. Court street.
The concert at Thcrkelsen's piano
house tonight will be a great treat.
The St. Joe Store is making u spe
cial offer. See their advertisement.
All kinds of Imported and domestic
ainclies and clam chowder at Gratz's.
Don't let cigars get the best of you
year will not much more than simnK-
the local demand. But as a matter of
I fact, the county does not much more
1 than raise enough of the grain to sup-
Year i 1 ' uuiue ueiuanu, tor in tne best
..cm mcic i ueter more man -iu.vtiu
J or 43,000 bushels shipped out of the
I county for foreign consumption. Out
! side of the brewing barley used all
the rest Is used for feed, and there is
not much more thau to last through
the year.
The barley crop Is a new thing,
comparatively In this county, or at
, nrie made for this sea-1 least it Is only In late years that It
in the market renorts. and has assumed a place among the Im-
. - . ... - 1IUI
1 ire spring 011 iae imuru 1 i"""-.n ui it- muuij. n . ,ilp w, nf -i,,,.,
I -ji .1. . ll.la .wn i-rmvti In smnll .,at.V,ne f. 1 "el llle UeSl 01 Cigars.
and the grain dealers, i '"any yeais. uut me culture is grow- 7 Ir, ,1 ,
scale from "0 to SO lns. ana more is raiseu today than "" .- -
inn is not fixed and It IB ueiuie, mm in me years io come
lnhat 'lit- exact figure will more still will be sown on the lands
wnere tne wneat yieiu is iignt, lor
at Tii cnts it will be the
I was las' .ar, for the fig
a; from C3 to 70 cents.
kike a g.iod margin, even
pat low ef' of the yield..
I tils year will be light In
I the county ranging from
I'.stit.f in most of the lo-
rrgh n some of the bar-
it may run near to the
ne patch of eight acres
f is reported to have raised
tnd this is mentioned as a
I II for the year though In
! d fields the harvest re
show r'.ose to 05 and 70
hs w,M be In a few
much of the land that will not yield
heavily In wheat will go from 50 to
00 bushels to the acre In bailey.
The barley this year is of good
quality, but the straw Is short, as Is
the case with the wheat, but it Is in
most cases long enough to cut, and
that is more than can be said of the
wheat In the county. Altogether it
Is a good ciop and a paying one to
those who have raided It.
M' Oacl. if It (Inn't wnl-P
that is the cuarantpe arc, I
ji our alarm clocks. We
Im many varieties, Don't
"od gold watch out Jn the
We ran bell you a re-
peeper In chean case lust
I or the harvest Held. If
fou are only out a dollar
lint can't afford to neglect
e have smoked classes.
r aaa goggles,
We hae fruit jars and fruit jar
extras, rubbers, covers, etc. R. Rohr
man. See Charles Lane about your paint
ing and paper hanging; S07 Vincent
At and below cost all summer, mil
liuery, especially patterns. Mrs.
Campbell j
Remember the concert at Theikel-1
i-en's Piano House tonight, begins at
& o'clock.
A very pleasant evening can be i
spent at Therkelsen's Piano lloiife. I
First Grain Report. j likening to the Apollo. I
I. A. Christopher, one of the pro-1 Tnos,e nownK themselves In debt!
gressive farmers of Adams, was in t0 p p. collier & Co., will please
the city Saturday afternoon transact- sette un y,y tjle frsX uay 0f August 1
ing business in connection with the promptly
harvesting of his crop This year Mr.; Kstlnj'a-tt.s glvPI1 011 Bll0rt notlce on
Chrlstonher towed eight acres of , . 0 ,,0.,in rii,nrin
grounii wiiueisni bucks oiuaw.auu,, Uie ponPBr ,)atcr g07 Vlu
the other day he harvested 32j sacks,.,,, ,.,
! of good grain fiom the field. There
has leen auout j,u"u ouHiit-ib ui uui-, uuuu ii.cc ... .uuhuv.
lev thteshed In the vicinity of Adams taken care of. That's tbu kind you
so" far this year, and It has averaged get at Houser's, Alta street, opposite
from K3 to 7 bushels to the acre. I Savings Bank.
Three months instruction given
It pays to trade at The Peoples Warehouse
Short Lines
Mini mm
Odds and Ends, Broken Sites and
Left, just as good as the first pair sold but the prices on
these last pairs are radically different
4....4.... ........... -.... ................
xffirdl Ties
Men's Canvas Shoes, and
Low Shoes in Patent Colt,
Velour Colt and Vici Kid
All new stylish seasonable goods. WE WILL MAKE THE
PRICES RIGHT. Come and see
The Peoples Warehouse
Outfitters for Hen and Women
Band of Rams All Saved.
. absolutely free with every piano we
... if it.., .1,., I .nuilnn ei in auu r.nipiiK nuiiu UUUM-,
The big band of bloo leu:neilno
Band of Diseased Horses Running at
Large in the Lanes.
Hudson Ray Farm. July 13. l'J03.
(To the Editor) In your dally of
July 12 I notice an urtlclo saying lie, ..,,, . rlir.,rt ... Ti,,ii.
mange Is u thing of the past, as that , , .,. .. toiilulit. by tho
where sound horses nro kept on tho
Inside1, mid in time arc likely to cause
great damago. They should bo look
ed nflor.
W. S. (lOOD.MAN.
rams that were taken to the .Montana
, i.,i. i l.ost un joaiibuii Biivei, ue.ii
range by Charles Cunningham In tb or (i )HSt ( I
priv nnri oi the summer, were an,, . T..-. 1
early pari oi u e nuuimei - : ,.. a I)0cketbook. Reurn to Ka
saved by the neroers anu mi 0reBOnJau offlte alu, ri;reive reward, j
weathered the heavy storm about , a j Jur sweetn06S. richness, pow
er, flnging quality and evenness are
the egsentlal cpjalitles of a perfect
tone. The Kimball piano possesses ,
them all In the fullest degioe. Inland
Kmpiie Piano Houhh, 101 Main street.
mnnii. iien that swent over the Mon
tana country and did so much dam
age to the stock of that section. It
i ii,o intention of the owner to sell
from the range to those
iIiartment is thoroughly who are seeking the host blood that
our work guaranteed, can be found for tne impra i , Arm Cut wlth Gass.
their llocks. As ,,ral)K Fllgit- 0I)(. , ,he Kast Ore
head o rams and as they are B0I1 (,(rI.lf,r V,-,, was ,JllUe severely
blooded mer uo . a small fortune , reaMuK
represented In the tlocK. , window pane. Sun
day. A gash one ami a half Inchon in
length was made just above the right
elbow, and while It is very painful, H '
Ik not necessarily dangerous. 1
disease bus been stamped out In this
county except cm the reservation.
Knowing the above statement to
be a mistake. I take this opportunity
ol setting you light. Along tne coun
ty road in the lanes between this
place and Milton, Or., there Is and
has been since early spring, ii num
ber of scabby or mangy horses being
in what I consider Its worst stages.
They feed along In the lanes and
rub themselves on pasture fences,
Chicago Mandolin Club,
The Chicago .Mandolin Club will en
tertain vou this evening ai
sen's Piano House,
Re sure to at-
W of
I'ftin Soap y
iPr!Jtee'i of pane,
r"! iHUtern.
"se. per pouud 5C
lit .-,,,. . . ..
i iw."." balk or
"J'ttmoflng dirt
Sewing Machine Oil tKrm olt
Root Beer Viti
dellcio-.i, f '"
t n . Mllh Nut UrenliiK
Ice Cream o,,'r ice cre.D. n
superior r'lcle tor
Brown's Tree Soap ZSSVT'4
11 klodi from lour roie tMh
1 cake tnouitli for n on liira
""troiiiMBliihtreet towurd the Court ""
Furnish Warehouse Empty,
The Furnish warehouse handled
about a inilllon and a half pounds of
wool this season. Of that amount
1.250,'iiK) pounds have been baled for
shipment and the other 250,000
pounds have been used by the Pen
dleton mills. The footings woie made
this afternoon and at this time all of
the wool In tlm warehouse baH been
disposed of and the place made ready
for the grain crop that will begin to
come into the town In tho next week
or so. Most of tho wool that was sold
was sent to the Kastern mills.
Pairs of New
Dr. Kirby's New Office, j
Ur K. (. Klrby has nuned his oftlce
into room 15. of tho Juan building,
one of the rooms formerly occupied
by Mr. Judd. He has fitted up ele
gant quarters and would be pleased ,
to have his friends remember the
You are invited to attend tho con
cert at Therkelseu's Piano House tonight
A Mistake
In shipping our older recently
from a large Kastern toilet paper fac
tory, an error was mado and a much
higher grade pupcr wuh sent a (lno
tissue worth l'JK-c-' a roll. Rather then
tecall the shipment tho factory turn
ed over tho entire shipment to us nt
I the pilco of u cheaper grade.
Nothing llko It has ever been sold
l In this city.
(i!0 .. of Medicated Paper )
Three rolls for 25c.
I Insurance at Cost I
Do you want to see them?
Glad to show them
Boston Store
Of Insurance In force
M. H. RICE, Froowator, I
Agent for Umatilla County.
J. P. WALKER, city agent for J
Dinner Twonty-llvu Cunts
Prom II 30 11. 111, to 7 p. 111.
Short orduru u spuciality
Quick, (iOtirtoouH Service
Open all Day and Night
T. A. Oldfather, Prop.
A Nice, Jtticy
Steak iu hint llio thing
tliia woatlior. It iu too
liol to rouHt or boil meat
IfOull or phone
K. Court Phone Red 21 1
I iiiinlortublo riHinii iiom 1
' cettlt ut. Newlr luriilalmd
throughout, ilurvu Chop lluuie
In uouiKictloii. li:l ll
liuiira. Only wlilts licl. m.
ployed, (live ui it trial