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    TnMlsbrd rrcrr afternoon (except Sunday)
at Vemlleton, Oregon, by the
Tlione. ilaln 11
srnscitiiTiox ilatks
lailT. one year by mall
OallT. six uiontlm by mall
Dallr three months by mall
Dally, one month by mall
Dally, per month by carrier
Weekly, one year by mall
'Weekly, mi month by mall
TTeekl'v. four months by mall . . .
Seml-lYeekly, one year by mall .
Semi Weekly, six months by mall
Semi Weekly, three months by mail
:.-.o i
!! 1
The East Oresonlan Is on sale at K. 15. !
Klib's Ncs Stands at Ilotel Portland and ,
Ilotel l'erklns. I'ortlaud. Oregon.
Serlpps Mcllae News Aasocla
San Francisco Ilureau. 40S Tourth St.
Chlcaso Bureau, Win Security Building.
Washtncton. D C I'.urean. 501 14th St..
Entered at Pendleton po'tofrlce a
class matter.
A somber web Is laid ujion my
Where, for a little space my
hands must weave
Whatever pattern passing fate
may leave
Upon the threshold of my dark
ened room.
No roses 'neath my trembling
fingers bloom.
Loose threads and errors I
cannot retrieve:
And ever with a sore despair
I grieve.
For stars have never broken on
my gloom.
When, at the last, my tears
have ceased to flow.
When life-tides wait forever
at the ebb.
And master hands my tap
estries unroll.
From pleading Hps the cry will
come. 1 know:
"Dear God. torsive" In that
uneven web
There lies enmeshed a lov
ing woman's soul:"
Myrtle Reed, in Smart St.
- !
George Vanderbilt Is going to buIW ! tor the bix months endlnit June 30. '. caldine pain in pavimt; it. ami ier
j . .. . . ,. . . . , ..- . . ... I comes that unpleasant necessiH it lieuiR
"model city." established upon Ms , were JCl.u6S.23u. or about 4 per pojjed to ro often throujli the day.
private idea and estimate of such, at !
some place in South Carolina. j
He has the money to build a city of i
kind He has the power to se- j
an ideal site, financial mean j
with which to adorn it to the queen's i
taste, and can people It wltn any
class his heart may desire. 1
But the model city of this age it j
built ujion a supremely selfish plan,
and George Vanderbilt, being only an i
ordinary man of very limited mental t
capacity, and no possible claim to '
prominence, before the country, ex-
eept a little wealth, he didnt earn. ,
x ill miserably fail. j
The model city he proposes to build !
is to be a manufacturing town, on '
til i-uuiuiuii i ut.tr iiinu. lit uuj ina-
Bible difference between it and any
other ordinary manufacturing town
U1 be that Vanderbilt will own the
eatlre proposition no other property
owner will share honors
with the i
He proposes to build cottages and
prepare amusements for his em-;
ployes but none of them can own a j
home or have other income than the '
wages Vanderbilt pays.
He tblnns it wiU conduce to the
perfection of hU settlement to allow j
his employes free use of his prome- J
cades, parka, fountains, libraries,
shaded paths and
....l,ll I...II12 fnr
public halls for,
meetings. His ideal Is empty.
The very item in wnich his em-'
pioyeri would most desire to share,
and tbe sharing of which would per
feet his city, he denies them. The
profits all belong to Vanderbilt, ex-'
The possibility of making a model i
UI l.. .(
city out of It, is forbidden bi this
arrangement. The people may be Belgium. Prussia and Holland con
veil paid for their services and al-; verge, and the Morsenetlans declining
wavs be sure or work. They may have! temptations to belong to other na
... i. i 1 1 (ins. It remains self-governing and a
comfortable homes, if rented cottages , u(W)fu', uufft.r
satisfy the irrepressible longing for Sall jtarino is one or the most an
such; they may lie healthy, and at'Hent states in Europe. It consists
liberty to enjov the charities spread ' r a craggy mountain in Italy, and
.. .. . .. .... I It has an area or 28 square miles.
man's will is to be supreme In the
e'.-'jiiomy ol the iwn
tliv inwn and come -
nuently It la a foregone failure.
Such a town may exist In places on ;
the earth. There are some such In
Ireland. England claims a few such
plague sjiots of human slavery.
But In these "model towns" the lamp
of liberty Is snuffed out Jlanbood
and ownership are dead letters. Pro-
J gross and Independence are sleeping :
there In the chrysalis state.
As an example ot such a town j
j among free-born men and women. It.
is only necessary to recall Pullman, J
111. George M. Pullman started to
i.mIM n mlii ntv mi the nlnn that
Pullman would he the model and
the city would hand over the profits
' nnrt luxuries to him.
Within ten years from Its founda-
tion Its glory departed in one of the
most oisastrous labor revolts in thejyou ar0 ,aicn to earth? Well, well
iiUinrv nr thp rountrv. and Pullman what's tnat?
.ii -.i..i .i.v.
iiieti inner! uiiw mi'.'ihivu .. .tu .....
. .. , , .
failure of his narrow Ideal.
There can he no permanent perfee-i
tion where fullest liberty is not. j
The Milton Eagle, commenting uif
on the assessment of Umatilla coun
ty, this year, pertinently remnrks:
"Even- taxpayer should read careful-
- the figures published In the East j
Oregonlan regarding the assessment
of Umatilla county property. More
or less dissatisfaction was expressed
. I while the assessment just completed
! was being made, owing to the fact
that In some instances property was
; assessed at a higher value than for-
. ! morly. This raising and equalizing
; the assessed value of projierty must
! ! Inevitably lower the rate of the levy
i and taxes will lie no more than form-
! I i.. ..... ...... I. ..en. wtiai timiwrtv
I CI I CWlll I. IMPVC .....V ...... ,
j has been assessed at too low a valua-
I tion. Many projierty owners did not
i understand this and hence were dis
! satisfied with their assessment."
The Union Republican tells n
j volume of truth In the following terse
! comment on the negro question:
j "They are still burning an occasional
i negro in the South for some atrocious
j crime, and it Is in accord with the
! unwritten law of the country
j Frightful as the burning may swim,
i the crime for which the negro pays
, the penalty generally calls for just
. I such measures as are taken to stamp
I out that sort of work. Only those
. - who have lived in the South can ap
preciate the enormity of the crimes
' often committed by the negro, and it
' I a safe proposition to allow the
' Southern people to deal with all such
wad negroes, like nena mm-,
a us will "be rood.' " i
The net earnings ot the uteel trust I
cent (!) per cent per annum I on the
entire capitalization of the trust.
watered and all. Tills mean a 50 per
cent rale an the actual value of the
concern. The farmers who have paid
high prices and the laborers who have
taken the crusts to make ibis pro'-;
perity. ar.' invited to rice up and '
Friendship for Kusaia does not
give her liceuse to alap tbe presi
dent of the United State in the face,
with an insulting notice that the mur-!
der of Jews by that country Is none
of our buxinefs. Letts provocation
than this turned the dog of war '
loose upon haughty Spain. Murder 1
is murder, wherever found, and i
should lie suppressed, although every
throne in Christendom be swept
it will be ri-.her ze it oil Hawai' I
to deny httr .jnviieg.. ct exhibit-!
Ing the hula hula dauce. at St. Louis, I .
anwK ner olner natural wondors. SL j t
shouldn't bar the hula hula J
ctrllj aud aamii the broncho buster
and the fortune teller. J
Tn; ,,!),,, of a)) repnijiies is that t
of Tavalora. etitablished In the island J
of that name off the coast of Sardinia. I .
" l lMU dliuil l It-wtl 11IU11 UU, - -
r ..,.,,,, ,, .,
'"""""'fc ll.v.uvu, -w" ,
I grest. of six. Originally the island ,
was owned by the Ilartoleoni family.
the head of w hlrh ruled as King Paul
I. from 1S3C to 1882. In bis will he
made over tbe island to his people.
who were to proclaim a republic for-
Morsenet Is a republic with 2.000
residents, but its territory consists
i.W Til n,..i.a 11 -nnpL-a 1 1. il.l.al.
'l Villi t" l. Ill u I IV n .... .-
a))Ie )am, B, w,)1(.n th(1 unaarieg r
The tuimilnlinii in nlinnt OflO The
I inhabitants of this mountain republic
, have maintained their independence
I since the tenth century.
The, vnnulillr. rt f!nllBt frinnlRtd if '
con archers perched away up in the
Pyrenees, where 140 free, independ
ent republicans glory In their immu
nity from liability to any other race.
Andorra is a republic on the bor
ders of France and Spain. It has an
nrpfl nf 17K finuare miles and a nonu-
lation of 0,000. Chicago News.
Did youtackto Mint trouble that camr
rySOlHtu heart and cheerful?,
0r ,(je j.our fftce from the light of
. .... i ........ r.n.il n .1 fnnrfill
n a cukuii ......
a irouuies a tun i'"""11"
nn ntince.
. . . l ..
Or a trouble is what you make it.
But It Isn't the fact that you're hurt,
that counts.
Hut only, how did you take it?
Pihiu. mi with a smiling face.
--- , ,
It's nottilng against you to fall down
,,, to lie there that's discrace.
The harder you're thrown, the higher
you bounce.
He proud of your blackened eye;
It isn't the fact tnat you re iickcu
that counts.
It's how did you light, and why?
And though you may
be done to
death, what then?
If you battled the best you could.
If vim played your part In tho world
of men.
Why. the critic will call It good.
Heath comes with a crawl or comes
with a pounce.
And whether he's slow or spry.
It Isn't the fact that you're dead that
Hut it's only. "How did you die?"
Edmund Vance Cooke, in Ught of
Forest fires are raging in some
parts of Alaska.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There i . disease prevailing in this
couutrv most dancer iun because olectrj-
liu . .Manv stukleu
leath arc caused
t 1" it heart ili-
ease, iiiieiinuiiiiit,
X heart fnilure or
VI r- aiKiplexv are oltcu
the result of kid
iic diseiisc. If
l.ulnex tronble is
the kidney-poisoned
blotxl will at
tack the ital organs, . auMtig catarrh of
the bladder, or the knliies themselves
break down and waste awuv cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kulnejs and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proiier
I trMlni.nl lf I ll- l.-1.1TIVS
It m are feel
; iji,. ,.,, .. ,i ,, ,,w,ni... i,v
ukinc Dr.' Kilmer s 5wamp-Root, the
great ladney. liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inahilin t bold urine and
and to get up uuc time during the
night Tbe mild and the extraordinary
effect of .Swouiji-RiKil is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of tile mot distressing cases.
Swamp-Koot is pleasant to take and is
sold bv all druggists in fifty-cent and
linc-UOilar S12C IMi.UC!. 1 tiu lllttl imvv a
sample li'Wtle of this wonderful new dis
ery and a Ixiok tliat tell ail aliont it.
'.itliseut free bv mail. Addles. Ir. Kil
:itr tc C".. BingUaniton. N. '. When
witing mention reading this generous
ider in this paper. Don't uiukt- nti
mistake but remember the name ,S ami -Kol.
Dr. Kilmer's ?wamp-Riot. aii'i tht
aldre Bingliatuton. N. Y., on ecrj
Wait for
Wednesday Evening,
Prof. Montague's Great
The Kobers Great Ariel
North, South and the
singing dog, Dixie
Irene, the world's child
Illustrated songs
i .
Every Evening Except Sunday
Admission 20c. Children 10c.
I i
, .v the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as this
h0Wr. nt aUvav T prepare the body for the strain upon it, and
great l'n'mcn1. 0PfZr fornl, Mother's Friend overcomes all the
""".. , ...u. nun.
S-gr;dT-f the
of this womieriui
rcmedv. sold by all
druggists at $l.ooper
bottle. Our little
book, telling all about
this liniment, will b
sent free.
Tk Bntileld Regulator Co., Atlanta, 6a,
$50.00 Given Away
To the first one handing us
the nearest correct solution
or th- iJ following rebuses,
we will give $25.00 worth of
furniture or other goods ot
your choice from our immense
stock. $15.00 worth to the
second, and $10.00 worth to
the third.
The question Is. how many
dlffereut ways can the word
"Furniture." and how many
the word "Rader" be sjielled
In the following squares by
spelling to the right, or down
ward, or any combination of
down and right, or right and
down, but always uslug con
tiguous letters but no two
times, using exactly the
same numerical letters, yet
all spell the words "Rader"
and "Furniture" correctly.
For illustration, the word
"Under" maj be spelled by
using letters nnmliered 1, 2,
11. 12.
1. or
33. etc. The solution to be
handed in sealed, giving only
the number of combinations
that can be made of each
word, with no name attached,
In order that the committee
awarding the prizes will not
I 2 3 4 5 C 7 i , 1"
F.U.R Njl T U R,E!F
II . 12 13 14 Hi 10 17 , lb , 11 20
U , R , N , I T U , R , E F , U
21 22 23 2l 25 20 , 27 2b ' 2!) 30
R , N I ', T ' U R E F U,R
31 j 32 , 33 34 35 j 30 37 3b S'J 40
NilT U!R!EjF,U.R'N
U 42 43 44 ; 45 4G 47 , 4b 49 50
I ,T , U,R E F ,Uj R, N I
61 52 , 53 i 54 56 50 , 67 , 58 ' 5J , 00
ui ol 3 i5 1 5c ol os uy to-
U R E j F U i R N I , T j U
71 , 72 j 73 74 75 70 77 7b , 7S bO
Ft bl b3 M 5?i bii b7 bT WJ
HI , U2 V2 51 5 ; !t. !7 lib tiii
f u:r N I T i UR E
the Grand
In the Big Tent on Ralcj Island.
Vaudeville Show, Strictly
We have parks
Titeoina, Spokane
Walla. Wash., also
and Salem, Oregon,
will soon be a part
Every woman covcte a
shapely, pretty figure, and
many of them deplore the
loss of their girlish forms
after marriage. The bearing
of children is often destructive
to the mother's shapeliness.
All of this can be avoided,
It is woman greaicn mensinc.
benefit and relief derived from the
1 2 3 I i l 5 i C 7 8 , P
"Hi Jl , 12 ; 13 , 14 Ifi , 10 , 1? lb
, 20 21 22 23 21 2& , 20 , 2?
US 2t 3U 31 i 32 : 33 , 34 , 35 3G
E R A D E R A Dj E
, 3) , 3 40 , 41 , 42 ; 43 44 , 45
i 47 , lb ; 4 50 ; 51 , 52 i 53 54
"55 5ti 57 -&!i 5y , 00 ! 01 02 j 03
01 05 00 7(0!! ; 0'.' i "0 I 71 72
Til U 75 , 7t. i 77 i 7b I 7H ) i0 !1
r;a d;eR'aDEr
13. 22. 23. 24,
who Is In the contest.
(But If requested, each winner j
must be able to write, numer
Ically, each of the various
ways the number of times
they claim. In order to iden
tify all solutions we simply
number each envelope con
italnlng an answer and keep
a memorandum of each No
me will be allowed more
than one answer. Prizes
awarded July 25, 1903. There
8 iio sure thing that tbe first
solutions will be correct. So
If you decide you want to
change your solution after
handing it In you can do so
jy placiug your second in uie
numerical order we receive
;he latter. No one connected
with the establishment will
fee allowed to contest.
Main aiid Webb Streets
July 22.
Moral and Refined
The polliscope with beautiful
moving pictures, and many
other features
in Seattle,
and Walla
in Portland
of thits great
We have the .t,
1 11 Un.l Ts .
" "cai estate. re
"e nice homes H
be "M- Choice Bui)
Alfalfa Undf
-acre to 160. Wr,
tracts from
' 12,000.
Rihora & Swa
Room I0 over Tijlcf,
Hardware Store.
I A All
Pendleton Real Eslatt f
O-rooln iIwpIHtk. .1.1.1. ...
ioi auu i iois I1.0M
. Groom dwelling anj Uo lea,
........ i-ununi iaHDf nnJy
14-room boarding house ui
cenirauy located-t'yio
I 5 room dwelling with two ta
I siue ti,.tv
A ntlniKAr nf Int. l.. .
I J123 to JlSn Mif-h
j 1 lot on flat five UocU ha
i .-... f-n, uiutr IQU ci
I earn.
I Much other very deslnbk
I ty for sale AH sold on east
1 i ome ana uuy
, To find just what yoa tu'.
' right price see
, U. U. BUYU. Ill Court
r. S T f 1H M HMI
will i Milium
iii i iiiiiiii 1 1
Tl ' 11
U KS fl
i i ii
Mnnn nm nun
llllllll. l
ib .-.fa .iit.w v "rrt
anv ehanats. if it ii x-
it at ail, it Is well to eiti
m.j .-nih.r machine
. s CmltK.PfmirT DC3
I. a ii.. - i
n r..u c Part i"!
I - It'UDIvt l
t -c has far to
SHI 'll l'l-IEIfM
s-1 rl
cr,mi ar 1
can get anyway. - j ,
.. i. rheaner In toe
. 1,111 irct
t "... . Vfhrte or Stan-
ihe Briif
S-" il
if- fnffl ,1
;i. 's,'.
ni i lw i r i n i.
f i
CaBh paid for
1 1 T