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Cut Prices on
Summer Clothing
.1 "4
4 ,'i
I i 1:1 M .
j, CCnriGMT. t. If H'iit
I, dtfPLNntl CH A c V
One Price Clothiers, Furnishers and Ha ters 3
. - ...... .............
T I I 4 i' l"l "1 "1 "1 "4 "i "i' "4 "11 VI i V I 1 4 X
Tlio Shriucrs of tlio United States
are In session at Saratoga, N. Y.
It Is stated that 3,'-'33 lynchlngs
have taken place In the United States
in the past 21 years.
J. E. LuKdnnilo, a cousin of AruI
naldo, will take a course of study In
forestry at Yale University.
In 1902 95,000,000 moro pounds of
flour were shipped to China from tho
United States than in 1001.
Reports fiom all over the United
States agree that tho past week has
been the most favorable of the entire
season for crops.
11. M. Saunders, business agent of
the San Francisco llulhliuc Trades
Council, has been found guilty of em
bezzling council funds.
Tho Russians aro extending their j
land and water telegraphic service in '
Manchuria and aro encroaching with '
tho sorvico upon Korean territory, j
Tho recent directors' meeting of j
the United States Steel Corporation ;
declared dividends and announced i
pronts for the last quarter of $36,-'
Dr. .1. Hunter Wells, a missionary,
jays, "Nothing of a human agency
lias done moro for tho propagation of i
the gospel In Korea than the hospital
nd dispensary."
Tho Southern Pacific is ballasting
a largo amount of track this year In
tho southern part of Oregon.
Harry KIshcr, a prominent young
business man of Salem, has been ar
rested for robbing his employer.
Charles Toinisky, a noteil Yakima
Indian, died whiln Intoxicated, near
Old .Mission, Yakima county, Tuesday
Sailor boarding houso men are
making a vigorous kick against tho
new law regulating tholr business 1
In Oregon. ,
All tho striking union linemen of .
Portland aro still out and fully expect
tlio company to make concessions to
Ilium In tho end.
Unmasked highwaymen held up a
Seattle saloon, in broad daylight 1
Tuesday morning, and secured $50 in
cash from tho till.
Champ Clark, of .Missouri, wll bo '
entertained by tho .Missouri Club, of
Portland, on July 21. An elaborate
program has been arranged.
Harvost hands in tho Lowlston
country nro said to bo very scarce,
and high wages aro being offered ns
an Inducement to men to go there.
A largo safe In tbo offlces of tho
Kaufmunn Company, of Soattlo, was '
Mown open Tuesday morning and
200 and many valuablo papers taken,
In ordor to make room for our im-
mouse line of Fall Clothing coming I
wo will have a J
Sacrifice Sale
cn tliH remaining of our Summer $
Clothing. Prices speak for thorn-
$10.00 Suits will go at
$8.00 I
$12.50 and $13.50 Suits will go at $
$10.00 i
$14.00 and $15.00 Suits will go at
$12.50 $
$10,50 and $17.50 Suits will go at
$14.50 f
Boys' Clothing
All Boys' Clothing, two and threo
piece suits, knee and long pants
will go at a discount of
......... ....... f..'. . - . . ...... J
I 1 1 1 4 A I 1 1 i " T i l l I I I I t 1 1 1 I t "
Hotel Pendleton.
H. I). Lnngllle, Walla Walla.
iM. 1 Haullne, Haltimore.
li. S. Darman, Iluluth.
Alex Livingstone, city.
I. . H. Parke. Chlco.
Mrs. P. Sovorance, Tollamond.
.1. II. Ward, Minneapolis.
J. H. Walker and wife.
Kred A. Temple. Pendleton,
J. S. Forrest, Now York.
Sam 1). Story, New York.
C. X. Crewdson, Chicago.
W. II. Oarrctt, Portland.
I). C5. Hamlin, San Francisco.
S. H. Wood. San Francisco,
.Mrs. ltakter, Salem.
Noah H. Clem, Spokane.
S. S. Grow, Athena.
William Maher, Portland.
C. M. Smith, Portland.
W. H. Holley, city.
Charles .1. Ferguson and wife.
Hnrnoy Hani, Pilot Rock.
Ed Hnrn, Pilot Rock.
John Ilowman, city.
V, F. I.ounoy, Kentucky.
Golden Rule Hotel.
F. J. Gardner, Portland.
.M. Rankin, Anoka.
A. G rover. Helix.
L. A. Campbell, Adams.
J. II. Griible, Adams.
S. C. Grublo, Adams.
M, J, Grublo, Adams.
A. T. Kelllhor, Salem.
C. Benson, Haines.
.M. L. lienson. Haines.
F. J. Ilensou, Haines.
Clnrk Uenson, Haines,
T. E. lienson, Haines.
G. W. Ilrndley and wife, Haines.
.M. Woodrough, Haines.
n. C. Adams, Welser.
-Mrs. S. Hergorson, Wolser.
W. It. McRoherts, Spokane.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
II. Applegate, Hay.
Glenn Hlte. Walla Walla.
W. J. Wilkinson, Athena.
C. p. Ilowman, Echo.
P. M. Grady, Kent.
George C. Russell, Joseph.
II. J. Hell, Starhuck.
Working Night and Day.
Tho busiest nnd mightiest little
thing that over was mado is Dr.
King's Now Llfo Pills. Those pills
chango weakness Into strength, list
lessness into energy, brainfag into
mental power. Thoy'ro wonderful
in building up tho health. Only 26c
I or lox. Sold by Tnllmnii Co.
Holtt's School.
Nowhero do boys receive bettor su
pervision, moro thorough training, or
bettor Influences that at Holtt's
school, Monlo Park, California. This
school begins its thirteenth year Aug
uset 11th, and ranks with tho boat of
its kind In this country. Seo nd In
another column.
Burr Johnson Will Have Charge of a
Warehouse at Vansycle Pleasant
Society Event at Home of Mrs.
Leland General Nelghoorhood
Helix, July ".Several persons will
go to Pendleton today to attend the
funeral of llttlo Mary McEachorn,
daughter of John McEachorn, of this
Miss Julien, sister of Ira Jullen, of
this place, arrived hero yestorday
morning from Ohio.
Jesse .Moons nrlvcd in Helix last
evening from Idaho.
Mrs, Eliza Reodor and sister, 51 Iks
Crossloy, of Tacoma, have been visit
ing at the homo of Mrs. Reoder's
daughter. Mrs. J. K. Hott.
Alex .Montgomery and wife, R. H.
Montgomery and wife, Miss Lucy
.Montgomery, Mr, Daw Howard, Pete
Sonus, Alias Anna Hush, spent tho
Fouith at Illngham Springs.
Frank King nnd family, nnd James
Kern and family attonded the cele
bration at the agency Saturday and
Mrs. lien Decker nnd daughter,
Ada, will Icavo this morning for Wes
ton for a fow days' visit with Mrs.
Decker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake
T. D. Smith, who has boon confined
to his home for tho last fow days on
account of sickness, Is able to be out
Miss Helen Grant, of Seattle, Is vis
iting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Grant.
Mrs. I). IJ. Richardson returned
homo last Saturday from Mud creek,
where she has been visiting her sis
ter, Airs. Hanson,
Air, Glass is building an addition
to his home, which Is a great improve
ment. .Mr. and Airs, ilurr Johnson have
taken up tholr nbodo at Vansycle,
where Air. Johnson will take chargo
of a warehouse the coming wheat
Informal Reception,
Airs, lien Ia Leland gavo an Infor
mal reception at her homo last Tues
day ovenlng in honor of Mrs. Stanllold
who has been visiting In tho com
munity. Also a surprise on Air. I.e
land, it being his birthday. About 23
Invitations were Issued on nrount of
sickness, some were unable to attend.
The ovenlng was pleasantly spent.
Refreshments, consisting of Ices and
cake wore served.
Maximum Temperature Reached on
the Tenth With 99 Degrees.
Local Weather Obsorver R. S. Dry
son, furnishes tho following weather
report for Pendleton for the month
of June.
It will be seen by the table that
tho highest temperature of tho month
was 99 degrees, registered on June
Dr. J. W. Hill, Principal.
24th & Marshall Sts., Portland,
New buildings, modern and
Manual training, military
Hoys successfully fitted for
all colleges or for 'business life.
Principal of 25 years' experi
ence in Portland.
Hoys of any nge admitted at
any tlmo.
Writo for catalogue.
Fall term opens Soptember
H I"! I I I ! I II i n ..n
Oregon, Portland.
i: Saint Helen's Hall ::
(Est. isg9 by Rt. rov, a w.
; ; .Morris )
" Will enter Its 31th ;eur
; September 14, 1903. Number
, , of resident pupils limited to 00. '. '.
Hook of Information sent on
' ' application.
Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., California
Thorough mental, moral and physi
cal training for boys. Homo influ
ences; beautiful surroundings; excel
lent climate; careful supervision;
limited number; prepares for any
university or for business. Fall term
begins August 11. Send for illustrat
ed catalogue
IRA G. HOITT, Ph. D., President.
10, and tho lowest was 37 dogreos,
reached on Juno 3.
Rainfall for tho month amounted
to 1.35 Inches, tho heaviest fall In any
one day coining on Juno 11, iollowlng
the hottest day of the month. The
longest period during tho month u
which im rain fell, was from the 13th
to the 24th;
Max. Mln. Rain.
June l si: Br. .or.
June 2 "4 B0
June 3 79 .
June I 70 U
Jm.e 5 79 51
June () 'Jl -'
June 7 M r,,i
June S 7S 32
Juno 9 ! 33
June 10 !'J r,:1
June 11 8 r'
Juno 12 73 B'J -li
June 13 78 B2 .10
June 14 93 51
June IB 02 5. T
Juno 1 SO 57
June 17 82 19
June IS 8(1 17
June 19 8!) urt
Juno 20 88 B4
June 21 SB 54
June 22 79 BB
June 23 79 50
Juno 24 93
Juno 25 St! B9 .08
June 2i 8H t .02
Juno 27 79 01 T
June 28 77 57 .18
June 29 77 53
June 30 7fi 41
Total inches rainfall
Fred E. Wcsterburg Appointed at
Fred K. WVsterhurg, who for the
past year has been the bookkeeper for
tho Al. Al. Co., of .Monument, has re
ceived the appointment of U. S. com
missioner at that place. Air, Wester
burg Is a thorough business man and
Is well ipiallfieil for tlio olllco of U. S.
commissioner and his appointment
will be a great convenience to the
people of .Monument and Hiirroundlug
country. Air. Westorhurg will have
a set of plats as soon as thoy can bo
procured and will bo prepared to at
tend to all kinds of land business.
Long Creek Light.
N. Aloore put his hand on the head
of an alligator In a St. Louis show,
thinking the reptile was stuffed. Tho
hnite .I'lnseil IIh" Iiiwh on Ills forearm
and nearly pulled his arm from his ,
shoulder before It could be beaten
to Prevent 1'uciimonla and Consump
tion Is to cure your cold when It
first appears. Acker's English Rem
edy will stem the couch In :i nlirht.
and drive the cold out of your system.
Always a quick and suro cure for
Asthma, llronchltls, and nil throat
.mil ltinp troubles. Tf U ilnna Tint snt-
Isfy you the druggist will refund your
money, wrue to us lor ireo sample.
W. II. Hooker & Co., Huffalo, N. Y.
F. W. Schmidt & Co., druggists.
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
We Don't Keep Everything
But we do keep a good bis
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Rustic and Finish,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, and any
one In need of Lumber will
not be wrong in placing
their order with the : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C. R. Depot
Made in California
where materials are
produced. The lowest
priced roofing made.
Lasts longer than all
others. It is weather
and water-proof and
fire resisting.
Jeni for booklet.
The Paraffine Paint Co.
Sin Princlico, Suttlt.
Portland, Lot Angtlu
Denver, Colorado.
He will tell you
That barley - malt is a
half-digested food, as good
as food can be.
That hops arc an ex
cellent tonic.
That the little alcohol in
beer only 3j4 per cent
is an, aid to digestion.
But Purity
is Essential
But he will tell you that
beer must be protected
from germs, and brewed
in absolute cleanliness.
He'll say, too, that agel
is important, for age brings!
perfect fermentation.
Without it, beer ferments
on the stomach, causing
Schlitz beer is brewed with all
precautions, it is the recog
nized standard all the world
over, because of its purity.
All for the llrtwtry Bottling.
Phone 51 Main,
H. Kopittke,
507 Main St., Pendleton!
Our Iced Drinks are good
enough for the Angels and we
feel certain they will refresh
and please all ordinary human
beings. On these very warm
days and evenings, there are no
more popular beverages than
Egg Drinks
Root Beer
My fountain is now In charge M
of an EXPERT, Mr. J. R. Park
er, of Chicago, and he will al
ways be pleased to give you
his best.
F. W. Schmidt's
The Reliable Druggist I DOORS
I'uitoflicc Mock.
Conrad Platzoeder
All kinds of Fresh
Meats always on
hand. Fine Bacon,
Hams and Sausage.
I Prices as low as he lowest
linillnnlf. . . 4
, " "we i,
u relrtoim,
cooklK. these lotjJ
A Nice, Jd
i Steak is just i
this weather.
liot to roast or I
TCall or phowj
310 K, Court Phoe
THERE is a I
Canned fruits aaiii
that taste like mottJ
has all the freshrlM
the fruit or veuctili
lug but the most Etl
goes into a
" Every bit is pita
sweet ana
painstaking care ul
not and an equal in
.Moitn nd'rocen
Any Tie
Is k Good
Now Is the
have your home w
a little am
there will help itilj
tuliy. oome '
wall paper will
in anv room. 0
paper w ""'- j
pattern In M
every one i
H.!nn. Better
let us show them tei
you what ii "' n
whole house or one ii
E. I. M"
111 Court S
We can supply.
Building M"e
you monc
B Hi '. PI
cement, d
Wood gBttrrtj
and dwemns"
Oregon I
Alta St.(
T. C. TAYLOK, Agent