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Eastern Orcgba Weather
. ,i ,t jour residence
"H'SSAii br carrier t , ,
Knlr tonight and Saturday
NO. 4785.
Adverse to Initiative
Referendum Amend-
- . 1 . I ITV IC
U I IW" - -
. iuta OllFSTinN.
. ., . Kne.lfntlnn Was Not
1(1 Xnc Muwpuwn .
n. Not Affect the
of the City of Portland. ;.'
July 3. Judge John B;
n th Btnte circuit court;
handed down a joint-ses-
i i- ...lit nit tun niiiariva
-m -k-Anrnn lo hnlH in ha
i .,.. nf t iici nrAaanr
n ntuwas ci von on a uemui
of the amendment was
in miKHLiuii.
.! h InlHa,
Kill UUVUIBH Li lUttlB
llf UBt?lllUlV 111 UCUIIlIk
sea leauiiiir ii ii in me uu
ton began In a proceedings
reassess the cost of Im
of East liurnside street,
tr npriKiiin f pp nr inn
void; also, that tno city
IWt illrt l.nnntnn n 1 a
, 1903.
the initiative and refer-
endment. because. If this
were constitutional, the
slature. The proceedings
before the expiration of
months. L. A. McNary,
Pnntf nlfV n..r...n..
that the referendum
was not a nart of
linn' fni tlin -nnnn.. Ihnt
P PfTlQlntllra null ..Innlnrn
this amendment was pro-
Proving Herself to Be a Remarkable
Highlands. July 3. The Sham
rocks race over the cup course today
under perfect conditions and with a
nine-knot breeze. The ship challen
ger at 10:20 started with all sails
set first and had the lead at the
mooring buoy, but in two cable
lengths Shamrock III overhauled and
swept past
The third then took down her baby
jib and In two minutes the first
caught up and passed. The challen
ger then sent up more sail, but at
10:45 Shamrock HI was a quarter of
a mile ahead.
Won By Shamrock I.
Shamrock I first shot past the San
dy Hook lightship at 2:29, the chal
lenger being 30 seconds later.
Lost In the Swiss Mountains During
Researches. .
Geneva, July 3. The seven miss
Ing students from the Zurich "high
school, wore found alive by the party
that went In search of tuelr bodies.
They suffered terribly from cold .and
exhaustion after being lost. It is, be
lieved all will recover. They were
searching In the mountains for new
and unfamiliar flora, under the guid
ance of an expert botanist. ;
Twenty Cars Were Smashed
Into Kindling Wood at Peo
ria, Illinois.
Two Killed In St Louis Street Car
Collision and Several Others Will
Probably Die Long List of Pas
sengers Were More or Less Injur;
. ed.
Unprecedented Rains in North
ern Part of That State and
in Indian Territory.
Watercourses Are All Out of Their
Banks Train Leaves the Grade at
a Washout and Six People Are
Drowned Gainesville Is Under
"inu bnutl,
. - w ..c nuo
Affairs Alone.
"oi " "'J o. x lie lUf
has made the following
gaming Roosevelt's de
10 forward a nntltlnn In
can decide whether the
' be received, but Alex
ould never have received
nn 1
"mm a Guildhall meet
ly thft ,
v iuiu inuviir ni I an.
. iuniuu uiruugn
"fflCe as bellle "Inr-nnvnn.
relsn office lionns Am nr.
01 fnVito
" iu especial
Question except a de
'ewatlonal relations .
huild mi) matter is
'lie anrt i.i....n i
Hand In 3 mi
-"8 ai boise City.
. lnltwcavatlng for a
'a Main slri .1.1..
iound au old rus
on uii x feet 1,eIow tlo
fe11.1,8 P1 Into
mlety K,,01 8tt f
somSCar 10 1,e fr'"
tot 1 ,Casy nation
narked by hard la-
If flu. ' " "t'Puium y
5 A'e Pleniclng.
'. Jill. o
" hLtv Plonlclng
?te rest re ,rn
Is Convinced That Her Husband is
a Bigamist.
Chicago, III., July 3. Mrs. V K.
McCue, the wife of Lieutenant McCue,
left last night to return to her fath
er's home In San Francisco. Her
husband's repeated denials of n pre
vious marriage In the face of what
she believed convincing testimony led
her to the decision.
Heat Causes Shut-Downs.
Parkersburg, July 3. On account
of the heat work in the Immense steel
plants has b'elin suspended. Heat
prostrations yesterday caused all the
mills save one to shut down this
Speaking Will Be in Huge Tent Pur.
chased for the Occasion Many
People Already Arriving.
Lincoln, Neb., July 3. William J.
Bryan Is preparing to touch off a
mine of enthusiasm tomorrow at his
country home near this city. He has
secured at his own expense a tent of
several thousand seating capacity in
which to hold a demonstration.
Mayor Tom Johnson of Cleveland,
County Attorney Taylor, of Chicago,
and Louis F. Post, of Chicago, will be
the speakers. Johnson and his wife
nrrh.o.i iMo mnrnlnir. rirvan ulves
a reception In their honor tonigut to
several hundred guests.
Large delegations of his personal
followers are coming In from sur
rounding towns.
Spokane Trades Council Notifies In
land Company to Settle by Monday
Spokane, July 3. The Spokane
Trades Council, the most Influential
commercial body in the city, has no
tified the Inland Telephone Company
to the effect that a boycott will be
declared against it in Eastern Wash
inn.nn ip ti,n trrfvnnrfR of the strik
ing operators arc not adjusted by
Monday noon.
Many sympathizers are now order
ing the 'phones out of their houses
and a general demoralization of the
telephone business is leared if the
company refuses to act.
Public sentiment is with the strik
ers who are acting in a most sensible
und business-like manner
$110,000 Missouri Estate Involved
Most' Was Willed to Adopted Child.
St Joseph, Mo.. July 3.-Mrs. H. C.
Register, of Long Hcaeh, Cnl.. who
came here to contest her father s will
three days ago. died this morning
of nervous prostration, as a result or
attending her father's tuncral yes
terday. Her father left Ii".'1""
William Jewell College and $100,100
to art adopted daugnter, cutting Mrs
Register out entirely. Her son will
carry on flu1 contest.
Manila Cable Completed.
Honolulu, July 3. Tim cable ship
has arrived and Die shore ends ot the
cable will be joined today
Peoria. July 3. Charles Fisher, a
fireman for the Rock Island, was kill- j
ed and three others Injured In n head-
end collision In the local yards this ,
morning, A freight smashed Into a
switch engine. Doth were hurled
from the track and 20 cars smashed
Into kindling wood. 1
Railroad Men Won't Talk. j
St. Paul, July 3, It is reported
that both the east and west-bound
imperial limited Canadian Pacific
trains were wrecked, one at Rosserj
and the other at Moosejaw. but there)
are no details. The company declines
to give out Information. I
Bad Wreck in St Louis. I
St. I.ouIs, July 3. Two electric
cars collided at Jefferson and Olive
streets this morning. Twenty-five in-1
Jured- were taken to hospitals. Both
cars were totally wrecked. The Olive
street car was struck In the middle
when crowded with business men and
women. The Jefferson car motorman ,
lost control.
J. Kellen, a motorman, and Peck, a
motorman, weve fatally injured. I
The following are seriously and pos
sibly fatally Injured.
Frank Noon, Conductor Rogers,
and James Wessels. Others sustain
ed broken limbs, cuts and bruises, i
Oregon Short Line Shops Have a
Close Call About $15,000 Damage
Done to Buildings.
i Pocatello, July 3. Fire in the Ore
gon Short Line yards last evening
did $15,000 worth of damage to build
ings, equipment and rolling stock.
The origin of the blaze Is unknown,
but It Is thought to be Incendiary. At
one time the entire shops were In
danger of destruction, but the prompt
work of the department and employes
got It under control.
Several passenger coaches In the
yard were destroyed before they could
be moved out of the way.
Usual List of Prostrations in Chicago
Unprecedented in Philadelphia.
j Chicago, July 3. A number of pros
trations are reported from heat today
' but no fatalities. The highest tern-
The mercury stands at 90 today.
Same In Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, July 3. One death
and many prostrations from heat to
day. Tho conditions prevailing are
very unusual.
Schwab In Poor Health.
Pittsburg, July 3. President
Krliwnli arrived home from Loretta
today to spend the Fourth. His fam
ily physician this morning examined j
him and said ho is far from well.
Dallas, Texas, July 3. A mesnge
from Gainesville early this morning
says the city was struck by a cloud
burst last night and the entire city
flooded, It Is feared many lives wero
lost. Thousands wero forced to take
refuge on housetops. Tho water in
places Is six feet deep and a whirling
torrent. The creek through tho city
Is a mile wide and also the crcok west
of town. Another flood is reported
coming down from St. Joe.
Train Ditched.
The Santa Fo passenger has been
ditched three miles from Gainesville,
n long stretch of track being wash
ed out. By telephono It Is learned
that the engineer, fireman and "ex
press messangcr are missing.
Tire damage lo tho train has bcon
great, but as most of the cars were
engulfed very gradually on nccount of
the grade sinking slowly, it is believ
ed most of the passengers escaped
with their lives. They are, however,
cut off from Immediate escape.
Great Storm Is Raging.
Dennlson, July 3. The most seri
ous rainstorm In years Is raging over
Northern Texas and the Indian. Ter
ritory, All water courses are out of
their banks, farming lands badly
damaged and railways crippled.
The first reports sent out from
Gainesville this morning wero exag
gerated', as no lives were reported
lost up to noon. In the Santn Fn
wreck near there the engineer, fire
man, messenger and three othors
were killed.
Eleven Men Drowned,
A report from Nonnanda says 11
section men were drown near there.
They wero engaged In an effort to re
pair the grade when a sudden on
rush of water bore down upon them.
The grade melted away beneath It
and the entire gang was swept awuy
and drowned.
Earlier Reports Confirmed.
Roports show the storm damage
will exceed a million dollars. Gaines
ville reports no lives wero lost.
Corrected reports received here
this afternoon state that tho Santa Fe
train near Valley View turned over
from the tracks li)to a body of water.
It is not known whether any passen
gers havo been rescued.
Last night's reports from South
western Texas confirm the stories
that a dozen or moro lives were lost
Automobile Awards.
Dublin, July 3. Tho official
awards for the automobile race wero
made today as follows: Janotzy, Ger
man, first prize; Deknyff, Frenchman,
second; Farman, also a Frenchman,
third. Tho Frenchmen have entered
a protest against Janetzy, claiming
ho reeclved assistance at one of the
control stations.
Hanna. Vu., July 3.-Tho Union
Paclfle mines. In which 23G coal
miners are known to bo entombed,
are now roaring furnaces, and all
hope of lescuing the men Is aban
doned. The fire bus reached tho Jow
er levels and escape Is Impossible.
Flro and smoke prevented the explo
ration of any part of tho work and
all efforts are now directed toward
extinguishing the fire. A crowd of
frantic women and children cluster
around tho entrances and many of
the rescuers have hoe" overcome
with the foul gabes escaping from the
burning pits. . , . , .
The bodies found on the first levels
yesterday and left temporarily In tho
mines to be removed after tho others
wero found, have undoubtedly been
cremated, as the fire Is now raging
where they were left lying. No fur-
ther explosions have occurred, but
tho accumulating gases In thu re
mote chambers will result In a horri
ble catastrophe) very soon If the
flames are not checked.
The entlro available working force
of tho Union Pacific Is here and every
effort is being made to subdue tho
flames, before the mine Is completely
Many of the minors were Clilnoso,
others were Finlanders and many
were Americans, having large fami
lies. Tho scenes at tho offices are
pitiable, In the oxtrome. Kntiro fam
ilies wero working In thg mines and
aro certainly lost. Widowed moth
ers with ono or two littlo children are
tho sole survlvora of a large and In
dustrious family and in many cases
the mother stands alono awaiting
news from the mines.
First-Clais Event Pulltd Off There
Butte. Mont. July 3. Moso La Kotv
tUo will he heavily backed by his
Montana admirers when he enters tho
ring this evening for a 20-round bout
with Joo Wnlcott. To the outsldo
critics tho match may look like oasy
money for Walcott, but In Montana
Un Fontlso Is considered a wonder
and his admirers aro willing to go
tho limit in backing up their views.
In favor ot their argument It Is point
ed out that I.a Fontlso has mado a
good shoeing In all of his recent
bouts, and undoubtedly has improved
during tho pnst year, while Walcott,
on tho other hnnd. Is gonernlly con
sidered to be on tho downward path.
With both in good condition, how
over, they should bo able to put up
an Interesting tight no matter who
wins, and the Montnnn Athletic Club,
under whoso nusplces tho bout Is to
bo ptilleu off, expects a grent crowd to
bo present.
Board nf Trade Men Acqulted.
Chicago, July 3. Kfforts to have
members of the Hoard of Trade in
dicted on chnrges of bucket shopping
failed this morning when the grand
Jury declared after hearing but one
witness that there was no evidence
of Irregular dealings.
Borrowed on Big Scale.
Munich, July 3. A wnrrnnt has
been Issued for the arrest of tlnron
Ncukuell on n charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. Ho
borrowed $200,000 from friends which
ho promptly siicnt In high living. His
father Is n millionaire who disowned
him, leaving him In poultry.
Got a Dent by Accident.
Bristol, July 3. An Inspection of
the hull of the Reliance this morn
Ing showed nn indentation five feel
long. It Is not serious or au Indica
tion of weakness,
Brick Plant Burned.
Des Moines, Jnly 3. Tho Cnpltnl
City Brick Company's plant wns de
stroyed this morning by fire. Loss
A Corps of Topographical Engineers
Will Report Officially Concerning
Its Cost, In the Near Future,
Salem, Or.. July 3. Engineer A. K.
Hammond, of Portland, who wns ap
pointed chief engineer by tho state
board of portage railway commission
ers, to make a survey of tho propos
ed situ of Thu Dalles-Cclllo portago
railway, and to mnko a detailed id
port of ills conclusions to the board
at tho earliest date, ciimu up from
Portland yesterday and held a brief
consultation with the board and
mado a preliminary verbal report.
Mr. Hammond says that, from the
preliminary survey that ho has mado
of tho proH)sed route of tho railway,
he Ib of thu opinion that thu road
can Iru built within tho appropriation,
$105,000. Further than this, he would
not say anything concerning tho mat
ter, except that ho has a corps of
topographical surveyors In tho fluid,
mid that ho hopes to bo ablo to ar
rive at some definite conclusion In
tho near future so that ho may ho
able to make a full and Intelligent
report to tho board. He departed for
Portland again on tho afternoon
Four-Day Celebration 8tarts Off With
Good Prospects A 8peclal Train
From Elgin Each Day.
Union, July 3. A light shower on
Tuesday la tho only setback oxperl
ened by tho big colebrutlon hero, so
far. Tho crowds havo increased dally
und tomorrow Is expected to ho the
best day of all.
Tho Women's Relief Corps Is hos
tess today and tho day was given over
to their program. Tomorrow the
general Fourth of July program will
be rendered und tho sports scheduled
pulled off.
Ono feature of tho celebration has
been the speclAI train from KIkIii
each 'lay. Although Klglu Is to hold
a celebration tomorrow, tho crowds
fropi there havo been Immense.
Shot In the Back.
Lot- Angeles, July 3. A dispatch
from Tucson says: "M. L. Dawson,
a mining man prominent in Arizona,
was murdered at Chihuahua by a
Mexican whom he Invited to slmro his
lunch. He was shot In tho back. Ills
partner was shot at but escaped. Tio
murderer was captured by Mexican
All Visitors Will Feel Amply
Repaid for Coming to the
Ninth Cavalry Band Will Play In Half
a Dozen Parts of Town -Dancing
In the Big Tent on the Island
Splendid Display of Firework
Word was received yesterday by
thu committee having in chnrgo tho
settling of tho business of the de
funct celebration, that thu man who
was to havo furnished thu balloon! as
cension had another Job nn- that ho
would cancel his engagement here If
It was to tho liking ot the local com
intttee. When the celebration was
called off thu hand und tho balloon' as
censlon had been contracted for, and
tho committee had to pay for them,
so Hint it was decided to have them
carry out their part of the program.
But In tho meantime thu aeronaut
had been in conference, with thu man
agement of tho celebration nt Mos
cow, and had lieen told that ho cuuhl
come there on the Fourth. In conso
nuence, ho asked the committee.; to
relenso him If they wero of that mind.
Ho claims that the exhibition which
ho will give at tho new place will (not
yield him as much by $25, but that
In deference to the wishes of thu
people ho would take tho smaller Job
hoping that they would give him run.
slilerntlon nt some Inter date.
Cavalry Band Concerts,
This evening thu Wnlla Wnllu
hand will give tho first of their con
certs on the comer of Main nnd
Court streets. Tomorrow from 8:30
to 0:30 they will piny on Court street,
near tho Golden Rule hotel; from
10:30 to ll;3l) they will play between
the corner of Court and Main streets
nnd tho Hotel Pendleton; from t:30
to 2:30 they will piny on Main ittreVt,
by thu St. Guorgo hotel; from 3.30 to
-1:30 they will play on Main street
near the SuVlngs Bank, The place
where they will give their evening
concert has not yet been decided
upon, for It has not as yet been de
termined where tho tlruworks will bo
displayed. It Is probnblo that this
part of tho day's entertainment will
he from some of the high blislnuss
hotiHcs In the main part of the town,
and wherever this is, there the band
will be.
The fireworks are those which were
procured for the Illuminated parade
which has been abaudouud, and in
order not to disappoint the littlo ones
till of the stock will bo set im during
the evening from soino place whore
all can see. There lire over 4,000 Ro
man candles alono, mid this In addi
tion to the other part of thu display
will make a very entertaining exhib
it. Several Dances,
There will be several dunces during
the day und In thu evening. The big
tent is being erected and will be in
reudlnuHs for the dancers at tho prop
er time. A platform Is being con
structed, and everything will l done
for tho comfort of the guests.
In the afternoon tiiuro will be a ball
game ns scheduled, and to this an
admission of 25 cents will be charged.
The game will bo called nt 3 o'clock
In the afternoon, und will be an In
(cresting one. Whllo the city will not
officially celebrate, u good time will
ho shown to all tho people from tho
surrounding country who euro to attend.
Wreck on W. & C. R.
A peculiar wreck occurred on thu
WashlnKlon & Columbia River rail
road yesterday morning us the regu
lar freight was en route to Walla
Wullu. Eight miles from Hunt's
Junction, on a sharp curve, u heavily
laden lumber car cnpslzed, seilously
lujuiliig one man and badly scaring
two others. The men were stealing
u ride. M Murray, who claims to Im
a blacksmith, was the Injured man,
and he may die. He wiih taken to
Walla Wullu on the train and placed
n the hospital.
Iron and Steel Imports Increasing.
WushliiKlon. July 3. The bureau of
statistics' lepnrt will show Iron und
steel Imports for Iho past fiscal year
to bq4$6l.yoo,0(0, or neurly doublo
tho iproffMlli.K year.