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Ir,C. J. WHITAKER, Dentist; Pendleton, Or.
I miImi nf P3mlpc frnlH P.rnwne nrt Di-lrlirn Wfft.l
I?S 3 spijcninj " ww ' . . .. u ' v uuuf,. num.
lactmg 5c, bilver ruling m, uoia rilling Si up, licst Set
Teelh, ulcanite or oeiiuoia, ah worn guaranteed.
ie Grand Truek Gold Mine
sumpter, Oregon, (jokl Mining District.
Is located upon the GREAT MOTHER
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on that vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. The COLUMBIA valued at
$5,000,000. GOLCONDA valued at $3,
000,000. THE MONMOTH G. M. GO'S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,
000. THE BALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
ooo, and many others.
) Grand Trunk Gold mining and Milling Go.
milts Property Consisting of 160 Acres of Rich Gold Bearing Veins
It lias no indebtedness of any character.
It lias a conservative mining and business management.
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 15c per share.
It will become a dividend payer in a short time.
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and to make
careful investigation of its merits.
It lias the indorsement of mining men, business men and
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
Write u.s today and let us post you.
H. S. McCaJlttm & Company,
Minors, Brokorsand Financial Agents,
Or R, S. BRYSON, Local Agent, Pendleton, Oregon.
pur Weekly Mining Letters on Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining
District Free on Application.
)n Its Merit
Has the large dumand for
Byers' Best Flout
Been bunt un. Onlv thp choicest wheat that crows enters in-
1 Byers Best Flour. It's perfection in Flour. Made by the
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
6 vl (VVi"0 forming n part of the Underwood Typewriter t
"rIOUSly sllnilllflpa thn vmrb ,.f ,nnl.-lni- out bills. Mllng In
want frt.:.. -. . 4 ----
-.. ...mm eettinir m nf atnUnHps l ntH or names, i" i"", "
fmOf WritlllL' flint la ,.r, ,.l i,.ic
th 1 w,ltk'n I'aKo on tho Uiulerwoou is always In full sight of
VUT, .no ,cnor or w"rl elnK covered up ut any time tho value
Mr nt M'rtn'or, when applied to the Underwood Typewr Her, Is ap
Wt, T18 fcatl,r "'OHO filves double value to tlio Underwood,
lot ?n i rharK0 lH '"ado for the tabulator; It Is not an attachment.
Ubuh 'ntCR,ral "nrt of tlio machine. The entire operation of t o
re t Thme"lmnlsm 18 controlled by one key. Eyesight (loos 0
Melr Jl moat mpllcatod form can he easily, quickly and acorn-
i io lowed, because you always see what you are doing
i4,U"(lerwoo1 Tabulator Is solidly framed in the machine, and
brake , rack" tno Instrttmont. It is provided with an automatic
wlllc governs tho movement of the carriage perfecily,
?' Undervvood "brakes" the Tabulator. : : : : :
Other Tabulators "break" the maemnes
Pendleton, Oregon
JHN S. KEES, Agent
Baker City Chosen as Next McetlnQ
Place i.irs. T. T. Geer Elected
President Mrs. C. B. Wade a Del
egate to the Next Blennlnl at St.
The stato Federation convention nt
Astoria has never been surpassed In
attendance and interest.
The club women of the city did
everything possible in the way of ar
rangements for their guests, and
there were no hitches in the running
of tho convention machinery. Tho
meetings were held In the Odd Pel.
lows' hall, which waft most liaautirul
ly decorated for the occasion.
All the business pinx-ts 0f tlio city
we also decnnitfl in federation col
ors. Important as tho flrxt business of
the convention was, the consideration
or the report of the committee on re
vision or the constitution was the
most Important That the convention
considered tho work or this commit
te well done was shown in the adop
tion of tho report wit lilmt ono or two
slight changes. The one that a plu
rality vote was substituted for a ma
jority in elections. Tnc constitution
as revised wns ordered printed, and
copies wnl bo sent to each club In tho
toderation before the opening of the
next club year.
A combination of circumstances,
prominent among them the Heppnor
disaster, prevented many from at
tending the convention. Of the chair
men of six standing committees, only
one was present.
Mrs. Horn.. Miller, chairman or the
Oregon history committee, died two
or three days before tlio opening of
tho convention. A rising vote of re
spect was paid to her memory, when
her name on tho program was reach
ed. The chairman of civics. Mrs.
Julia Marquam, or Portland, wiir
present, and presented her report.
Mrs. 12. P. Marshall, chairman ot
the library committee; Mrs. J. Ilalley,
Jr.. chairman of the education com
mittee; .Mrs. Sarah A. Kvnns, chair
man of the legislative committee; Dr.
Mae Cardwell,. chairmun of the do
mestic scien -e committee 3eni their
reports, all of which showed a won
(Ut nil growth in federation work and
The club reports were a revocation.
One could hardly realize that thlB
was only the third convention of tho
federation. All lines of work had
been well carried out by tho clubs
during the year.
Some have established libraries,
some parks, one or two leportod
struggles with the "cow question"
(our leaders, some of them, at least,
can remember when tno cow roamen
abroad in Peudlelon); another re
ported vigorous and successful meas
ures tuken to prevent tho release of a
man guilty of "shanghaiing" without
hall; still another prevented tho li
censing of a saloon In Its town, others
decorated school rooms and giounils,
and these, are not all the good things
the cluliB have done.
Professor Ackerinan asked for the
co-oporntlon of the federation In Im
pioviiig the mini schools of the
stale anil the ((invention was unani
mously In favor of working In har
mony with the state board or dui a
lion in this direction.
Wednesday evening Mrs. Eva Em
cry Dye gave a talk on "Oregon's
Debt to Sacajawoa." .Mrs. Dye is u
most pleasing speaker, and we ven
ture to say that not many of her hear
ers will fall to contribute in some way
to I he proposed stntue to tlio Indian
maiden who led tho areat explorers
over the mountains to Oregon. Mrs.
J. U. Slontgomory followed Mrs. Dye
with a most convincing talk on "Jlea
sons why Oregon should have a state
building at the St. Iwls Exposition."
We suggest that Mrs. Montgomery
be asked to repeat tills talk before
tho board of directors and commis
sioners of tlio Lewis and Clark fair
at their next meeting.
Mrs. Montgomery Is a logical and
interesting speaker, and offers cogent
reasons why, If Oregon wants the
uid or Missouri when an appropria
tion is asiiod ot congress for our fair,
she should see to it that an Oregon
stale building is erected at SI I."Ui
Thursday the election of delegates
to the noxt blennlnl. the state officers
and the report or the committee on
rofcolulions and the address of the re
tiring president were tho order of th'
ilav. The delegates to the biennia1
to be held next May at St. l.ouls. arc '
Mrs. T. T. Geer, Mrs. C. H. Wade
Mrs. Sara White, Mrs. Millie Tnim
bull and Mrs. Asteiln Goodwin. Al-
lernaies, Mrs. M. J. Spauldlng, Mrs. i
r H. Cox. Sirs. A. H. Dodd, and Mrs.
H. A. Skldmoro. ,
The new otllcers of the federation
are: Mrs T.'T. Geer. president; Mrs
Samuel Uiinore, first vice-president '
Mrs A. Hernstoln. second vice-presi
dent; Mrs. Hattle E. young, recording
secretary; Mrs. Sam White, corres
ponding secretary; Miss Aiino Slater,
treasurer; Mrs. Florence I'. Sheldon
auditor; irs. C. 11. Wade and Mrs. M
.. Spauldlng. directors.
The Current Literature Club was
represented at Astoria by Mrs. T. M.
Starkweather; the Woman's Club by
Mrs. Lee Moorhouse; the Thursday
Afternoon Club was not represented.
Tho reception given the convention
by the Astoria clubs was a charming
affair Business was forgotten and
no ono would have accused the ladles
of "taking themselves too seriously,-"
Thcro wore elaborate decorations,
beautiful gowns, and It wns a social
event long to bo remembered.
An excursion down to tho famous
bar oil tho Columbia was given tho
delegates Wednesday evening. Tho
steamer left the wharf at 5 o'clock,
returning at 7. It was a delightful
The guests were shown tho sights
ot the city, tho cold storage and can
nery plants and will long remember
their pleasant sojourn nt tho city by
the sea.
The federation voted $25 to tho
Hoppner relief fund, and n draft was
sent for the amount.
Twenty-Six Thousand Prizes Offered
Twelve Breeds of Cattle Come In
for Mention Nineteen Breeds ot
Horses May Compete and Fourteen
Breeds of Sheep,
V. D. Coburn, chief or the depart
ment of Ilvetock of tho Louisiana Pur
chase Exposition, linn arranged lor a
total of over 20,000 prices In tho clas
stllcattoii8 for horses, cattle, sheep,
swine, poultry, etc.. for the World's
Fair shows next year.
Those are unprecedented In amount
and are divided nmong 12 breeds of
beef and duul-piirposo cattle with 2,
352 prizes: four breeds of dairy cat
tle, 560 prizes; 19 breeds of horses
tlo, fifio prizes; nineteen bivodtt -of
horses. S.45S prizes ; cloven broods
of swine, 2,772 prizes; fourteen breeds
of sheep, 2.54S prizes. Three hundred
and soventy-fho varieties of poultry
and pigeons, 10,300 prizes; llfty-soven
brWdt, of dogs. 2,001 prizes.
There are 32 additional prizes for
single cows nnd herds entered In the
dairy demonstration; live for oxen;
fifty-five for mules, nnd 1.310 for the
estimated displny of pet stock, ve
hicles, etc.
Provision has been made for five
cash prizes nnd two honorable men
tion awirds in most sections except
poul'ry. The final arrangemnts of the
classifications may still further on
large the number of prizes offered.
Livestock Sales at Exposition.
The Louisiana Purchase Exposition
will be tho first world's fair to pro
vide lor tho holding of public sales
of pure bred stock, which are assured
of crowds of appreciative buyers and
good prices. Complete plans have
been made for a ring for public sales
apart from the main livestock amphi
theater, so thnt sales may be held
without interfering with the Judging
or other fentures of the exhibition.
Public snlos of prize winners nnd
other cholnely-bred animals have
come to bo n very attractive feature
ol fat Btocl; shows at the leading
state tairR, but m opportunity for
this popular mothod of selling stock
to tho highest bidder has over been
oifeiod al a win Id's fair.
Made Orphans by Flood.
Following Is a list or orphaiiH as n
coiibequonco or the lloppnnr Mood.
Mluulo Long, ago 10; Aildlu inig, ago
'.l; Charles Long, ago 7; Evorelt
Jones, Imliy 8 months old: Vance
Jones, ago 0; .Mary Guiili and Holla
Gun, ages lf and IS; Marcus Gunn,
age 11; Gertrude Gunn, age 7; John
Huberts, age 10; Katie Kornan, age
14; Frank Kenian, age 1C; Charles
Kernan, age IS; Kaymond Thornton,
age 11; Antono Abruhumsick, ago IS;
Gionn Wells, age IS; Greenwood
Thornton, age U. Heppnor Times.
Deadly Hail.
Five hundred rabbits and one coyote
met death In tho Hay creek neighbor
hood during tho hailstorm Monday uf
ternoon. Tho rabbits woro killed oiit
rlghl by the hailstones and the coyote
was knocked down by thorn. A sheep
man theie seeing the animal's predle
anient, hold a saddlo over Ills head to
keep from getting killed himself, and
went out and clubbed the coyote to
death. In such wise do all tho cle
incuts conspire to do good to this fa
vorcu country Ilcnd Ilulletiu
What shall
we have
to cat ?
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a week
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u new one. However, don't pass u
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been adopted by the U H. govern
ment Give us n call.
Neagle Brothers
Sover's Gasollno Engines.
A Nice, Juicy
Steak is just llui lliing
tliiH wciithor. It in too
1 lot to roiiBt or lioil meat
IfCfill or phono
.110 I). Court I'honu Itcd 111 I
TelopluiIlK Mlilll 4
Tho Aristocrat Among the
Whiskies of the old School.
Without a peer.
for Bile lj
PCciCll Seasonable
Root Beer
Tho Thirst Quonoher
Just Right at
F. W. Schmidt's
The Rollable Druggist
I'oitolliic Mock
I'lione MtlntJI
This means tno Amorlcaa
lluslness Man. It anyono has
surpassed him In history, ivo
don't know who It la. Ho stands
p.t the top notch of achievement
In the commercial fedcratlou of
tho world. There Isn't any sin.
glo fnctor that yon can specify,
nsslstlng In his success, more
Important than tho Smlth-l'ro-mler
Typewriter. If this Is so
and It Is-don't you think It
Is worth your while to let us
show you tho merits ot tho host
typewriter on earth, If you
havo a Smith-Premier already,
glad to hear tt--sell you an
other next year. You'ro sure
to grow and need It.
Darphy & Dlckerman
lk)lf A Kent lor the l"cllle CoMl
JIT Stark HtrtHtt ri-t!mnl. tin.
Th PrhnlcWulker ttin Cnltfto
lin 'iiroIiwrj.Srallli I'rvmlrii forlln
now ii'hool.
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
Wo Don't Kcop Everything
But we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Rustic and Finish,
in all grades. Alio all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and 8hlngle.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, and any
one In need of Lumbar will
not be wrong In placing
their order with tho : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. Wt & C. K. Depot
Dinner Twenty-live CeiitH
From 11.30 11. 111, lo 7 p 111,
Short ortlors a speciality
Unlck, Courteous Sorvlce
Open all Day anil Night
T. A. Ofdfather, Prop.
Wo can supply you with
Building Material of all
descriptions anil aavu
you money
H 11 i lilin k paper lime
cement, brick antl sand.
Wood gutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty.
Oregon Lumber Yd
Alta St., Opp. Court House
Minneapolis, Chicago and New York
Grain and Stocks
N. II, II jrou h.vo .11 on ll.it. ot
' count willi u, ynu n oprl
l.liid It In mix ol our IU) office.
Stocks, lion ils and Negotiable
Wo charge no loterett tor carrying loni
MARGINS: lo Bushel on Oraiai
$2 a Share on Stooks
HWeruc.l 1UH B.tloD.I lxl ILL Lskt
I'rU.lu wire, to Hill t.illUK aicb.not o4 lo
Kl loading town, ot Ilia norihw.il. U.i.ral
ortlc.i, Jla.nk ot Comuierco UulMlof MIosmpo
II., Minn,
- U 'ra