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Published every nftcmoon (cicent Sunday)
ut Pendleton, Oregon, by the
I'bonc, Slain 11.
Dally, one year by mall $5.00
Dally, six months by mall 2.l0
Dally, three months by mall 1.25
Diilly, one month by mall .no
Dully, per month by carrier li.'i
WeeJily, one year by mall 1.B0
Weekly, six months by mall 75
Weekly, four months by mall 50
Keml-Weeklv. one vear bv mall .... 2.00
fieml-Weekly, six months by mall .. 1.00
Semi-Weekly, three months by mall
The East Orpironlnn Is nn snip nt It. It
Itlcli'8 News Htamls at Hotel Portland and
wotel rerklns, l'ortland, Oregon.
Member Scrlpps-Mcltae
Xcwb Assocla
Sn Francisco llureau, 408 Fourth St.
Chicago Bureau, 000 Security llulldlng.
Washington, 1). C. llureau, 501 11th St,
N. W.
Rntered at l'endleton postofflce as second
class matter.
Forgive and forgot wliy tho
world would ho lonely,
The garden a wilderness left to
If the llowe-rs but remembered'
tho chilling winds only,
And the fields gave no verdure
for fear of the storm.
Charles Swain.
Tho Umatilla county Fair Assocla
tlon should bo organized now, in or
der to hold a county fair this fall. .
The loafer wearing a collar a foot
lilgh, with star-spangled shirt and ox
blood shoes. Is no better than the
loafer wltli dirty overalls and no
socles. One Is disguised, tho other
iav. Both are dangerous.
It is refreshing to read the reports
on civic and moral Improvement
mailo by the many local women's
clubs of the state, to the federation
nutting. Many of the prettiest homo
towns In Oregon owo their loveliness
nnil health to tho rjulot. persistent,
unwavering campaign of a fow ener
setic women.
The stockmen of the interior who
persist in shooting tho property of
Oioir neighbors, as a remedy for the
range situation, iorget tnal tins Is a
boomerang which Hies back upon tho
bead of tho one who throws it. There
Is a, way to settle questions of this
liind, in tho broad, open oaylight of
common Justice and decency.
Tho United States can hope to hold
tho wheat exporting supremacy of the
world but little longer.
Tnlto away tho crops of tnreo states
the Dakotas and Minnesota, 'now
and wo would not bo able to export
shipload. Tho remainder of tho wheat
belt of the notion Is absolutely neces
sary to supply tho needs of tho people
at home.
While the wheat crop of this coun
try is Increasing year by year, tho
population is also growing at nn as
tonlshtng rate. Tho non-wheat pro
ducing sections aro filling up rapidly
the cities and tho mining districts
are multiplying in population faster
than any other sections.
In tho entire region east of tho
Mississippi tho only stntes that pro
duce any considerable surplus o
wheat nliove tlieir own needs are
Ohio nnd Michigan, and their bal
ance goes only a very little way to
ward supplying tho requirements of
their neighbors.
The whole state of Massachusetts,
in the last census year had only 95
ncres of wheat, and tho six Now Eng
land stntes combined did not grow
enough to feed tho town of Pawtuckot
Tho nine states of New England,
New York-, Now Jersey and Pennsyl
vania, forming n connected region
four-fifths the size of tho German em
plro, and wltli over 21,000,000 inhabl
tants, have to buy over 80.000,000
bushels of wheat a year outside of
their own borders.
In other words, they Import more
wheat In proportion to the population
than Oreat Britain does, the only did
eronce being that they Import it
from other states, while Great Britain
buys her supplies abroad.
Our home consumption of wheat is
Increasing now at tho rate of about
0,000,000 bushels u year. If wo should
havo such a crop as tho one In 18!)3
we should have to import1 wheat to
avert a famine, and oven the cron of
1S9U would barely meet our needs.
The best thing William Allen White
has over said, is his little talk to
"gadding girls." He counsels them
to remember home; to love work;
to be something more than a butter
IJy lor the wings of the butterfly are
bo easily singed. It is Just a short
editorial in tho Emporia (iazette, but
it Is worth tho while of every- mother
nnd uvery girl to hunt it up nnd reaa
The postofllce scandals wore un
earthed by a newspaper man Joseph
I. Bristow u man with a been scout
and plenty of nerve. The training
wlilcli a man receives In the modern
journalistic "sweat shop" fits him for
any arduous task in a civilized gov
ernment The president recognizes
the peculiar fitness in malting tho old
reporter the leader in tho lnvestiga
Oregon exchanges are Justly scor
ing tho Associated Press for monop
olizing all means of communication
with Heppuer on tho day following
the disaster. Tho friends who wero
cruelly turned away-from telegraph
and telephone offices with the Inform
ation that tho octopus was in control,
will not soon forgot that treatment.
It is not a trust It is Just a "littlo
clnl) of men associated together to
collect news for their own private
use" that's all.
One of tho greatest Incentives for
now hopo and faitli in tho future of
tho town that has been felt by the
peoplo or Hoppncr In tholr calamity,
Is the hopeful, aggressive tone of the
Heppner newspapers, There has been
no liewnlllng, no complaining word
from either of them. They have
preached progress In tho very ruins
or their town. They have advised
rebuilding better than over, ovon be
fore the sound of the destroying
Hood had died away, This very doc
trine of good cheer has done n won
derful work in placing Heppner on
lior feet so soon. It has given hopo
and courage to many a citizen there
who would have otherwise boenw!l
11ns to surrender to dlscourogemont.,
A stiff upper Hp Is half ;tho oattlo. 1
i.Jntt -'
Tho sensational reports In Port-
anil papers to the effect that Pen
dleton people becamo hysterical over
nn alleged prophecy of a squaw, to
the effect that a waterspout would
Islt tho city one day this week, are
unfounded. The residents of Pendle
ton ure many, many grades above that
mental plane which accepts tho
nianutactured" prophecy or some
sensation hunter, as gospel truth.
mv eve could reach, the Union
troops wore In rotrent. Those
at ii distance were still resisting, but
giving ground and it wns only neces
sary for me to press forward In order
to Insure tho same results, wiucn in
variably follow such flank movements
In less than one-halt hour my troops
would havo swept up over those inns
the possession of which was of such
momentous consequonco. It Is not
Biirnrlslmr. with a full realization of
the consonuences of a halt, that
should havo refused at first to obey
tho order. Not until tho third or
fourth order of the most peremptory
character reached me, did I obey,
"I think I should havo rl3ked the
conseouences of disobedience even
then, hut for the fact that the order
to halt was accompanied with the
exnlanatlou that General Iee, who
wns several miles away, did not wish
to glvo battle at Gettysburg. It is
stated on good authority that General
I.eo said, some time before his death,
that If Jackson had been tnere, ho
would have won in this battle a great
and nosslbly decisive victory. I can
not vouch for tho truth of this state
ment as I did not hear it. but no sol
dler In a great crisis ever wished
more ardently for a deliverer's hand
than I wished for ono hour of Jack
son, when I was oruereu to nait.
From "Gettysburg," by Gen. John II.
Gordon, In the July scrtuner s.
Ono of the most elegant social af
fairs of the present lively season in
East Peru was the gathering at the
home of Mrs, Dentist Ralph Bowden
last Thursday evening. The guests
enjoyed checkers and parcheesl till a
lato hour and plentiful quantities of
fudge and oyster stew wero daintily
served by Mesdames Husklns nnd Nut
ter. Social circles are very gay In
East Peru this winter and spring. On
the tapid now is the social dance to
be given at Horton's hall by the ladles
of the Shakespeare club. Oyster stew
served at Intermission. Gents BO'
cents. Ladles free.
It must have been some 400 miles
by the old road and canals from Slp
parn to Susa; but It was easier trav
eling In that region -1000 years ago
than It Is now, for Hammurabi was a
strenuous ruler. It had taen him 30
years to throw off the yoke of the
Elamltes, with their capital at Susa,
and the remaining dozen years of his:
reign he devoted to consolidating
his empire, which now for the first
tlino in history united under one ruin'
tho whole of Babylon and added to It
the snzoranlty of Elam, or southern
Persia, with Assyria to the north and
even Syria and Palestine as far as;
the Mediterranean Sea. Being a grent
statesman as well as conquerer, he
built roads, dug canals, and was the
flrst to collect and formulate Into,
rodo tho decisions which the civil
courts had rendered nnd which had
grown out of Judges' law.
This full code, the most elaborate
monument of early civilization yet
discovered, ho engraved' on grunt
stono stelae, and set up in the prin
cipal cities in his realm, where they
could bo read by ull his subjects.
There wero about 280 soparato decis
ions, or edlctu, r-ovorlng the lights-of
property. Inheritance, marriage, di
vorce, Injuries to life or person,
tents, wages, slavery, etc. On the
stelae, following the text of tho luws,
Hammurabi told" his people why ho
had set up and published, this node.
It was that Justice might be e.tnbllsh
ed, and that any one who n.ut a com
plaint ugainst his neighbor might
come and read tho law and learn
what wero his rights. Dr. William
Hayes Ward In July Century.
as i
"No battle of any war more forci
bly Illustrates tho truth that officers
at a dlstanco from the field cannot,
with any wisdom, nttempt to cmtrol
tho movements of troops actively en
gaged. On the flrst day neither Gen
eral Early nor General Ewcll could
possibly havo been fully cognizant of
tho situation at tho time I was or
dered to halt. Tho whole of that por
tion of the Union army In my front
was in inoxtrlcable confusion and in
flight. They wero necessarily In
light, for my troops wero upon tho
flank and rapidly sweeping down tho
lines. Tho firing upon my men had al
most ceased. Large bodies of tho
Union troops wero throwing down
tholr arms and surrendering, because
In disorganized confusion and con
fused masses thoy wore woolly pow
erless either to check tho movoment
or return the Are,
"As far down -the , lines
Aunt Phebe Penrce Is reported as
quite slim. Mrs. Webb Purdy Is also
only up to have her bed made. Dr.
Hawkins is tending out on both cases.
Tho doe f,ays that It Is very sickly
Eggs lower. Hens are getting onto
their Job and going way back and sit
ting down.
Foul Play Wo aro Informed by our
ofllclont and active deputy sheriff,
'enn Webster, that there Is no doubt
that old Mr. Ayer who was found dead
In his house last week near the Newry
town line was killed by robbers. We
ntended to look tho matter up this
week for the Pod-Auger but the rush
f job work and tho advertising has
prevented. Everything comes all nt
onco In a newspaper office. Deputy
Webster Informs us that the robbers
must huvo burnt the old mnn's feet
pretty near off before ho told thorn
whore his money was hfd. It was cer
tainly a most disgraceful proceeding
and we 'trust that our offlcors will
speedily find some clews to follow.
More particulars ne.vt week. East
Peru Pod-Arrger.
Dear God! I come not ns a clilfd to
For thlseor tlmt small gift of Thee,
Nor as a creature burdened down
With niniiv wrongs or woes or sins.
1 nm as Thou hns fashioned mo;
Mv lot Is as Thou ordorcst it.
I have no ' weak advice to g vo
To Thee the Huler of all things;
No speciul pleas for friends or foes.
I ask not to bo grent or rich,
Nor claim a dolly gift of bread.
I only ask of Thee the chaneo
To stronger grow and worthlor llvo,
For closer comradeship wiiu nuui, ,
A dally courage for tho tasks I
Which Thou hast placed beneath my
hands; I
An understanding heart to read
The lives of others and to know
And meet with dauntless faith nnd
love '
.My duty toward my follow-mon.
For hourly nearness to the Source
Of Light and Sweetness, Truth and
Produce Chronic Catarrh.
Madame Isabella Ellen Bbtcbs.
I Mndumo Isabella Ellon Havens, Life
i Governor Grand Lodgo of Jfreo Masons
ripnr kvoh to sec In earth and sky,
In s mm anil maw. m mini mm , . , . , ,.,,. ui.i o.
The beauty which was sealed as good " " " " "
And perfect by tno Master mum.
An oar to catch, In wind and storm,
In cataract and ocean's roar,
In childhood's, laughter, Joy's full noto
In pity's accent, ralth's deop song,
In nraver's whisper, woe's low sob,
The keynote of tho Universe- -Klslng
and falling, true as truth-
One brotherhood, one l-uitu, ono
The perfect harmony of Love.
Mrs. C. C. van Orsilall, in I'acino
Echo for June.
Up Ui her chamber window
A slight wire trellis goes,
And up this Romeo's laddor
Clambers a hold white rose.
I lounge In tho Ilex shadows,
I see tho lady lean,
Unclasping her silken girdle,
The curtain's fold between.
She smiles on her whlte-roso lover,
She reaches out her hand
And helps him In nt tho window
I se It where I standi
To her scarlet lip she holds him,
And lefsses him many a time
Ah, me! It was ho that won hor
Heeause ho dared to climb!
Thomas II. Aldrlch.
toga. Chicago, 111., says
"This summer while traveling I
contracted a most persistent and an
noylng cold. My head ached, my eyes
' and nose seemed constantly running,
my lungs were sore and I lost my ap
petite, health and good spirits. Doe-
tors prescribed tor me all manner oi
pills and powdersr but all to no
' I advised with a druggist and he
spoke so highly of a medicine called
Pcruna, that he Induced me to try my
first bottle of patent medicine. How
ever, It proved such a help to me that
I soon purchased another bottle and
I kept on until I was entirely well."-..
Madame isaoeiia tiiien tsaveas.
Summer colds require prompt treat
ment. Thoy are always grave, and
sometimes dangerous. The prompt
ness and surety with which Peruna
acts In these cases has saved many
lives, A largo ctono of Peruna should
bo taken nt tho first nppenranco of a cold
In summer, followed by small and oft
ropuuted doses. Thero is no other rem
edy that medical sulcnco can furnish, so
rollnblound quick in its action us Pcruna.
Address The Peruna Medlclno Com
pany, Columbus, Ohio, for a free book
entitled "Hummer Catarrh," which
treuts of tho uuturrliul diseases peculiar
to aunimor.
"What's up, ohl man I never saw
you look so haggard."
"The 'Steenth bank Is up; that's
what's up. And' my deposit's gone up
with ir,"
"Oh, r wouldn't let a thing like
that upset me."
"I'm not upset; merely lost my bal
ance." Philadelphia Press.
The- Exposition imiuugoment has
officially passed on the Iilcyclo prob
lem. Wheels may be led Into the
World's Fair grounds, St. I.onls, but
no riding will be permitted.
Be 5 Hour Day
Which; the workim? man bos fought forr
and succeeded in obtaining is something
me wue iias nu suarc in. iter uay ue
gins before Ids and ends long after itt
as. i. -rale, and many a night her rest is,
uroKeu uy me baW'li
fretfulness. The
healthiest woman
must wear out tinder
such a strain. What
can be expected then
of those women
who ure weaken
ed by woman
ly diseases?
s--f-.-Z 1 wbo are
and run-down will find new
life and new strength in the
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. It establishes
regularity, dries weakening
drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures
female weakness. It makes
weak women strong and
sick women well.
Sick people are invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, by letter,
free. All correspondence is
held as strictly private and
Address Dr. R. V.
sacredly confidential,
fierce, uunaio, w. v.
I tuflered wllh female weakness about eight
yean tried several doctors but derived tto bene
fit until I began using Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription," writes Mrs, John Green, of Danville,
Boyle Co., Ky. "This medicine was recom
mended to me by other patients. I have taken
six bottles and I feel like another person."
The dealer who offers a substitute for
"Favorite Prescription," is only seeking
to make the little more profit paid on
the sale of less meritorious medicines.
HU profit is your loss. Refuse all sub
stitutes. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should be
uaed with "Favorite Prescription " when
ever a laxative is required.
Did You
No You
What, Never?
No, Never!
have Pendleton people had u chance to get
In order to got some linos at the prices we
bought, we were conipellod to etock heavier
than our room will justify, and we now find
ourselves overstocked. Therefore, in order
to reduce stock, and get the cash we need eo
badly, we have decidod that for one week,
S?m?TSTURDAY' JUNE 27th, we will
Seeing is believing. Stop in and see, and in
cidentally see about that $50.00 worth of
furniture we are giving away. New car of
furniture just received. Come early and get
choice bargains.
Main and Webb Streets
Have Yoor Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
T-l - Ml I .
ueiay win ieaa to serious breaks.
Fust-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Pltimfeet.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule, Hotel
alogiie of them. A foil supply always kept in stock.
We have theW.
in Real Ti8,at(,
some nice homes '3
sold. Choice Builij
Lots. Alfalfa Land fj
acre to 160. Whei,ji
tracts from 160 tel
lorn & h
"om io over TajWJ
. Hardware Stn ' 1
We make a Specialty of Bail
or Squire
We make them right all
always give satisfaction. I
worn is never slighted orb
Pendleton Planing I
and Lumber Yai
Rohert FonsniJ
Pendleton Real Estate fir
C-room dwelling, stable, ctldi
ral and 2 lota 11,000.
C-room dwelling and two lotil
fnllly shaded lawn, nneij t
H-room boarding house tsii
centrally located J2.SO0,
5-room dwelling with two 1
Bide ?1.2G0.
A number of lots somewbit
$12S to ?1C0 each.
1 lot on flat, five block! f
street, $500. Other lots Mil
Mucli other very desMJt
ty for Bale. All sold on eig
Onme and bus'.
To And Just what you tj
rlybt price, see
G.D.BOYD. Ill CosAl
A Cool Pli
.l.o nlnre I
.. tIcnrp timC. Fl
inos bowline all'P
did pool and bilW
i,1pS! uDto-datesb
frps ltnenis u
Free Musical EnterW
Every Evening
International Stoi
C. F. Coleswo
.r. H.aSl ""-I
a pnt for Lee's
ante hereof. tb5 Vr, JM
MTem? .ill He M ai
at public ""'tonur jM
pound. J.lVt Cltfja
Webb treH. I ,o H"
The 0regw5
fnnil on sai