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Shoes "
That is our motto, and we
have the SHOES to show
you. Our business is grow
ing every day, because we
treat our customers right and
give them values for their
Special Sale on Tan
Oxfords. BIG VAL
UES, Regular price
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son & Company
Phone Main J tSJ
C. E. I'rossor, of Wnlln Walla, I
in the city.
Jlrs. J. W. Luhrs, of Pilot llocli, I
in tlio city, tlio guest of frlcmls.
Miss Llllle Heady, of Pilot Ilock
was the guest of friends In the city
Sol Simon, of tlio Hotel Dacres, nt
Walln Walla, Is In the city today on
a brief visit.
Sirs. U. N. Stanfield, of Echo, was
the guest of friends In Pendleton for
a time yesterday nftornoon.
Joseph McCabo, vice-president and
general manager of the W. & C. II.. 1
expected homo from an eastern vial
about July 1.
Alias Emma Golden left this morn
ing for her homo at Detroit, Mich
where sho will spend her vacation
Miss Golden Is one of the teachers at
the Umatilla Indian school.
: Mil fflTIH
William Scott, of Helix, spent the
day In the city.
j. vv. annul, oi ahigiiu, is in uiu
city for a short visit.
Montie Corbett, of Knmeln, was In
the city yesterdny evening.
P. Grant, division roadtnaster on
the O. R. & N., Is In the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Pago, of Athena,
are In the city the guests of friends
for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Daley, of Haker
City, are registered at the Golden
Utile for a short visit In this city.
Engineer Curtis, of I,a Grande, ar
rived this morning to take charge of
the helper engine now running out
of hero.
James McKay, who has been con
fined to ills room and bed by an at
tack of pneumonia for the last two
weeks, Is out again on the street.
James McCall and wife, of La
Grande, passed through yesterday
evening en route homo from the fun
eral of a nephew, Charles McCall, at
George Mlnger and family leave to
morrow for Cambrldgo, Idaho, where
they will spend the summer. Mr.
Mlnger's summer range for his sheep
Is In the vicinity of Cambrldgo.
Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Curl loft this
morning for a visit at the homo of
the doctor's parents near Tho Dalles,
after which they will journey to Se
attle and from thence to Valdez.
Italph L. Howland returned last
night from Heppner, where ho has
been for about two weeks helping In
tho work of getting the postofllco to
running once more after tho Hood.
W. P. Jlnnette, tho pastor of the
Methodist Episcopal churches at Ad
ams and at Echo, was In the city last
night on his way to Adams, where ho
win conduct services next Sabbath.
John Allen, a well-known O. II. &
N. engineer, ami Miss Dollle Hensen,
oi la. uranue, were married yester
day and passed through this mornlm
on a short wedding trip to the coast.
Tho Misses Constance Despaln and
Margaret Dickson, of Portland, are
tho guests of Mrs. Derkeloy for a
time. Miss Despaln Is the sister of
.urs. jieruieioy and Miss Dickson Is a
George Helnecko left Vlialnrilnv
ovenlng for Carllnvillo, 111., where ho
will visit his parents for a short time.
Ho has worked on David (Jordan's
ranch near this city for tho past two
Pendleton Men Carried Off Some of
the Money Yesterday.
Tho 19th annual tournament of the
Northwest Sportsmen's Association
now being hold In Dayton, is very
largely attended from ever) state In
the entire Northwest.
One of tho best scores yeslordny
was In tno event for the Multnomnh
medal: lllgelow. of Ogden, and Wood
of Tacoma, tleing onco on 25, and a
second time on 24. Iifgclow finally
won tho medal In the third shoot off,
getting 21 birds, whllo Wood .only
succeeded in hitting 21. Tho possl
hie was 25.
The best purse of the day was won
by George 11. Ilakor, of Dayton
amounting to $39.fi0. This event wns
for 20 targets at unknown angles,
Uaker was the only man In any event
to stand alone In drat place.
Stlllmau and Spenco got second
money In tho first ovent, and Spenco
got second and Stlllman third money
in the second event. F. W. Wnlte
took third monoy In the fifth ovent
Spence third monoy in tho seventh
event, and Walto took second monoy
In the ninth ovent.
Stlllman took third money in the
11th ovent and Stlllman and Spenco
second money In the 12th event. Tho
averages are all very high, each
money being divided among five to
10 men In each ovent.
The weather Is delightful and the
sportsmen are enjoying tho tourna
ment greatly.
Death to
Mealy bug, red spider, aphis,
currant worm, caterpillar and
other Insects that Infest plants.
Also fleas and insects on ani
mals Is our
Fir Tree Oil Soap
A two-pound can makes 32 gal
lons of spray, for which we
recommend our patent distrib
utor and sprayer.
Price 2-lb can $ .75
Patent Sprayer ,75
I.eiHlliif,' ri-iif,'f-;iH(s
Western Division of State Teachers
Association In Portland.
Portland, Juno 20. Soven hundred
Oregon school teachers are registered
at the third annual meeting of tho
Western Division of tho Stale Teach
ers' Association, which is being held
in tins city this week.
At the meeting yesterday after
noon, J. F. Nowlln, superintendent of
schools from Umatilla county, ad
dressed tno association on the "Edu
cational Exhibit" for the Lewis and
Clark Fair.
Among other Interesting numbers
in yesterday's program was an ad
dress on "The Use and Abuse of
Method." by It. C. French, president
of the Weston Normal, and also a
good talk on ".Mathematics Without
Text-books." by Professor H. J. Hock
enberry, of La Grande.
Yesterday ovenlng the entire asso
ciation visited the public library and
art exhibit and this afternoon will
visit the city hall, the city park and
the Oregon Historical exhibit.
Professor J. U. Horner, of the Ag
ricultural College at Corvallis, art
dresed tho association last night on
tho subject of "Oregon Literature."
Owing to tlio long program, tho
trolley ride lo Vancouver has been
Twin Falls, Idaho, to See a Small
Rush on July 1.
At Twin Falls, Idaho, CO.000 acres
of land under the Twin Falls canal,
will bo thrown open for settlement
on July 1.
At present thero aro 300 men
working on tho main canal, 10 miles
of which Is completed. A town slto
has been laid out at MUner, which
already has 150 population. The state
will open a land offlco at Shoshone,
whore all entries on tho tract will be
made. There aro now enough appli
cations fllpil tn rnvnr thn nntlr lirwK- '
to bo thrown open.
Rev. George T. Ellis, of Baker City,
Preaches Closing Sermon Com
mittees Report and Printing of the
Minutes Awarded to R. W. King,
John Day Country Looking Fine.
M. F, Kelly, the proprietor of tho
Golden Ilulo hotel, accompanied by
his family, has returned from a visit
in the John Day country, where ho
spent several weeks. Mr. Kelly say
that everything there is as green as
grass and foliage can raako It, and
that thero aro moro kinds of wild
flowers In bloom at onco In that coun
try than In any other part of the
Trout for Wallowa Lake.
President A. V. Andrews, of the La
Grande Sportsmen's Association, ha3
received 5,000 Lake Superior trout for
Wallowa Lake. Tho lake Superior
trout Is thought to bo tho best fish
for the high mountain lakes of tho
coast. This is tho first shipment of
trout to the Wallowa lake this sea
Another Steel Bridge.
Tho O. It. & N. ia making prepara
tions to put in another steol bridge
this season, near Meacham. Tho
wooden brldgo to bo replaced is the
highest remaining brldgo on tho
mountain and crosses Meacham
creek about a milo wast of tho tunnel.
This evening's session will close
tho Eastern Oregon JInptlst Associa
tion of 11)03.
Hov. George T. Ellis, of Haker City,
will preach this evening.
The delegates are enthusiastic ii
praise of the hospitality ot Pendle
ton and her people and carry home
with them ninny pleasant memories
ot this meeting.
Exorcises were conducted this
morning by ltov. George T. Ellis, of
Haker City, followed by an exposi
tion on Phil. 3:S-1C.
At 10 o'clock the association went
Into business session.
The printing of the minutes was
nwarded to II. V. King, of Pendle
ton. The renort of the committee on
auditing reported tho flnnnces In good
Tho committees jn publication so
ciety and home missions reported,
also tho rommtttee on temperance.
all of which was thoroughly discuss
One of the most enthusiastic and
spiritual sessions of nio entire asso
ciation wns In the discussion of the
ibovo committee reports.
Hov. Thomas Snlght. Jr., of On
tario, then gavo an exposition on
Phil-. 2:5. Itev. C. U. I.omas spoke
( Stumbling lllocks of Efficiency,"
and ltov. Ellis spoke 011 "Some Defi
nite Plan lor Ileaching the Masses.
The association opened In the
aftornoon with devotional exercises,
conducted by J. A. Howard, of Helix,
also an exposition on Phil. 2:12-13,
and many earnest testimonials were
After the testimony meeting, "Effic
iency of Woman's Work and Young
People s work was taken up. Wo
man's Hour" being the first topic.
The reports of the women's societies
of tho different churches were read,
followed by a general discussion.
After an Intermission Mr. Itaymond
linker gave an address on "Unseized
Opportunities of Our Young People."
which was well received.
"Splrltlal Use of the Social Talent"
was the subject of a most excellent
pnpor by Mrs. Charles notts, of Ho-
" Tho association opened tho ovonlng
session with dovotlonal exorcises and
song and pralso meeting lead by Hov.
King of Pendleton.
"Elllrlency In State Missions" was
the sublrct of Hov. L. W. Hlloy'j. ex
ccllpnt sermon which closed Thurs
day's session of tho association.
Crippled a Leg the Night of the Re
cent Fire.
George Parvenu, tho genial propri
etor of the Hotel" St. George, has been
11 cripple for tho last week or so and
has been under a doctor's caro, but
is now convalescing and able to be
nroiuid. On the night of tho fire, Mr.
Darveati fell In running to the sceim
of the trouble and received a severe
bruise on his Ml leg,
Ho paid no attention to tho Injury
and it soon grew to he serious and
threatened to run Into eryslpolas, hilt
the tlluoly Intervention of tho doctor
prevented that misfortune, and uftor
a course of rigorous treatment Mr.
Darveau Is able to onco moro uso
both of his logs with perfect free
dom. His many friends In this city
nnd the state will cungrnttilnte him.
Toilet Sets
Ran Into Telephone Pole.
Yesterday afternoon while riding
up the street on bis wheel, Enrl
Markhani. a small lad who Is stopping
at tho home of 11. F. Waffle, ran Into
a telephone polo nnd wns painfully
though not seriously injured. Some
1 boys on East Webb street wore
throwing rocks as the lad passed,
, and be looked back at them, causing
his wheel lo swerve into the pole.
His luiee was badly brnlned and he
was unable to bear his weight on It.
A. J. llean, the expressman, who was
passing at the time, stopped and took
the little fellow In the wagon and
hauled him home, where tho Injuries
were dressd. The boy will lie lnmo
for a time, but nothing serious will
lesult from the Injury.
Wo liavo Just r-ooived a nice line of
Toi ot Sots, both plainand decorated
Cheapest place in t'rt
Five Thousand Range Horses.
W. F. Yahnka, of this city, is spend
ing a low weeks at Hillings, Mont.
He was sent lor to sell at auction In
"arliic". lots. ',' (. rangi n.rsts at
that plare.
First Visit to Huntington.
F. P. Hounds, O. H. & N. foreman
here, began his Kith year of service
with the company yesterday and cel
ebrated the event by visiting Hunt
ington, to which place ho had nover
been before.
Satm'day and Mooday
June 27 Jane 29
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