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IW St. MS i
e best WV-1 i
n Dollar If J
,oa earth. ; j
Alexander a j
X "V Cepyrlght 1903 Dy
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JfaWazd Sack
hs the time when every housewife is thinking ?
iputtinRtip fruit and preserves. The fresh- $
flavor and Keeping qualities all depend upon
are used in canning. You can't do it with worn
in pans or rusty kettles better prepare by get
the proper bind of kettles.
le better than Lava Enameled its always white
and sweet. Lasts a long time and in the end
less than tin or iron. No danger of spoiling
fruit with Laa Enami.lld Wari',
Main St. Headquarters for fishing supplies
iicis iui cvci vuuuv, .poo, jiau uiiu syo
ble Typewriter is
he racket. Cannot
The Chicago
Tvnewriter received the
Gold Medal at the Paris Ex
position over all others
Typewriter Supplies and
Rubbej Stamp goods.
Electrical Supply House
217 Court gt.
Official Business at Washington Bt-'
Ing Slack, President and His Family j
Will Spend a Few Weeks In Recre- j
ation. j
Washington. D. C. June !fi - Tim i
president was busy im!.i
elal business In shape, so that he can
leave Washington tomorrow for his
summer vacation. There were a num
ber of callers during the day, but the
niost of them merely desired to pay
i.-u lespecis to tne president herore
his departure. The members of tho i
diplomatic corps havo scauered for
t in summer and omcial business at I
the capital has reached the stagnant
stage which characterizes It during
the summer monfhs.
Aside from tho postofflee Investlga
tlon now in progress and the Pnnnma
canal trenty. about which nothing can
be done for the present, there are no ,
public questions of great Importance
to occupy the nttcntlon of Mr Koose
velt and he is left free to enjoy his'
vacation with his family In the slm-!
pic fashion that has become his cus-!
torn. According to present arrange-'
menfs he will loave Washington early
tomorrow morning and reach his
home at Oyster Bay about G o'clock 1
tomorrow afternoon. ,
The citizens of Oyster Day have
completed arrangements to give the 1
president an enthusiastic home-corn-1
Ing tomorrow. When tho president
reaches Long Island City he will be
met by a committee, which will escort
him until he roaches Sagamore Hill
The school children or Oyster Bay
are to form two lines, and tho presl
dent will ride thtoiign while tho child-,
ron wave American Hags and sing pa
trlotic songs. Audrey avenue, the ,
main street, is being elaborately dec
orated. Hero It has been arranged
to havo the president unveil n civil
war gun, which has been presented to
Ihe town by tho government.
Closing Out Summer Goods
We are making great preparations for a big Fall business ana
have ordered a big stock of new goods which will begin to arrive in
a short lime and we want to close out all Summer Goods as nearly
as possible, to make room for the new goods to arrive shortly.
filoio tho Tempting Prices Quoted Below
Shift Waists
Big reduction of 20 per cent on
colored and white waists
White waists worth
White waists woith .2,oo ;
Si. 75; special lor this
special for this
Co'ored waists worth ti 75; special at . .$1.40
Colored waiMs worth Jt 35; ,, .,..$1,08
Silk Waists worth $5.50; special price $4.00
Silk Waists, worth S3 50 and S3 75; special
price ". $2.75
Good grade Battsto summer dress goods,
variety of patterns, good value at 10c a yd,
our closing out price, per yard C,Hc
Zepher Ginghams, 12c grade, per yd . 10c
Ladies wrappers, ft kind: special ,75o
Ladies wrappers, $'-35 kind; special. $1,00
Ladies liousu dresses; corset lined, 51-35 ar-d
Si. 25 kind. Special for this sale, each. . . $1
All higher grade wrappers same ndtiiti n
Better gtade D.uisfc, usually sold for i?1 .c,
saIc price, per yard 8' 0
All Fancy Waistings, Batistes, Lawns ?
25c values, sale price, per yard ISO
Summer Suitings such as hop sacking, iv
ert cloth and Alien suitings; r jgular pri' c
12c and 15c per yard; sale price, per yd 10c
Dress Duck, 10c and 13c grades, Sab' price
per yard 8 ' c
Summer wash silk, in waist patterns, 4 arl
cuts; sale price $1,(10
Tha above prices arc good tmttl Saturday night, June 27, and
every article listed is a genuine bargain
Agonts for Mc Call's Pnttotns
tho cheap
Walla Walla Volunteer Company Has
Cone to Pieces.
The final disintegration of Walla
Walla's volunteer lire department is
expected to take place within a short
time. Exempt certificates for old
firemen, which havo bcon expected
for some time, have arrived nnd will
be issued to members entitled to
them as fast as application is made.
Kiremen entitled to certificates
must have served in one of the three
volunteer companies, Our Hoys, Tiger
or Rescues, for seven years. These
are exempt from road and poll tax
and jury duty. Membra should make
application through their secretary,
who In turn will file tho application
and receive tho certificate from Dep
uty County Clerk Harry Debits, who
is secretary of the department.
It Is estimated that there are near
ly 100 of Walla Walla's old firemen
entitled to exempt certificates. The
volunteer department as an organiza
tion is ulready practically dissolved,
the council some threo montns ago
voting tho members thanks for past
services, and the Issuance of the ex
empt certificates will completely dis
solve an organization which former-1
ly did effective work for the city.
talviug advantage of
rates East offered by
Chicago and return $G6.50
at. Paul & .Minneapolis and
return 65.00
Tickets good 90 days. Stop-ovors
Dates of sale: June , 5, 24, 25, 20,
2. 2S. 29. 30; July 15, 1C and August
25, 2fi.
Full Information by nddresslng
H. L. SlSLEIt,
General Agent.
1.12 Third sticet. Portland, Ore.
l SvpzAot STEEL Ranges
l4,4,,H,"I',I,I",H,,I"i"I"H,,I"Hpl"4,IllHpJ I
. . .
Pivp Pntvplfiin I nh T
la " ' " " " "
Are now to be found at
Privett's Barber Shop and
Bath Rooms. We also have
five hydraulic chairs. Every,
thing is neat and clean. We
employ none but first-class
workmen. Our equipment is
not excelled it' Eastern Ore.
,- .u me ua ntv ocnnnmirn summer CMS es one
...c iie,i) 0. a r,onrt rf-rrirmrntnr. anil llOW a COOQ
r, ,K ,or y0" -it saves you money every ua
-- ,,ua uui lffrri itt nir rirrii innn. L,uiuiib9J
'"MU atp nnl nn (-
fruit Of nil lInrlc II rr rlirn. UftMf firdef tO
Elusive rruit House
"'iwberries Irnm M.'itm, r nrw rine cherries
New croD of oranrrps. Ipmnns and bananas.
lwlctor 007 Main St.
everV description at retail and wholesale
Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
?uy Will .:.. u..,,
"list ! " ociiuua uictinoi
5,-lass work guaranteed by
S5L? Reliable Ptombe.
Was Born Sixty-Two Years Ago
General Observance In England,
London, June 20.- Tho birthday of
King Edward, who was born Novem
ber 9. 1841, was officially celebrated
today. It having been decided, as an
nounced in the London (lazetto some
timo since, that his majesty's natal
day was to bo obsorvod In 1-ondon
and on tho homo stations on June 2C,
this being the anniversary of his coro
nation and altogether a more suitable
timo for a military display than In
November. On tho other hand, as
was the case last year, foreign sta
tions will eelobrate It on November
9, tho actual anniversary of his maj
esty's birth.
Interesting Collection of Central Park
Stock Disposed of.
New York, Juno 2C A snug sum
was realized for the city treasury at
tho auction sale of surplus animals
of tho Central Park menagerie. Tho
animals disposed of Included a lion
ess, 4 years old, that was bom In tho
inenagerlo; unother lioness, B years
old; a buffalo, two zebus, or sacred
cattle of India, and seven Dorset
owes and 12 Dorset ram lambs. Tho
flock of park sheep yielded 440 pounds
of fleece at the spring shearing and
this was also auctioned off.
Queenston Battle,
Buffalo, N, Y., June 2C At Lewis
ton today there was unveiled with in
teresting ceremonies a tablet erected
to mark the site where General Win
field Scott planted a battery at the
oponlOB of the Battle of Queenston,
October 13, 1812. The tablet was
erectod by the Niagara Frontier Land
marks' Association and tne unvciung
was performed by descendant's of
Major Benjamin Barton, who owned
tho land on which tho battlo was
Mrs. Delia Kirk, of Anaconda,
Mont., has boon acquitted of killing
William Nomo. Tho evidence proves
Privett'5 Barber SIiod
J 7:3 MhIu Strcot J
Now Is tho timo you will look
for a Rnngo or Cook Stovo for
Harvest uso. Wo have Steol
Ranges from
$25 to $70
Cast Cook Stoves from
$10 to $40
All guitrantoed to give satisfac
tion, Call and oxnmlno my Hue
bofcro buying.
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man
It Will Make You Heel Good
when you get into one of the
collars laundered at this es
tablishnenl if you have been
having your linen done up by
an inferior method Shirts,
collars amd cuffs laundered
here is the acme of fine work
and we send them home with
a co'or and finish that is be
yond competition.
Court ami ThoinHonHtrw-tM.
Suffered Eight Months
I can heartily recommend Acker
Tablets for dyspepsia and stomach
troubles. I have beon suffering for
eight months and tried many reme
dies without relief, until I got Acker"
Dyspepsia Tablets, which I used only
a short timo and am now perfectly
well. Thanking you for the speedy
recovery, J am gratefully yours, Fran
cis I. Gannor, Vancouver, Wash. Send
to W H. Hooker & Co., Buffalo, N.
Y for a free trial package. (Nothing
like them.) F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
741 Main Street r
A car load of Ranier
beer, the best that ever
struck Pendleton, is
now in the new Cold
Storage, Can be had
at Grate's or Ross the
manager of the Cold
Storage, either in kegs
or bottles.
m i iiiiiiiki
I I can save you
100 Dollars
If you are looking for a piano
I have a 300 piano which has been used less than (our
months, perfect in every respect; beautiful case, one of
the latest designs: deep rich tone; nothing whatever the
matter with it, but it has been used a short while aud I
will sell it for $200 Better come in and look at it.
Sewing Machines
Nhw IIomi:, one of the finest and lightest running ma
chines you ever saw and not a high priced machine
either. Lots cf other kinds, both new and second-hand,
at all prices
JOSEPH BASLER 40M12 MalB 8treet
that he suicided