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Days' Program Arranged and
ny Delegates Expected eastern
"S.-egon Churches Will All Be Rep'
Sie following program hns been
Kiccd for the Eastern Oregon
ist Association, -which meets In
fjclty next Tuesday, June 23. and
Ttnucs In session each day and
Pjlng until the 26th.
01 me tasiern uregun khui vin-s
send delegates to the meeting
pit promises to be a most proBta
ponvention. Some good speakers
jt'n limbered among the ministers
especial song services have been
3lgcd for the occasion Following
rgw program'
2 Tuesday Evening.
&-Prnlse Service .... It V. King
Annual sermon Thos. Spight. Jr.
o".inruilntlnnnl nf rnmmltt
prayer. I'hll
C It. J-amar
reading of church
. i i.xnosmon ami
S?, "An Rfliflent Association.".
A . . c;eoree w n acK
TT. ...
Efficient Sunday School.
-Exiosltion Phil. 1:11
j. v. uitvor
-Ilnslness and election of offi-
Some Improvements in Our
sent Methods of S. S. Aork.
M. O. Perry
Evangelization. .Mrs. G. W. Black
"Efflclen-y in S. S. Mission-
Work." L. W. Riley
General Discussion.
Wednesday Evening.
"Efficiency In Missions."
Seine and praise service
m. o. i-erry
'Efficiency in Foreign Mis
s." A. . wuer
Thursday Morning.
lency in .Moral anil taucanonai
Exposition of Phil.
Thomas splgnt
Rfflplpnpv In Temnerance
Mrs. Jennie Richmond
Kniciency in uur scnuois.
W. H. Latourette
Efficiency in Our Publico
1 1, W. Gowen
cneral Discussion.
Thursday Afternoon.
Inner in Woman s and Young
M people s orK.
T?..nlflnn In Thll "
2. J. Howard
-Woman's hour.
"Unseized Opportunities of
Toung People." . . R. P Buker
"Spiritual Use of the Social
Toung People and Junior
;rk." Mrs. Bowers
5rj Thursday Evening.
Efficlency in State Mislons."
!-Praise Service.
"ifficiency In State Missions."
L. W. Riley
:mciency in Home ..issions
."-ExposlUon in Phil. 3:S-16..
. .George T. Ellis
BeportH of committees. Busl-
"Efficiency in
' Riley
. I- W
Friday Afternoon.
lency In Reaching the Masses."
Exposition in Phil. 4:13
G. AV. Black
'Our Present Inefficiency'"
W. H. Latourette
i ; P'Stumbllng Blocks to Eflic-
;y" ... C. R. Lamar
Some Definite Plan for
Aching the Masses. . . G. T. Ellis
IK-Conferenco on the aliove sub-
Friday Evening.
Song service.
Evangelistic sermon. G. T. Ellis
jcrience and testimony.
" ..W..
First Christian Church Sunday
school. 10 a. ra.: preaching. 11 a. m.
and 8 p m. Evening subject, "Honor
All Men." At both of these services
.ollectlous will be taken for the
Hennner flood sufferers. If you can
not attend, send on offering. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening Chris
tian Ecdavor and choir practice Fri
day even'ng. N. H. Brooks, pastor
First Presbyterian Church 10 a
m.. Sunday school: 11 a. m.. sermon.
T p. m.. Christian Endeavor; 8 p. tn
3ermon. Rev. V. H. Bleakney. of El
gin, will preach both morning and
evening. Strangers are especially in
vited to all the meetings. Robert J.
Dlven. pastor.
M. E. Church, South Sunday ser
vices as follows: 10 a. ra.. Sunday
school. I. E Earl, siiiierlntendent: 11
a. m.. preaching. Memorial service
In honor nf those who perished in the
Hepnner Hood: 7 p. ni.. Kiiworth
League, subject: "How we may learn
to use our sword"; S p. m.. preaching I
by j asior. Prayer meeting on Thurs- j
day night at S p. m. Everylmdy in ,
ritei':. Interesting Bible study In eon 1
-ecti.in. E. B. Join, pastor. I
Congregational Church Siinuay
services will l:e held according to the t
following order: Sunday scnool. 10 a i
m.: morning worship and preaching,
at 11 o'clock. This service will 1m
memorial In its chief characteristics
and there will lie an opportunity to
contribute toward the Heppuer relief
fund. Christian Endeavor service at
7:80. followed by an address on "The
Problems of the Modern City." A
'ordial welcome tn nil. J. Edwards
Church of the Redeemer Diviiu
service tomorrow at hours ujt follow
aiuulny M'liiwil at 10 a m.: rarmon
.led celebration of the holy commun
ion at 11 a. in.; evening prayer aim
aiUluss at s o'clock. V. E 1'orwlne.
First Baptist Cnurch The paslor
of ti.is church will hold a special ser
vice tomorrow at 11 o'clock. It ig well
understood that a great many people
who would like to give something lor
the help of those In distress at Hepn
ner. end to asslBt in the work of
cleaiing away the debris, cannot give
as they would like, nor in very large
sums. Because of this it might be
that many would not go where regu
lar subscriptions are being made, be-
ause the sum they could give woulu
seem Insignificant beside other larger '
sums. These people ought to have
the opportunity to give and that op
portunity will be given them at this
church tomorrow. Also, this Is a time )
when our hearts are all saddened. .
and we need to seek comfort and .
teaching from a higher source than ,
any on earth. Every church in the i
city ought to be filled tomorrow by
those who come to worship before I
God and to meditate on the recent ;
calamity. R. W. King, pastor.
Methodist Episcopal Church Sun
day school, lo a. m.. A. J. Owen, su
perintendent. At 11 o'clock will be
held a memorial service for those
whose lives were lost in the Heppner
disaster. At the close of this service
there will be an opportunity given
for any who wish to contribute to
the relief of the sufferers. Class
meeting. 12:15 p. m.. Rev. G. W. Rig
by. leader. Epworth League. 7 p. m.
Preaching. S p. m. All are cordially
Invited to these services. Robert
Warner, pastor.
Fifty Delegates and a Large Number
of Laymen Will Attend.
There will be a large delegation of
me members of the Baptist denomi
nation of the Eastern Oregon dis
trict In the city this week to attend
the sessions of the Eastern Oregon
Baptist Association, which convenes
in this city the first of the week.
There will be about 50 delegates
from outside of the city and in addi
tion to this number will be a large
number of members who have come
to visit the convention, but who are
not delegates. It will be a very In
teresting iwx'tlng. as can be seen by
the program printed in another part
of the paper.
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