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nAILY ' ?
Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight nnd Sunday partly
cloudy with showers tcmlght,
NO. 4 TOO.
n Ac Inwotticmtinn
lo me ifiui viv.i
fig ana yuccn
I That Republican Sentiment
ring In Servla Indications
I Rapidly Developing Feeling
,rt Kara Georgevltch Revolt
Ittanijn Troops Against the
i it His Palace.
I June 13. It is announced
jfcr that diplomatic relations
rria are broken on lor me
A seml-oHcial note Issued,
!hi whosoever may be
I u nt Rprvia the nowcrs
Land punishment ot the mur
al civilized KuroiHJ cannot.
i that high administrative ana
r positions be occupied ty as
Lk and Undeveloped Brain.
I irtin iwrformed the auton-
w : . ..:
IBn; Alexander report wai tne
Iknn was not developed ana
u weakness. Alexander left
E), ot which $100,000 is depos
i Brussels bank.
rtaten to Start a Republic.
June 13. Renorts are cur
!jt that renublican sentiment
iidmz wltn remarkable rania
iKriia and has caused a Hut
I European chancellories. Jt is
Ke that should Shuptschina
I on snch a. rourse the nowcrs
Ifc'.ertene and insist on the
nuon of the kingdom.
Imported Revolt Denied.
. June 13. Thp Frpnph mln
p Belgrade this morning denies
nan mar tnp Kprrlnn pnrrtRnn
Ih is marching on Belgrade to
i ice assassinations.
tbrand In Sultan's Camp.
L June 13. The Tacphlutt re.
i serious revolt started today
i Albanian troons earrlsnnlnir
fni paiace.
Revolt at Constantinople.
pstinople, June 13. A fierce
irorrea witnin the walls of the
Ikiwk between Albanian re-
I ud an Asiatic regiment. The
were anally overpowered
wrc killed and wounded.
Ulent follnwfnr. cr .lrtcr.1., ttw.
UUUS at Hplprnrlf. nottinA n
p.- k. i. j i j v.. v. a
Pic in the palace and city.
tot Have Smooth Sailing,
fide. Juno 1? r-,..... ,..
utaess to more hostile feel-
i ara (ieorgevltcb, and
the popular desire for a re-
' win or government. The
'already split into factions.
WMIT IDSstpnt .. rl
I Montenegro. Many fear
j- new king is announc
er a civil war will be pre-
" 'nterDal dissension
J intervene, with eonSemi.n.
" ""ty be estimated.
Want i nn..ui!.
km, .r.r
lolatlim V tne Naders of
luM ,Vnd rKanizer of the
RIh T'" are tired or
I a. r "7're to see a re
Z and, established.
He of ,.. ,g ,,n tDls d0-
ch. a p.' 5'":,es-
"Wlntip vrs Premier.
'".the massacre, died
I'io a, V utlar'e of Itou
8erkn 0rary.'olone' of
th. ::.t'enl oncers,
i with .IV"". fevered his
Mwmprr-.101.. say
of w e such horri
J5mllitary honor."
tW.IJ: Juie 13a large
4dT.ellJ..a mining vi
laL"1 Wght l,v
"a . ...
wilier- district
. t8ln mil .
rvn .CL "K K"o Com
liflW.20" In the
the alr t.
.AWED . BY. MILITIA, ) ' -'t
Arliona Strikers Give Up, Losing
Every Contention.
Morcncl, Ariz., June 13. The back
bono of the striko is broken. The
leaders have been arrested and are
held charged with inciting riot. They
will probably be taken at once to
Solomonvillo for trial by rangers.
Tho situation was brought about by
tho arrival or the mllltln thov ).o,-ir,
jrwonderful and immediate effect up-
nn thp ctftlrpra iphn It. -.,,-, l i'
uv. ...w.., 11 ttxj in 3IL-VL.m'3 UU
previously defied the company offic
ials and laughed at their coming re
lief. There was no arbitration.
Tho strikers will probably accept
the company's offer of nine hours'
pay for eight hours' work ami go to
work tomorrow. Settlement here
means the same result In adjoining
camps, which have been idle for two
days past The trouble at Clifton
is over.
All Quiet at Morenci.
Washington, June 13. The war de
partment has received a dispatch an
nouncing the arrival of trtfops at'
Morenci, Ariz., and stating that all is
quiet there.
New Santa Fe Auditor.
Topeka, Kan., June 13. J. W.
White is to be the new auditor of
disbursements on the Santa Fe in
place of I. S. Lanck, deceased. Mr.
White w .1 como here from I.os An
geles, where he has his headquarters
as auditor of the coast lines. , He
was. formerly chief clerk to ' Mr.
L'auck in this city.
Wall of Water Three Feet Deep
Rushed Down the Gulch, Doing
Considerable Damage, But No One
Was Injured.
Rfljlitmd .Train; Is Cajugjitfand
Doubled' Up like a Horse
shoe, But No One is Hurt,
Nick Blanchett reports two water
spouts near the head of Combs' Can
yon. One occurred on Thursday even
ing between Alkali and the head of
the canyon. During the storm 50
head of mutton sheep on the Mc
Cracken place were struck by lightn
ing and killed, and the herder had
his arm burned.
The second spout occurred between
Nye and tho head of the canyon, on
Friday afternoon, and so much water
fell that a wall of water two and
three feet deep rushed down the
gulch. No one was hurt In the sec
ond one.
Squatters Refuse to Vacate Their
Homes and Make Trouble.
Portland, June 13. A report comes
from Lakeview that squatters on
land of the Warner Valley Stock
Company have burned the buildings
on the ranch 40 miles east of that
The squatters refuso to bo dispos
sessed and state that they will resist,
by force of arms, the order of the
court awarding the laud to the War
ner Valley Stock Company.
Alaskan Promoter and Millionaire,
Well Known Through Northwest.
Chicago, June 13. Isabelle Healy
was this afternoon granted a divorce
from Captain John J. Hcaiy, the wide
ly known Alaskan promoter and mil
lionaire. She getb a largo block of
stock in the North American Trading
& Transportation Company, of which
he is president.
Houseboat Capsizes on White River,
in Arkansas.
ninrnnilnn A rlr .lUHO 13. SeVPU
persons have been drowned at Aber
deen, on White river, uy wie
Ing of a houseboat The victims
w n Mnnpvmaker and wife.
J. M. Clark' and wife and two boys
and a girl. The people were cngugi-u
In gathering musbej iien.
Situation Is Constantly Improving at
St, Louie.
at i..i Tn 19 The river is!
-iil., .. !,.,..!.. ot I.-nct St IJullls. Tho
situation is constantly improving,
but there is much sickness, aggra
vated by lack of ciotmng, anu uy
cold weather.
The Known Death List Is Thirty-one,
'But -the Number Drowned May
Greatly Exceed That .Estimate
Man on Horseback, Five' Minutes
Ahead of Flood, Saved Many Lives.
Clifton, Ariz., June 13. Many per
sons were drowned in the cloudburst
that swept this part of the state yes
terday. The Baby Gauge Railroad
up the canyon to Mctcalf was fright
fully washed, and. on. this road occur
red the narrowest escape from a big
death list.
A train carrying CO passengers met
the flood, which was seen in time for
the train to be stopped, allowing tho
passengers to seek the hillside. Tho
water overturned the train and doubl
ed It up like a horseshoe.
The bodies of many dead are be
lieved to be buried under the trail
ings from tho Arizona Copper Com
pany's mill, and It may bo weeks be
fore all the missing can be accounted
Death List Is Thirty-one.
Twelve bodies of flood victims
hare been recovered at Clifton, Ariz.,
but the death list generally is placed
at 31. Many of the bodies will never
be recovered, although hundreds of
men, Including many ot the striking
miners, are engaged In the search.
The rush of waters bore most of tho
bodies from tho Chase creek into the
San Francisco river.
Harrowing tales of death are re
ported by people living along Chase
creek, one man reporting that he
counted 12 people struggling in the
water, and believes that all of them
were lost. One Mexican woman lost
five children who were swept away
with the wreckage of their house.
! Clifton had its hero on horseback,
similar to the man who rode down
the valley of Johnstown, Pa., and
I warned tne people of the impending
I danger. The Clifton hero rode at
! breakneck speed five minutes ahead
I of the torrent and shouted to the
I settlers to flee to higher ground. His
warning saved hundreds of lives.
Ninth Annual Picnic of Uma
tilla County Association tho
Best Ever Held.
Mimic War Dance by Painted Young
sters Ball Game Called Off on Ac
count of the rain Sports and Mu
sic Are Highly Appreciated
Large Crowds in Attendance,
Tho ninth annual reunion of tho
Umatilla county pioneers, which
closes this evening at Weston, hns
been tho most successful meeting
yet held. Tho picnic began Thursday
morning and tho attendance Increas
ed each day, until tho climax was
reached this afternoon, when the
largest erovrd over assembled on a
like occasion nt Weston witnessed
tho closing exercises and sports.
Although tho rain Thursday after
noon and Friday interrupted tho pro
gram, Its beneficial effects had n
tendency to enliven tho crowds and
the prospect ct good crops ndded zest
to the occasion.
The nnuunl address was delivered
by Hev. M. H. Marvin, of Walla
Walla on Thursday, and tho main ex
ercises of the reunion wcro held In a
large tent stretched across tho main
street of Weston. Hev. Andreas
Hard addressed tho reunion Friday.
One of the Interesting features of
the program was a mimic war dance
by Weston boys who were painted up
to represent savages.
The Athena band furnished music
for the occasion and an excellent lo
cal chorus of voices added splco to
all tho exercises.
The ball game between Adams and
Milton stood five for Adams and four
for Milton, when tho gamo was call
ed off to mnko room for tho rain.
Joe Haddely won tho 100-yard dash
against Overdofr and Mnrsett. An
gus McDonald won tho shot put on
a throw of 37 feet and ono inch.
The citizens of Weston mado it en
joyable for tho pioneers In every
concejvablo way and the meeting is
pronounced by all to be tho most
successful ever held.
"Hair Oil Pete's" Trial.
t..- i Thn nrellminary
in f ii m fit fivr. for the
ciniuiuimuu yji . - - -
killing of Archie Emmous, at I-ardo
on June 3, will he neiu m
on Juno 18. Hawiey and Puckett, of
this city, have been retained to de
fend him.
Unions of Chicago Receive Warning
From Federation of Labor.
Chicago, June 13. Tho Federation
of Labor notified tho striking waiters
at noon today it they persisted in
their refusal to arbitrate with the
hotel and restaurant owners It would
withdraw federation support. Schil
ling, or the National Civic Federation,
alid members of the stato hoard of
arbitration, made futile attempts to
get a hearing. Tho waiters refused
nil finmtinimlfipfl and finv thev will
!1iavo union recognition or fight until
the union dlBbanus. rracticany uiu
entire city Is without restaurants or
hotels. Thousands aro carrying
The police have Issued an order
prohibiting pickets from tho Walters'
Union from taking places within two
and a half blocks of tho affected ho
tels. Ten arrests wcro made this
morning for violation of the order,
Iteeder, ono ot the largest caterers
In the city this morning signed the
union scale.
It Lacks Confirmation and has a
Roundabout Source,
London, Juno 13. A dispatch from
Vienna states that tho evening papers
print an announcement that Popo Leo
died suddenly of heart failure. Thero
is no confirmation of tho report.
University Commencement.
Madison, Wis., Juno 13, Every
thing Is In readiness for commence
ment week at the University of Wis
consin which will be ushered in to
morrow with the baccalaureate ad
dress by Dr. E. A. Dirge, the acting
president The annual address before
the college of law will be delivered
Monday tiy Hiram P. Stevens of St.
Paul. Tuesday will bo class day,
Wednesday alumni day, and Thurs
day commencement day, when 370
graduates will receive their diplomas.
i Suit Againsi Mining Concerns to Re
cover Over $26,000.
Portland, Juno 13. The caso of
Ira Lemon, Scott Collins, J. M. War
ren, Katie Warren, A. E. and M. Hut
ter and Pear' Lemon ngalnst tho
Consolidated Bonanza Gold Mines
Company, to recover damages, camo
up for trial in the United States dis
trict court this morning.
This Is an action in which the
plaintiffs seek to recover for tho
loss of timber alleged to have been
their property. They endeavor to
show that In January, 1902, they es
tablished, In Baker county, what Is
known as the "Hardly Able" placer
mining claim, from which the defend
ant company afterward cut down nnu
converted Into cordwood timber,
amounting to 998,400 feet and valued
at $8,958.;0. They ask damages to
tho amount of troblo this sum, of
Mrs, Hampden Passes Away From
Effect of an Abscess,
Mrs. Elizabeth Jano Hampden
died this morning at 12:30 o'clock
at her home on East Court street,
after a long illness resulting from
an abscess on tho liver.
Mrs. Hampden was ono of Pondlo
ton's oldest residents, having reach
ed her 72d birthday on the ICth of
last January. The announcement of
the funeral arrangements Is given In
a different part of tho paper.
Organizer at The Dalles,
Tho Dalles, June 13. Q. Y. Harry,
of tho Stato Federation of Labor,
spent yesterday In tho city, and while
here organized a union of Sheet
Metal Workers with six members,
Ho also organized Tho Dalles Cen
tral Council, which Is composed of
three delegates from each labor
union, tho purpose of which Is to act
as an advisory board to all unions.
It Is expected all matters of Import
ance to union labor will be referred
to this council before action shall be
Government Engineers Now Looking
Over the Site.
The Dalles, Juno 13. A party of
15 engineers, under William Morris,
United States assistant engineer,
have arrived In Tho Dalles for tho
purpose of surveying the canal above
hero recommended by tho board who
recently visited tho site. The engi
neers expect to make their headquar
ters In the city for several months
mid go up on the train dally.
Tho canal will bo about eight and
a hnlf miles long lind will contain
several locks, one nt tho upper end
and perhaps two nt tho lower end.
It will probably bo C5 feet wldo at tho
bottom, and will bo lined with con
crete. The minimum depth of water
will bo something llko seven feet. A
large part of tho canal will hnvo to
be hewn out ot roclt. Tho cannl wilt
bo on tho river side of tho railroad
track, and for most of tho length will
parallel It.
Ami so another move ts njado to
wnrd the project which has so long
been discussed and whlrh means so
much to Eastern Oregon. Hut It Is
said that it tuny not he completed for
10 years, and tinder tho most fnvorn
bio circumstances could not ho finish
ed In less than llvo or six, ltcmom
herlng their experience with tho. locks
nt the Cascades, tho people ot tho
Inland Empire will be much surprised
If it Is completed In double that
time. Tho cost of the work will bo
about $10,000,000.
Authorities Believe One Fire Bug Is
Responsible for Over a Hundred
Fires One Injured Has Since
New York. Juno 13. Three child
ren and one man were burned to
death and four others were seriously
Injured In a fire of Incendiary origin
which destroyed a four-story tene
ment at 113th street today, i-our
families occupied the building. Tho
fireman found n grent quantity of oil
soaked rags In the hallway.
Nearly a hundred fires In which a
dozen lives have been lost have oc
curred in this neighborhood slnco
November last. Tho authorities be
Hove onu ilro bug Is responsible for
all. A coincidence brought out Is that
this fire Is in tho heart of Littlo
Italy on tho feast day of St. Ant.iony
of Padua, tho patron saint of lire,
Today a thousand residents of little
Italy, supplicated this saint for pro
Ono of thoso injured died In tho
hospital this forenoon, making the
fifth victim.
Employers' Association Will Not
Compromise With the Situation.
Vancouver, B. C, Juno 13. Tho
Employers' Association, comprising
nil the employers, largo and small, In
tho city, mot tills morning and Issued
n statement that tho succession of
strikes Is hnudlcnplng trade und In
dustry, and whereas they formerly
dealt with the unloiiB as Individual
omployes, they now propose to deal
with them as an Employers' Association,
Distillery Fire Explodes Whiskey
and Blows Up Flour Mill,
Greenock, Scotland, Juno 13,
Suvon woro killed and a number In
jured by a fire at tho Aragon dis
tillery laBt night. Whlnloy exploded
and ran blazing Into tho stream ad
jacent to a Hour mill, which exploded
from mill dust. Damago, 0,000.
Rifle Team 8alls for England.
Now York, Juno 13. The rlflo team
selected at tho recent Sea dirt com
petitions to represent tho United
States in tho coming contest for tho
Palma trophy Balled for England to
day on tho Lucania.
Crook County Wool.
During tho past few days wool
shipments have been brisk, and a
great many freighters are engaged
at tho present tlmo In hauling tho
wool clip to Shanlko, Tho Bhourlng
crews aro not moro than ono-thlrd
done. Already, tho enterprising firm
of Wurzweller & Thompson havo
snipped 125,000 pounds', whllo Hoi
omonson, Johnson & Company bavo
also made a number of shipments.
The Crook county wool clip for this
year Is now estimated at 3,000,000
pounds, which Is slightly bolow the
average, but the Bbortago In weight
Is said to bo mado up In quality as
the 1903 clip Is A No, 1, Crook coun
ty Journal,
Woods and Wado Gray Boing
Tried at Union for Killing
Arch Halgarth,
Most Sensational Case Since Fa
mous Tartar Trial of 1895 North
end of Union County Depopulated
to ,Attend Trial Both Men Promi
nently Connected Attorneys on
Both Sides.
Union, Juno 13. Tho trial of tho
Grays for tho murder of Arch Hal
garth nenr Elgin, Is now In progress
nnd has nttrncted a largo crowd ,to
tho county scat,
Tho regular panel of Jurors, num
bering 30, was exhausted and a spoo
lal venire of 30 was called, only ono
ot this number being loft after tho
jury was selected.
Tho evidence of tho stato was com
pleted nt 10 p. m. Inst night and
tho defense began its sldo this morn
ing. Thero are 40 witnesses to oxamlua
and tho enso will probably not bo
finished until Monday night.
It Is tho most seiiHutlonnl caso that
hns been tried In Union county slnco
Alex Tartar, of Eaglo valley, was
tried for killing his brother In 1895.
Nearly tho entire north end of Union
county Is- depopulated, all tho resi
dents being In nttuiulanco upon tha
Both men belonged to prominont
families. Both woro highly respected
ami well connected socially and fra
ternally. and it Is ono ot the most
stubbornly contested cases on record
lu the county.
Tho attorneys for tho dofenso aro
T. II. Crawford, of Union; J, 1). Sla
ter, ot La (Irundo, and 11, J. Slater,
ot Pendleton. Attorneys for tho pros
ecution aro District Attorney Sam
White, of Baker City; J. L. Hand, of
Baker City; N. O. McLood, of Elgin,
and F. S. Ivniihoo, of La Grande.
Flrulo of the Game Blocked by the
Rain on Thursday,
There will bo a doiihlo-heudor gamo
of Imsuball nt thu Alta street gruundn
tomorrow, when tho hoys from up tho
country will attempt to follow up tho
work they began on Thursday, whon
tho rnln Htopped the proceedings.
In the morning nt 10 o'clock tho
iirBt gumu will he culicil uml at that
game Seiners will pitch for Colfax
unit .McDonald for the local team. Ia
tho afternoon at 3 o'clock tho tonms
will play tho last game of tho sorlos
und at this Druhot will too tho pinto
for tho visitors mid Wilner for tho
Indians. i
Both ot tho teams mo rostod up,
thanks to tho rain, mid n couplo ot
fast mid Interesting guinea are assur
ed tho fans who will attend.
Rapid Transit for Baker.
Baker City, Juno 13. Two miles ot
stoel rails arrived In tins city ovor
tho O. 11. & N. for tho Halter City
Hupld Transit Company. It Is pro
posed to put tho power plant In nock
creek mid transmit light nnd powor
to this city, a dlstauco of 10 mites.
A force of men Is now cutting polos
for tho lino and building llumu for
tho plant.
Queen Does Not Have Consumption.
'pi.,, iinifiu, .Tnnn 1!t. Tho runort
which has been current on several
occasions lately that Queen Wllhol
inliia Is surroring wim consumption,
Is officially declared to bo without
Fire at Moio.
On Wednesday night of hist wok
thn foundry and maihlno shop lit
Moro burned to tho groin.'', loss
000, The Mro boj of thai city i!ld
iOot work at tho Ilro, ji. t'll th
ether buildings v cUi'i; thH uno
wore saved, whlw v," -iro n,,ry in
Uar-i of this Arc u our rl I hum', yet
mi. nrn tirnlld nl till lOVh will) for.n
tho firo department ot ithat city, of
which wo naa o Jiomir w vo uiuui
Uf fclx years, as a'l m w ju
...I.-,, i,ia tv i t-.ii hiw ii perform
Jt with Intolllgonce.-'l'rinevlllo no-