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Want Both
When you try on a pair of
shoes look for two things
"Comfort" and "Style." You
must have them both; cither
one by itself is not enough.
Our whole stock is purchased
with these two things in view
and it is the largest and
most complete in Pendleton
from a heavy brogan to the
finest French kid boot and
thej' all have that wearing
quality found only in a care
fully selected stock.
Shoes for the whole family
Fhone Main 1161, Good Short Cheap
Passed Through This Morning en
Route to Vancouver,
General Frederick Funston, the
commander of the department of the
Columbia, passed through the city
wis morning on his way to his sta-
tlon at Vancouver. The general Is
a bashful and modest man and likes
not the inquisitive gaze of the curl
ous. He likes to enjoy the secluded
retreat of a Pullman, and not to be
embarrassed by the vulgar stares of
the assembled populace. This morn
ing several of the people at the de
pot gathered about the window to
look at the hero of the southern
isles, but he was not kind to them
and pulled the curtain down and left
them to the contemplation of the
blank and pallid blind.
Will Summer on the Coast,
Mrs. Charles Eppinger and little
child, accompanied by Miss Elva
Boon, left today for Portland and
points on the coast. Miss Boon will
remain in Portland, and Mrs. Eppln
ger will spend the summer at the
Powdered Daintiness
You never saw a foot powder
une ours, ii is laKing the town
by storm. There is just one
word in the dictionary to describe
it iiiai worn is dainty."
Tallinuii' Foot Powder
is unrmialled for sore, hlifctoreri.
aching and sweaty feet It keeps
the shoes dry, sweet and whole-
; some ineae not, sultry days.
The harvest man needs it, the
uumuco uiau iiceas it, you need
it and everyone needs it.
Be Bure you get Tollman's.
Accept no other.
Prepared by
.Leading Druggists
Far Superior to Any
Other Goods
Ai tbii letter eif.Jln.:
Seattle, Wash., May 10, J003
Crescent mauufitcturlug Co
Dear Sim T .!. .,! .
note with my coupons and let ou know
how much I value all of the Crwcent
buuub - conBiaeruieni far superior to
any other goods of the kind I haveever
used. Enclosing coupoiiB for premium
No. 3, 1 remain Yours truly,
Mrs. Vincent Cole
IlEUEMBER with every article or Crescent goods a
coupon is enclosed with a premium list entitling you'
to many uteful and handsome presents. Always look
for them. "Watch thi space and we will tell you about '
the goods from time to time, and on receipt of a I cent'
stamp will send you our "A B C" book for the children.
Address, Dept. O, Crescent Manufacturing Combany.
Seattle, Washington.
Four-Fifths of an Inch Fell Last
Night and Yesterday Evening
Still Raining, With Good Prospects
for Continued Showers.
Preceded by a rattle of thunder
and vivid flashes of lightning, the
long-awaited rain came yesterday
evening at 4 o'clock.
Parching foothills and thirsty crops
were revived and freshened. Dusty
rontls and weltering ranges were vis
ited with a vlcorous downpour that
went to the roots of the grass and
the bottom of the dust.
North, west and east of Pendleton
the ram clouds novered long and
lovingly. The storm came on gently
at first, then broke nway and the
critics of good old Jupiter Pluvius
said "the storm Is over; I told you
But their prophecy fell flat. Gath
ering up his cloud robes once more.
the mallnged old God of Rain shook
down a torrent that paid off several
mortgages, saved several farms and
loaded several trains of wheat In
Umatilla county. After a pattering
prelude of 20 minutes, which scarce
ly laid the dust, the storm began to
come down In earnest and for two
hours sustained the reputation of Or
egon. Reports from every point In the
county say that the rain came In
time to save much of the crop. While
the shower was heaviest west and
north of Pendleton, yet the south part
or the county got her share and feels
that the wheat crop is now practi
cally safe.
Weston, Adams, Athena, Milton,
Vansycle, Juniper, Warren and other
points north and east were soaked
last night and nre yet receiving a
gentle rain.
Yesterday evening and last night
.80 or an inch fell, and a good
shower has fallen today in the
Immediate vicinity of Pendleton.
One feature of the shower last
night was that it seemed to fall in
spots. Six miles southwest on the
McKay, scarcely any rain fell last
night. A large amount of alfalfa was
cut and in the shock in that locality
and several farmers from there who
were in the city at the time of the
rain, were deploring the sunnosed
joss oi weir nay.
To their surprise, they found that
only a light shower had fallen there
and their hay was safe.
They have not fared so well todav
A good shower fell in that locality at
noon, ana is sun coming down gently
wis evening.
One bad feature of the rain all over
the county was the heavy downnour.
ii ten so iast that much of it ran oft.
carrying trash, dust, driftwood and
rubbish with it. At places in this
city it ran down the sidewalks four
inches deep and several feet wide.
Many of the side streets that are
out or the sprinklers' limits, eat a
soaking and drenching that will do
away wiw dust lor weeks to come.
conservative estimates Dlace the
value or the rain at 1.000.000 bush
cis in umatllla countv.
The best authorities on prnn rnnill
tlons place the increased yield on ac
count of the rain in the wheat kpp.
tlon between Pendleton and Walla
walla at six bushels ner acre, brine
Ing the total estimated yield up to 28
uubuujs per acre.
The Baker City Herald of veter.
uay says or we rain in that section
a severe wind, rain and thunder
storm visited Baker City and coun
wis niternoon. The water began
iau in torrents at 2:30 o'clock.
and as the Herald goes to cress th
ram is genuy railing. This rain is of
almost untold value to Baker county
and insures good crops and good pas
Once tried always used. They
are absolutely pore, wholesome
and satisfactory. They cannot fail
to please yon.
turnpe for the remainder of the sum'
Reports from Grand Ronflc are that
the crops and range are sow safe.
The heaviest rainfall reported was
near Heppncr Junction.
The total rainfall In this city for
the past 24 hours is .EC of an Inch.
Letter From President Rooseveic
So Williams has received a letter
from President Roosevelt, thanking
him for the present of an elegant
steamer rug given him by
the members of Pendleton high
school, sent to Spokane by the Peo
ples Warehouse when he was there
on his trip through the West. The
president praises the beauty of the
gift and expresses pleasure at its re
ceipt. It Is needless to say that the
letter will be prized by the young
man to whom it was sent.
The Guide's New Quarters.
O. W. Dunbar, business manager
and editor of the Bally Guide, has
rented commodious quarters for his
new plant in the basement of the
Golden Rule, nnd will be ready for
business in a few days. He has or
dered a complete outfit from Port
land nnd will soon he ready to begin
where he left off on the evening of
the recent fire.
F. W. Lusk, of La Grande, is
guest of the Golden Kule.
F. Bartholomew, of Heppner. is a
business visitor In the city.
Jlrs. W. H. Howes, of Athena, Is
in the city, the guest of menus
Mrs. L. H. Sturgis is the guest of
rriends In Weston for a few days.
Mrs. J. A. AVeston. of Boise City.
is the guest of the Hotel Pendleton
James Killlan, of Hunt's Junction.
is in Pendleton on a short business
H. L. Slsler. of the Northwestern
railway, is in the city on a business
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Hendershott, of
bpoKane. are visiting m Pendleton
for a short time.
Miss Anna German, of Hunt's
Junction, is visiting friends in the
city for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Porter, of
Meacham, are in the city the guests
of Pendleton friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cronln, of
Meacham. are visiting friends in Pen
dleton for a few days.
S. B. Calderhead. of the Washing
ton & Columbia River system, is in
the city for a short visit.
Miss Hallle Strickland left today
for Portland, where she will spend
the summer with friends.
Mrs. A. H Sunderman. of Pilot
Rock, was in the city last evening
ana today, visiting friends.
Robert Wilson. the travellnc
ireigni agent or the Burlington rail
way is lu the city for a few davs.
J. T. Ogle, of Ridge, was in the city
toaoy on nis way home from Athena,
where he has spent the past week.
H. P. Rolf, of Walla Walla. Is in
the city on a short visit with friends
and for the transaction of business.
G. W. Roberts, deputy United
States marshal of Portland. Is in the
city on a short visit connected with
his office.
Mrs. It. O. Sheek and daughter.
.uiss xiazei, leit tnis morning lor
Portland and valley points to snend
me summer.
W. C. Carson, the traveling freight
agent of the Northern Pacific, Is in
the city looking after the interests of
his company.
Mrs. Lilly Swanson. of Tapnma.
nas reiurnea to ner home after a
visit at the home of Mrs. H. L. Bixby
on uoxueiu street.
Mrsj'G. A Hartman went to Wes
ton tnis morning, where she will
visit friends and attend the Pioneers'
picnic at that place.
George W. Wells, of Henpuer. re
turned to his home this raornlnc.
after a visit at the home if his
iriend, J. N. Bentley. of this citv,
Leon Cohen. Dr. W. G Cole nnil A.
ruinnei returned home on the after
noon train from Walla Walla, where
they had been on business this morn
W. D. Chamberlain, countv clerk of
umauua county, is in the city to at
tend Masonic meetings, reirlstoroil
at the Perkins. Oregon Dally Jour
uooert blater, who is among the
r.v prominent attorneys of Pendle
ton, passed up the road this mnmlnir
im ins way to union to attend Court.
i-a uranae unronicie.
A. J. Johnson, the United cintoa
bank examiner, left this morning for
innuin ui me vaney. wnere tip win
look Into the condition of the coun
try banks in this vicinity.
George Harris, a barber u-hn line
been located in Seattle for ftnmn
time, and who was formerly a rl.
dent of Salem, is in the citv
days' visit with friends here.
W. J. Homer, of Pendleton mnnn.
ger of the State Insurance Company,
of Indianapolis. Ind.. arrived in Tj,
Grande last night In the interest of
his company. La Grande Chronicle.
Mrs. G. W. Wells. Of Hfinnner rm
has been visiting at the hnniA nf T
N. Bentley for several days, left this
morning for Walla Walla, where she
will be the guest of her slater for
couple of weeks before returning to
her home.
Young Man Is Said to Have Stolen a
Suit of Clothes by Ways That Are
Dark and Tricks That Are Val
Is Now in Pendleton Jail.
Thr. rnse of the state of Oregon
vs. Ed Haney will In all probability
prime before the Justice court this
afternoon or tomorrow morning,
when the defendant will be given his
nrellmlnarv hearing nnd be cither
hmuirl over or dismissed.
The complaint Is filed by Charles
Bond, of this city, and alleges that
the defendant came into his store on
Main street, on the afternoon or
Jun 2. and then and there tendered
tn him as navment for a suit or
clothes a check for $20, purporting
to be drawn by Hartinett & Laing m
favor of the bearer. The check was
honored, the goods delivered and
chance clven and in a few minutes
the young man was on his way to the
train, c othes. money and nil.
i Tuesday afternoon, Juno 2, the de-
owned bv Mr. Bond, and asked to
look at some clothes. He was shown
some suits and was very easy to
nlease. savlnc that he liken the suit
1 and that he would return m a little
! time and take it with him. He went
out and did not return till after Mr.
Bond had gone to his dinner. In the
the evening he came into the store
and gave the check to Mr, Sullivan
a clerk In the store. The suit was
wrapped up and the defendant pock
eted his change and left the store.
Haney said that he had been work
ing for the firm of Hartinett & Lalng
and that they had given him the
check iu payment for his services.
When the check was presented at
the bank it was promptly turned
down as a forgery. Bond took the
paper to the office of Dr. C. J.' Smith
and the firm was called up over the
telephone. The alleged writers of
the check disclaimed all knowledge
of It and said that the young man
had been in their employ for some
time. The warrant was then made
out for the arrest of the culprit and
the officers put on the trail.
Haney evidently knew that the
fraud would soon be discovered, for
he immediately started to cover his
tracks. He went to the train nnd '
took a ticket to Athena and from
there he doubled to Colfax and Day
ton and several other towns, express
ing his grip several times as a blind.
He was at last located at Tekoa and
vas arrested by the chief of nolice
of that place. C. R. Hassock, several
days ago. On the way to the jail
Haney took to his heels nnd refused
to stop when tho officer called to him
to halt, and Hassock took a shot at
him. At first he shot to scare, but
the young man refused to stop and
then the marshal began to shoot In
earnest. He shot five times at the
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why use gelatine nnd
spenu Hours soaking,
sweetening, flavoring
and coloring when
produces better results in two minutes?
Everything in tho package. Simply add hot
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prise to the housewife. No trouble, leaj ex
pense. Try it to-duy. In Four Pruit Fla.
yors: Lemon, Onmge, Struwberry, llasp.
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Eigfey-CIove Combinca
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Farm Machinery
Foundry Work a Specialty
Cash paid for old castings
"For ill Tn I IV1I a Vlrtlin nfdn.
prpslm In lu worm form 1 could eat nothing
out milk loust. and at times mv stomnrh wnnlri
not retain and digest een that Last March 1
began taklne C'ASCAllKTS and alnce then I
bare ateadliy Improved, until J am as well aa I
was in mj life."
uavid u, .nunrnr, Newark. O.
TtUOl UK l
oKiM?'"- E'tabl. I'ownt. Tute Good. Vm
Qood. Meier Slcteo. Weaken. or OrlpeTlOe. Kc.lCc
turtle iu- c.,, tau., a.. SIt
Mat.Tfl.Blf Bold Dd fii.rtnleed br all drag.
Ilil4 to Clmi Tobacco lUblt
fleeing figure and tho last ono took
out a piece or tho fugitive's ear,
bringing him to a sudden halL He
was then taken to tho city Jail and
yesterday Sheriff Taylor went after
him and urougnt mm iicro, wnore no
is now In tho lockup.
Rclatlvo3 of the boy aro making
strenuous efforts to hush tho matter
up and settle it out or court, and
whether or not they will be success
ful in their endeavors is not -as yet
known. Tho prosecuting attorney is
out of town and It cannot bo determ
ined whether he will consent to tho
dismissal of the case. It is .thought,
though, that in view of the evidence
against him that the defendant will
have to stand trial.
Return From Willamette.
W. M. Scott, wife and son, I. C.
Scott, of Helix, returned yesterday
from a three weeks' visit to Mrs.
Scott's parents nt Salem. Her father
Is SS and her mother 82 years of
age and aro both hale and hearty.
While In tho valley Mr. and Mrs.
Scott visited Newport and many
smaller towns near Salem and found
crop and fruit conditions excellent
They left for their home at Helix on
the 7 o'clock W. & C. It. train last
AH day long from morn til
SmiiMiMer Dress (R
at slaughter prices. AH tuwu
beautiful patterns.
and keep cool. 250 pieces to select from
. . -wvaaMUMU
The Lenders In Pendleton
W. J. CLARKE & Co, 211 court"
I 1 1 i . . . . . . . u kt WW M HVV
There will be a discount of
on ourJentire Stock of
and a still larger
reduction on all out
Call and see out
Shirt Waists
When ArtemusWua.,
,n.e he had a hfc
"jess so," " ,
had said ;yt tfjj
ttcitlarly tnnny "
Now Mother's Prij.:.
ny but it's the u S'
earth '
Yon have onlr t ,.
COtlvlneorl nf li-. .. J 8
Cheapest place la (
Stove Ever
is the automatic blue lot
cooker. It is a boon to
YinnaoVoonari 4n lint WMtW
'will boll, base or roast
charm. It bums oily
nf nil in trnm niiteen to
hours, and is the
plest, cleanest ana nosi
ical stove made.
per c