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Eastern Oregon Weather 5
Tonight mitt Thursday show 5
1,t ,f. A WEEK.
at "
. .J u W W U V
ers niut thunder storms; cooler. E
lOL. 16-
NO. 4700.
" M -
If II is
Alarm is Felt on the
0 Columbia and Wil-
Livers Are Rising With Unex.
Id Rapidity During the Part
(Hours-The Protracted Hot
Ler Is Rapidly Denuding the
Ltiins of Their Snow.
ud June 10. The rivor at
U Is rising rapidly. On the
tnmt the river Is pretty well
nrd the lower street grades
rise of five or six feet more
Isend the watera up on a level
be Belgian blocks oi iNurui
ii east sldo the sloughs are
had the water has ontcrcd the
fits of several wareiiouses.
basements are built on piling
lend some 12 or IB feet below
lei of the first floors.
r town Is all afloat ana the lit'
that have been reclln-
tie banks at various angles
the horizontal are now bobbing
lit the appearance of every
Itearaer that sends tho waves
luvy Snows Are Melting.
les Van Houteu, one of the
own stockmen of Eastern or-
lad Idaho Interior, is visiting
Icity. Mr. Van Houteu has
ated at lone, Or., and former-
operating an Immense sheep
bear Wclser. He Bays that
Is observations throughout the
lest region tributary to tho
f4 mer, there Is such an una
pary fall of snow that with a
uce of hot weather tho val
e bound to get a freshet.
Itirough the Salmon river
sad mi Into the Selklrks bo-
internal onal liounclarv
ere is a very heavy fall of
psaia. Around tho Thunder
a country there is fully twice
"uw as mere was last year,
Itbls accumulation melts it
coarse, come down tim r.n.
Mer The trlhntnrlns nf tho
re flushed with spring fresh
wen this mass of winter
:ets started melting it will
' rush."
Ft Expected Today.
i ,.?,?. 10- The Snake, Co-
" iiamette are still rls
I bulletins snv in fi ,..
President Roosevelt Signs the Mar
riage Certificate as a Witness,
Cleveland, 0., .Tune 10. The mar
riage certificate which Miss Ruth
Hanna, younger daughter of Senator
and Mrs. Marcus A. Hanna, bore
away from St. Paul's Episcopal
church' today, contained the signa
tures as witnesses of the president
of the United States and of several
United States senators and members
of the diplomatic corps at Washing
ton. Miss Hanna, one of the most
notable and popular figures in Cleve
land and Washington society, be
came tho wife of Joseph Medlll Mc
Cormick, of Chicago.
Tho' presence of Mr, Roosevelt and
a largo number of other distinguish
ed guests, together with other inci
dents which attended their union,
rendered tho wodding an event of
national interest. Cleveland has been
the scene of numerous notable wed
dings In the past, but at none of
them has the attendance of famous
personages been equal to that at to
day's function in St. Paul's church.
The Roosevelt train arrived half
an hour ahead of schedule. The
president therefore beat the crowd to
tho depot and was gone before his
coming was realized. He was met
by Mr. Hanna at the lattcr's rest
The police and secret service men i
Ten Thousand Lives Imperiled in East St, Louis--Thousands
More Are Homeless.
Buildings Being Continually Washed Away River Is Cutting New
Channels Breaking of Dyke Puts Northern Part of the City In Danger.
St. Louis, June 10. After a des
perate but futile strugglo against tho
greatest flood the city was ever forc
ed to combat, East St. Louis is this
morning in a woeful condition. Ten
thousand people are homeless and
and men were working on tho dikes
when the break came last night. For
ty feet wero 3wcpt away In u minute
and a half. Many were compelled to
swim lower down where thoro woro
many women and children filling
sand bags. Thoro was terrible eon
I threatened. Whole families are pen- fusion when tho break cainu, which
ned up In garrets or on roofs. Two
wern osneeiallv not! nmi lrnnt nine ! thousand who sought refugo in
In City Government Leads
to Complications.
EY' Va- J 10
I mdred emnlovm. in
! t Ohio shnnn Dl-imi.
lu?!th In the shorn, a
CWth ""op Is also
1 unions
f Int
vigil at the house and grounds.
Picked officers wero on duty in all
portions of the vicinity.
The ceremony over, President
Roosevelt and several other distin
guished guests, signed the marriage
certificate. The bridal party and rel
atives and Intimate friends then re
paired to "Glenmere," the beautiful
suburban home of Senator Hanna,
whero an elaborate wedding break
fast was served.
Mr .and Mrs. McCormick will
spend their honeymoon at Montlccl
lo, 111., and later will take up their
residence In Chicago.
makes all estimates of loss of llfo
uncertain. The bodies of Kollsh and
his threo children who wero drown
ed last night whllo tiylng to escape
in a skiff, wore recovered this morn
ing. The mother escaped.
Impressing Boats to Save Lives.
At 10 o'clock thoro was four feet
First Case on Record In Western
Washington Yesterday.
Seattle, Jun 10. N. H. Hamlet,
died at a hospital yesterday from
sunstroke. The case is tho first of
tho kind ever known in Western
prisoners. The city has appealed to
St. Louis.
East St. Louis Doomed. i
Entire East St. Louis Is doomed, j
Before nlffht. ftvprv unrllnn will h I
under the torrent. Fifty thousand ul wr '"a rusmuiuu seciion ui
will be rendered all but helpless, and , Kast st- ,-ol,lf1' Hundreds of families
nearly all will be homeless. nlc fleeing foi their lives. Two nun-
Appeals from there this forenoon ' (,re(l aml mt' militiamen havo ar
say not less than 10,000 lives aro im-,lvei1- Otliere will be sent to East
periled. Uoats. skiffs nnd everv avail-! "roadway, which Is declared unsafe.
able floating thlntr Is holne rnshfil i Militiamen aro thrown around tho
across the river. 1 'aneer scene, keeping crowds of
Just learned that two negroes were ' houiolcss people fiom attempting to
shot and killed before tho levee broke , '"K H' umuanKineni in or-
New Version of Wholesale Murder
In Northwestern Kansas.
Atwood, Kan., Juno 10. No nows
has as yot been received twin tho
military company escorting Chnuncoy
Dewoy and tho cowboys to St, Fran
cis, alleged murderers of two mem
bers of tho Horry family. It Is bo
llovcil If a battlo had taken placo
they would havo reached hero.
Roy Dorr- is still alive at Illrd
City. It Is now stated tho llorrys
wero unarmed when tho attack was
mado nnd wero shot down from be
hind a stone wall.
In Approved Kentucky 8tyle.
KnnsaR City, Juno 10, A dispatch
received hero from Colby, Kan., says
militia is gunrdtng Chauncoy Dowey
and tho cowboys arrested with him
on tho charge of murdering Daniel
Berry and his two sons near St.
Francis Inst week, wero attacked by
a mob Bhortly after camp was broken
this morning,
A fierce fight was raging when the
telegram was sent. Tho soldlors
camped 12 miles from tho Dowey
ranch last night. Shortly after the
farmers, armed with rifles and shot
guns, began to nrrlvo. No demon
stration was mado until daybreak
this morning.
Court of Last Resort Settlos
for All Time an Important
Graduation at West Point.
West Point. N. Y Juno 10. Mem
bers of thu class of 1903 or tho Unit
ed States military academy received
their dlplomns from tho hands of
Colonel Albert L. Mills, superintend
ent of tho academy, this morning.
On tho platform wero gathered prom
inent officers of the army, members
of congress and many other distin
guished pcoplo in miliary and civil
llfo. Tho first mnn of the class this
year is Douglass MacArthur, son of
Qcncral Arthur MacArthur, V. H. A.
Department of Colorado Is Ordered
to Send Troops to Meet 3,000 Strik
ing Foreigners Who Threaten to
Make Trouble.
Washington, Juno 10. The acting
governor of Arizona today wired
President Roosevelt that 3,000 labor
ers, mostly foreigners, are on strlko
at Moronci, Ariz., mostly armed and
that a riot is lmpediug. He says tne
militia is ordered out, but the force
is small, undisciplined and luaue-
There is no possibility of restoring
order except through the presence of
regulars. He asks to nave troops or
dered from Forts Grant and Hua-
cluichua immediately. The war de
partment at once wired tiio depart
ment of Colorado to havo troops
rushed forward under command of a
discreet officer and to avoid violence
if possible
of tho u' ,nJ
v t" - tuuncu ana op-
unL. couno" chamber,
W ns construe to antatrl
crests. Thev thBrfnr
refused they
Min ll-J- .
, r unarges of For-
r 5W,ndng
Iili'..iun? 10.-A war-
kZ::L .,or..the rrest
J,8tock frauds in
"""'"S companies.
HVe Florlrt, m
info . ' "OV
fSJ!? "rned at
'""d Orann.. ...
hai."11 'he Kansas and
l Of tin, n , """ ior
!4 V;eJ?.lumbIa be-
1 Mk a vcs- Thl8
year or more.
Piioenix, Ariz., Juno 10. The entire
national guard of tho territory is now
at Morenc . Tho miners struck be
cause thev wanted enforcement of
tho eight-hour law recently passed by
tho territorial legislature. They
number 3.B00 as against 400 mllltln
men. If trouble Is precipitated be
fore the- federal troops arrive tho
militia will undoubtedly be wiped
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commis
sion Company R. L. Boulter, Local
Manager, 120 Court Street.
Minneapolis, Juno 10. Wheat
After an easy opening the market
took on a strong tone and advanced
sharply of a cent on good buying
and bullish weekly crop bulletin from
Washington. Cables were rather in
different showing but small fraction
al advances. Tho market Is in a
strong nnaiHnn and wo believe wheat
should be bought on all recessions.
Chicago, June 10.
July 75'
Sept 72
July 48
July 36
Minneapolis, Juno iu.
July 78V4
Sopt 71
last night. One, who had been work
ing for several days, demanded im
mediate pay and threatened to break
tho dyke. Seven men fired at him
at once. Another negro on tho Illi
nois Central levee who refused to
work was shot by a guard.
In marked contrast with
Theodore Day, another negro, drove
his horse into the flood repeatedly,
rescuing people. While making fur
ther attempts both horse and driver
were swepc away.
Houses Falling, Levees Breaking.
Water now stands from threo to 30
ftet deep all over the eastern half
of tho city. Houses are constantly
weakening and falling.
At 8 o'clock this morning the flood
had swept clear through to the river
swirling whirlpool currents. At D
it was cutting Its way under the East
Broadway embankment and threaten
ing the northern half of the city,
Tho destruction of thn Droadway
embankment will cut off all means of
escape. Corservative estimates placo
tho drownod when the embankment
gave way nt midnight, at 30. Other
estimates reach a hundred. A thous-
dor to savo their belongings. Tho
water is rising rapidly.
At the samo hour United States
I District Attorney Dyer, In the name
of the government telephoned to tho
Wiggins Kerry Company, ordering
I iiium iu boizo an nvanauio ynwia nnd
these I ,('als rcgurilless of ownership and
' rusn mom 10 mo stricken city, Tho
liver Is no- over 38 foot feet.
Real Estate Men In Trouble.
Great Indignation Is felt over tho
(.Isaster, as tho people had ample
warning of tho great danger, but
the more ignorant wero lulled Into
false security by a coterie ot busi
ness and real estate men who Issued
vigorous denials of danger us thoy
wero rcanui or tlio effect of a wanv
li.g vould have on properly vnlucs.
nicy even went so far as to assault
n St. Louis newspaper man sent to
ciescrlDo the Hood, and broko all
cameras used in taking views.
More Troops Ordered Out,
Springfield. III.. June 10. On re
qLcst by the mayor or East St. Umls
live companies or mllltla havo been
ordered to tho scene or tho flood by
special irnin, which left this morning.
amusements, speech maklnir nnd
music Tho "olobratlon will continue
thiough tomorrow, when it Is hoped
that Senator Hanna, who was born
and grew to manhood here, will bo
present to take part In the festivities.
Eye-Wltness to the Murder of Mar
cum Tells His Story In Court.
Jackson, Ky., June 10. The court
begnn taking evidence In tho Jett
White trial this morning. The first
witness was Ewen. who was In con
versation wilh Marcum when tho
latter was shot. He saw Marcum fall Closing the Dives and Saloons to
shot through tho back from behind a 1 Save the Navy Yard
uoor. anu saw jeu waiK oiu canyinK( Seattle, Juno 10. Every saloon In
a smoKiug levoiver. jeu ureu ue- Bremerton was closed nt midnight
onu nui uiiuiiKii uw jiiuoiiuLu uimi o Uy orijer or tho mayor artcr tho
head and stood watching his victim , town council had passed an ordi
a few teconds to make sure he was i nanco r0vollnit all licenses. On ac
dead, then leisurely walked away. coimt of Ul overwhelming sentiment
Ewen turned aud ran afraid that Jett lavor ( ci0BnK the saloon men
would shoot him will probably not make a fight, but
There Is considerable excitement, submit quietly to tho will of tho com
as It Is rumored the town will bo munlty. Tho navy department was
placed under martial law. This would informed by wire today of tho con.
give the soldiers tho right to make dltjon of things at Uremcrton.
arrests, and the Hargis faction wou(d ,
be shorn of much of its power.
Rochester Man Believed to Have
Committed Ohio Homicide.
Rochester, N. Y Juno 10. August
Russell has been arrested, charged
with the murder of Theresa Keating
In November. 1900. and last night
The police bellevo ho
Second Town Founded In That State
is a Hundred Years Old.
Llubon. O.. Juno 10. The people of
Usbon ami the surrounding country
hpenn a two days' celebration of the ' confessed.
centennial of the Incorporation of Ihe was In Loralne, O., at tho time Aga-
village, the second recorded in unio. ina ueicnun was murdered, and pos
it was in 1803 that tho emigrants sibly he committed that murder also.
fmn fnrvlnnr! Virginia and West The Loralne autliorlllrts linvn hwn
Virginia who had settled thereabouts' communicated with. Russell Is nf-
secured the location nero or tno sear, nictea wim a mania for assaulting
or government for tho country and re- women. Ills wife told the pollco of
colved an appropriation or $150 for tho Keating murder.
the building of a log court house,'
j Commencement at De Pauw,
Grcencnsllo, Ind., Juno 10, Tho an
nual commencement exercises at De
Pauw University woro held today In
tho presence of a large crowd of
MsKlnley viBiior, inv uuuress to mo jsrauuai-
The streets today were decorated, '"K class was delivered by Professor
business was suspended and the day Richurd T. Ely, of tho University of
was given over to parades, public Wisconsin,
Father of President McKlnley.
Among the early citizens wero
James McKinley and his two sons,
William and John, the latter the
father of tho lato President William
Coal Men of Two States,
Indianapolis, Ind., Juno 10. Michi
gan and Indiana retail coal dealers
convened In Indlaunpolls today in
ninth nuniial session. Mayor Hook
waiter welcomed tho visitors nnd tho
rcsponso was embodied In tho mi
nimi nddrccs of tho president of tho
association, Robert Lnko, or Jncknon,
Mich. Tho advantages or a fixed rnto
to both wholesaler and retailer wns
tho principal subject discussed. Tho
convention will end tomorrow,
Russia Was Offended Because of
Statements Made About Her Man
churlan Policy British Ambassa
dor Wilt Look Into the Affair.
linden, Juno 10. Tho Evening
Times nsocrtH that tho government
will tnko a hand In relation to tho
expulsion of tho Ixindon Times cor
respondent from St. Petersburg.
Tho llrltlsli ambassador at St.
Petersburg has been instructed lo
furnish Ht. Jiiincs with n detailed ac
count of tho Incident, which Is liable
to result in strained relations be
tween tho two courts.
Tho correspondent got himself In
to disfavor by publishing details of
tho tremendous effort being made by
tho Russian government to rush mil
itary supplies ami soldleru Into Man
churla aud Mancliurlun seaports.
Tho account wns nccompnnlcd by cx'
presslou or opinion that by nil fair,
unfair, pencoubla and other niothods
Russian proposes to hold Manchuria
as a Russian provlnco to nil Intents
nnd purposes, against nil posslblo
combinations or protest or or forco.
Tho correspondent nlloged ns auth
ority for tho statement of Investment
n very prominent officor of tho east
ern wing of tho Russian army, wliosa
namo was not given, howovor.
I An Error of Omission In the Ensbl
I Ing Act Responsible for a Costly
Controversy of Many Years' Stand
ingConsiderable Land Adjoining
Umatilla County Was Involved.
Portland, Juno 10. Tho statu ot
Washington's tltlo to Its Hon lands,
which wns In doubt, hns boon con
firmed by (ho United States supreme
The Lands Affected,
Thu lands affected nro thoe ive
lected uy boards ot county commis
sioners, under thu territorial orgnnle
act, and prior to tho ndmlHslon ot tb
state to thu Union. Tho organic act
of 1S53 roscrved tar tho support ot
tho schools of tho statu Inter to be
formed, sermons 16 nnd 35 in ovary
township surveyed. It provided also
that wh-ire such sections hnd already
been settled upon, tho county com
mtttslonurs should select other laudi
lit llou thoroof,
Tho enabling act of 1881), providing
for tho formation of tho stato of
Washliiittou, nlso granted to tho now
state sections 16 and 36 Iu every
township, and nlso provided for th
selection by slnto oincors of lieu
lauds for such sections whore lost by
prior settlement or through natural
Origin of the Dispute.
; The onnlillng act, however, made
no reference to I ho lluu school lands
! selected under thu original act. This
i gnvo rlso to tho theory that tho Htate
hud no claim upon such llou lands.
mill that they woro, thuroloro, open
lo suttlument. Ouo of the men who
held to this theory was Anton Jo
linusrn, who, In 1800, squnttod upon
120 nriVH ot lieu lam) near Seattle.
These 120 acres aro now worth 20,
000, anil u low years ago thu stato
brought hiiIi to eject Johnnson.
Tho cuso Is famous In tho state
courts, whoio tho tltlo or tho stato to
tho Johanseu tract, uh well as thous
ands of acres of other lluu lands,
was called Into question. Johnnsun
wns (Moated In tho superior court or
King county, Iu tho rtiprcmo court pt
tho stntn. In n decision or thu gen-
i cral laud oillco, i' lid has now lost in
tho supremo court or tho United
H tut es.
Hud Johdibcii won his suit the
rights or all squatters upon llou
school lands, or whom thoro aro many
would havo boon csluhllshcd, anil the
balance or such huds thrown opon to
Tablet Erected In Memory of a Trage
dy of One Hundred and Twenty-Flvo
Years Ago,
Salem. N. J.. Juno 10, A tablet at
tho old Hancock I rouse at Hancock's
bridge, whero tho American patriots
wero massacred by tho llrltlsli In 1778
was unveiled today by tho Oak Troo
Chapter or tho Daughters of tho Amor
lean Revolution. Tho ceremonies
woro conducted In tho presence of
many of tho order.
Judge Clement II. Hlnnickson deliv
ered tho address of tho day and tho
tablet was itnvcilod by Miss Cons
tance D. M, Kakln, groat groat grand-
daughtor of Judgo Hancock, who was
shot while standing in tho doorway
of the old houso.
Funeral In Marseilles,
Marseilles. Franco, Juno 10, A
nubile funeral of 15 victims of the
titcamcr LI ban ocean collision disas
ter, was held today, Flags aro at
half-mast and thousands walked bare
headed In tho cortege.
Official Call Takes a Shot at the Pro
hibitionists. Niagara Fall, N. Y., Juno 10. Four
hundred brewers, coming from all
parts of thn country und representing
millions or Invested capital, thronged
tlio assembly room or tho Cataract
hotel today at tho opening of tho an
nual convention or tho United Slates
llrowors' Association. Prosldunt N
W. Kendall, or New Havon, called
tho gathering to order. Socrotary
Gullus Thomaim read tho otllclal ca.ll
for tho guthurlng, which said In part.
"Wo uiu surrnundod by a host of
Irnplurablo enemies whoso malignity
and fuuutlclsiii bid fair to ovorrule
every requirement of Jtutlco, and
every consideration of public utility.
Our Industry, though a legal one, Is
constantly exposed to Innumerable
dangers, and It behooves us to com
blna closely for tho protection of our
mutiiul Interests."
Tho sessions of tho convention are
lo coiitlnuo two days, during which
time there will bo papers nnd dis
cussions covering numerous matters
relating to tho browing Industry,
Crushed Under a Load,
Redding, Cal., Juno 10. John Fall
ing, aged 39, whllo driving a team
and load of tools for tho Northers
California Power Company, at Kes
wick, met a horrible death this morn
ing. Tho heavy wagon ullppod off a
30-root omhankuiont. Roth horses
woro killed and Falling was crushed
to death.