East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 09, 1903, Image 6

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ching, Scaly and Crusted
With Loss of Hair
peedily Cured by Cuticura
Soap and Ointment
hen Every Other Remedy and
Physicians Fail.
tiji "Warm shampoo with Cuticura Soap
find light dressings of Cuticura, tho
Ifreat skin cure, nt onco stop failing
f ualr, rcmovo crusts, scales and uanurull,
the irritated, Itching surfaces, des-
oy hair parasites, stimulate tho hair
Hides, loosen .he scalp skin, supply
alio rooti with energy and nourish
K' f . i ,. it. A i. t
Iwect, wholesome, iicaltliy scalp when
11 else falls.
Millions of the world's best peoplo
so Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura
lutmcnt, tho great sUIn cure, for pro-
!erviug, purifying and beautifying tho
itlkln, for cleansing tho scalp of ennts,
Scales and dandruff, and tho stopping
iftf falling hair, for softening, whltcn-
iwrnt nnd sootldnff red. much and soro
ffiJiBiands, for baby raslu-?, ltehlngs and
m-hatlngs, in tho form )f batlis for an
raioying Irritations and Inllammatlous,
smr tooirco or offensive perspiration, in
ttpiho form of washes for ulcerative wcak-
which readily suggest ineinscivcs to
women, as well as lor an mo purposes
if tho toilet, batn nnd nursery, Mili
um Soan combines In ono soap at ono
price tho best skin and complexion
joan and the best toilet, batli and baby
'soap in tho world.
f'nmnlptn tro:itimnfc for nverv hu-
Awmour, consisting of Cuticura Soap, to
cleanse tue rkiii, uunciira umtmcut, to
l 1 . 1 . .! 1 . . t 1,111.. .
HL 1 .1 t.lnn.1 l. .-.n
H A I., ml la nttnn dull!.
'lltUUU UUIIilli H DIIILIU D-V 1-3 u.tV... II......
clcnt to euro tho most torturing, dlsllg-
Suring, itcldng, burning and scaly hu-
f! . . w.a(.aa mill ?i--l..i.lntia
ijlllUUlO, CUAUlliias, lilsilva IIIIMI.IUUII,
rom lniaueytoage, wnenaii eiso iaus.
''........... ..............
i'.'I I 'I' 'i l l I I I I t r J I 1 tr 11 r 11 111
Conrad Platzoeder
AH kinds of Fresh ?
Meats always on 1
hand. Fine Bacon,
Hams and Sausage. $
Prices as low as the lowest J
rtc Palace Cafe
Court Htreet has lust been rellt-
Ued throughout. Vou will 11ml
i every tuini! neat, clenn. wholesome.
If you waut a quick lunch we cau
servo you wo also servo regular
mealH ror L'oc. wo believe wo
: servo the best meal In the city for
I money. Our steadily incrviuing
! trade is cood evidence of this fact.
Fanners' 125c dinners a speclulty.
310 East Court Blreet.
7yzt 2asf Zotit priced I
For all climates; heat, cold,
rain, gaics, fumei and fire do
not affect It. Comes in
a s rolls ready for laying. Low
might charges. Inexpen
sive to apply, cheap in the
first place and lain for
Sut for bosk Id. 1
The Paraffine Paint Co.
Jan Frantlieo, 5uttle,
Portland, Lot An j tits
and Denver, Colorado.
T. C. TAYLOR, Agent
Iriiat we give special attention to
Iirders for Jancy ICE CREAM
linafed'carda, wedding InvlUtlooa, te.i
leo enffraiTed vlaltliis earda with plate,
llJSO; .additional tarda In Xutura, $1 aw
liaadred. Tb Baat OrtgaaUaau
Saw Mill Shut Down on Account of an
Accident Increasing Market for
Horses With Fair Prices Offered.
Sale of the Rlppey rarm.
Alba, Juno 8. Weather is very
wnrm and vegetation is growing rap
idly; but in order to have crops we
will have to have lots moro rain.
Bert l.cdgrwood nnd Miss Nellie
Kicks wore mnrrlcd hero last Friday.
Tho bride and groom nro wcll-ltnown
young people of Camas valley.
Franklin Ellis, Sr Is moving Into
town to spend tho summer.
Owing- to a breakdown tho saw mill
has not been running for a week, but'
has started again today. Mr. Vlcbrock
had to send to Portland for some
castings which he had ordered by tel
ephone. John Harvoy, who has bought the
Into J. Lnncoy place, has moved here
with his family.
Increasing Market for Horses.
Timber cruisers from the Palouso
country nro killing two birds with ono
stone by negotiating for work horses
hero. They are offering fair prices.
Tho government buyers aro so par
ticular about saddle horses that farm
ers arq a little shy about taking
linrAa r Ponilletnn for snlfli i
Gus Shubert, wife and daughter, of,
Holdmnn, nro visiting relatives horo.
G. 13. Stocker hus returned very
much Improved in health.
Tho Jim Itlppoy place has been sold
to a Mr. Wells, of Athena, for $3,000,
Ex-Union Soldiers in Convention at
Chippewa Falls. ' '
Chippewa Falls, Wis., Juno 0. The
city Is filled with members of the
Oram! Army of tho Republic veterans
of tho Spanish war and members of
tho Woman's Roller Corps together
with many other visitors. Two names
are prominently mentioned for de
partment commander. They aro W.
H. Dennett of Mineral Point and Ceo,
Spratt of Sheboygan Falls. Former
Governor Sconold s namo Is also men
tioned, hut ho is not making any
active canvass for tho honor.
Commander J. H. Agon opened tho
Grand Army meeting in tho opera
Mouse this morning with an eloquent
address. Tho reports of tho adjutant
general and other officers show that
tho organization in Wisconsin is In a
flourishing condition, though the
ranks aro being slowly hut surely
thinned by death.
Tonight there will bo a monster
camp flro In tho opera house with
addresses by Commander-in-Chief
Stowart, General John C. Black of
Chicago and othor prominent Grand
Army men. Tho encampment will bo
contlnuo and concluded tomorrow
with nn interesting program.
Traveling Men From All Over the
United States In Session.
Indlnnnpolls, Ind., Juno 9. The
Hooslcr capital has capltulatod beforo
an Invasion of "knights of thq grip,"
who havo gathered from all parts of
tho country In tons and hundreds to
attend tho annual national conven
tion of tho Travelers' Protectivo As
sociation. Presldont Howard W.
Peak called tho gathering to order
this morning nnd greeted an audience
that filled Tomllnson Hall from floor
to roof.
Tho South nnd West aro particular
ly well represented, showing tho gain
In membership which tho association
Is making in thoso quarters. Reports
of officers show a total membership
of 22,000 scattered over many states.
During tho doren years of its oxlst
enco tho organization has paid out
nearly $1,000,000 In Indemnities. Tho
convention will bo in session three
dnys, tho business meetings alternat
ing In tho program with features of
interesting entertainment.
Association of Business Men From All
Over the State.
Waco, Toxas, Juno 9. Nearly ovory
nook and coruor of tho state was rep
resented this morning at tho opening
of the annual convention of the Retail
Grocers' Association of Toxas. Tho
attendance completely eclipsed that
at tho Fort Worth convention of a
year ago, which ovldenccs in itself
tho phonomonal growth of tho asso
ciation during tho last 12 montliB.
Business of a routine character oc
cupied tho greater part of tho day.
Tho gathering was called to order at
9 o'clock by J. II. Riley, president of
tho Waco association, and addresses
of welcome were made by Mayor San
ford and representatives of the local
buslnes interests. Tho responso was
dollvered for the visitors by John P.
KJlno of Texarlcana, president of tho
association. Commltteo reports occu
pied tho attornoon. Tomorrow tho
association will listen to addresses on
trado topics by prominent business
mon of Toxas and other states.
Daughter of Ex-Secretary Long Now
a Graduated Physician.
Baltimore, Md., Juno 9. Miss Mar
gnrot Long tho pretty daughter of
John D. Long, former secretary of 'the
nary, may now write M. D. after her
I I IJiir AlaAahahakaabLLJII 1 111 I
111 5c
ILciQAR I...
name. After completing a four years'
course, during which time she has ,
eschewed the trivolltles of society and 1
npplied herself studiously to master-1
tug her chosen protesslon, Miss Long '
received her diploma today at tho
graduation exercises of tuo medical
school of Johns Hopkins University.
She was ono of a half dozen fair
graduates among the more numeroub
representatives of tho stronger sex.
Tho commencement exercises were
attended by former Secretary Long, I
Mrs. Long and a number of other rel-1
atives and friends of the young wo
man. Her Sister is Studying Medicine.
Miss Long entered tho medical
school four years ago and has taken
tho entire course with great credit.
Her older sister, Miss Helon Long,
was a graduate of tho Johns Hopkins
training school for nurses, and during
tho Spanish war was connected with
the Red Cross society as a nurse.
After the war her sister, Miss Mar.
garet, became fascinated with the
study of medicino and decided to be
come a full-Hedged physician, nnd
with that purposo entered Johns Hop
kins medical school.
Iowa County Recorders.
Des Moines, Iowa, Juno 9. At tho
annual meoting hero today of the
Stato Association of County Record
ers tho following wero nmuog the pa
pors presented and discunsud. Ti
Need of a Thorough Organization ami
How to Perfect It," C. F. .Moorman,
of Warren county; "LegtslathiL
What Needed and How li S.'curo tin'
Same," II. L. Harvey, of Hurrlsim
county; "The Importance of Records
in tho Recorder's Ofllco as Compared
With Those of Other County Olllceit,"
C. W. B. Derr, or Jonos county. In
addition to these papers uul dl'-cus-Rlons
tho meoting transacted consul
erablo routino business rein ling to if
affairs of tho association.
Druggists at Bloomington.
Bloomington, 111., June 9. The
membors of tho Illinois Pharmaceutai
Association assombled in Bloomington
today ror tholr annual meoting. Tho
attltudo to bo adopted toward tho
combines and the cut-rate members or
tho fraternity nnd measures of legis
lation particularly affecting tho drug
trado are among tho subjects to re
ceive attention during tho sossions,
which aro to continue through Thursday.
cisfar that has the same face value as a nickel, and
you full interest in solid satisfaction and real enjoyment.
Save the Bands, x
Every dealer sells it.
Insurance in force $13,450,960.00
M. H, RICE, Freewator
A itent for Umatilla County.
J.r. WuIker,',Cltjr Agont for l'emlleton
Rigby-Clove Mfg.!
Manufacturers of the 1
Repairs for all kinds of
Farm Machinery
Foundry Work a Specialty
Cash paid for old castings
Pendleton, - Oregon
i 1 1 1 U M it-.n-
; : Five Porcelain Tubs
Are now to be found at
Privett's Barber Shop and
1 1 Bath Rooms. We nlso have ;
; ; five hydraulic chairs. Every-
! ! thing is neat and clean. We '. !
;; employ none but first-class
j ; workmen. ,Our equipment is
, '. not excelled in Eastern Ore. ! I
', Privett's Barber Shop : :
! ! 723 Main Street ; ;
Mill I 1 1 i
Shoulders over
all other 5c cigars
$50.00 Given Away
! To the first one handing us
the nearest correct solution
l (it tho two following rebuses,
wo will glvo $25.00 worth of
! furniture or other goods ot
I your choice from our immenso
; stock; $15.00 worth to tho
i second, and $1.00 worth to
tin, thlril
The question is, how many
different wnys can the word
"Furniture," and how many
tho word "Hader" bo spelled
in the following squares by
spelling to the right, or down
ward, or any combination of
down and right, or right nnd
down, but always using the
same numerical letters, yet
all spell tho words "Itador"
and "Furniture" correctly.
For Illustration, the word
"Under" may he spelled by
using letters numbered 1, ,
11, 12, 21. or 13. 22 23 21.
-JO nil... ......,' . ' ,
..-iv.. , in, Huiuiion to oo
the number
that can he
word, with no
in order that
awarding tho
fcnow who Is
I 2 f 4 5 0 7 8 9 10
F i U j R -N I T U R E F
II 12 , 13 14 15 10 17 18 10 20
u I R I N I T U R E F U
21 , 22 (23 24 26 20 27 28 29 30
R i N I T j U R E F U R
31 32 33 34 35 j 30 37 38 39 40
N I T U R E F j U R N
41 42 J 43 I 44 45 40 47 48 49 60
1 1 T i U j R E F U R N I
51 52 j 53 54 65 j 60 57 B8 59 60
tl 2 03 04 05 j 06 67 08 09 70
u I R E j F U R j N I T U
71 72 73 j 74 75 76 77 78 ' 79 80 "
R I 'E F U j R N I T U R
si .82 n-j 84 85 80 87 88 89 ;90
91 92 03 94 j 95 j 96 97 , 98 99
F i 1 U j R j N I 1 1 J Uj.B ,e; :
1 234DC!789
R A D E R A D E j R
11) 11 12 13 14 16 j lli i IV I 18
A D E R A D , E ! R
1SJ 20 21 22 23 24 26 ' 2ti j7
2B 2l 30 31 32 33 31 ' 3D ' i
E R A D E j R A D E
37 38 3U 40 41 42 13
R A D E R A i D E I R
40 47 -18 4!) GO 51 52 j b3 I
55 50 57 B8 6'J W ,;1 1 62 I 63
O E j R A j P j E R I A jP
01 05 00 07 j 08 li'J VU iHTi
E R j A P E R , A l
73 74 7b 70 77 j 78 71) W
In nnnlpil plvlnir OBIT
of combinations
mado of each
namo attached,
tho commltteo
prizes will not
in tho contest.
must be able to i wn.
ically. each of rfTti ,
ways the number of HB ;
tiry an wnu" aa
number each envelope
talning an im " ch
a memorandum of ea"
ono will be aMojed
Pan . Tie''
Iawarueu jwj ,;Vnh i"1
Is no sure thing that the i
solutions will be correct
If you uectue j- -
Unnirfi VOUr SOluUOB
Kanding it la you can
by placing your "-"
numerical ,
Main and Webb 8tr
'', '