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    nREBON. TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1903.
Ktngq Leopold of Belgium Is con
templating a visit to the United
Owing to the stagnation of the Iron
industry In Austria, lnrge numbers of
workmen aro emigrating to America.
A merry-go-round rnn away with
Itself In Chicago, badly Injuring sov
eral children who wore riding on It.
Ono or moro of the injured children
are not expected to live.
Bx-Seuator Oeorgo Turner has so
cured options on the Standard and
the Mammoth silver-lead mines In the
Coeur d'Alones, on tho basis, it Is
understood, of about $5,000,000 for
the two properties. Ills option will
expire on August 18.
A feature of tho World's Kalr will
lie a pottery In operation. Workmen
of the highest skill will manufacture
pottery so that visitors may note
all tho processes Involved. A firing
furnace will stand In tho center of a
special building and the potters with
their wheels will bo so arranged
around tho Interior so that visitors
may make a clear inspection of the
Portland and Oregon City are going
thro' a hold-up epidemic.
The Mazamas are preparing to
make the ascent of the Throe Sis
ters. S. li. Hoenlughaus has been arrest
ed at Salem for passing worthless
Tacoma Is stirred up over the Im
pnro milk and adulterated food being
nerved In Us restaurants.
James Townsend was torn to pieces
by a log coming down tho chute in
:a logging camp near Vancouver, D. C.
Bremerton has rovoked tho licenses
of tho saloons near tho navy yard,
which caused tho navy department to
boycott that point.
.Monday forenoon tho 2-year-old son
of Oeorgo Allen, of I.a Ornnde, drank
part of a bottlo of Iodine. Prompt
work saved tho child's life.
Iloscoe Cams, of Baker City, was
shot In tho leg by a friend who
"didn't know tho gun was loaded."
ile may have to lose his leg.
Tho last of tho smallpox suspects
is out of iiarantlno at Prlnovllle,
both hotels thoro aro doing business
again and peoplo nro rapidly forgot
tlng tho late unpleasantness.
British Columbia's parliament has
Just closed, much to tho relief of tho
British Columbia public. It passed
many unpopular acts and saddled $5,
000,000 of debts on the country.
The postal Inspectors who have
been Investigating the theft of a reg
istered pnd:nge containing $450, nt
tho Bakor City postolllce, have re
quired the postmaster to make good
the loss.
Brooklyn In Commlslson,
Now York, Juno !). At tho Brooklyn
navy yard today tho armored cruiser'
Brooklyn was placed in commlslson
In pursuance or orders from Wash
ington. The Brooklyn, it is under
stood, will bo tho llagship of Hear Ad
miral Cotton, commanding tho Euro
pean naval station. Sho will rollovo
tho cruiser Chicago, which will rotum
homo for repairs.
Barnes U says hero that Mara
has a day 41 minutes longer than
our own, Howes Well. I suppose
that's because labor unions havn't
not fully established on that planet.
Boston Trunscrlpt.
nn at
Hot weather is on and we
have clothing to make you
feel comfortable
$2.00 to $3.00
Caf and Vests
$4, $5, $6 to $7
Coals and Pants
$5, $6, $7 to $10 i
Baer & Daley
Furnishers and Hatters i
Lewiston City Council Purchases a
New Pump.
Lewiston, Idaho, Juno 9. Water
was turned on at noon Sunday after
having been shut off 12 hours while
now lining was being put in tbe cyl
Inder of tho pump at the city water
works. It is expected that the pump
will now handle CO per cent moro to
ter. The city council hns also pur
chased a mining pump formerly in
use at Salem Bar placer mines, 30
miles above here In the Snake river.
A cr.ew of men left hero to take tho
pump down ami nam it to ino none
Arrangements have been perfected
with tho O. It. & N. Co.. for the steam
er Lewiston to go to Salem Bar Friday
next and get the pump. Tho now
pump will bo placed at Harrington or
Small & Emery's mill and pump dir
ectly Into the city water mains. The
pump has a capacity of 20,000 gallons
an hour. Its use will permit the
moderate uso of water for irrigation.
There Is some talk among councilmen
that tho present contract with tho
Eastern Arm for tho delivery of a
heavy pump, which was to have been
delivered here by May 1, should be
cancelled. Action to tills effect may
bo taken nt the next meeting of the
Profesior Kelly is s Famous Expert
In Psychology.
Itfchmond, Ind., Juno 8. President
Robert U. Kelly was formally Install
ed as head of Earlhami Collog today
In the presence of a large audlenco,
Including trustees, faculty, alumni,
students and friends of tho college.
Leading educntorB were In attendance
from nearly all of the prominent col
leges and universities of Indiana
and thro wore also eminent represen
tatives of tho Friends' Institutions
of learning In various parts of the
country. Tho particular features of
the inaugural program were the in
sinuation address, delivered by Pres
ident Harper, of the University of
Chicago, nnd the inaugural address of
President Kelly. Brief congratula
tory addresses were delivered on be
half of the student body, tho alumni
nnd tho educational Institutions of
Biographical Sketch.
Itobert I.. Kelly, the now president
of Earlhaiu College, graduated from
that university In 18X8. Hu did three
years of graduate work In psychology
at tho University of Chicago, whore
lie took the master's degree and for
three years In succession wns award
ed u fellowship, fn Chicago he con
ducted extensive investigation In tho
Held of child psychology, both of tho
normal and nbnormal type, In which
lino lie Ik recognized as an authori
ty. Ho came to Earlham College two
years ago from Petin Collogo, Iowa,
of which institution he wns acting
Muzzling the Land Speculator in Past
"Lnnd must be cultivated, and if
neglected tho owner had to pay tho
samo as neighboring land!" Babylo
nlnn code 1000 years old,
Tho monument which bears this In
scription is n pillar of black dlorito
eight feet high, and was found by M.
do Morgan nt Susa, In tho Acropolis
mound, In December nnd January,
1901-02, Ono of tho most remarkable
historical monuments that has over
been recovered from tho burled cities
of tho ancient world. Tho Uindon
San Domingo has officially accept
ed tho invitation to participate In tho
World's Fulr, St. Louis, in 1904.
Cl03e of Tutullla Academy for the
Year Barley Harvest Will Be
Early Nineteen Hundred Pounds
of Fish In One Haul Rain Is Need
ed Around Juniper,
Tutullla, Juno 8. Dell Davis re
turned from a visit to Milton on Fri
day. William Gardiner, who has been
enjoying a short vacation In Pendle
ton, returned to Tutullla yesterday.
Tutullla Academy recently closed a
very successful six months' term un
der tho leadership of Miss Porter, of
Jack French last week sold $4,000
worth of beef cattle to a Seattle
W. II. Bnbb, who Is up from Echo,
has a crop of barley nearly matured,
which will be ready for the headers
In a week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Olllott, former
residents of Tutullla, aro down from
Moscow, Idaho, on a visit. AI. H.
brought with him half a dozen mules
for the Umatilla county market.
William Glllott returned yesterday
from Cathlamet, where he hns been
putting In spools for fishermen to
draw their nets ashore with. The fish
ermen nro having a rich harvest Mr.
Glllott saw one net hauled ashore
containing 1,900 pounds of flsh. Ho
goes down again on Wednesday to put
In some more spools and will bring
back a now threshing machine from
Portland to bo ready for harvest.
Jack Lawson returned last week
from a year's sojourn at his old home
In Illinois. On his westwnrd trip ho
crossed a part of tho Hooded district,
whero tho Father of Waters Is caus
ing so much destruction of property
and distress to people. Tho high
ground back from tho river Is covered
with a city of tents, in whlcn the un
fortunate residents of that section are
finding temporary shelter.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glllett went
down to Echo today to be gone
through haying.
William Cnthermnn is up from Fos
ter today. A gooil crop of alfalfa Is
being harvested down there.
William MrOibbon, who has 1,400
ncres In wheat in tho lower Juniper
country, Is over from that section to
day. Juniper, In common with the
balance of the county, could stand a
little rain.
A Large Amount of Wool Is Collected
at That Point.
Canyon City, June !). Mnlhcur
county's wool product Is rolling Into
the wool warehouses in this city at a
rapid rate. Over 281,018 pounds is
stored in the warehouses nt this time,
and more Iff being added daily. Since
last Friday the following sheepmen
have delivered to the M. M. Co.: J. F.
Mahan, 3,03(7 pounds; A. E. Brown,
5,704 pounds; Thomas Tiirnbull, 8,
684 pounds; Hub Ward, 9,591 pounds:
Isaac & Gwlnn, 25,828 pounds; 11. C.
Goodwin, 8,097 pounds; Frank Ed
mundson, 2.8U: pounds; James Paul,
5,980 pounds; J. A. AlcCune, 18,395
pounds; Burgess & Kelsay, 7,594
pounds; F, Martin, 5.07C pounds;
Moore Bros., 2,032 pounds; Edward
Douglas, 4,202 pounds.
J. C. Gordon and O. S. Smith de
livered their second consignment at
hto O. F. Co. warehouse yesterday.
The first annual wool snle will be
held heie on June f8.
That Throbbing Headache.
Would (illicitly leave you, If you
used Dr. Kihs's New Life Pills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They mako pure
blood and build up your health. Only
20 conts, money back If not cured.
Sold by Tnllmnn & Co., druggests.
Hnnlon's clgnr store, headquarters
for smokers' supplies, Association
Two Secrets of Success
The success of The Mutual
Life Insurance Company of
New York is due:
First To its selection of
risks. :
It write no insurance in tmhenlthful
regions or on viciousnrsuW-stamUrd livrs
Second To the investment
of its funds :
Send for "A Banker's Will," which
tells how tbe jjrt.itest amtumlatiou of
trust funds in the world is invested,
Good health and good in
vestments will go a long way
toward making anyone rich.
Thll Company ranks
First - In Audi,
Ftrll -In Amount I'id rollcj.hohltri,
The Mutual Lifk Insurance
Company ok New York
Ricuaid A. McCuidy, I'loUltal.
Alma D. Kntz, manager, Boise, Idaho.
Frank I Hammond, District Manager,
Pendleton, Oregon.
When the hot days of summor
make you think of tho cool and
shade of tho mountains, thero Is no
more onjoynblo place to spond a va
cutlon than Lehman Springs, whero
the present manager, Mr. C. It. uut
ton has spared no pains nnd expense
for' tho convenience nnd comfort or
tho guests. Tho grounds nro admira
bly situated and tho large hotel is
modern and up-to-date In overy re
spect. There nro 25 cottages con
veniently situated In tho cool shado
of tho grove and camping facilities
nro nmplo nnd convenient. Phono
connections with all points. The
water of Lehman Springs Is not
equaled any whero for Its medicinal
properties and has proven in every
case a positlvo and lasting cure for
rheumntlsm. For further particu
lars address C. 11. Button, Lehman
Springs, Or.
Worst of All Experience.
Can anything bo worse than to feel
that overy minute will bo your last?
Such was the experience of Mrs. S.
H. Nowson, Decatur, Ala. "For three
years," she writes, "I endured insuf
ferable pain from Indigestion, stom
ach and bowel trouble. Death seem
ed Inevitable when doctors nnd all
remedies failed. At length I was In
duced to try Electric Bitters and tho
result was miraculous. I improved
at once and now I'm completely re
covered." For liver, kidney, atom
nch and bowel troubles Electric Bit
tors is tho only medicine. Only 5uc.
It's guaranteed by Tollman & Co.
How's This?
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that can not bo
curat by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. .1. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known V. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
hlni perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and llnanclally able to carry
out nnv obligations made by their firm.
WIIST & TKIAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
sale Druggists, Toleilo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting dlreetlv upon the blood and raucous
surfaces of tho systeni. Testimonials sent
five. Price 7."c per bottle. Sold by all
Hall's Family Pills aro the best.
Stock Farm for Sale.
Tho Ogle stock farm, consisting of
.1000 acres, about 250 head of cattle,
plenty of water, grass and timber.
Itnngo has never been sheeped off.
All under fence. Will grow nil hay re
quired. Call on or write to Bontloy
& Hnrtman, Pendleton, Oregon.
Stock Cattle for Sale.
Have for sale 50 head of cows, 25
calves by sldq; 10 2-ycar-old heifers,
and 15 yearling heifers.
A Cool Place
Is Robisun's Amusement Par
lors, under the W. & C. Depot.
Just the place to while
away leisure time. First
class bowling alley; splen
did pool and billard ta
bles; up to date shooting .
gallery. Temperence re
freshments nnd cigars.
Free Musical Entortuinuient
Every Evening
cure dyspepsia and nil disorders aris
ing irom indigestion. Endorsed by
physicians everywhere. Sold by nil
druggists. No cure, no pay. 25 cents.
Trial package free by writing to W.
H. Hooker & Co., Buffalo. N. Y. P.
TV. Schmidt & Co.
Telephone Main 4
Monopole, Rock Candy,
Red Star and White Rose
in half gallons, gallons,
jackets and pails.
Standard Grocery
Court Street
Low Sellers of Gtoceries
The Parrot Talks
"I'm neither too big nor too
littlo I'm jttst right. My
quality is admirable. I'm
calm and unruffled even when
I'm burning up."
u Just Try a
5 cents
At Your Dealer's
Sole distributors
Portland, Or.
Good work tells We nro kept bmy these
da; ttxlng out-of-whsck wiu-ons, carriages etc.
Good teavoni we know how to do tbe trick
and do It; wo have the right materials wood
Iron, paint and varnlih and ue them. Then,
too, we aro prompt in executing repair orderi.
May ne have jour.il' Wo navo the celebrated
Winona wagon with steel clad I ubs and nuter
leaving block". Tho only wagon that Hands
hot dry climate Top tugRies Irom S0 up
second hand rigs too Onr stock Includes
Gasoline fengtnes. Irrigating Pumps and lies
sell Tcresher.i and Engines. Call and nsmnlue
our stock.
Bargains tti
Real Estate
I havo a larger and better
list of Farms, Stock Ranches
and City Property to sell
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wheat section of Eastern
N. Berkeley
Is an especial feature of our
store. We realize our re
sponsibility and are very
particular in every detail,
using only the best and
purest drugs. It matters
not what physician writes
your prescriptions they will
be compounded by a com
petent, reliable pharmacist
when presented here and at
prices that are always reas
onable. F. W. Schmidt's
The Reliable Druggist
I'ostoKce Block.
I'hone Main Sjt
Newly Fnr;.i
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Hot All- ...
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Damps n ...
companies stand
H&rtfnril P1m
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.mmuw Assurance u
London V Ttia.viJ'i
oym insurance Co.
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Dinner Twentr-Sit
rrom 11.30 a. m, to
auuri muni's a 1
Quick. Courteous
Open all Day ail
I . A.ll fitaihrf.
We can supply yo
Building Material
descriptions and
you money
Building pap"
cement, brick i
Wood gutters If
n.i .two nnesas
Oregon Lull
1 ii 1 p. 1 iiimisi
Grain and
mnlmUtm suj
11. -Jo aid
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