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Tonight Increasing cloudiness: S
c Wednesday showers and cooler.
XE 9, 1903.
NO. 1705.
MGEDITjON r""7'" H ninvruruiunrniTiok
Alt' 4 -l a i l ww w h m m m mw m mm mmmmmmm u i
k- bbsi bbm t. mj m. w m. am. am. m ibb a
Up of Fatalities
the Waterspout on
- nAtte
TM, Vast Country Is lm-
Awful Floods South
Holocaust Comparanie
ithe Most Violent Water
tnomtna of the Rockies.
L Along the Pacolet.
, s. C. Juno a. Tlie ueaa
' ... t iUn Tnnnlnf
ler 59. Thero is bihi gieai
i relief on account oi mo
kanlzation. The railroad
t complete.
Ii;e In the Middle and
hlinas is now great owing
Int rivers. Entire proporty
t close to Jiu.uuu.uuu.
t Coffpens was destroyed
K. C. June 9. Reports
isse the death list in the
II districts of South Caro
people arc also said to bo
Estimates today placo the
'. Gllton and at Pacolet
) to J3.000.000. Tho loss
r and to prlvato property
rcased to the same amount.
e shape of food is urgently
Posse Unable to Find Any of Jail
breakers of Glasgo, Mont.
Anaconda, Mont., Juno 9. A spe
cial to tho Standard from Glasgow
Bays: Jack Williams, tho deputy sheriff
shot by George Price, one of tho es
caped prisoners, on Saturday night
died today. The posso has not found
any of the four men. They stole two
horses when they crossed the river,
and at least two of tho men aro mak
ing for tho bad lands.
Sheriff Cosnor is of the opinion
that ono of thom Is still in tho brush
near town, and does not think the
fourth man crossed the. river, as they
could find no traces of where onlr
threo mon came out of tho river on
tho south aide. It may be that one
of them drowned. Report Just re
ceived from Milk river says that two
men supposed to have been Hardee
and Brown wero seen on horseback
noar Stephen's ranch, lust across
tho river. They will probably remain
together, as tho general opinion Is
that Brown got In jail to liberate Har
dee, as this is tho second attempt.
All available men in the vicinity
are well armed, and Sheriff Cosner
expects to have a largo posse out to
morrow, with tho determination of
capturing them. It is not likely they
will bo taken alive, as they are well
armed. Sheriff Buckley of Chinook,
came In town today and will assist In
the hunt.
The Highest Water in Sixty Years is Now Recorded at
That Place.
Madison and Granite City, Illinois, Are Cut Off From All Communication
Believed the Extreme Limit Has Been Reached.
St. Louis, June 9. According to the
local weather bureau, 'relief seems in
sight for the flooded districts in the
vicinity of St. Louis. This morning
the stage recordod by the government
gauge is 37.5 feet, a rise during the
past 24 hours of 1.3 feet. This
breaks all records but that of 1844.
It is expected tho river will rise from
in a few Inches of that mark, but ris
ing slowly.
Immense Loss to the Railroads.
No attempt has been made to trans'
port freight between this city and
East St. Louis, and lollof from this
critical situation Is not expected with
in tho next 24 hours. It Is estimated
that tho flood disaster has already
Enormous Output of the Baldwin
Philadelphia, Pa., Juno 9.--It they
aie not disappointed In their expecta
tions the Baldwin Locomotive Works
will by the first of no.xt month have
turned out tho greatest number of
finished engines In any six months
In history. The mark fixed by tho
oftlclals of tho works as tho produc
tion for tho six months Is 1000 loco
motives, which Ib equivalent to two
thirds of the total output for 1902,
when more than 1500 engines were
turned out, breaking nil former rec
ords. Of tho 1000 locomotives tho
great majority are on orders placed
last year. Tho number taken this
ear will keep the works busy well
Into 1904.
The Pope Is Very Frail and Remains
In Bed Much of tho Time.
Home, June 9. Dosplto reports to
the contrary, tho popo Is fnr from
well. His recent tndlsixisltlon hns
so weakened him that ho remains In
bed the greater portion of tho dny.
Excessively Hot Weather is
Raising the Snow Lino to a
Great Height,
There Aro Many Indications That a
Great Flood Is Imminent Moun
tain Tributaries Are Responsible for
Present High, Water Weather 06
serversDa Net" Believe the Llmjt
is Hcacticd.T
HOW nil until tntnnrrnw nlcrtit mwl
that the predicted 38 feet, it at nil. I cost 4,10 roals $2,000,000.
will be barely attained. Then after Twenty-three Drowned at St,
South Boston, Mass., Sustains a Veavy
Boston. Juno 9. Tho Brooklyn!
I Not Run on Account of
Variable Winds.
, K. Y., June 9. Constl-
nee and Columbia had
i starting point at 2:30.
tsatta committees signal-
! was oft. Light winds
Pie of calling oft tho race.
a heavy fog hung over
A considerable number
n were disappointed at
o! the yachts making a
I III on Her Way to New
Scotland. June 9. a ln.
lot spars and masts fnr tim
P be shipped to Now
I- is expected tho
Ml reach Now York about
ptipal Subject of Discus-
1" Ennland.
l,T(k8':Thero was a large
I ,i ouse of commons
KZr , ," antl 1,18 'I'03-
Itkit ni:z i"u speauor
Hi i """"""l Ulll.
remaining stationary for a short time i St. T tmls iim. n ti,.. .ii. Cooncrace nlnnt In South Boston, lrns
iuu governmcni omciais say ino water i atlon Is practically unchanged. The
Repairing and Remannlng of War
Vessels and Every Apparent Effort
Being Made to Render Her Man
churlan Occupation Safe From In
Vienna, Juno 9. Dispatches recelv
ed this morning report great activity
by Russia In the far east, desnlto fu-
tile Russian attempts to conceal tho
Tho navy yards nt Port Arthur and
Vladivostok aro scenes of great nc
tivlty, overy drydock belnc occuniod
nnd every vessol In the Russian Pa
cific fleet not in active commission on
the outside being overhauled, reman'
ned and equipped.
Thoro is no longer any concealing
tne tact tnat Russia has greatly in
creased her garrison at Port Arthur.
und that relnforceemtns are arriving
almost dally for all the Russian gar
rison towns by tho overland route.
We Won't Send Our Warship to Chili,
as the Trouble Would Be All Over
Before We Could Get There.
Washington. Juno 9. Upon cable
auvices from our minister at vaipar
also. Chill, that tho strike situation
is again re assuring, the orders which
wore Issued yesterday to Itear-Adml-ral
Sumner to tako his vessels to tho
sceno of tho disturbance, were this
morning countermanded.
I km . oi the pro.
be found short:
U J) ,J
VSwbt the
v uuuut 20
fc.lta iZ?0 by his
ri,, two
of, two cars:'
" ' ' TRUST."
Business , and (Professional Men of To
peka Are Shoveling Mud.
Topcka, Kan., June 9. In resporisc
ito tho mnyor's proclamation stating
that not enough day laborers 'are. pb
tatnablc, COO professional and busi
ness mon from Topeka, today aro
.shovelinc mud , In . North Toncka Ito
jprovont danger or epidemic or sick
jioss from the accumulations pfi filth
ami, mud., .itrrrrf
will begin falling,
Inability to secure communication
with Madison and Granite City, 111.,
lying a few miles north of St. Louis,
where a number ot peoplo wero late
last night reported in danger of losing
their lives from tho encroaching
flood, caused great anxiety here.
Suspension of Railroad Business.
water is at a standstill. The work of
rescuing tho Hood Imprisoned contin
ues. The death list this morning
reaches 23.
Pontoon Bridge Washed Away.
Topeka, Knn Juno s. Tho pon
toon bridge connecting North Topeka
with the north approach of the big
nieian uriilge. which lutler pntm tho
burned this morning with a i'nrtcr
million loss.
All Incoming Eastern passenger ) rlvt'r connecting both parts of tho
trains are marooned In St. Louis and j town, went out at 1 o'clock today.
Cairo. The Illinois Central was tho Tn' severs all connection with tho
only Chicago train to make St. Louis ' north side save by boat, and it is not
today. It arrived at Union Station I thought that It will bo possible to
three hours late. The Western roads repair mo damage before Wednesday,
aro experiencing similar hardships.
The Wabash, Chicago & Alton and
Burlington have practically ceased
operations between here and Kansas
City. The Missouri Pacific and tho
'Frisco are tho only lines actively op
erating between tho two cities.
Frolght tonnage has been reduced to
a minimum, and only tho most im-
Iierauve snipments can he made,
This will result In great hardship to
the peoplo now in North Topeka, as
all the boats sent hero from tho out
side have been taken away.
Foot Fall at Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo., Juno 9. The Mis
souri river has fallen' a foot slnco C
o'clock last night, the government
gauge at 10 o'clock marking 25.5 feet.
nnn a similar fall of the Kaw is noted
This afternoon the viaduct connect-1 There Is great activity in nil linnn nf
ing East St. Louis with tho Eads I business In tho flood district today
bridge was condemned as unsafe. The and the railroad situation is improv
street cars nro not allowed to cross i lug gradually.
the bridge. The water of Cahokia Direct communication between tho
creek has been washing against the i two Kansas Cities has been interrupt
viaduct for several days, and it has ed, the last span of tho Wyondotto
been strained to its utmost by Bight-1 hrldgo bearing telegraph and telo
seers, who used it as a vantage point ! phone wires having gone out.
to vlow tho floods. RVP R)sIng at sti Lou8
Six Suburbs Under Water. St. Iyouls, June 9.---Contrary to the
St. Louis. Junn 0. Tho mill I predictions of the weather exnertB.
group of east side cities, lying Just 1 1,)0 r'vor U still rising and conditions
north of East St. Louis, and including I ari hourly more serious, In East St.
Venice, Madison, Newport, Brooklyn r-01lls 11 shows a rise of nn Inch dnr-
and Granite City, are ,under from 10 luS the past hour.
to 15 feet of water,- which' Is still ris-, Nine People Drowned.
Inir.. Elcht thniiRandn nnrcnnu nrp rtfnnrlfi innolvn.l frn.M rnriiiria cov
driven ffbin their ,h6tn6s.-. Very jittlo:n woman, baby ar.d -jvci' men were
confirmation of tho r'epdrts 'of drown- drowned by thq eapslzln-i of n bout In
Boycott by the War Department Is
Having a Very Salutary Effect
Seattle's Influence Was Exerted to
Secure the Moral Wave.
Seattle, Juno 9. Tho town council
of Bremerton has kept Ub word in
saying that it would do all in Its pow
er to causa to bo lifted the boycott
from the Pugct Sound navy yard,
which was placed thero by Secretory
of the Navy Moody, bucauso Mr,
Moody thought tho town was Immoral
and unfit, for members ot tho navy to
comu In contact with.
Saturday night the council voted
an ordinance revoking the license of
every saloon In tho town, and passed
another bill making It unlawful for
anyone to sell liquor without a 11
Tho action of tho town council wns
t lie n at tho urgent rcmicst ot the So'
nttlo Chamber of Commurco and tho
citizens of Bremerton,
ings can bo had, as these places aro
all cut off from railroad service, and
telephone communication is uncertain
at best. Tho weather bureau prom
ises relief after tho river shall have
risen to about 38 feet. It is now with-
Mmcii mey were trying to escape
trom the railway depot at Madison
tnls morning, Their names are un
known. The current at that point
Is very swift, arid (he bodies wero all
washed away.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Comrrils
plon Company R. L. Boulter, Local
Manager, 120 Court Street. j.
Mlnnnnnnlln .Tnnn 0. Wheat Not
withstanding the fact that cables ware
miner firm, coming Vs ntgnor on tne
ciose. our maricei onenou ou u. nw
tion, presumably on quite heavy ro
colnts nnrt nrnanents for bolter weaw
'r. Bradstrcots's renort on the
.WOrld'ft vlfllhlo war n little disappoint
Ing to tho bulls as it shows a small
dncrcaso whore considerable of a de
crease was looked for. Wo may got
a slight reaction from these prlcfcB,
t wo do, think wheat
.bought for a good turn.
unicago, Juno 9.
iluly 75
,Sopt 72
Uly iTii
Minneapolis, Juno 9.
i Openlngi
July 77
sept 71
should ;bo
78 !
71 '
Baer Forced to Admit Evasion and
Subterfuge. '
New York. June 9. President Baer
is again on the stand In the Interstate
commerco hearing on' the alleged
comblno between the ,coal carrying
roads. Ho said -although the past 12
months shows an Increase In wages
alone over $1,200(000,, freight rates
havo not been advanced. HO declared
tho money Invested in tho Reading
Railway docs not earn so far, as a
coal carrying concern; even a fair
rato of interest.
Baer finally adntittod on tho stand
that their rates per 'tqn for- merchan
dise to the Atlantic seabo'ard' are 16w
er than that on coal. He gave a3 a
reason the expenso of building spurs
to tho mines. He also admitted tho
financial statement as given to the
stockholders differed from that given
to tho state commerce comnilsston,
and as a reason no 'turn iuu maiumum.
given the latter was only euch.asjls
rnniiLTftii iv i&w.j , .
Spoke Jokingly of Daisy Lee and Was
Mlddlesboro, Ky., Juno 9. A jocu
lar remark led to a shooting In Leo
county. Virginia, near here. Tin Ncl-
Hon, "aged 20, Is dead, and John Rey
nolds, about 35 years old, Is a fugltlvo
from Justice. Nelson, It Is said, ac
cused Reynolds, who Is a ruarrleo.
man, ot making love to pretty Daisy
Lee, and Reynolds, not taking (t us
a Joke, blow Nelson's head off -with
a shotgun. Ho 1h now at his brother's
home and refuses to surrender to tho
officers. Nelson lived in Mlddlesboro
and was on a visit to Leo county.
A Juryman Who Had Been Exposed
to Smallpox Is Excused.
Jackson, Ky Juno !. Tho Jett
Wlilto trial was not called this morn
ing as Ellisor has not returned from
Magolllu county, Ono venlermau who
came to court, announced that ho had
been oxoscd to smallpox. Ho was
promptly excused.
Rains in New England Helping
Quench the Conflagaratlon.
lloulton, Mo., Juno, 9. Heavy roins
last night enabled tho firo lighters
to gain control of tho fires In many
sections, Reports received this
morning gay 10 houses, in Van Buton
wero destroyed.
In Honor of Galusha. Grow.; I
Montrose. Pa.. June 9,-r-Promlnent
citizens of this and adjoining counties
without regard to political affiliations,
united today In giving a monster ro-
ception In' honor of former Congress
man Galusha A. Grow, The affair was
a testimonial to tho public services
of Mr. Grow, who,; fpr more than half
a century represented the district in
congress, Bpocliesr ouiogizips, me( per
sorial'and public character 'of tho ven
erable statesman wero delivered and
tho music- for tho occa6on was fur
nished by a church choir of GOO voices.
Changes In Our Diplomatic 6ervlce
Washington June 9. John I), Jack
sun, at present American minister to
Greece, Routnanla. and Scrvlu, has
been designated also American dliilo
matic agent to Bulgaria, Ho replaces
in that capacity Consul-General Dick
limoii, of Constantinople, uh the
rhuiigc is mailo as an outcome of tho
case of Miss Htone, when tho Bulgar
mil government declined to receive a
i diplomatic agent who was also mln
I Ister to Turkey. Sanford Newell, at
r.,t , rrunn d,m t.i.- .o h- iaj. I present American minister to tho
j w . 1 NotherlaiiilH. has been made also mln-
and Be Your Own Cook. j8tcr to Luxembourg. Thin Is a now
Chicago, Juno 9. The waiters and .position and Luxembourg, assorting
cooks of two largo dpwu-town cater- Its Independence of tho other German
ing establishments, struck this morn- states diplomatically, tho American
Ing. Tho Hamilton and University
clubs, two of tho most excluslvo or
ganizations In tho pity, aro slated for
a tie-up this evening.
Engine and Pile Driver Fall, Killing
Three Men.
Charleston, W. V., June 9. While
iepairlng a trestle on tho Seaboard
Air Line over Bioad river yesterday
afternoon, .a locomotive and plla
driver went down precipitating tho
engineer and crew of 10 men Into tho
river. Tbrno were killed and others
ambassador at Berlin finds t outside
of his Jurisdiction,
Seven Seamen Hurt Aboard a British
Qlhraltur, June 9, Seven mcinbors
of tho crow wero seriously Injured by
an explosion aboard tho British ar
moured ruler Goodhopo, near hero,
" The Hlto for tho Pennsylvania
building at the World's Fair. St.
Louis, has been alloted on the plateau
ot states,
Portland. JuiirSvSTho river today
stands nt a bright' ufS(U font nbov'o
Iqw wn(er mark, and water Is stnndlue
'lrim6st oT tho cetlrira ' nlonjr "r-Vont
rtreet north of- Morrlnmir lAwr
docks have been long ,snco abandon
ed ob tho 'weather bureau kopt tho
public posted ou tho approaching
Tlso. ' The water Is gnlnlng steadily
ou the Morrison-street gauge, how
ever, ami by Sunday nn additional
threo nnd four-tenths foet Is predict
ed. Tho wonihcr east or tho mountains
1h not so war mas In Portland, but
tho temperature Ik likely to go higher
within the next two dayB, so that on
Impetus will ho given tho molting
snows about thu heads of tho vnrlous
tributaries ot tho Columlba.
Average Highest Water June 15.
Homo peoplo think It la getting too
Into for a big rise lu tho Columbia,
as tho highest water over known was
on June 7, 1894, hut Forcnst Official
Boats says tho avurago dato ot tho
hlghost water for each year Is Juno
ID. A glnnco over the records hIiico
1880 shows that tho hlghcBt water ot
tho year struck Portland July 1, 1880.
when 27.3 wnH recordod, and North
First Btreet was provided with side
walks of plank set on wooden horses.
On Juno it, 1882, tho high water mark
was 20.2. Ou June 21, 1887, tho gnugo
marked 25.7. On Juno 7, 1884, It Indi
cated feet, tho highest over known.
Slnco 1891 tho highest point touched
on the gaugu wns 24,2. on Juno 23.
Possibilities In Continued Heat.
It will thus bu seen mat It Is not
too late for high water, and that all
depends on the amount of biiow still
In tho mountains and thu temperature
within tho next 10 days, If the
weather turns cool tho melting of the
snOyv will be checked, and a fall In
thu various tributaries ot tho Colum
bia would follow. It weather condi
tions nrovo Just right, n height of 25
feet may bo reachod by tho 25th Inst
nils would bring uie wnter 10 iiw
pavement on North Front street
Water Still Rising.
Portland, Juno .Tho water Is atlll
rising. The government locks at Cas
cade were closed this morning. Tho
merchnntB along tho rlvor front have
been forced to move. Temporary
movablu wharves are being used by
tho transportation companies, The
up-river lowlands nro being Hooded
and tho farmers forced to leave.
Columbia Rising Rapidly.
Pnrtlnnd, Juno 0, Tho L'olumlila
river Is now five miles wldo at Van
couver, Many farms aro submerged.
Attempt to Make Texans Drink Water
Produce a Riot.
Fort Worth, Texas, Juno fi The
governor has ordered tho stato troops
to Hcmpsted to asslHt in maintaining
order on account of the prohibition
riots tlicro.
Foreign Troop Act as Firemen U
Prevent Spread of Flames.
Pckln, Juno 9. Thu revenuo build
Ings, adjoining tho forolgti office, are
nflro. Foreign troops aro acung as
firemen nnd aro straining every nerve
to extinguish tho blaze and provent
Its spread to thu foreign buildings.
Shut Down of Paper Mills In Massa
chusetts, . .
Holvoko. Mass.. Juno 9. Even the
roarso grado paper mills shut down
this morning because Wio cutter gins
struck yesterday.
Joseph Kosrno, an Innocent by
stander, wm killed In a dispute at
Wheeling, W, V.