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Throw 'em
Out Sale
This week ends the opportunity to buy
goods at cost ana less tnan cost. The
hnildine we occupy has been in litiga
tion for years, but the final case has 6
been tried and we trust the decision
wj be handed down before June 1st,
when we wish to commence remodeling
AU prices adveitised last week will still hold good
this wek, but at a corn sponding hour both Friday
and Saturday we will quote Rome exceedingly "warm'"
From '.) to 11 a. m. 18 lbp. sugar $1
From 1 1 1o 1 p, m. 0 bars Owl soap and one
Tar 25c.
From 1 to 3 p. ni, Mocha and Java Coffee,
per pound, 21la
From 3 to p. in. f) packages A. S: H. Soda 2oc
Remember this is your lasl opportuni
ty to buy fine china at less than cost.
If these prices were offered by a depart
ment store in Portland it would take a
hflifrin7Pn nnlirpmpn tn kppn thp npn I
pie in line.
OWL Souse
i i
ONLY the best of ceam
ana tne very pates 01
llavOfS hqpA in n ice CtZ&tXi
and ice cream sodas.
. 4 1 r j
y our ice cream witn cnisneo irun
1 Mrft 1 m t .. -
ffh. -si., J r 1 ' itt
B.I n r-irv v 7tj ii l v mm iil
W around and we will convince
)? of the excellence of otir Cold
and Candies.
Great Number of People Attended I
Roosevelt Day at Walla Walla and
the Caledonian Picnic Favorite
Boy Died at Spokane on the Oper
ating Table.
Milton. Ore., May 28. Mr. Fred 1 '
Cundift, a former student of Colum-1
bla CoIIcko, wns hero Sunday and
.iuiiiiuy irom nis nomo nl Klcliland.
.Monday p. H. Wilson moved Ills
family and household goods to Walla
Walla, whero ho will reside during thp
Mr. James Skee and family took
their departure Monday for Califor
nia, where they will hereafter reside.
Mrs. Horatio Taylor and daughters
are In town visiting.
Mrs. Ida Thomas of Washtuena,
Wash., arrived hero Saturday and Is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Ayers.
The hearts or Mr. and Mrs. John
Swanson were gladdened Sunday by
the arrival or a 12-pound baby boy.
Mrs. Kate Stewart, of Tahoe, Idaho,
who has been hero the past week vis
iting friends and relatives, left for
a brief visit at Heppner, Monday.
Monday the town was almost de
serted. Nearly every one tar and
near went to Walla Walla to see the
president. Nearly all of the business
houses closed during the afternoon
so as to give the clerks a chance to
see President Roosevelt.
Columbia College dismissed at noon
and all of the scholars and teachers
went to Walla Walla.
Gone to Salt Lake City fo Reside.
Miss Elsie Lay ton. who has made
her home for the past three years
with Mr, and Mrs. C. J. McKenzic,
left yesterday to join her mother at
Salt Lake City where she will make
her future homo.
Mrs. C. 11. Uiuiker. after a brief
visit here with relatives, HTt yester
day morning for West lake, Idaho.
Miss Mamie Cross, formerly ol
Milton 1 ii t Inter nl' Hlirln. wns In
Inu'ii Knvnrnl ilnvs hl wnetr vlRillne. 1
Miss Jennie Dykes wns In Athena
several days this week the guest of
Miss Elsa Hosenzweig.
Mr, and Mrs. A. M. Elam nud Mr.
and Mrs. Matt Mosgrove went to
Weston Sunday to attend the funeral
or H. II. Nelson.
.Mrs. O. II. Oakes is here Irom her
home at Colville, Wash., and is visit
ing Mrs. Aaron Miller.
Mr. Adam Crossman. or La Oraiide,
was here Tuesday greeting his num
erous friends.
Mr. Nelson arrived here yesterday
from Ills homo at Salem and Is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. 1.. H. I'lants.
Among those Irom Milton who at
tended the Caledonian picnic were
Mr. and Mrs, I). S. Kirk. Mr. and Mrs.
Dave Still, Albert Hopson. Earnest
McQueen, Charles A. Winn, the
Misses Lizzie Hamer, Ada Pierce,
Gertrude George, Ethel Church and
Stella McQueen.
Airs. 1,. Putnam and Mrs. Florence
Kelly have gone to Westlake, Idaho,
to spend the summer,
J. 11. Hall and bride are expected
home from Tennessee tomorrow. .Mr.
Hall will resumo his duties as head
miller at the Peacock mills.
G. N. W. Wilson, of Portland. Is In
town today and is registered at the
City Hotel.
J. E. Nichols made a business trip
to Walla Walla yesterday.
Messrs. N. A. Davis, G. A. Cowl
and W. H. Steen returned from
Adams tills morning where tiiey went
to assist In singing for the graduat
ing exercises of the Adams public
The following Mlltonites went to
Walla Walla today: E. L. Smalley,
Lyda Neil, Mrs. D. J. Kirk, Mrs. Wil
liam Hrldgewater and Mrs, J. S.
Mrs, D. A. Mangold, uf Spokane, Is
here visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James Grosvenor.
Arthur S. Kothvell, state agent or
the Mutual Benefit Ufe Insurance
Co.. of New York, was In town Wed
nesday and Thursday.
B E. Harder, after a three weeks
visit in Portland returned home Wed
nesdny. Miss Jennie Hutler has gone to
Valley, Wash., to remain during the
III With Typhoid Fever.
Charles Ii. Williamson, of Weston,
Is homo and Is quite III of typhoid
To Business College In Spokane.
The Misses Marguerlto Irons and
Ada I'lerce will leave soon tor Spo
kane to attend Blair's Business Col
lege The young ladles have taught
In the public schools here for seveial
years and will bo greatly mlsbed
from social circles.
Approaching Wedding.
Cards are out announcing the wed
ding or L. B. Banks and Miss Elhol
Taylor. The ceremony will lie per
formed at the bride's home at 1:30
m. Sunday afternoon next. They
will leave on tho afternoon train for
Heppner, where Mr. Banks has ac
cepted a position In u dry goods store,
Died From Effects of an Operation.
Gordon McLean died at Spokano
yesterday of an operation. The lit
tle follow has been a cripple for sev
eral years and an operation was
thought best to relieve him, but it
,,,-oved fatal. The remains will bo
brought down on this afternoons
i-rofessor Powell, of Washington, D. CJ
Kecommends Ke-ru-na.
Th-of. W. B. Powell, of Washington, I). 0., Is one of tho licst known educator
In the country. For fifteen years ho lias Utn Superintendent of the Public
Schools of Washington, which Is considered tho let school system In the I'lllled
State. Professor I'owell is the author of a number of school IkhjUh which tiro
used throughout the United States.
This well known gentleman docs not hesitate to recommend Perunu to his
countless friends and acquaintances nil over thu United States. Inn recent lettui
from 1110 X street, N. W., Washington, !.(!., to Dr. llnrtnian, ho says t
Persuaded by a friend I have used Perunu us a tonic, and I take
pleasure in recommending your remedy. Perunu is Indeed u good
medicine and should be in every houschold."'W. 13. POWELL.
SUCH straightforward orldtncn cm
not be overlooked. What the cotl
won jwiido say carries weight, but yrhn
a m nn of national liromluunro ay "Pi
rutin should IwusollncTrry household
Ulsn significant tact to tho IncroaalJ
prominence and undoubted ctllcooy
Pernna 1 of national famoaa catn
remedy. H Is tho only Internal ay
tetulo catarrh remedy known tn th mei
lent profession. It make diseased mi
colli mcmbrancd hinlthv. vrlirtthrtr It
tho mucous nicmlirauo lining tho nosl
throat, lungs, stomach, kidney or pel
vio organs, it cures vnriouadlM'aw
all these organs, hecnure two-thlnU
bo Ills of mnnklnd nro dun to catarri
llh healthy niurou membrane eM
tuntlodUcases loo their terror, the eya
torn Is enabled to throw off contaglos
ana iicaitn iguow incvitaiity.
Mr. A. T. Wood, Mt. Sterling, Kjj
For mitm-ycarx I haw been m cm
fetvr tnnn catarrh, and bare apen
time and money with phytlclant am
used many a hits or remedies wan
were guaranteed aurc cures', but,
i it' e.ixB It was mnnev thrown awa
reaped no benefit whatever trod
them. Jn my seemingly vain sear
for roller I purcnasea a ootue or r
nin.i, having noconlldence In It wbai
, ever at tho time, mis wasaoouio
year ago, and I began to Improve ma
was able to attend to my outturn
without being constantly hampered I
every kind of pain known toahumat
being. My hearing, which was mlmoA
entirely gone In one eer, got very muci
better. I no metiicine net ontyseea
to cure, but to prevent disease.
'This winter when every one wt
suffering front la grlpite, I stood like ,
stone wall, absolutely proof against li
lam not a believer In 'patent mtdtl
clues.' having found the malorlty ti
them fakes, hut I do not hesitate tk
rcconunenJ I'eruna as the best mean
cine tor catarrh tho world has eve
seen. I keep a bottle of It at hoe
constantly and shall continue to do so
tecause I believe It to be the best med
Iclno on earth. I never leave horns
that I don't put a bottle ot It In ou
grip." A. T. WUUU.
Mr. Evan T. Ilowon, Dodge CUt, KattJ
Conductor on tho A. T. it H. V. it. Ill
writes: "I hnvo hnd catarrh of thoitomf
itch for seven years, and I began to thins
that I never was going to bo cured. Al
tho tlmo I begim Inking Vorunn,! waat
nblu to lnuke more thatt one or two trip
on tho road ntu time, not being ablet
keep anything on my stomneh. I thoM
weighed liW ihjuiuIs. 1 have been taking
I'eruuii kIik-o thut tlmo and hnvo novel
lust n trip, and now Weigh 200 pound,'
Evan I). Jlowen.
I f you do not dcrlvo prompt and satis
factory results from theme of Periina
write at oncu to l)r Ilurtmun. giving i
full statement of your cone unit he will
1k plcncil to give you IM valuable mi
vice gratis.
Address Dr. llnrtnian, President of
The llurtimiu tSuiilluvluui, UolUlubu
train to Weston, whero tomorrow, the
funeral services will be held. Cor
don was ,1 favorite of all his play
mates and his death will be deeply
Another Fine Flow Found on Lie
Bruce Ranch,
A fine :il-incb How of tirtesian
water has been struck on John Brute's
ranch, on Jump creek about ID miles
west of Kroman's Kerry, says the
Caldwell News.
Mr. Bruce has a tract of -145 acres
and only water to irrigate about ouo
third of It, so lie concluded to sink
for artesian water to Irrigate tho
Tho How was struck at n depth ol'
less than r00 loot, and by reservolrlng
a quarter suction may he Irrigated
Irom one well. Mr. Bruco will sink
more wells to cover his entire truct.
Mr. Price has a drilling outfit, a
combination hydraulic and standard
rig, worth over $7000 and one of the
bust in tho state. Ho can boro any
size hole from three to 22 inches,
through any kind of substance, Tho
cost of sinking is from 20 cents to 00
"outs per foot, according to the size
ot the well.
The elevation of .Mr. Bruco's well Is
2300 feet and the How comes out
fully SO feet above the sinfnco of
Snake river.
23,000 Calves Shipped by Mormon
Colony Syndicate,
El Paso, Tex.. .May 30. The shl
ments of cattlo through this part of
the country, which is tho largest cen
ter for beef on the hoof In tho world,
are unprecedented,
Tho Mexican Mormon colonization
syndicate shipped 23.000 calves
through hero today for Idulto. Thlr
teou hundred .Mexican cattlo arrived
here tonight for Canada. Over 13.
000 Mexican cattle hnvo already
gono through hero to tho north In two
weeks. Sixty thousand terazas cat
tle will ho shipped north and east
next week. Tho total for three weeks
will be 300,000.
The World's Fair aerial tourna
ment to he held at St, J-ouls next
year has another entry. W. h. Tan
ney, of Wheeling, W. Va., has invent
ed an airship with whlcn he Is going
to compete for the f 100,000 prize.
DR. C. J. WHITAKER, Dentist; Pendleton, Or.
Makes a snecialtv of Seamless Gold Crowns and Uridine Work,
Extracting 50c, Silver Filling; ti, CJoli Filling ft uji, Hest Sut
Teoili, Vulcanite or Celliioul, 8- All worK gnnramccu.
What Others Say About the Underwooi
ullu Wulln, Wash , April 10, IbO.'l.
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Dcur Kir-He. lylnj; to your enquiry, I ! U) .uy that I purolmsed Mj
llnilerwood tyjiMwriltr in in;m, nun 11 un ihwh hi imjiiiiiiuiii iiu
' I liavo 110 seen any of the now iiiihIuU, but tills Is it HUeoliriwi of the!
worK lone by my liiaeiiineauer neuriy miven yi-am unu(j". wwum 1
(diuiiKo It for any other niako .... J
The only repairs I have luid Ui tho iiiachlnu Is to Imve tho platen renewed
1. ..1.... ii... .1 r 1.,. 1,.., 1 11 I
Tliltt rendered neevsHitry by the liirKnuiiiount of tabula
the liurd usage It wns subJecU il to In iimnliohlliiK. ....,
Hlgned-Yours Truly, H, il. tlAI-OI
lint; work, undH