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    ! 1 j (ft - -W . " 11 DAlLYEVENIWGEDlTIOfc
Eastern Oregon Weather 5
- tout ""
(5c A vr
Tonluht ami Wednesday cloudy
(and threatening, with showers. C
ifai hid
Ljent Welcomed in a
rthat will not oe roi
enby Him nor the City
i. Detail President's
,Are Put to a Gallop to Make
Appointments in tne rro-
ii-.il. Mnv 2fi. Xcvcr was
fore perfect in weather
i tor me ieui"o
in.'asm man Kaa . '"'.V :'V"J.'
Tfl, president of the uniiwi
.. f.t uiion Walla Walla
I" . II. i,.nnr Tho wr-nther
i la co tim "
1rxt! ami a slight breeze rim
& foliage of the tires wh cu
tte streets througn which the
rim passed. no a "ua
nartlcular anil the
m of neople was the largest
I bora m mis secuoii,
Arrived on Time.
mrw at 4:20 the presidential
trolled Into the depot amid the
jj of cannon ana tne cneers oi
iids of people. The Ninth Cav-
liail the Thirteenth Batter' were
btu military escort, and tne pa
kns formed without delay.
Introductions were indulged
the president was shown
i carriage, drawn by two snow
i horses and fairly covered witn
tr-cnt Hovers. The parade was
(Colonel Godfrey witn the Ninth
unmounted, followed by -ne
battery. The president and
lotcnpied a dozen carriages, all
ttljr decorated. Over 100 old
i followed the president in the
lux of March and Address,
keiine of march was irom the de
IfcJIiln street, thence to Whit
luCeje. a distance of over
At the college an immense
I tad gathered, and It was im-
e (or the president to he heard
Jtarta of the crounds. so laree
Ik ptherinr. The Dresident
itofoced by Mayor Hunt, In a
wu, ana wnen he appeared at
t of the platform an Immense
steal op. For Just 30 minutes
went spoke. He paid a trib
( lit old soldiers, tnn vpfppnnfl
t Spanish war and the pioneers
'jwuwwi, especially Marcus
a and the men who hart mafla
'duration DOSSlhlfi lrlth io
Kreiooment nf th mnir
jrea was received with
iwause throughout.
-fen at Courthouse,
Failure of Prosecution in Great Swlnd
ling Case.
Chicago, Mny 26. The pollco court
this morning dismissed all those
charged with being Inmates of a
gambling house who were nrrested In
the raid on the Sullivan Grain Com
pany. Sullivan will answer to the
charge of bucket shopping Thursday.
Detective Woodridgc, who mado the
raid, did not appear. Tho judge In
making the dismissal scored the ab
sent officers.
This Is the ending of the first chap
ter of the effort to break up one of the
greatest alleged swindles of the day.
Sullivan Is reported to have secured
over $l,0uo,000 on a get-rkh-quicU
scheme, which entrapped a large
number of business men as well as
those of moderate Incomes, and those
very poor.
PENDLETfYN". mrArpTTT .- -, 11
' "" wujnxx, uiUWON, TUJ S DAY, MAY 20, 1903.
NO. 475.'l.
Brutal and Drunken Ruffian More Ruin Wrought by Tor-
t:il u: riL. ... i o . .... .
Kills His Father-in-Law for
Assassin Captured This Morning
Asleep With His Wife In a Barn
Ten Miles From Portland Murder
er Armed to the Teeth.
President Takes a Short Trip Into
Harrison, Idaho, -May 20. Tho I Portland, May 2G.-Enra,U bo
president was given an impromptu causo hts wfo had obtancd a dlvorco
reception at 1 a. m. by the citizens from alul refllsed longcr to assoclnte
of Starbuck, where the train stopped , with hlm M. V- Leasn yesterday
for water. The reception was in the Killed F. H. Djews, the woman's fath
naturo of a. chlvari, the president , cr) at Us llome Iloar poni,,sular. on
not responding. ; tne east E1(l0 and tnon comi,oled Mrs
Cannon Salute at Wallace. i.easa to Joln nlm ln fllgnt aftcr
Wallace, Idaho, May 20. The pres- ; leaving their two infant chill! ;n at
iuent stopped two hours with tho ca- the home of a neighbor, on a pretext.
am "J ""'"'".. " i- TU1S morn no- a Blin wis lpnrrt n
tempted to make a salute with a can
non near the depot. After the fourth
shot the gun refused to work. The
chief magistrate still has 17 coming
to him. He visited Senator Heyburn
and made a speech In the rain.
nadoes In Missouri, Iowa
and Nebraska.
Severe Flood at Oklahoma City Two
Female Inmates School for Feeble
Minded at Des Moines Killed tin.
mense Destruction to Property.
St. Joseph, Mo., May 20. Great
damage was done by an electrical
storm which swept over tho city last
night. Many buildings wore unroof
ed and new buildings wrecked. There
were no casualties.
Great Destruction In Nebraska.
Omaha, May 20. Reports from va
rious portions of tho state, osneclnl-
ly the eastern section, show that nil
day yesterday smnll twisters, accom
panied by heavy rains, marked phe-
c conditions in
Reliance Leadt In Last Trial Race on
Long Island Sound,
Glasgow, May 20. Sir Henry Up
ton entertained tho city council of
Gonrock at luncheon today and bade
them farewell before crossing the At
lantic. Ho hinted broadly this will
be tho last attempt, but expressed
groat hope that tho cup will bo lifted.
Last Trial Race on the Sound.
Glencovo. Mny 2G. On the IR-tnllo
course today In tho trial of the
yachts, tho wind held a strong 10
knoth. The starting gun wns fired at
12: 1G. Tho llellance crossed the lino
thVco seconds later nnd the Columbia
eight, nnd tho Constitution 2S. Short
ly afterwards tho Constitution pass
ed the Columbia, working well tip to
windward niul also tho other two
yachts, and at 12:20 hnd gained con
siderable on tho Reliance, which hold
tne lead. Tho Reliance rounded tho
first mark, which Is six nml a half
miles out, at 12:43, tho Constitution
second, and tho Columbln n minute
and three-quarters Intor. Tho Reli
ance's crew wns slow In breaking out
the ballooner and -tho Constitution
crept up still closer.
The Rellnnco finished at 1:13:10,
the Constitution. 1:40::!, tho Colum
bln a long ways behind.
Portrait of Murdered Girl.
Baker City, May 26. A beautiful
portrait of Miss Minnie Ensminger,
painted by Mrs. Edward C. Bowen, is
on' view ln the window In this city,
of the Alexander Clothing Company.
The likeness Is an excellent one, and
will be hung In the Rocl: Crook school
where Miss Ensminger used to teach
before the tragedy of which she was
a victim. The picture has been ac
cepted by the school and is attract
ing a considerable amount ot attention.
the woods at about the locality where
the couplo are sunnoseu to be. and It
is probable that Mrs. I.easla, too, has nomenal atmospherl
.uiii-u wtiiui kii uui luiuiur mis-1 xenraska
uuuu ui uai veiiKeuncu. l-osses OI
officers are scouring tho neighbor
hood, and it probably Is only a ques-
The total loss of life so far reported
is 22. At Springfield the rain was so
heavy Turtle creek overflowed In two
Kb tine -i u j i
and began to march to
( nrMlilA.ii.i . a
fci,rT.i 1 eafnage was
EST tt the horecs at a sat
Tr i fer minutes' speech to
" i children massed at that
re was erected an Immense
" words, "The flag
SJW" The address tS
upiea about five mln
Military n.ui.,..
lie lim fi.. '.
Im-CT.. luc procession passed
- square the president
x,1?. tons line
KiMh 7, walIa Walla,
ninth Parol,... c. .
w.l Mruetl1 "atterj
J7 the president from
wWfaf 5vements of the
IP 8 reaalr i. TIi ' uul "e I"0'
iNejcTi M J"ven to
SWT? Moody, willlan, i,n
Ki"bo, M.-rT'.t,.cuu-ucnerai
H i ,r"oe- Colonel
e,Cor Vu" ei.
hieing laid for'
frrtM. ti
in- renrtiuir, ,
'... a the nrnol.
the Dresl
tely locked
"Ore null., il.
17" far w..
mce, Idaho.
Two Others Seriously Injured While
Many of the Tenants Are Rescued
With Difficulty.
New York, May 2C. A four-story
apartment house in Fulton street was
destroyed by tire early this morning.
One policeman was fatally hurt and
two seriously burned, while 15 In
mates. Indue. ng many children, were
rescued with difficulty. Tho fire
started ln a Wells-Fargo Express of
flco on the ground floor. The police
man broke down the doors and start
ed a rescue, but were shut off by the
flames. They made several brave
rescues before the firemen came and
when help arrived were In tho thlru
story with a woman and three clillcl
Montana at St, Louis Fair.
Helena, Mont., May 2C. The Mon
tana legislaturo convened In extra
session today, ln response fo the call
of Governor Toole, for the purpose
of making appropriations for the Mon
tana exhibits at the umistana I'ur-
cbase and Lewis and Clark exposi
tions to be held at St. Louis and Port
land in 1904 and 1905. It Is expect
ed that President Roosevelt, who will
be In Helena tomorrow, will address
the members of the legislature In
Joint session.
It Is Feared That Yvette Guilbert Is
In Her Last Illness.
Berlin. May 2G. Yvette Guilbert.
tho singer. Is still seriously ill with
cancer of tho stomach. It is feared
her public rareer Is ended.
tlon of a snort time until Leasla will j hours and houses weer Hooded, four
ue Kiuca or capiureu.
Cowardly and Brutal Deed.
Leasla took a peculiarly savage re
venge upon tho woman and her fath
er, whom he held responsible for the
divorce proceedings. Sunday morn'
ing he stole upon his wife's father,
P. H. Drews, and shot aim to death
in a most cowardly fashion. The as
sassln's aim was deadly, and his deeu
was coolly premeditated. One bullet
was sent through tne head of the vie?
tlm from behind, and the second one
between the shoulders, the pistol be
ing held so closely when the latter
shot was fired as to scorch the dom
Leasia Not Crazy.
Leasla lives ln a scow near a broth?
or on the North Portland water front.
Since the separation from bis wife
he has been driving a team for the
Banfield-veasey Fuel Company. A
week ago ho received his wages in
full and quit work. A member of tho
t-olice force who worked with Leasia
and knows him well, says that he Is
not crazy, but has been planning re
venge upon Drews, his father-in-law,
who, he says, was responsible for -is
wife's leaving him. The Leasias for
merly lived at The Dalles and remov
ed to Portland about two months ago.
Leasia married Paulino Drews in
Colfax In February. 1E01. He worked
in a butcher shop In Colfax and has
been employed In a livery stable in
Been Threatening Murder.
Leasia told all his Slabtown ac
quaintances that he was going to kill
the old man Drews. Tne murderer
also spread some hard tales concern
ing Drews. Leasia is addicted to tho
use of liquor, but it is stated by those
who know him that he has not been
drinking more than usual during the
past few days.
Leasia and Wife Both Taken
Portland, May 2C Murderer Leasia
was captured in a barn 10 miles from
here, at S o'clock this morning. His
wife was a captive with him and both
were asleep.
Leasia Claims Self-Defense.
Portland, May 2C Leasia has been
found to have a flesh wound over his
heart, and ho claims that his father-in-law
shot him first, making it neces
sary to kill him in self-defense. Mrs.
Leasia, however, claims she shot her
husband In defense of her father.
Rumors of a Wholesale Massacre
May 29.
St. Petersburg. May 26. The Jew
ish colony hcie is In a mild state of
anle thromili tear of a massacre dut-
Ing the celebration of the city's
founding, whlcli will take place Ma;
New Gunboat Sinks.
Plymouth. England. May 2C. .
French trawler arrived today and
landed the crew of the Peruvian gun
boat Loreto, which sprung a leak 40
miles norm of Scllly Islands and
sank an hour later, Tho Loreto was
newly built Liverpool ship, accept
ed by the Peruvian government. She
started home Mny 23.
Russian Ambassador Sails.
Now York, May 20. The Russian
ambassador and his daughter. Coun
tess Marguerite Cassinl, sail today
for Europo on the Kaiser Wllhelm II.
They go first to Paris, where they
maintain an apartment all year round,
and later will proceed to Russia to
spend tho remainder of the summer.
Four Thousand Tonsorlallsts Went
Out at Noon Today.
rhirnrrn Mav 2C Four thousanu
feet of water stnndlng over the town
sue. rne railroad Ice house was
washed away and tho fair grounds
The main storm v.vlded Into five
cyclones, which traveled simultane
ously. They were funnel-shaped
twisters, traveling with terrific force
and left many bodies crushed to n
pulp. Mumma's farm house, near Pau
line, was scattered threo miles, tho
largest piece picked up being the bot
tom of a cnalr. Of six who wer at
table, all were horribly mangled.
Mrs. Mumma's body was found dis
emboweled, a string of beads nnd u
pair of shoes being the only articles
of clothing left.
Tho path of tho storm was so nar
row at Pauline, that eye-wltnessos say
that had the victims seen tho storm
approaching they could have taken a
few steps and escaped. The storm
culminated this morning In a verita
ble cloudburst In the eastern portion
of the state. It reached cyclonic pro
portions in Ijncastcr county. Re
ports received this forenoon say tho
town of Archer was destroyed and
seven killed.
Damaged Home for Feeble Minded.
Des Moines. May 20. Tho cycloni
struck tho Home for Foeblo Minded
at Glenwood last night. The roof of
the gill's dormitory wbb broken in.
and a number of Inmates crushed be
neath tho debris. Two young girls
are dead and 10 others seriously In
jured, but they will recover. The
wires are all down and additional
particulars are unobtainable.
Floods In Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City, May 20. High
water continues, 2uo houses in the
city being nooded. Trains are aban
doned and the farmers sustain great
Two Killed In Iowa.
Oskaloosa, Iowa, May 20. A cy
done struck Buxton, Iowa, last night
destroying two dwellings and several
JIght buildings. Two persons were
killed and 30 moro or less Injured
Seven Killed at Archer.
Omaha, May 20. It Is reported that
the same cyclone whlcli killed seven
at Archer this morning, has destroy
ed Valparaiso and Raymond, north of
Lincoln, lunny are reported Killed
All tho wires are down, including
thoe to Archer. The death roll duo
to storms up to noon shows a list of
Reports of low barometer In the
trans-MlsslsslppI valley continue to
be received by the weather bureau
Hanna Isn't Talking,
Cleveland, O., Mny 20. Up to noon
Senator llnnna refused to mako any
comment on President Roosevelt's
Wulla Walla talk about Ohio's In
dorsement. Mr. Hanna Is holding n
conference this afternoon with Gen
eral Dick.
Four Killed and Five Others Fatally
Pittsburg, Mny 26. Four wcro
killed and n uumbor slightly Injured,
nnd sovernl missing as a result of an
explosion of gas In tho Chnrtlors
coal mine near Brldgovlllo, at 12:30
this nfternoon. Tho dead nro all
young men. Eighty men wcro at
work when tho accident occurred. Tho
mine Is on tiro nnd It is fenred many
of thoso missing will bo burned to
death or smothered.
Threats of Raising Army of
Mountain Men to Oppose
Tho Militia.
Jett, Who Is Accused of Shooting
Marcum, States That He Can Make
a Confession Implicating Men of
Influence and Wealth.
Winchester, lvy ly 20. Acting
Sheriff Llttlo, with 12 soldiers, has
arrived hero to escort Curtis Jett
back to Jackson to answer nn Indict
ment for murdering Marcum. Tho
posso loaves with Jett tonight,
Lexington, May 20. A dispatch to
n local paper from Jackson, says tho
situation In the feud cases Is critical.
It sayH Jett will confess, Implicating
men of Influence and wealth, and that
a mountain ntniy of 500 men can bo
secured to wipe tho hniidtut of troop,
out of existence.
A consultation wns held with offic
ers of tho mllltla today ns to tho ad
visability of nuking tho governor for
nn Increased forco. It Is foarod tho
tuiln bearing Jett tonight will bo held
up nnd tho prisoner reelnBed. Tho
grand Jury Is still In session.
Sheriff's Posse Not Heard From.
Jackson, Ky Mny 20. Tho officers
Posbo which went nfter Tom White,
Indicted ror complicity In the murder
of Marcum, has not returned, which
lends to tho belief that thero Is either
trouble or that White has escaped
Railroad Companies and Laborer
Both Obdurate Merchants Are
Laying In Immense Stocks.
Chicago. May 20. Tho flat refusal
of tho railways to even consider tho
compromise demands of the freight
handlers for a 25 per cent Increase In
wnges threatens n repetition of last
year's tie-up, when several million
dollars loss was sustained by delay
ed freight.
Anticipating n paralysis of trafllc,
the merchants are sending out rush
orders for goods nnd muklng every
ciTort to augment present stocks threo
fold. The cold storngo warehouses
nro filling every available foot.
Entire Population of Macedonia
lage Put to Death.
rtorlln. Mav 2(1. Tim Frankfurter
9alhinv .hlu mnrnlnw Tirllnlu n fllu.
patch from Its Macedonian correspon
dent showing that tho massacre at
Albanltza, near Seres, Mny 10, In
which tho Macedonian cnlef, Delt
cheff, lost his life, was much greater
than previous reports Indicated, It
,. rour uiuusam i ,. .. ,.nllI,ifl f (ho vll.
barbers quit work at noon today and . . h oxcetion 0i J5 I)erlionB,
nour longer iuih.- .. - ..,..., ... ,,..,- rri,..
iemandml a half hour longer
The employers nnd down town
teamsters and packing yard drivers
r-nnforenee today to try and
settle differences that may cause fur
ther differences unless aujusieu.
Tii forests of Maine are ablaze In
30 different localities.
was killed by Turkish troops. Thero
wcro 1,500 families In the village.
Prize Fight Postponed.
Buffalo, N. Y., May 20. The Mc-Govern-Attell
contest scheduled to
take place Saturday has been post
poned two weeks and possibly for
good, owing to Terry's Illness. Terry
loses 1,000 forfeit.
Criticisms of Secretary of War Are
Bearing Fruit,
Bremerton, Wash., May 20. Tho
navy yard is practically closed until
social condition-! nro bettered. A ma
jority of tho town council favors tho
saloons and refuses to enrry out tho
wishes of tho citizens and depart
ment. Tho mayor said today tho cit
izens nio In tho humor to tar and
feather the eouncllmeii If they per
sisted In refusing to pass a prohibit
ory ordinance.
Arrest of a Prominent Indiana Poli
Rockvllle, Ind., May 26. J. M.
Johns Is In charge of an officer and
will be tnken to Terro Hnuto todny,
accompanied by sovornl prominent
citizens who nro prepared to go on
his bonds. JoIuih, It Is nlleged, Is
connected with Miller, who wns ar
rested yostordny at Washington In
connection with tho postolllce scan
dal. 1 t . 1
Ohio Prohibitionists.
Springfield, O., May 2fi - Prohibi
tionists are gathered here In consld
crnhlo numbers for tho two days state
convention at which candidates will
be named for tho stnto oftlces to bo
filled at tho election this fall. J. C.
Stowart, of Chicago, tho national
chairman, Is horo and will deliver
tho keynote sitocch nt tho oponlng
of the con vent Ion. A number of
names are mentioned for the head of
tho ticket and tho ultimate selection
Is a matter of speculation,
Catholics Allege Animosity on the
Part of the German Clergy.
Homo, May 20. It Is announced at
the Vatican that Mgr. O'Connell, rec
tor of Washington University, will
shortly bo In Rome to ask tho assist
nnce of the church against tho hos
tility to his work shown by the Gor
man element In America, Including
the German clergy.
Great Damage to Property.
Lincoln, May 20, A hurrlcano
swept over Lincoln nt 6,30 this morn
ing. No lives wore lost, but 1250,000
damngo was done, Broken nnd twist
ed trees, telegraph polos and other
debris makes tho stroets In many
places Impassable, Tho trolley sys
tem Is completely stopped, Many
buildings aro unroofed and smoke
stacks down. The wholesale district
suffered tho worst and the railways
are allium! at a standstill. Communi
cation with tho outside world Is prac
tically cut off.
Agitation In Presbyterian Assembly
Against Latter Day 8alnti,
Los Angeles, May 20. Dr. L.
Thompson, of Now York, led tho
fight on Mormomsm In tho general
assembly this morning. Ho snld be
ware of tho octopus which claims a
senator, and that tho only way to
crush .1 Is for a federalization of all
Alonzo Wright, a pioneer of Sher
wood. Or., died Monday aftor a lin
gering Illness. Ho ramo from Now
York to Oregon In 1807.
Quotation! Furnished by Coe Commis
sion Company R, L. Boulter, Local
Manager, 120 Court Street,
Chicago, Mny 15.
Minneapolis, May 26. Whout On
rather dull rubles the wheat market
opened practically unchniiKoil from
previous i-loMt Receipts nt tho threo
primary points wcro slightly In ox-
cess of those nf last yonr. Tho cntlro
winter wheul bolt Is complaining of
oxcosslvo molsturo and heavy damage
being dono by tho chinch ling. Wo
can see nothing to chaugo our opin
ion on the market nml st.ll firmly be.
Ilovo In much higher prices.
Chlntgo, May 20.
July 73
Sept 70?d
July 45V4
July , 33
Minneapolis, May 20.
Opening. Close.
July 77 77-H
Sopt , 70 00