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    . .(,Bi fiftttmifl PENDLETON, OREGON. FRIDAY, MAY S,.
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.,n at i wrr
I If. llllBIMil ItllM.I
Tt T A. i
.1., -.
The, celebrated D. Armstrong
& Coi. Sine, of ladies fine Ox'ords
hatyarrived. The ilatest styles,
finest -workmanship and neatest
ladies' Oxfords shown in the. city.
A".fuU lineiof little gents.tyouths
and 'boy's 'Oxfords and' everything
in seasonable footwear for bid and
Dkidinger, Wilson & Co.
Thone Main 1181
Good Shoes Cheap
Mr. and Mrs. TliomaB Burns, of
Meacham, aro In the city for a few
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eastman nre vis
iting friends In this city for a few
days,' having come down from tholr
noma at Adams ycsieruay.
J. Clem, of Freowater, Is a guest at
the Golden fUilc.
J. N. Mace and William Bard, of
tjnlon, are registered at the Golden
Rule.-? ' ""
A. B. Wilson, of Baker City, Is In
Pendleton on a business visit.
Mrs. May Baker, or Baker CltyJs
the guest .of friends In the city.
Mrs. T. J. Drumhcller, of Walla
Walla, accompanied by .Mrs. J. E.
BlaiIor"hf"Portland. wero Pendleton
vlsltore totarV'Btopplse here on their
way home,,TPear"i'ortna. wnere- wrs.
Drunihellers4a.Jeeo visiting.
.K.B.BBTt.'.'ejf4toacham. is the
guest jol the ,HotVrmdleton.
Mrs. O. M. Pllkington has gone to
Sookan'e for a visit with friends.
MiJJ. iJcntlcy has returned from a
tr'MM3amas Prairiejn the Interests
of tmV Bentley.-Hartman Abstract
Glen Bushlo. who has charge of a
band of sheep at Meacham, belonging
to William Slusher, Is In the city to
day.,. J. 'A. Denny, a newspaper man of
Baker City, is In tho city today.
Mrs. J. T. Ennls, of Bitter, who Is
at tho Walla Walla hospital, wlin con
sumption. Is not expected to recover.
Charles J. "Ferguson Is ill and has
been confined to his home for the
past two days.
W. S. Nelson, formerly In the fur
niture business in this city, arrived
today from California. He made the
trip ovorland, and will stop for a cou
plo of weekB to renow old acquaint
.ances and visit friends.
County Clerk W. D. Chamborlaln Is
in La Qrando on business connected
with the land office.
Rev. O. H. King, minster of tho
Christian church at La Grande, is in
tho city today, en route home from
Athena. He Is tho guest of K. A.
Copple, of the Golden Rule.
Early Closing of Store, and Social
Progress Thelrj Principal Aims.
The' icierUs of? the I city J met- 'last
evening rat Pa!ntorayhau7 to further
discuss their reorganization. iuv
matter was'thoroughlyi'canvasBod and
at a meeting to bo held next Wednes
day, tho union will elect 'officers and
lay Its plans .lor we iuiure.-
The union hero has a charter at
M. r. uronnnt limn nn il the reorganize-
tlon la partly for the purpose of hold
ing their cnarter. wnne uie -ganliatlon
will be on strictly union
lines, it will be practically a social
organization. The clerks of the city
aro unknown one to the other. The
omploycs In one store aro not ac
quainted with those working in an
other, and It is tue enori 01 mo j""
motors of the union to counteract this
condition of affairs.
Then It Is hoped that the .union
may In time lead to tho early clos
ing of the stores during the summer
n thn n-lnfnr mnnths. It Is
stated that the majority of the busi
ness men or tne city are not particu
lar about keeping their stores open
m itn in ti ovenlne: In fact, they
would rather see their stores closed
if It was an universal plan, nut wnun
ono storo remains open the rest must
in Justice to themselves follow suit.
It Is hoped, therefore, that the perma
nent organization or the union may
educate, in time, the proprietors and
the patrons ot the business houses of
Pendleton to the advisability and de
sirability ot-the early closing plan so,
universal in the cities of the state
and nation.
But tho union Intends to make no
demands or requests. The conditions
i.or. am fnvnrnliln ninl their organi
zation will attempt no radical change
In tho present state 01 anairs. Aiier
the offlcors are elected and their union
Isnn a" permanent basis, more or
their Intentions will be known.
All Events to Be Called Between 2
and 5 O'clock.
Tho matinee or tho Pendleton Driv
ing Association to be held at Simpson
& Porringers iracK on "-, v
May Decide to Hold Special Series o, noon promises
Meetings After the Present Camp . pntered in the meet and good races
Fears Were Unfounded That He Had
Sustained Losses of Sheep.
Charles Cunningham, who recently
Bhlpped 2,000 head ot blooded Merino
and Raraboulllet rams to Hardy,
Mont., considers himself to be a lucky
man today. The rams were all one-year-olds,
and composed as fine a
band of blooded sheep as could be
found In tho United States. They were
shipped to Central Montana for sum
mer ranging 'and had no more than
landed there when a spell of bllzzaru
weather set.ln, killing the stock of
the countrji'ffn all directions.
JUr. Cunningham received a tele
gram this morning announcing uie
safety or his flock. Out of the 2,000,
but seven had been killed by the
weather. A cold, calling rain is st...
falling, but good men are in charge
or the fehecp and the owner1 hopes
his flock will have no further loss.
Husky Team of Ten Determined to
Win Everything in 8lght.
Tho mombors or tho Baker City
high Bchool team came down this
morning and at onco proceeded to
take possession ot the Golden Itule
hotel. Thoro are 10 members ot tho
team registered at that place, and
they are a husky lot ot high school
lads out tor a good time and each de
termined to win his event. The names
registered aro:
John M. Allen, captain; Roscoo
James, Alfred Brown, Walter Mitchell,
Herbert Chandler, Dan Kelly, Jr..
Jesse Richardson, Ralph 'Dodson,
Stanley Parkers, Iloscoo Noll.
Critical Case of Consumption.
James, Llndsey, a brother-in-law of
Martin Finneran. at the "Boston store,
is critically ill with consumption nt
Mr. Finneran's homo.
Public Invited to Attend.
The programs for high school grad'
uatlng exercises have not yet been
issued, but the public Is cordially In
-vltod to attend all the exercises. The
.programs 'will be published in 'lull,
'when decided upon.
If. & S.Bitters
The great System Tonic;.
The remedy that is bo
popular because of -its
,realirasrit.''iNowJ'5is the
timeVblakcFf & S. Bit
ters and tone up your sys
tem. One bottle is equal
to a month's recreation.
.Manulactured.by . ,
After Twelve Years In Restaurant
Business Will Seek a Change.
fitia i n Vnntnlnf. tho cpnlnl nronri-
otor of the French restaurant, has
grown tired of the continual appllca-
Inn flTIrl Pflil flnempnt nf rltv business.
and Intends to seek the open fioMs
and pastures In search or rost and
Mr. La Fontaine has been in tne
restaurant business In Pendleton for
12 years and In that time has built
un a business second to none In East
ern Oregon. His hospitality Is known
Meetfnn Closes. .
Ijist evening the Adventists' pa
vilion was well filled and an interest
ed and attentive audience which at
tested tho feeling with which tho Ad
ventlst people arc received In Pendleton.
"nellglous Liberty," one of the most
live and Interesting subjects now be
fore our country, was taken up by
the speaker, Elder Snyder, and dis
cussed with his characteristic energy.
Beginning with the history ot re
ligious freedom and Its suppression
In ancient Babylon, he sketched with
a few brief strokes, n living picture
of tho evils of religious Intolerance.
His audience listened with tho
deepest Interest to tho topics dis
cussed. , .
t .nnrfl.oni.il RPBRinn this
1U kllUll uwu.n.".
morning the following resolution was
"Whereas, the commercial uiud ami
i. 1 ti n .I . n n t n T. Vi n vn tnnrlored
mc iieuiue ui u..u..u
every encouragement possible by way
of kindness anu gonorosuy, oam m
our last year's Besslon and this sec
ond annual session being held at this
"Thererore, we would recommenu
that this conference express Its grat
itude aud Blncero appreciation of tho
generous assistance ana uniiorm
courtesy so freely tenucrea us ai ima
our second annual session, held in this
Tho conference also conBldored the
advisability ,of continuing meetings
In Pendleton after the present annual
meeting closes. The delegates view
ed the matter very favorably and
placed the proposition Into the hands
r thn PYHpntlvo board, who will im
mediately advise concerning It. If the
meeting bo continueu, a now icni. win
probably bo pitched near the center
ot the city.
High School Team In Excellent Condi
tion for Meet Tomorrow.
The high school athletic team Is
In better condition for the field meet
tomorrow than ever bofore and fully
otnpfis in rnrrv off the honors.
Tho hoys have been drllltng con
stantly and have spared no time nor
pains to be tho winning team and It
Is confidently expected that when the
Baker City boys start home Sunday
morning they will not be burdened
with the cup they have held during
the past year.
The track is in excellent condition
and tho weather promises to he fair,
and this meeting of Eastern Oregon
boys should be well attended by Pen
dleton lovers of the manly arts that
form such a valuable adjunct to all
good school work.
Profepsor Churchill, tho coach ot
the Baker City team, will arrive tonight.
Continuing Placer Operations In Mor
mon Basin.
Sumpter, Or., May 22. Placer op
erations In the Mormon basin district
are being prosecuted with vigor this
Bonsnn. filiates Bros, have bought
are assureu. hj t o
The first event will be called at i
o'clock sharp and tho different num
bers will be pulled off as rapidly as
possible, so that the meet will not
pecupy more than three hours at the
mh'ero will be no admission charged
and a large crowd Is expected to he
present at tho track, uom ir
horses are in excunuui "'"
It Is the Intention ot tho manage
ment or the track to have races every
two weeks, and K the puhllc g es
them adequate encouragement tne
Intention will be certainly carried out.
Relic of the Confederacy.
mill! Tllmlmnn nf tllll pltV.
has In her possession an Interesting
to ntntea of
reiic ui ui - --
America, says the Baker City Herald.
It Is a commission from uie sucruiuij
ot war. Judah P. Benjamin, making
Noble Mounts, Mrs. Hlncimans iaui
or. colonel or the Eighth Kentucky
regiment. Mrs. Hindman has lately
come Into possession or this relic,
and has it elegantly rramed. As a
matter or course, she values this doc
ument very highly.
Driving Cattle to Rittsr.
W It. Taylor and ramlly wero In
town today en route from Athena to
nittor. Mr. Taylor had with him
about 75 head of cattle which he is
moving trom the ranch at Athena to
the one at Bitter. He is a brother
ot Sheriff Taylor.
Suit for Divorce Filed.
A divorce suit was filed today by
Attorney Charles A. Carter in the
case or James A. Itodgers vs. Amy
A. Rodgers. Incompatibility or dis
position Is the plea.
Man-lane License Issued.
A mnrHftvA llpPTIRP VnQ lfiBUed to
day to Samuel C. Kllgore and Frankio
F. Ogle, both or this county.
Sale In Edgewood Addition
Ernest Eggerth has sold to J. M.
Slacks, a recent arrival, a three-acre
fM.f In 17lfrpivnni 1 It Ik n well im
proved trult rarm and the considera
tion was $2,500. Tne . T. uonKim
agency effected the transfer.
Big Special Sale
Oar prices guaranteed the lowest
The Leaders in Pendleton
asA Aa -1HrHi
A Safety Proposil
We ask our Customers to call and take home one ot
cm uresun. nis iiuaiiiuiiiij " , .v, r.h npan
and appreciated by the traveling pub- J clalms and aro minnB on a big scale.
nc an over hiohuuu uo wen 3 Thp, haa been n ro
fho npnnln nf Pendleton.
But the close confinement ot tho
lite has wearied Mr. La Fontaine and
ho has decided to dispose or his place
here, provided he can find a suitable
purchaser and turn his ontlro atten
tion to tho sheep business In which
he Is largely Interested at the present
Ho wishes to got out In the coun
try and breathe "the open air and feel
the freedom of the range.
To Hold Quarterly Meeting.
Rev, E. B. Jones, pastor of we
Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
of this city, left this morning .far the
Butter .creek .district, where he will
hold quarterly meetings Saturday and
Sunday. He goes by train to Echo
and will drive from there to Pine
City. Ho expects to return Monday
Children's Day Services.
Children's Day services will bo held
at the M. E. Church, South, on Webb
street, next Sunday evening, begin
ning at 7:30. Interesting program by
tho children. Everybody cordially Invited.
New Book Typewriter.
County Recorder Folsom has in
stalled a now FIshor book typewriting
machine in his office. Tho new ma
chine is much more modem in equip
ment and more convenient than tho
old one, and will facilitate tho work
In that department ot the rounty .service.
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why uao gelatine and
penu noura eooKing,
sweetening, flavoring
aud coloring when
produces better results in two minntesf
ErcrytUlng In the paokage. Simply add hot
water and mit to cool. It's perfection. Asur
mitA Ui tha linn wwlfi' No trnnlilri. less ex.
pensc. ' Try it toUliy. In Four Fruit Fla-i
Torst'Lcinon. Orange, Strawberry, itasp
berry. At grocers. 10c
There has been no repetition of the
outrage committed on the Celestials
last tall. Although tho Chinese vil
lage was razed and tho Mongolians
driven out, there aro plenty ot them
stll In the basin. The outrage spoken
ot Is tho ono tor which tho govern
ment Is being called upon to pay
Stock Farm for Sale.
t nm onlo nfrpnt fnr thp Lee farm
of 1,000 acres, six miles rrom Pendle
ton, on Birch creek. Good water,
lnillllnfs flnp nrchard. nlfnlfa bottom.
Terms, half cash and will sell with
or without stock.
Beddow Bros. Bought Lots.
v. T. "Wnrip has sold to Beddow
Ttt-n'o Into 7 ntlrl Sfn hlnnlf 12. nf
Cole's addition, the'eonsideration be
ing ?3UU.
For Your Particular Benefit.
Wo have an "Ad" man who writes
nml il ps I mis nils makes them blaze
out like a house on fire he would
like to do some for you. You would
like them. Others do. .They pay
Present Development of Coast Traf
fic Beats Ai Records.
Tacoma, Wash., May 22. Accord
ing to statements made by shipping
men, coastwise trade Is Tieavler now
than It has beon at any time within
tho history of Puget Sound. The
Bteamor James Dollar arrived hero
yesterday from San Francisco, from
which port she left loaded to her full
capacity. She will tako on 900 tons
of freight from hero, and more Is or
rered, but the steamer has made ar
rangements to complete cargo at Se
attle. Tho increase in business does not
apply to steamers plying between the
Sound and San Francisco alone, but
to vessels operating between the va
rious Sound cities as well. Thet.
boats are unable to handle all tU;
troight that Is moving and scarrnlv a
day passes that from one to half a
dozen tramp steamers are not press
ed Into service tor the moving or
Officers of Adventists' Conference.
Tho following officers have been
elected for tho ensuing year at the
Advqntlst conference In this city,
yestorday: President, A. J. Breed;
secretary-treasurer, J. L. Kay. Exec
utive board, A. J. Breed, C. C. Lewis,
J.' M. Wllloughby. Schlottner. J. A.
Holbrook, Dr. S. Yarncll, T. L. Itgs
dale. Throw 'em out.
"I thought Smlthers bad glvon up
his horse in favor of automobiles, but
I 'saw him buying a heavy pair or
animals today." "Oh. thoy are mere
ly to brlng'tbo automohllo'home, when
they break down." Cincinnati Com
mercial Trlbua?.,
French Warship In West Indies.
The Hague, May 22. The French
...oroViln Tlpat Kolnn- fltnHnnpfl nprmn-
nennv in tne west mums. iuuu iu
the Holler tnat recent reports iiiai
Curacoa Is to bo sold to the Untted
States are untrue.
Invited to Eastland.
The ladles ot the Presbyterian
church hnve linen- invited to snend a
rtav in tne country wun airs. j. j.
Ralston, near Eastland.
Corner Stone Ceremonies.
At the conclusion or the president's
remarks,' F, Q. Young, president ot
the Oregon Historical society, uopos
IipiI n ennnpr hnv in tho ereat monu
ment, which served as the corner
stone ot the Lewis and Clark fair.
This box contained a history or Ore
crnn. n hlstorv at tho cxnedltion and
adventures of Lewis and Clnrk, nnd
copies or the Oregon Dally Journal,
Telecram and Oreconlan.
Two men, acting under the direc
tion or Engineer Huber, by means or
the derrick, lowered the huge stone to
within two feet of Its concrete bed.
After the engineer and architect
had leveled and squared the stone,
the Hallelujah chorus, with orchestral
accompaniment, was sung. Archbish
op Christie pronouncing the benedic
tion and the exercises concluded with
the singing of "America" by all present.
the REAL Safetv Razors
Use It TWO WEEKS and at the end of that time-lf youwoouj
i.u i k.l.n If ttartr. If. an the other hand, vnn lnn it 1. 1
you want to Keep n, men vmy us oz.oo lor it ssa
go tell your friends where you got It.
W. J. CLARKE & Co an Court;
Off for the Sound.
Portland, May 22. President Hooao
volt left Portland at 8 a. m. Senator
Mitchell and John Barrett Joined tho
party to go as far as Tacoma. The
president's carriage was loaded with
souvenirs when it reached the train
He Understands Bears.
ICalama, Wash., May 22. When
crossing the Columbia river, Presi
dent Roosevelt was. glvon a bear cub
on tho ferryboat, but owing to the
cramped quarters on tho trnln, re
turned It with thanks. Ho spoko to
a crowd at Kalama.
i at prices like the!
10c 15c
$125 $1
$3 $3.50
ff2 121
$4 S7
There may be others as good as ours -but notatth
Finest Line of Co hes and Extension Tables inE
Pride oi Umatilla
Made at, home.
East Oregoniau office.