East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 14, 1903, Image 5

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ed to Sell and
Bound to Please
i. .-. tli n r ntrtn1f will want !.
Ko rtic , A., w Drice. It must have a quality that
IK beouseoi .e ; peopie are expected to buy
1 ilmteit. The line of
flies' Muslin Underwear
is second to none in quaiuy ana price ana bound
fte CarIfU best of satistaction. It pleases us to show it
'S'vet ioc to fi.25
SSciV: oc to ,oo
l-or5Ck 50c to $2.50
S'" .'".'.'.'. 50c to 3.5o
5u5:"' 75c to $2.00
Chemises w
Comer Main and Alta Streets.
City Briefs
BMta at Houaer .
Slarp lor pal hanging.
L ,k work at Teutsch's.
w The Delta's lced drints-
Ice cream, The Delta.
Pioj sundae. Schmidt's pharmacy.
fet jour spring suns ui u.sv. .
Queen olives, Hawley
Vrt furnUhed rooms 10 rem ai
IU Court street,
i of lmDOrted and domestic
Itelfjat Grati's.
Hm" cigar store, headquarters lor
aim' supplies.
3, .n knrt vour shoes repaired
J -
x touch! Try him.
fresh salmon received dally at Cas
ta iih market.
He iwellest and latest Chicago
hits. Campbell's.
1 y clarinet, key of C, for sale
Sap. Inquire at this office.
Hi are jhowlng an exceptional fine
!s ot new paper napkins. Nolf 's.
.m ju bigui uu tut: vuuc-
iI typewriter. J. S. Kees, agent
1 r. u lajior nas jusi receivua u
i3 to see them before buying.
I i Mit tine Business on iuuiii
oeiween Alia ana uoun; low
b, Ion? lease; no triflers need ap
f! E.T Wade.
The Difference
between the lasting
qualities of good
and cheap
is great. We will
sell you good goods
at cheap figures
while you pay a big
price for tne cheap
goods to gome one
else. Yours for
gcod goods,
Picnic goods. Hawley Bros,
Smokers' supplies at Neuman's.
See Sharp's artistic wall paper.
Ladles' half soles 40c. Teutsch.
Frosh strawberries dally. Oliver &
Seeds package and bulk. Hawley
Fresh strawberries dally. Hawley
Fish and poultry, Lyman's 310
Have your shoes repaired at
Try the Palm, 221 Court street,
for nuts, candles and fruits.
"El SIdelo," the best cigar made, at
Flees' cigar store. Court street
Wanted Girl for housework in
small family. Good wages. I.. Hun
zlker. Hanlon's cigar store, headquarters
for smokers' supplies, Association
Blacksmith shop In Pendleton for
sale. See Karnhart, Association
Camas Prairie stock ranches, 100 to
1,(100 ncrcs. Prices right. E. T.
One hundred and sixty acres. Half
rich bottom land. Good Improve
ments. $1000. E. T. Wade.
Wanted Two or three rooms fur
nished for light housekeeping for man
and wife. Inquire at this office.
Houser always furnishes good
meat. Send in your order. Market
Alta street, opposite Savings Bank.
Hazelwood Ice cream bricks at
Ward's. Three flavors vanlla. straw
berry and chocolate. Price 50 cents.
Wanted Woman to cook and do
general housework for family of two.
Apply 104 Jackson street, across river.
Straw hats, golf shirts, summer un
derwear, large assortmeut to select
from. Prices reasonable. Baer &
All members of Alpha Assembly,
No. 3. are requested to be present
Thursday evening. Something special
on hand.
Jolly Dozen Dance!!
Jolly Dozen Dancel!
Tonight!! Tonight!!
Music Hall!! Refreshments! !
Boys' Last Dance!!
Klrkman's Orchestra!!
Those holding invitations come!!
Going Out of Business.
On May 18th the Empire Meat Mar
ket will close for an indefinite time.
All persons having any claims against
the firm and all parties owing the
firm will please call on or before the
above date.
An obdurate screw nail may be
drawn if a pleco ot redhot iron Is put
on the head of it for a minute or so
aud the scewdriver Immediately at
terward applied to draw It.
Passed Bogus Check In Baker City
When Warned That Sheriff Taylor
Was Looking for Him, He Flew
Into the Arms of Athena't City
Sheriff T. D. Taylor went to Athena
where the city marshal held In cus
tody for him Floyd D. Wlsncr, a
printer of Sumpter, who is wanted
, . 1 , BnkPr county authorities for
obtaining money under false nreten.
ses. The sheriff returned with his
prisoner on the afternoon train and
the yOlinc man Is nnu- !n ha mnnlv
Jail awaiting the officers from Baker
About two weeks ago Wlsncr wrote
a draft on the Canadian Bank of So
attle for $65 and cashed It with Joe
Buckley, a saloon man of Baker City.
Buckley cashed the check at a Baker
City bank and It was sent to Seattle
wncre me paper came back marked
"no funds."
In the meantime Wlsner had come
to Pendleton, where he entered heart
nnd soul Into the strenuous task ot
building up the morning paper's sub
scription list, and while laboring at
mis, me uaner county sheriff wired
Mr. Taylor to look for him.
Mr. Taylor started out on the
search of his man and promptly lo
cated him. but he had been warned
that the sheriff was looking for him.
so renting a rig. he started for a
buggy ride with a young lady of his
The couple went to Adams, from
which point the young lady returned
to Pendleton by train. The rig was
sent back and the young man started
to double on his tracks on the mixed
train toward Pendleton, but was ar
rested at Athena where he was held
for Sheriff Taylor.
Entire High School Now Included In
List of Eligibles.
The Peoples Warehouse has decid
ed to include the entire high school in
the coupon contest for the free trip
to Spokane, and will send two boys
and two girls Instead of one to see
President Roosevelt on May 20. The
entire list of pupils from which two
girls and two hoys are to be selected,
Is as follows:
Olen Arnsplger,
Robert Cronln,
Iter Neil,
Mary Rotlnock,
Mae Ferguson,
Ivy Kimbrell,
Chloe Stanfield,
Bess Duncan,
Myrtle Dizney,
Will Wyrlck,
Bertha Alexander, Se Williams,
Nellie Jay, Dell McCarty,
Lenore Sheridan, Gertrude Sheridan,
Roy lezer. Clarence Allen,
Guy Wyrlck, Leila Crooks,
Albert Warner, Iva Younger,
Graver Swaggart, Mary Williams.
Elma Stone. Ray Vogal,
Gerald Stantleld, Elva Turner,
Edgar Smith,
Furnish Slater,
Earl Simmons,
Milton Shaw,
Glenn Scott,
Frank Pierce,
Fred Milne,
William Lowell.
Newton Johnson,
Tyra Hutching,
Loren HarrlB,
Albeit Carney.
Mabel Allen.
Fred Hartman,
Essie Smith.
Emma Smith,
Erne Smith,
.Mary Rust.
Mabel Reynolds
Willie Milne,
Mabel Johnson,
Edith Johnson,
Carrie Burton,
Rita Howland,
Josephine Cameron
Clara Boylen,
Clarence Bollermai
: To see the President
of the Best and Greatest Country on Earth is a laudable ambition.
To satisfy this ambition for at least four youug people, we will
furnish FREE a round trip ticket to Spokane and hotel expenses
for two days, to the boys and girls to be voted for on the coupons
printed below. The ouly conditions imposed are that you shall
select the names from the High School grades of Pendleton's Pub
lic School. Write them on the coupons designated for Boys or
Girls and bring them to our store on or before 8 p. m., Saturday,
May 23.
Boy's Coupon
I vote for
for free trip to Spokane, Wash., May 26, 1903,
to see President Roosevelt.
Girl's Coupon
I voto for-
for free trip to Spokane, Wash., May 26, 1903,
to see President Roosevelt.
Boy's Coupon
I vote for
for freo trip to Spokane, Wash., May 26, 1903,
to see President Roosevelt.
Girl's Coupon
I vote for
for free trip to Spokane, Wash., May 26, 1903,
to see President Roosevelt.
The following names are the ones from!wWch selections are to be made ,
Dion Anrsplger,
Robert Cronln,
Iter Nell,
Mary Rothrock,
Mae Ferguson,
Bertha Alexander,
Nellie Jay.
Lenore Sheridan,
Gertrude Sheridan,
Ivv Klmbrell,
Chloe Stanfield,
Hess Duncan,
Myrtle Dizney.
Will Wyrlck,
Se Williams,
Dell McCarty,
Fred Hartman,
Claience Allen,
Elma Stone, ,
Mabel Allen,
Clara Boylen,
Josephlno Cameron,
Rita Howland,
Carrie Burton,
Edith Johnson,
Mabel Johnson,
Willie Mllno,
Mabel Reynolds,
Mary Rust,
Efflo Smith,
Emmn Smith,
Essie Smith.
Elva Turner,
Ray Vogal.
Mniy Williams,
Iva Younger,
Ix'lla Crooks,
Albert Carney.
Clarence nollcrmnn,
Loron Harris,
Newton Johnson,
Tyra Hutchlns,
Gerald Stanfield,
Edgar Smith,
Furnish Slater.
Earl Simmons,
Milton Shaw,
Glenn Scott,
Frank Pierce,
Fred Milne,
William 1-owell,
Roy Lee.er,
Guy Wyrlck,
Albert Warner,
drover Swaggart,
The old favorite Koeppsn's Log Cabin Soda Fountain is
5'mopen and ready to serve you with delicious
Soda and Ice Cream Soda
A" the old favorite dnnks and many new ones. Among
H,M?fW 10 cent drinks are Chocolate Cream Puff, Tropical
BrtW, and Nugat Sundae.
Ai!!0ina Soda" is ur best 5 cnt drink and we believe il is
"est 5 cent drink in the city.
05 eps From Main St., Toward the CotfrtHoase I
Real Estate Transfers.
George D. Peebler and Julia l'eeb
. ...ifo r Ponilletnn today sold
lei. ilia .-, . -
to John D. Peebler for $3,000. the
southeast quarter 01 sec-nun .. ..
the northeast quarter of section 1!,
township :i north of lange
George D Peebler and Julia Peeb
ler. his wile, transferred to David A.
-nmi the southeast
reeuiei, iur -, .,
quarter of section C. and the north
east quarter of section 7. township ..
north of range 31 east.
William Clark ami ."" w.
... r tinan t, Ada Kauai,
wne. sum iui .- --,.
the north half of the southeast quai
ter of the northeast quarter of sec
tion 25. In township C north of lanw-
35 east, containing -"
two miles north ot Freewater.
Notice to Builders.
Sealed bids. w...l.ecelved at the
ntHce Of T. 1' . "
"eventcen Jublock UP U,
three o ClOCK p. " ul . . T V
for the erection and completion of a
Uoitory brick building, according
. .,.a ivi- Mia fin mO DV 1.
bids tor me
May Cth, 1003.
Card of Thanks.
We the immediate relatives of the
late M H. Jarvls, desire to thank the
it ends who so kindly aided us in the
kn ss andfcdeath of our dear moth
cr Mis E. A. ShepparJ, Mrs. S J.
Helmick. J. M. Jarvls.
The household effects or the late
ur "tiller 40C East Alta street,
A,N k, hi 'at Private sale Tlium-
J5th .
Osiris Novelties
40c is the regular price of this cloth shown for
the first time this season. Have it in Nile green
and blue only. Will sell it to close until Satur
day May 23, for 23o.
Art Department
offers for the next 10 days til Saturday May 22,
30 Pillow Tops at half price.
75c Pillow Tops for 38c.
65c Pillow Tops for 33c-.
50c Pillow Tops for 25c.
Fancy Mercerized Oxfords
in pink, blue and Nile green. 50c regular for
this season's new goods. Will go until Saturday
May 23 for 39c,
Afton Dimities
Imported Indian Dimities
oc is the regular price for this material. In a
beautiful assortment of chaste designs, hut will
sell until Saturday, May 23, for 19o.
Leno Applique
2SC is the regular price for this beautiful cloth
which comes in pink, light blue, tan, Nile green
with a wavy white lace stripe. Nothing hand
somer shown this season, until Saturday, May
23, IGo,
Ajax Novelty
30c regular price; one of the season's best sui
ters; only two pieces left, Will go until Satur
day, May 23 for 17c.
Tarascon Novelties
20c regular price for a full range of colors, all
new sty.'es. Will go until Saturday evening,
May 23 for 13c.
31WC is the regular price for tan, blue, pink
and Nile green. Will sell until Saturday, May
2 for 20c.
That's the Shoe
The Nolf Stof e
ADDlhur litut ililpment W Iwbjr t'rrliiM
Three miners were instnntly killed
by in explosion of dynamite at Nan
almo. B. C Wednesday.
All men who wear it, praise it.
"It's a beauty." "It fits."
' It wears "
And other comnv-ndatory phrases
express the fact that our new $3.00
DOUGLAS SHOlv is the shoe ol
the hour
$4 45 to ifj.
Ve,ll rellaWfllue lliut will lio l."
flUnt Mitlie.
Fishing Tackle
1 it.....:
T,.o .... no... -TwikJr '.U'A.?1 " '""'"iS1""'
Tuleplionti MhId 4
bargains 111
Real Estati
I havu a larger ami bottj
list of Farms, oiock ivauum
nml (Jitv l'rouortv to at
tlitin fvir hftfoio. AlSO a
'lot nf land in thu comi)
I wheat Ration l' KaBtel
K ) He toll. 'lof ' ,J?
The Nolf stow; N Berkele
tne nour x amXs i. vr t
Boston Store inu-
j 1