East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 14, 1903, Image 3

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popular Outergarments
Our showing is simply greater than ever, the styles
are iust ahead and superior to any ready-to-weat
earments in the market, we sell nothing hut customed
wilored clothing, not high in price. Ten Dollars buys
a good sun. w i- " ' -
Come and talk it over j
Alexander Department Store j
Carpets! Carpets!
Have just received a splendid new line of carpets, art squares, .j,
mattings, rugs and linoleums. I would be pleased to have j,
tt 1 '. r, ,Um Vfi. linn nf rtf r.frnrn tnrc rlim.lrl f
you Call nu CAdiiiiiJc im-m. j.u.j- w ji'wuiu
prove of interest to you now that hot weather is upon us.
Those who are looking for bargains can find them here
Joseph Basle
Tod should know that the very best, DRY WOOD of
all Mods is to be fonnd at
P. P. Collier Co.'s Yard
Also GOOD GOAL. Gall at Office
638 Main St. Phone Main 1121
i 393
2 K$
Take a Good Look at
Government Has Ordered n Investi
gation of the Status of the Allot
ment$ Made Several Years Ago.
Ft. Colvllle, May 14. An order that
may have the eltcct of throwing open
to white settlement many hundreds of
acres of choice farming land In tho
Colvllle Indian reservation has Just
been lssuej at Washington, D. C. and
while it may not meet with tho ap
proval of the Indians, some of whom
may be forced to give up their valua
ble homes, It will be a grand chance
for some homesecker to secure a farm
that has already to some extent been
cultivated by the Indians.
The government has ordered a gen
eral investigation of the status of In
dian allotments, Whlch may result In
the cancellation r n ,inn.i. nr
claims on the reserve, and the throw
ing open to settlement and entry by
citizens of some of tho best lands in
Eastern Washington.
Allotments to Indians.
Preliminary to tho opening of tho
reserve tO hnmpstPnH Antrv cntt.nl
years ago, the Indians were given al-
luimeiiis, ami me claims thus taken
un Included the phnlr-psf lnnrle In fha
district. Half-breeds and quartcr-
uret'ua aro i-aiti to be numbered among
the allottees, as are aiso Infant child
ren of these Indians.
The nrlnr.innl nnnfitfnns tn lw- ilntnr.
mined arc- niri thn IihII.uk int.. tin.
land for a permanent home, with tho
view of severing tribal relations? Is
me iana more valuable for agriculture
than for mining or other purposes,
nilrl ivprfl f.llnfmonto tnlfon tn- ttin
ucnents of Infant children taken in
goon laun ;
If thp. fln.HVPr tn nnv- nf thd&u nun.
Hons are found to be 'in the negative
tno Indian may lose his home.
and you're not fcn1ie.fied with the
way your fhlrt, collar, cull's and
white waist coat have been Iaun-
dertd, give us a try. Moderate- T
ly speaking, if we fall, all otherb fc
must fail. At any tate, give iih
a try we'll run the risk.
Court and Thompson Btreets.
1 -'"wiii: st
0a Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byets1 Best Flotir
ktn built
.n At...
loBv,. a wn'y tne choicest wheat that grows enters in
1 5 oest rlour. It's np.rfpr.tinn in Flour. Made bv the
W. S. Byers. Proprietor.
Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
n.i . . .
"ciay wm lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed b
B?X, the Reliable Plumber.
-ourt street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
Northern Pacific Receives Two for
Use on Mountain Grades,
Tacoma, May 14. The first two of
10 new engines for the Northern Pa
ciflc's western service have been sent
West, and should arrive on the coast
within a short time to be dressed up
lor active service. The new engines,
larger and stronger than any others
ever seen in tho West, aro what Is
known as Class Y5. Just preceding
them were locomotives of the Class
Q type, wonders in their way, but
not as powerful as the later locomo'
The receipt of this new motive pow
er will enable tho Northern Pacific to
send East some of the larger engines
the railroad has been using in its
mountain uervlce and elsewhere on
its Western lines. The newcomers
will do so much extra work that the
older locomotives are to be transfer-
red to a more favorable country.
The new locomotives may be used
in the passenger service, but the com
pany is making a number of track im
provements before sending out the
monsters. Bridges and false work are
being strengthened to stand the add!
tional strain, and it may be some tlmo
before the passenger trains aro haul
ed over the road by the new power.
Each of the new locomotives is
equipped with electric headlights of
300 candle power. In effect the new
light is as capable as the searchlights
of the navy, and will illuminate the
track for miles ahead, on straight
road. Small electric motors, set be
tween the smokestack and boilers of
the engines, furnish the current and
also generate the power for the In
candescent lamps In the engine cabs.
Big Bunch of Bargains
All week Specials
Good grade calicos, all colors. 10 yards to one
person, 4c yd.
Wash silk waist patterns, 4 yds to a pattern,
beautiful designs. $1.85 per pattern.
All wool albatros, for waists or suits. 45c yd.
Men's two in one, black Btriped overshirts, all
sizes, 45c each.
Friday and Saturday Specials
Hen's striped bib or plain overalls, good
heavy grade, 45o,
Men's black socks, regular lOo grade, for two
days, 3 pairs 25c.
Hen's hats, all grades of felt hats, special 10
per cent redaction.
Men's and boy s' s aits, all grades, reduced 10
per cent for two days.
Ladles' plain black hose, all slzos, for two
days only, 7o pr.
Children's and misses' hose, all sizes, for two
days, 3 prs for 25o.
Ladles' fine lace hose, a special lot worth 40o
a pair. Sale price, 30o pr.
Ladles' silk waists, every grade and style, 10
per cent rednoton for two days.
Ladles' percalo waists, good assortment, 25c
Ribbons all silk taffeta, size 5 only 4c, size
7 only 5c, size 9 only 7c, slzo 12 only 8c,
size 16 only lOo, size 22 only 13c. All other
sizes at proportionate prices.
Agents for the Raymond,
washable Kid Gloves.
nOW rC ffii I expect peoptole knowwhe
:ik,l T JKJ you have to sell If you don'l
Coming Events for Which the O. R. &
N. Co. Offers Very Cheap Rates.
Caledonian picnic at Athena, May
2Cth and 27th. Pacific Northwest
Students' Conference, Y. M. C. A.,
Rpnrhart Park. Portland, Oregon,
May 29th to June 7th. State Encamp
ment, Grand Army oi uio nepuum.-,
D.n.nj i..r,o "isth 07th. Washlne-
1 UtllHUU, H ii V. vm -V - -
ton Christian Convention and Camp
Meeting at Walla walla, june uin uj
state Teachers' Asso-
oiati'nti ivirflnnri June 24th to 27th.
Grand ' I)dge I. O. O. F. at Walla
Walla, Juno 1st to n. jMweiecmu
Annual Tr. m rti n m pn t Rnortsmen's As-
sociatioii of Northwest, at Dayton.
Wash., June 2Cth to Z7in. me d
gerfest at Walla Walla, June 5th to
and Grand Chapter
of Masons, Grand Chapter Order East-
crn Star, at I'oniuuu, juuu "
10th. Oregon Pioneers, Indian War
Veterans, Native Sons of Oregon, Na
tive Daughters of Oregon, at Port
land, June 15th to 19th.
rrii-i. tn aiinvp meetings will he
sold at one and one-third rates for the
round trip, on the certificate plan.
Tickets on sale three days prior to
the opening day.
Big Democratic Pow-Wow.
Boston, May 14. The banquet to
be given at the Hotel Vendome to
night under tho Joint auspices of tho
democratic state committee and the
democratic club promises to bo one
of the biggest lovo feasts tho party
has ever given In this section. The
Invited guests include Governor Gar
vin nf Rhode Island, Governor Ay
cock, of North Carolina. Governor
Montaguo of Virginia, Mayor Sulli
van of Hartford, and Mayor Collins of
Harness and Saddles
Tents and wagon covers
Prices as low as to be
consistent with good work
Main St. next Savings Hank
$13,456,900 Insurance in Force
H. M. RICE, Freewater
Aeent fnr UmntlllH County
J.I'. Wulker, Citr Agent for i't-ndleton
Help wanted to harvest tho straw
berry crop in tho vicinity of Milton
and Freewater. Tho crop promises
to be unusually large, and outsido
help will he needed. There will be
employment for a largo number of
persons In harvesting the crop. Fam
ilies who wish to take a six weeks out
ing and combine profit with pleasure
are Invited to come up to the Free
water strawberry fields. Camping
grounds will be furnished free,
Twenty-five cents per crate Is paid
for picking. Address N. W. Mum
ford, Freewater, Oregon, or It. T.
Motley, Milton, Oregon.
Stock For Sale
75 head of well-graded Shorthorn cat
1 registered Shorthorn bull.
50 head of horses, mares, geldings
and young stock, grado Clydes, and
10 head of Cleveland Hays.
15 head broke to work; weight, 1200
1500 pounds.
1 stallion, 20u0 pounds weight, Clyde
and Shire.
Cash, or time with bankable notes.
Address JOHN L. COX,
020 Thompson St.,
Pendleton, Oregon.
(Would like to dispose of stock be
fore turning out on range.)
On JUNE 1st we will stop selling
goods at cost. You have only
three more weeks to buy goods at
these PRICES:
White breakfast platos, per dozen. 81c
White pio plates, per dozen, GOc
White cups and saucers, per dozen, 99o
Common lamp chimneys, each Gc
Covered vegetable dish, 48c
3-pint nicklo plated coffeo pot, 55c
Woven wire wash boards, each, 39c
100-picce Hariland dinner set. $27.73
14-qt. granite dish pan, eaoh, 60c
100 papor knapking, 15c
5 bunches matches, 5c
3 packages Sioux Starch, 25c
3 lbs, Gold Dust, 20c
3 2-oz. bottles Extracts, 25c
Granulated Sugar, per sack, $5.05
Maker's Cocoa, 25c
4 packages A. it II. Soda, 25c
5 bars Owl Soap and 1 of Tar, 2fio
Mocha and Java Colleo, per pound, 30c
Some lines that are out are drop
ped this week. Better buy that
dinner set now and save several
Fine Yellow Nowtown Apples
only 90 centa a box,
Fresh Ranch Eggv, 15 oentn a
We have the Famous and al
ways satisfactory
A trial will convince yon of its
jjm ftj.li h nreatoat of hlood DUrl
fieri, Acker Blood Elixir, under a
positive guarantee. It will cure all
chronic and other blood poisons. If
you have eruptions or aores on your
body, or are Dale, weak or run down,
it Is Just whet you need. We refund
money If you are not satisfied. 60
cent and 91.00 F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
The Big Store in a Small
Alta Street, Opposite Sayings Ban
Today I offer tin following city ail
country property; 1
20 per aero fur choico ISO-acre fail
uhout one mile from city Hall
new nouee.
$10,000 for COO acres, part bottom, li
proven: zw ncrcn in wneat.
acres One orchard; 10 ralnuM
ont, I
$10,000320 acre, or tlnt-clau whal
land, Improved; crop goes wM
piaco; only two miles out,
$1,800 a now houso and lot In
150 and up for lots on south side,
a nice DuHiness which pays, for as
1,200, Two other business or
N. T. Cooklta.
:At Poatofties,:
Phons, Rad 277.