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    THE HOME IN 1Z0. -v-v r-- j ...
We believe that every man when he is sick should call a doc
tor, and not try to "doctor" himself. Wc believe there would
be far less sickness far better health if everybody would do
everything possible to co operate with doctors in taking better
care of their health. We believe that the best way, always, is
to have a doctor see what the matter is, and write a prescrip
tion for it, nnd then have a reliable druggist prepare the
medicine according to the prescription. !- -.-
Prescriptions our Speoialty. Accuraoy
and Purity of Drugs Beyond Question
Pendleton DRUGGISTS Oregon
FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1903.
mystery. Fraternal societies aro not
afraid of paying honest support to the
state government which protects
There arc four kinds of read
ers. The first Is like the hour
glass; and their reading being
as tlio sand. It runs In nnd runs
out, nnd leaves not a vestige be
hind, A second Is llko the
sponge, which Imbibes every
thing, and returns It In nearly
the same state only a little dirt
ier. The third is llko a jelly
bag, allowing all that Is puro to
pass away, and retaining only
the refuse nnd dregs. And the
fourth Is like tlm slaves in the
diamond mines of Oulcondn,
who, casting aside all that Is
worthless, retain only pure
gems. Coleridge.
One meeting of tho Eastern Oregon
assessor, called at tho Instance of the
O. It. & N. tax agent, for the purpose
of discussing railroad property values
failed to materialize.
Another meeting Is now called, to
bo hold at Arlington, nuxt Thursday.
for the same purpose.
For tho llrst time In the history of
Oregon, rallroad3, their property is
being assessed tills year, In Umatilla
county, on a basis determined by their
earning capacity, Just as tho farm
lands and livestock of tho county aro
Heretofore, assessors have stood
aghast nt tho complicated array of
liabilities and resources presented
by tho paid tax agents of tho com
panies. No effort lias been juade to.
nrrlvo at a Just and equitable basis
of valuation for tho lenson that all
tho statements of the company's
tax and land agents have been con-'
sldered unanswerable. Tho result
lias been that the farm lands, mer
chandise, livestock nnd real estate or
Umatilla county paid an unjust and
unequal share of tho county's tax. '
Tho levy has climbed up and up and
tho small property owner lias paid
uio bill.
This year, follow lug a program de
termined oven lieforo his election,
Assessor Strain has made a tireless
search among the records of tho In
terstate commorco couunlss bin. nml iNot In a centurv havo tlm ruin.
has reached a basis of valuation "uus l,ctween tho people and the gov
.Vd upon the sworn reports of tho ; Z'L K
ompanj. The earning capacity of at last to treat the Island with Jus-
ihu ruuu, us capitalization, tho rate -o anu lairness.
Portland Is toying with a dangerous
force when she tries to crush tho la
bor unions. She can lit nfford to
arouse the indignation of her labor
' Ing men by refusal to listen to their
Just demands. She can 111 afford to
1 1 turn the worklngmen against the
I.owls and Clark Fair, for tills is not
a Portland enterprise, and tta failure
would effect the entire Norshwest,
very seriously.
A few of the large contraetois of
the city seem to be inclined to ret
i fiK nhanllltn illfliitntu hi tlm Inlmi- flit.
nation. Thcio seems to be a iloterm
limtlon to heep down wages during
the preparations for the Ian. Whil
the contractors anticipate very busy
and prosperous times for the next two
yeais, they arc unwilling to share tho
piosperity with the workmen.
The worklngmen declare that the
cost of living Is constantly advancing
and that tliu fair will be an absolute
. Injury to them unless their wages aro
I advanced. They sny that there Is a
constant advance In iciits and this
expense will largely lnciease during
the piogress of tho fair, owing to the
acute demand for houses, and that It
will he Impossible for them to remain
, In Portland, under the present wage
! rates.
i Even now, there is an inclination
. among the labor unions to ask for a
; lefcrenduni vutu on the npproprla
tlun. ir Portland thoroughly arouses
I the labor forces of tho state itsulnst
I the fair, by her unjust treatment, the
fair appropriation will be jeopard!
ed. There aro now many nutoganlH-
tie forces which would readily unite
with tho unions to defeat the fair.
Portland is walking on danger jw
gioiind. Hhe should make ovory rea
sonable effort to settle her labor
troubles, not so much lor her own
sake, but for the reason that she-
stands sponsor for tho entire Pacific
Nortwest, on the fair question, and
must render an able stewardship.
Tho mistress of tho homo In 1925
will ho a cheralsf. She will be a
trained scientist. She will regard her
kitchen as a laboratory in which a
thousand wonderful experiments will
be tried. Tho Idea that tho kitchen
is n place of drudgery, where only
those outer who aro forced by cir
cumstances', will have disappeared;
and there will renlaln only wonder
that any one could ever have been Ig
norant enough of the mnrvoious pro
cesses of science to have taken so lit
tle Interest in tho subject.
The kltcl.cn itself will disappear
from the basement and from the home
forever. In its place, adjoining the
dining room, so that tho transit from
tho fire to tho table may occupy but
a second's time, will bo the "House
hold Laboratory." The mistress of
the house and her daughters will find
no more Interesting period of the
day than that which Is spent in the
wolMlghtod, well-ventilated, cleanly
and comfortably arranged room given
up to the constant surprises which
ixienco offers to those who will study
with Interest hor wonders in the realm
of combinations uf food materials
unci tho transformations brought
nbout by varying degrees of heat.
John Brlslion Walker In the Slay Cos
Scott's Emulsion is cod
liver oil made almost as
palatable as milk. It is easy
and soothing to the weak
stomach; it checks the ten
dencies of children toward
Scott's Emulsion gives
strength to weak mothers be
cause it creates healthy flesh
and new blood.
Nursing mothers will find
special value in Scott's
mulsion because it insures
(low of rich, nourishinrr
milk for the baby. More and
better than a medicine;
Scott's Emulsion is a food.
We'll eml you a Bample free upon request.
hCD'H & IIOWNK, 409 l'earl Street, New Verk,
Pendleton will celebrate May ist this year, and THE FAIR : s
on hand as usual with a full line of Furnishings to outfit our
customers lor the day. Suits for men and boys, all descnpl .ions
and all prices. Shoes for the whole family, guaranteed in
every particular. Hats for men, Hats for boys. Hats for
ladies, Hats for children and headwear for the babies Call
at our store and get our SPECIALS for the week, as we can t
list them in this space. : ; :
f Agents for the Raymond washable gloves
'We make a Snprlnt,,, r n ....
or oaunr, -1
water tanks,
We make them riclu j
always give satisfaction, ol
work is never slighted or hotel
Pendleton Planing jJ
and Lumber Yard.
As jUeCormick was tho original Inventor of tho reanur anil head
er, so was "Best" the original inventor of the first successful Com
bined Harvester.
We wish to call the attention of our friontls who contemplate
purchasing a Side-Hill Combined Harvester tho coming season, that
wc aro still In tho lead In the way of improvements, In harvesting
machinery, and which our farmer friends have rightfully named the
"KING OF THE HELD." After watching Its work iu the field the
Iiast sixteen years, and for the season of 1903 It will be still better,
as vo have made a number of valuable Improvements.
The MACHINE p the stronsst and most durable made.
IMPROVED DRIVE WHEELS 5 foot t Inches high, Ti Inch tire.
is a brake on
main drive wheel
-are a rare thing with us. There
which Is controlled by the driver.
of Interest paid In dividends ami nil , lrlsh Kuvoinmcnt already is In
lln manifold resources have been f, F , m, 1'ul0"" t-n.lluK to r
.!,. i . , , , "vc , Hovo the bun ens of tho people. All
taken Into consideration i reaching recruiting for tho hated Hoyat Irish
the basis of assessment which will be constabulary has been stopped. The
used In Umatilla county this year. constabulary will bo withdrawn from
Mr. Strain has snared time ..m-' e icu largo-
patience In searching diligently tor
public records by which to judgo rail
road values. His conclusions aro that
tho 0. H. &. N. property Is worth be-
ly diminished
and centered In the-
The authorities at Uubriu Couth
uavo inauKiirnieil tho now pollcv of
tween $14,001) and SIE.OOO imr mil., i veaco and good will by destrovliur all
and ho will assess It on this basis. At SSY'f J0"1'8; These records
this rate of assessment this property . rrfiSFS0 rret"U,m
will pay Its Just proportion of taxes. In tho north of Ireland tho people
At this rate It will bo on an equal nru eonvlnced, tlespltu tho premier's
basis with farm lands at $50 per acr. 1 ,,uu,n,J lm ho Kovornmcnt
and If the ta agent of L r
will take pains to go over Mr. Strain's I Complete Mr-government In tho
calculations ho will find that tho vol- j Immediate futuro Is Improbable, but
uuuon is oxiremeiy low, as compar
ed to other property similarly situ
ated. Mr. Strain will decllnu to attend the
assessors' mooting for the reason that
the period of assessment Is now too
far advanced to put any now program
in operation this year. Mr. Strain
also notified each assossor Iu Eastern
Oregon of his Intention to ralso valu
ations, early last spring and urged
action at that tlmo.
Tho Umatilla county assessment
will bo made upon tho basis fixed by
tho assessor, and tho people are per-
iccuy sausued with It. No amount
thero cortalnlv will hu frHr ,,i m.
local self-government. Munsey's.
ttH"H"M"M"M H-H II 111
:: Conrad Platzoeder
All kinds of Fresh
Meats always on
hand. Fine Bacon,
Hams and Sausage.
i Prices as tow as (he lowest
i X
WI HI tl'l ll I I I
"liotli hit wllr isnc? iirs-ilr linvf. Ipisii
lining I'ASCAiCl i- . the- are the brt
erJlcillC -TC ll -.V. OV r j... ,1 till' hulls". List
(oeli my wjfo v.as fr. ti.- u.ili hrni!uelie for
twod.iys. sin- tric-tPuini'i,' ym- C'ASPAIiETS,
ind the relieved tin- r --in Iu Irei I'c-.ul almost
.ami.'illiili'lv W'v to ll li i i'Iuiu nil Uukcarets."
CllAS Mj I'&l'l'llll.
1'lttifhurB Halo Ucpu.lt tit 1'ilUburc, Vh
UwKi, Ni'VtfrMi'Ken WV-ikPii in .rl(" Wc. 2Jc, Lite.
Sltrll tttwpilr twnpiti,. lblest, lHltlkl. Vw 917
Hfl.Tfl.nAfl f"'1' aittl minniileert b nllitrul,
HUIU-unb Kliln fium'.Toliaii. Habit.
We have purchasfj the second
lintiil ftoru at 312 'nnrt Htreet. Wc ii--iul
to tent it ami inervu-e tn t-tcek.
Wo woulil lm j-liiil to Imvi, our-frleiiil!!
drop In If you need unythiiiK iu our
line If ; you linvo anything to sell let
us know, we can i-ell it for jnu. Drop
In and see our line i f I ntthiTi curios.
OIv ih u trial, we will tretit yu light.
Gurdane & AlcBroom
HEADER Is drivon Independently from tho grain wheel of sep
arator, and Is nrrnnged with a clutch for throwing In and out of gear
when turning corners.
THE SEPARATOR Wo wish to call our attention particularly
to the separating qunlitles of uur machine. Wo claim that no other
combined harvester on the maritet can In any way compare with It
for speed and thoroughness of work. In all kinds and conditions of
grain, and will require less team to operate It.
AUTOMATIC GOVERNOR-Our patent wind governor on the
fnns governs tho blast so that at any speed at which the harvester
may be traveling, the wind Is automatically regulated and prevents
clogging the shm nnd carrying the- grain over in the straw.
Wo (alio pleasure In inviting you to call on Temple &. Wilcox,
Pendleton, and make a peisonnl inspection of each and every part of
our machines betoro placing your orders. Every machine' warrant
ad to do all we claim for It anil to lie tltst-class In every respect
Wc Make Our Bow
to our melius, patrons and the nubile u h
tieupcriKlnir j our examination ol tho Uti
lluni In carriages, runabouts, urreji. hi
cir., wo navo uio pieniure ol prttcnllni
uur uuvmiuii una setuon. ive Jiae Don
rogiiteil an lota Irom our long nnuiB
.miiuuiu-iii mut e uuvu auvanctu sum
iv. iru nnvo K lompicle HOCS Hi nil
wairnun with Iteol cUd hubsanH mt.nt
teacliiK blocks, making them the eaulest 1
iiiuK uuti iuuh( uuntuio on me market. II
anil budgies wc have liom the choapeitk
Tho r.lm-kumltUi.
Local Agents
Today I offer the following city j
country property:
?"0 per acre lor choice ltio-acrc f
about one mile from city liia
now house.
?10,000 for COO acres, part bottom,
proved: "ilO acres In heatj
acres fine orchard, 10 rains
flO.OUO 3'M ucres of flist-dass wli
land, improved; crop goes
place; only two miles out.
$1,S00 u now house ami lot in I
$lu(i and up fur lots on south side
A nice business which pays, for all
51,00. Two other business!
N. T. Conklini
:At Postoffice.!
'Phone. Red 277.
of lllflminatrtt. nt ., 9 ... I
t ..-uuiuruucu win 4-tt n I 1 I 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I
convince Mr. Strain that his valiin. IT v
lions are too high, and Mr. Watts was I OTTO MlPrk'P
cordially Invited to discuss values In U11U "IICaUM: J
Umatilla county, last week, but abso-,1
.imuiy uoniea Having any knowledgo
of such things.
Just how tho tool of tho mining
und railroad corporations, who is now
iUmrJnif Southorn Oregon In opposl
'Mm';te ithe jtartage ,rtd, .eon expect
jnw HWMnuu societies
Choice Fresh and
Salt Meats, Bacon,
Lard and Sausages.
Farni'l-y Trade a
Specialty, -j. -.
X 808 Court Street.
I Telephone Main 1231 Z
.against !tfte oorpanUM tax :it la . -
By the Fire Insiuaiict: Com
panies we teptescnt. Our
companies, stand fust in ihe
Ilurtfoitl J.'lie Jiiaumnue LU$V2,'MHMlb
Alliance Assurance Co a),033,90o
London & Iinucashire Kln
Insurunce Co 2.044,683
North British & .Mercantile
Co m fins 07 j
Royal Insurance Co. . . . 22,897,163
Cor W. Aha and Lillith Sts.
L. Nefl, formerly of the Hotel
Alta, has chat Re of the Old Dutch
Henry Feed Yard, and would be
pleased to care for your horses
Plenty ol stalls, large corrals for
loose horses aud cattle. Hay and
grain for sale. Chop mill in connection.
Is always received when you
place your order with us.
Fir. Tamarack and
Why buy poor coal when you
can get the hest for the same
Laatz Bros.
Telephone Main 5i
Raised by Cns Rogers on But
ter Creek. Sired by a thorough
bred Kentucky Jack. His dam
was a large Maltese Jenny.
He will make the present sea
son at my place three miles North
east of Pendleton on Wild Horse
Terms: $10 to insure live colt.
Help wanted to harvest the straw
berry crop In the vicinity of Milton
and Preewater. The crop promises
to bo unusually largo, and outsldo
help will be needed. Thero will be
omploymout for a large number of
persons In harvesting tho crop. Fam
ilies who wish to take a six woeks out
tng and combine profit with ploasure
aro Invited to como up to the Freo
water strawberry Colds. Camping
grounds will bo furnished free.
Twenty-live conts per crato la paid
for picking. Address N, W. Mum
ford, Froowator, Orogon, or It. T
Motley, Milton, Oregon.
Our o.' t.'ii- fines! residences in
Pendleton ti rooms all modern Itu
provuinent3; pretty lawn; complete
5G.500. $2,500 down, balance on time.
Another residence 7 rooms, with
bath, sewerage, electric lights; pretty
lawn, shade trees, within three blocks
of Main street, $2,500.
9n!iur h01lses and iots from JC00 to
Nlca residence lota
$150, 50 aud
Much Other
Town Property,
Easy Term, Where Desired.
100 head of heavy horses. I wish to
sell the entire bunch and offer them
m . hJsa'i' s"rI"G colts thrown In,
hnrSS?1 cha,reo,' About 12 f thero
horses are broko to work and about
r,nnora, havo been handled aud are
alter broke. All of tho young stock
have been sired by an imported Per
clioron, which weighs upward of 2000
1'nTit LTh0 Glyile mBrcs w "eavy.
low, blocky, solid animals. Thero are
uiU.n,J?,r,0f,spll,u,ld 6-jreaK.M geld
ings In this bunch. This is a bargain
lrtaennfSremation " r a" 0T
Alba, Oregon.
Fine Ye'low Newtown Appl
only 90 conts a box.
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 15 cenM
Wo have the Fiunons and
ways satisfactory
A trial will cosvincc yoc of j
The Big Store in
Alta Street, Opposite Savingil
Engine, Boiler and
III Court Slreet Of all kinds is our specialty.
- u-nrk t'uarantecd.
Extra Parts Furnished for all 1
of Harvesting Maclnncn.
Manufacturer ol
Stock For Sale
Tfihead of well-graded Shorthorn cat-
1 roglatored Shorthorn bull
00 head of horses, mares, geldings
and young stock, grade ulydes, and
10 head of Cleveland Days.
15 head broko to work; weight, 1200-
1B00 pounds.
Vnd'swre201" I0Und8 W0l8ht, CIydo
Cash, or time with bankable notes.
Address JOHN iL. COX,
620 Thompson St.
, (Would like to8toSte0nof8SnDe.
fore turning out on range )
70Q Rust Alta Street-
linltpznrf. & Howe's Old Sfl
wiuun is mv -'dmi.
ICtfUCI, la uaux r
in and see the Racyd-