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Men's Clothing
Desirable Spring Clothing for Men and Boys,
styles and materials the very best and patterns
the latest
Men's fine worsted Emits $10.00 and $12-50
Mon'sfsinnv worsted suits 13.50 and 15.00
Men's vory finest suits 16.50 and 17.50
Boys' Clothing j
Boys' two piece suits $1.50 to $3.00 J
Boys' three piece suits 2.00 to 5.00 1
I Young Men's suits 4 00 to 12 00 J
Every garment is guaranteed to give satisfaction t
Bae & Daley !
; One-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
; 4iu i ii i i"H' 1 1 1 1 t v 1 1 1 mum it fir 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tmH-mttt
THURSDAY, AI'KIh 30, 1903.
Ill bulk, the world's product of po
tatoes equal that of-wheat mid corn
Joseph I.ygunl Ims nought the Ju
mul properties, on tlio upper end of
Mnnhnttnn Islnnd, for $2i),nOO,nO().
Three Modes, practically the entire
business portion of Melbourne, In.,
was destroyed by lire Tuesday. The
loss Is $13,000.
The supreme court has been asked
for an order to compel A. J. Morunne,
the French witness In the Var will
case, to answer questions,
While wrestling with n friend at
his home In I'nmfrot, Conn., Albort
roterson. nf?ed 10 joins, was thrown
In such a way that his neck was
Worn out by watching at her bus-
O. R. & N. Sending Out Packages of
Seed for Experiments on Dry Land.
Tho O. It. & N., through K. II. Mil
ler, general freight agent, and R. C.
Judson, Industrial agent, Is sending
out about 100 packages of nlfalfa seed
lo various points In tho dry region
of the Inland Empire, for tho purpose
of having experiments made upon the
driest soil to be found.
Each package contains enough seed
to plant about 15 feet square and ex
plicit Instructions for propnrlng the
ground and cultivating tho plants nre
sent with each.
While this small amount of seed
mny scorn Insignificant, yet the O. It.
& N., through this method, pursued
by the Industrial department for a
period or live or six years, has dem
onstrated thnt alfalfa can be grown
successfully on land that la now con-
slilored unlit for agricultural pur
poses. At Coyote station, In Morrow coun
ty, tho company has just planted 15
ncres of alfalfa, which will bo care
fully and scientifically cultivated with
a view to thoroughly testing the
producing capacity of the sandy soil
Four Additional Players Secured
Most of the Boys on Home Team
! Have Been With North Yakima.
Tho first baseball game of the ,
league schedule was played this nftor-,
noon. The game was sceuuiun iui
3:30 and nil the locnl fans hope for
victory. The line-up of tho local team
has not been definitely settled as
yet, though tho management hns se
cured tho services of four men addi
tional to tho list published last ovci.
lug. The new men are Clarence and
Claude Pcnlaml, Babe Drown and Gey,
Marquis. All tho men arc corlnln to
bo hore with the exception of Mar
quis, and It Is expected that he will
arrive on time. He will be hore for
tomorrow's game sure.
Tho personnel or the Colfax team
and their positions Is given below:
West, ss; Cline 3b; Ilernnd, lb:
Ripley, If; Millor, lib: Lawrence, cf ;
Rupel, rf; Case, cntcher and Somers
pitcher and captain.
Dr. McPhcc Is the manager of the
team nnd hopes great things from his
colts. While they have not been to
gether long and their team work Is
somewhat ragged, he expects them to
give a good account of themselves In
today's gnmo.
The majority of the Pendleton team
hns been with North Ynkimn since
the opening of the season and nro In
fit condition for the game. Of course,
they have had no work In tho places
they will play' hero and what they can
do Is problematical. However, they
are nil good men and will quickly slip
Into their plnces.
Tho band will give tho two teams n
sendoff before tho game today.
A big crowd Is expected to see the
opening game of the season,
Weekly Crop Bulletin for the Oreqon
Section of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.
Portland. April 30,-Tlie wither
.luring the past week has been fa or
able to all crops, except that mor .
rain Is ceded In tho Oraml Hondo val
ley, nd In tho stock cm mtry east of
linn's sick lied Airs S. N. llrowne.
of East Orange, N. J., went Insane. ; in thnt locality.
She was taken to the sanitarium and I R. G. Judbon, of the industrial de
there took Iaudnnum nnd died. I partment, has conducted some sue-
Twenty people gathered about tho , ?esfl" experiments with grasses nnd
coffin or Airs. Martin Myerholter at forage p ants at different points
Chicago Mont-ay afternoon were pre- n,loE tho line or the O. It. & N. with
cipltnted Into tho cellar with the tho ,rt'811" ""H many farmers ami
corpse by the giving nwny of tb- Btoeknion Imvo been enlightened on
floor. Seven were Injured. , tl,",si,bJ,'ic1l;,0,r Bowing grasses on the
1 arid foothill lands of Eastern Oregon.
President Roosovelt will lay the cor- , The experiments being made by the
nersione lor a i. m. u. a. iiuhuiiib m company are watched with deon in-
Tonoka, Kan., during the session of
the International Convention of tho
Railroad Y. M. C. A., April 3il to May
3, in that city.
Great Britain lias tho following
ships In course of construction: Elev
en battleships, 10 armored crulsoru,
two second and four third-class cruis
ers, rour scouts, two sloops, 10 de
forest by those who hope for tho final
reclamation of the Eastern Oregon
.STATn of oiiio, i
Prank .1. Cheney mnkre oath thnt 1i Is
I the senior partner ot the Arm of F. J.
I Clienej Co., doing business In the city of
vn, vuiiiuj ttuii otitic niutrsuiu, nuu
stroyers, 1S torpedo boats and three , that said Arm will pay tno sun of One
submarines. Hundred Dollars for each and erery case
, of Catarrh that cannot fw cured by the
Olovauna llav.ile has asked n New use of Halt's Catnrrh Cure.
York nmglstrnto for permission to ' Sworn to before me and snbserlbed In
carry a revolver. Ills life has been ! J ft" n,n ot lober. A.
threatened for cnuslng the orient of "(SeaU A. W, OI.KASOX,
llvo Italians, who, ho says, attempted Notary Public.
to extort monov lor defonso of nrteon- ?" V?"" "ire .M internaii)
rs In the Mndueiia murder case.
At the session of tho International
Oood Roads convention Wednesduy.
General Miles and William Jennings
llrynn both spoke upon tho subject of
national highways, contending thnt
government nld should be given such
in project.
end acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces nf tho system. Rend fo? testi
monials free.
F. J. CIinNF.Y A CO., Toledo, O
Hold by all druswtata, TBc.
Hall's Family 1'llls are the best
City Is In Need of a Location for the
Hose House on North Side.
The North Pendleton hose house
has no place whereon to rest Its ever
changing foundation. The owners of
the lol at the corner or Jackson and
Perkins stieets wnnt their ground,
and the owners of the other deslrnblo
locations In thnt vicinity do not like
to lease their property.
Tho city doesn't jump at the
chances or any real estate Investment
and is loath to rent. In the mean
time tho host' house is up against It.
It can't stand where it Is, nnd It litis
no place to go. The committee hnv
ing chnrge of the matter had a happy
thought, however, and have decided
to move the homeless edifice out Into
the street and let It stand "until fur
ther notice."
There Is one location nvnlloble, tho
eld cemetery ground, but that Is too
tar down the hill la suit the- fire lad
dies. They wnnt the cart to be nt
the top or tho hill. Then they couM
break the tecord going to fires. On
tho leturn tfme would cut nrf Ire. The
owners or the high land want prices
in proportion to the aftltude of tholr
property, nnd' so the matter stands.
Tho house, an has been stated', also
stands or wllT stand In the street.
Anyway, It is hotter there, for the
firemen can find It easier in the dark.
r"nslo mountains, i uv
..icnit- nml farmers nro
plowing summer fallow and propnr
lug tho land for corn, potatoes nml
Late reports regarding tho damage
to nlfalfa In Baker nnd Mnlhcnr coun
ties, nie to tho effect that It Is not as
great us at first thought. The dam
age Is confined to tho bottom lands
while alfalfa on high lands has not
siiffeied any Injury. Previous reports
ns to damage to early varieties ot
HUlt In the southern sections ot the
state are confirmed, but apples and
late varieties of peaches nnd pears
promise a full crop.
Strawberry vines in the Hoou
..u.r... .Uatrint nre liuciiinine to uiu-
cum nnd tho vines are healthy
ni-niiilslnc. Fruit of all kinds In
Willamette vnley and the const coun
ties Is now in full bloom, and In gen
oral, fruit prospects are coiihldercil to
be exceptionally good.
Wheat, both fall and spring, has
made excellout advancement and there
remains hut little seeding to be done.
Pnstures have Improved greatly and
stock is rapidly being turned out on
the summer ranges. Sheep shearing
Is general, and the lew reports receiv
ed Indicate that the clip will be he
low the nvorago. Tho Increase ot
lambs Is unusually smnll,
Columbia River Valley.
Ilidcewav, Wa3co county, M. U'Ren
Rain and" cloudy weather first of the
week; needing nil done; spring and
fr.1' sown jrnln doing well; cherries,
peaches and plums In bloom; weather
too cold for gardens to do well.
Grass Valley, Sherman county, H.
W. Wilcox Warm nil wit; nearly
nil of the spring seeding done; fall
grain bus commenced to show green;
a fine rain Tuesday which will cause
spring crops to rmne up nt once.
Arlington. Gilliam county, U. H
Robinson. All kinds of grain, fruits
and vegetables doing nicely, light
showers the past week have beeiv ben
eficial: spring plowing done.
Lexington. .Morrow county, Edwin
I! Ileni'h. The week was warm, with
a light shower; vegetation of nil kinds . J
has pushed rapidly; potatoes cuming
up; fruit blossoms nppearing in great
profusion; weeds getting rank, nnd I J
the grain shooting up; prospects In ( 4
general are now good.
Helix. Umatilla county. S". L. Isaac
WenthPr eiy l ivoinble for growing
crops, all have mndo marked Improvi
ment; rnll sown crops, particularly,
n.ttke a fine allowing; spring sown,
somewhat late, but healthy; gardens
backward; farm work progressing
Plateau Region.
Smumcrvllle, Union county, C Coll.
Days bright and warm; nlglitn tros
ty; 110 damage has resulted; early,
trult ready to blossom; mil grain
stoollng nfcely; plowing In progress"
nnd ground plows up well; grass im
litnving and range stock doing well;
gardening commenced.
The World-Famous
PLAY . . .
And many other beautiful and historic scenes will begiven at
Opera House, April 30,
the Redeemer. The Passion Play of Oberammergau will
accompanied !y approunnc man mucin, ana vocal tnuJ
The Fleming Company who manage mis vuascope EntettJ
ment have one ot ttic uesi moving picture entertainments tj
shown in this city. In addition to the Passion Play there J
he many other interesting scenes presented.
Admission 35c, Children 1;
First Three Rows Reserved lor School Children.
Don't fail to come and he sure to bring the children, as
entertainment is of a high order and you will enjoy it.
3 Sharpies Tubular Dairy Cream Separator!
Beats them all for close skimming
3 and easy running, no disc or howl
complications wnatever
'Die closest hkiuiming nnd easiest tuH
Separator yf't produced, securing under the d
adverse circumstances as rega'd to iia1ity,a
11111011 anu u-iupoiiiuire 01 me nnis, ra
heretofore considered impossl le. Itdeliti
smooth, frothless. perfect cream that will ci
nut more butter than can bo obtained fronil
other Separator in oisten e. anbethoio(
ly and completely washed Inside of live i
uten. us thero are only three pieces to the b
Tne Hhnrples Tubular machines are the l
nimple ml durable made, nnd can bemaiil
eu at li les cost lor on ami renewal parui
uiiy other bepurntor on tne niarKet.
For catalogue, addrefs:
T. C. TAYLOR, The Hardwardi
741 MAIN ST."
Road (n Dangerous Shape.
Tho condition of what Is culled the
"Pat Kline Hill." at the first river
Hesleged in the abbeys, the Cnpu-1 enwaliiK east of tho city. Is giving
iln moukH nt Marseilles, Prance. , a B0"d, ,,0,a' ,.01 ranee' ". Parties who
pass ine 11111 every nay suueu 10 tne
iinilitru'niir ti rnln r alnfti Wmliuic.
dnv. The nensants of the vlcinltv h"l'rter yesterday thnt in their opln-
have- mounted guards at the convents
Ion thar? is liable to be n slip nt any
to resiHt the dispersal of the priests i
by the French government.
The postolllco at Wondburn
nibbed Tu-jsdny night.
Had water has caused an epidemic
of typliuld lover at Kugene.
Smith, tho colored wife murderer
ot Portland, will hang on Juno 5.
William Itohlnson, n dope (lend of
Seattle, has rnllcn heir to $150.0im.
Commander Ilnoth Tucker spoke to
nn audience or 201IO In Portland Wed
nesday. Colonel W. V. Itohlnson, a retired
hour of the day or night that w.lll
tnuo tho entire roadway lor a ols
tiiuce of or 75 feet, into the river.
The soli, tho bed rock an 1 th" char
acter of the wurk hitherto done on
tho strip give rise to ilu opinion thai
nil that Is needed to porpoirvo such
nn accident would ho lor n trnin or
londed wugoiu to pass along tho de
fective roadwny. Already some or the
roadway lias caved off nml n fur
panels of -lenclng have been put up
t. prevent travelers driving Into tho
Stock Farm for Sale.
Wo hnvo the Jas. Lindsay form,
near Alba for sale. U consists of 640
1 acres. H0 acres In timothy: moro
nrmy o nicer ageu cnuti weunesuay , thatl 200 acrcs ln wIlJ hay w,,,cIl wni
" " grow timothy. A portion will
iirunis rasa win 110111 n sircei mir
anil carnival under the nusplcos of the
Woodmen on June 16-21
Clark C. Lyons, of Cottngo drove, 1
died Wednesday, aged NO years. Ho I
was an Oregon pioneer of SK.
Thu strike in Portland Is still in a
critical state and there nro no Indi
cations or nn eurly settlement.
Louisa M. Clark, a woll known
plonour woman of Portland, died
Wcdnesilny after a lingering Illness.
Tho union employes of tho Similiter
Lumber Company went on strike
Wednesday and the plunt Is closed
down indiillnitoly.
Tho O. K. & N. Is pioparlng to make
n reduced Inre from the East during
the summer months, bo tourists may
hco Oregon in bloom..
An uplnidumlc of measles is now
raging among Seattle school child
ren. Two deaths have occurred and
ovor B0 cases have beon reported.
Ran Lynch, a laborer ot Protland,
was struck Wednesday moraine bv
u Southoru Pacific freight train and
died Wednesday night ot his Injuries,
Five human skeletons wore found
tills week In tho Salton desort of Cal
.Ifornln. making a total of 18 round
J mention plans have beon
-riwart. The persona
1 fl.jMa ,nf ithlrgt In
wheat and barley, balance pasture:
almndnnco of water. All fenced;
good buildings.
Will sell in one, two or three tracts.
Easy terms,
Mokl Tea positively cures Sick
Headache, Indigestion and Constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Ho
moves nil eruptions ot tho skin, pro
ducing a perfect complexion or nionoy
rofunded. 25c and 50c. Wrlto to us
for freo snmplo. W. II. Hooker & Co.,
nufrnlo, N. Y. F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
For Saie.
Three-nunrter sections of good
wheat land, of which one-half Is in
grain, and all Ilea five miles north
east of the city. A dwullliu:. two
.barns nnd othor outbuildings, nnd n
goon water system, call at Ollvor
& Co.'s grocory. or at tho homo ot u.
W. Illgby, 704 Thompson streot.
A ThouBhtful Man.
M. M. AuBtln, .of Wlncheator. Ind.,
know vfhat to do ,ln tho hour of nood.
His wlfo had such an unusual case
or stomach and ltvor trouble, physl
clans could not holp hor. Ho thought
or and tnou Dr. King's Now IJfo puis
and 8ho got relief at onca and was
urod. only 25o nt Tollman ,&
g store;
An Era of Co-Operation.
"The dairymen over In Kittitas val
ley havo formed a co-operative com
pnny lor the handling or products or
the dairy inrms,- said W. R. Lee, who
has been looking nfter property In
terests at Ellensfmrg. "They have
leased a building, purchased 'niuchrn
cry nnd employed men to operate the
cienmory. The butter Is said through
authorized ngents. expenses deducted
nml tho remainder or the money d-
Miieu. 11 is claimed timt the returns
nro much better than by selling mlk
uiiougu ine old eiiannuls, and every
man becomes n part owner in the bus
iness. This Is but the natural trend
of public thought in the manipulation
or finances. An urn uf co-iipumtlou
in lts true business spirit 1ms dawn
ed op the many Industries or tins
Northwest. It 1st nil Indication of
furor, hottoi and mute 'satisfactory
iinaiieini nays.
Trafiic on the Cincinnati Southern
railroad, near (Jreonwood. Ky.. .Mon
day night was blocked by n freight
For Sale Residence win, nnA t-iw-ri
or three lots, located nt 517 '.Tune
streot. Cull at house.
Enjoy Life
Out door exercise means
improved health and a
sunny disposition
All Kinds of Sporting j
oiiu iicasuic uuuub
No matter what Rame or
pastime your fancy runs
to, you can get ' thu
goods to promote it nt
Book and Stationery Store
Tlmt'x the point we nre trying
10 Impress imi the pulilli: mind
VUwi 11 elttin, pnrf drug stm'k
i-i hul-ii 01 we wunl I Inn 10 re
fxr to our store. We're (loing
all we can to merit that title.
lt'n thr umin point ot our liiini-jip-s.
We think nUiut it mid
trtlk nliiiut It all I lie tbu. Bye
nnd b--yim'llheur this in mind
If you haven't already. There
Is no extra charge for'this puri
ty, Togf tber with iici'iirtu'y it'H
our bidiiceiiient fur your jhh.
t;iuiou i rune. we are cuv-
1111 nnd prompt with mall orders
F. W.
t 4
, -4
The Grand Trunk Gold Nil
Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining Distric
Is located tiDon the GREAT MOTHER
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on thnt vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. The COLUMBIA valued at
S5.ono.onn. GOLCONDA valued at $3,-
nnn.nnn. THF. MONMOTH Q. M. CO'S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,-
000. TH E BALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $40-"
000, and many others.
The Grand Trunk Gold Mining and
Owns Its Property Consisting of 160 Acres of Rich Oold BearlnH
It lias no indebtedness of anv character
It has a conservative milling and business mananemcaj
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 15: per
It will hnr.miin n rlivif1iml n.ivtT in n short time
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and""
careful investicatian of its merits.
It Inc tl, in,lnrrnm, .;: ,..n lltl lllCSS 1)11
. t.v J iliu ivtu,ill.ialV ui twining IH'M -
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
Write us today and let us post you,
Phone Main 85 J
cure ajapepala and all disorders aris
ing irora maigestlon. Endorsed br
physicians everywhere. Sold br all
druestst8. No cure, no pay. 25 cents.
Trial nacknrte freo hv wrtllnn. tn w
H. Hooker ft Co.. Buffalo, N. T. . 7.
'W, ScliBildt ft Co.
$1000 buys :i00.5S2 fwt of bishtly
building property, north side.
SSM), two exeellont buHilluj; lots,
stout) wall unit HhUnvnlk, W. Court.
$1800 buys thrw lots tm north side;
corner antl good il-room bouse.
J1200, comer lot, ami co'.tuge nearly
13050, four lots and splendid resl.
uence, a very cheap property.
12000. four acres, edge of town.house,
barn, 200 fruit trees. '
$2260, 113 acres, 3 ndlea from town,
N. E., SOaoiefl In cultivation, 60 ln
wheat, up nicely, 4-room house. Kood
4360, a graded lot, stone wall, north
side, east front, sightly locatiou.
$10,000, half a section of choice farm
lug land, crop Included.
These are entirely new offers, but I
have many more and would like an
opportunity to talk them over with
n. :s. lVlcL.alliim L,ompauyi
Miners, Brokers and Financial Agonts,
Or R. S. BRYS0N, Local Agent, Pendleton, Oregon-
Our Wefkly Mining Letters on Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Ml
iJistnct Pree on Application.
3 -.tr
Nicely mowed Lawns
at our
maintained. '?3e
Easy Running Lawn Mowers.
They are made on the correct
operate them. Let us supply you
Best goods at lowest prices. :
principal. lA.Juff,
you with GARDEN W
Thompson Hardware Co.,
I am
for Fishing Supplies.
t a nfvrr Write tie