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Winter Has Ended
In ims anop
..u.nniitof odd lots or cleaning up of broken lines.
lone Willi 140 "'"h . ia iUltlllCU
b,ts cation with the newest and best Every dollar you
iL.rr -0U M Tccclylu " mention
nli- Call in and see the balance.
1 vv
Ladies' Pine Shirt Waists, 50c to $4
enrinff and Summer Wear. The very latest materials,
clSp""gn",,terns. Going like hot cakes.
sign t
We are sole agents for Thompson's "Glove
Fitting'' Corsets Give U3 yojr order.
Corner Main and Alta Streets.
City Briefs
It of the Reasons wny nrcwuuu
Iosts More Now Than It Did One
ear Ago.
be price of wood in this vicinity
bfcouwed lor "
Eg by the natural exhaustion of
timber foiest fires and scarcity of
he quotations by the companies
Liim the nroduct of the Cascade
fjntains is fo hlEh that the local
tiers cannot handle it at all tins
on. The Cascade people claim
thev cannot do lietter because
natural consumption and the de-
uctive forest fires have made and
I continue to make, great Inroads
the supply and the prices for
t Ttood from those districts will be
fcbr and higher in the future, prob-
III the Blue mountains there has
daring the past winter fuch a
city of labor that the dealers
1 not get out wood enough to
ly the natural demand, and nat
y the labor they did get cost
n more than it has heretofore', to
: my ood cut at all. The mining
strict! were competitors for the la-
fcr and took at good wages every
lia who could he induced to go into
te mines. This agrees with the re-
kns of all the mining men them-
fives, that there is steady and ln
hasbr demand for labor in the
Of course the depletion of the for
ests Is going on all the time In the
Blue mountains as well as in the Cas
cades, which results not only In an In
creasing scarcity of timber, but the
labor bill for getting the wood to
railroad points for shipments in
screases every year on account of the
distance the wood has to be hauled
Increasing as the timber line recedes.
There has not been aily marked ad
vance in the price of wood except
compared with a year ago, but the
causes at work would Indicate that
the price Is liable to be higher next
year than this. There is the same
complaint of threatened famine in
wood over the entire timber produc
ing district, and fuel Is cheaper here
than In the Spokane country.
Street Sprinkling.
Ulils will be received up to April
30th, for street sprinkling. Four or
more heavy teams with drivers. Com
mittee reserves the right to order
teams on, and to lay them off. -Teams
and drivers will be expected to put
In full time and when not engaged In
sprinkling shall, when so directed,
work under the street superintendent
at any other work. Eight reserved to
S-fiect any and all Lids.
Chairman Sprinkling Committee.
Increase in Business.
L. G. Frazior reports an Increase
,of at least 50 per cent In the amount
of business the Northern Pacific Ex
press Company at this point transact
ed In the year just passed, compared
with the year Immediately preceding
the year Just ended. Ho also Informs
the reporter that each year beginning
with 1894, has shown an Increase of
business over the preceding year, but
the Increase of the past year has been
the most pronounced.
lew Adjusta
ble Brace
lets, the
latest novel
ty just out
Silver and Gold Filled
$1.75 to $3
Mouth of Sewer.
The residents of west Pendleton
living In the vicinity of the mouth of
the proposed new sewer, are exercis
ed over having the sewage dumped
Into the river so close to their prem
ises. The present outlet Is above
some of the nioBt westerly houses, but
those behind the matter claim that
the new sewer will empty below most
of the houses If not all.
Woodmen, Attention!
The O. R. & N. Co. will make a rate
of $1.00 for the round trip from Pen'
dleton to Walla, on occasion of Log'
Rolling at the latter place. Tickets
on sale May 1st, good for return on
J! ay 3rd.
It Is not olten that so much inter
est Is manlfasted In a coming event
as Is heard In regard to the May Day
celebration at Walla Walla. The low
rate of fare announced by General
Passenger Agent Calderhead of that
line will be taken advantage of by
hundreds of our people to visit their
neighbors' pn the north, and get a
view of the beautiful wheatflelds and
PROGRESmVP IPWCI CD orcnards along the line. The train
wvJM-aaiVE JfcWtLbR wm Ieave at 7:30 a. in.
! i
fwttfLm fyoue fciaiiiM, to be nelliiig'rf pure CkMli Soap. "J'he
tood for rm A.i . ',nW trade name. TUere wa a time wJien it
OilSoLJ t01!-S,aP We will just cay tuafwe are selling an Olive
tEirw??t Hpatofrom the best Sttaulsb, Olive, Oil, and let you
wit' your "Castile Soap." j j 1
Oc Cake; 3 Cakes 25c
w '
toteWhiA"!? tOuU0tlce the Peculiar color of OUU BOAF, (uoiv pure
WdioEriinri " obllned by adding noe green) which U obtained by
'fcettflmi matter. hut a light pure grey. Also notice the- odor and
11011 the soap ln water. .
KOEPPRM'c noiir. cthdb
ep From Main, St., Toward the Court House
Choice meats at Houser'a.
Best thoe work at Teutsch's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman'a.
Smoke the "Pride ot Umatilla."
Ice cream and soda. The Delta.
W. D. Fechtcr, teacher ot the violin.
New spring clothing. Uaer & Daley.
Spring samples, large line, at Jocr-
Fish and poultry, Lyman's 310
Have your shoes repaired at
Mce furnished rooms to rent at
309 Court street.
Hays' cigar store, headquarters for
smoKers' supplies.
Fresh salmon received dally at Cas
tle's fish market.
All kinds of Imported and domestic
lunches at Gratz's.
A telephone has been Installed ln
Carrier's millinery store.
Special bargains In street hats at
Campbell's, Court street.
The Delta ice cream parlors are1
now open for the season,
Gus Stainger is having his saloon
repainted Inside and out.
Try the Palm. 221 Court street.
for nuts, candles and fruits.
A house for sale on Installments,'
?15 per month. N. T. Conklln.
"El Sldelo," the best cigar made, at'
Rees' cigar store. Court street.
A paying business for salo, small
capital required. N. T. Conklln.
Lot for sale; great bargain; Raley's
addition. Inquire at 403 Alta street.
Pendleton Iloquet aud Pride of
Umatilla. A. Rhode, manufacturer.
See the Underwood, high-grade vis
ible typewriter. J. S. Kees, agent.
Our new spring patterns for suits
are for Inspection. Selbert & Schulz.
Nice furnished rooms to rent at
309 W. Court street. 'Phone and bath.
Blacksmith shop In Pendleton for
sale. See Earnhart, Association
Large line lamps, gas mantles and
chimneys, string Jags and pencils.
For Sale Cheap 250 good cedar
fence posts. Inquire at W. & C. R.
fteight office.
The Knights of Pythias will give
a dance nt the Music Hall on next
Monday evening.
Between 25 and 30 residences are
in process of erection ln this place
at the present time.
For Sale Residence with one, two
or throe lots, located at 517 Jane
street. Call at house.
George O'Danlel Is repainting his
residence on Railroad street. Chas.
Iiue has the contract.
Charles Lane has. Just finished ie
painting and kalsominlng the Interior
of Swearlngen's saloon.
Stop paying rent. Own your home.
A few choice lots for sale at a bar
gain. See Rihorn & Swaggert.
For Rent Suite of rooms, nicely
furnished, one block and a half west
of Main street. Inquire 20S Alta.
Houser always furnishes good
meat. Send In your order. Market
Alta street, opposite Savings Bank.
From present Indications Pendleton
wlil be in the league. The merchants
of the city are taking hold of the,
matter with a vim.
For sale New residence and one
lot at the corner of Washington and
Jefferson streets, one blook from
Main street. Conrad Platzoeder.
Rev. Brook has ordered a tele
phone Installed lu hie library and
study at the new Christian church.
It will be doing duty in a few days.
"Macbeth" tonight at opera linusu.
The play will be well piesented
with the theater aud stagts lighted by
electric lights. livers' mill will furn
ish the electricity.
Don't full to attend the moving
picture show on Thursday. April 30,
at the opera house, under the aus
pices of the Parish Aid Society,
Chinch of the Redeemer,
Three deputy assehsors have so far
turned In their completed work to
Mr. Strain. They are J. M. O'Hara,
of Weston, O. F .Steele, of Juniper,
and H. J, Taylor, of Fulton.
The Indian friends of John Mhi
thorn, who was drowned In the mill
race about a month ago, are making
pieparatlons for a big feast to be
held tomorrow about six miles south
east of Pendleton.
The onera house will bo lighted to
night for the presentation of "Mac
beth," with electricity from the light
ing plant. The power essential, to
run the dynamo for this purpose will
bo secured from the Myers race.
Hazel wood Ice cream from Spo
kane Is consumed for 250 miles ln
every direction rrotn mat piace.
Hazelwood butter for 600 miles, and
Hazelwood cheese from the Missis
sippi to the Pacific and from tho
Arctic circle to Old Mexico.
K. Bennett will at once' proceed
U build a residence on South Court
treet. a short distance north of tho
high school building. It will be on
lots adjacent to tno new residence
Piopertles of J, K. Tarnet and Ij. O,
Sheck. Excavating Is ln progress
for all three structures.
Th.. ftiHiInr Hndalltv if flu. Hlf-KKfil
virgin will give a social In a short
time. The exact date Is not yet set.
Weilnesday Only:j
Lecea 5
4 pieces 5-lnoh T
: Wednesday Only
8 l-3c
Bleached Muslin
t 5c yard
I EVERY DAY wo will offer in these atlvortisomuntb some exceptional bargains, taW-
ing the items from the various departments from day today. Thoso of today may
not interest you. those of tomorrow may, and if so, you will profit largely. It will
pay you to read these advertisements Every Day.
TlrMtiiaa Plhhnm
39c yard
We could tul you a whole lot about uur
$15 Suits
tint vc couldn't tell it nil, we'd much pru
ler that youj come Around and look at;
them, try them on; won't cost you a cent
and we'll make you feci, welcome if you
Don't Want
to BUY 1
Pedestrian Skirts.
Ladies walking skirts that are excellent values
at 52.25 and St S5. This week Si 29.
Shirt Waists
Ladies shirt waists that were priced low at
Si. 39 and $1.29. This week only Si.
Ladies' Dress Shoes and Oxfords
Our oxfords excite the admiration of all who
see them. Made in welt or turned soles, pat
ent or'vici stocks and cover n range of price tp
suit any purse. In Ladies' Dress shoes we
have the handsomest line we have ever shown,
Elegant footwear in new shapes ami leather
Patent Corona welt oxfoids, inlaid top 3,50
Patent kid turn oxfords "booths ideal" 3.50
Patent calf lace shoes Ultra make .... 2,75
Patent Corona mat top, lace, high grade 4,00
Patent "ideal kid" turn kid vici tops 4,00
Three Pieces Breeze Hop .Sacking
make good nvcryday skirts and outing suits in
three good mixtures. Regular 15c value for
tomorrow only 9c per yard.
Three Great Values in
Black Satin
Black Satin Duchess, firm and heavy, splendid
quality, fine finish, and brilliant lustre, This
20 inches wide $1, values per yard 65c
22 inches wide 1.50 values per yard 89c
22 inches wide 2,25 values per yard Si, 65
Batten benj and Point Lace
. 1 1... 1 1? .
ucsi muicriai, new siauipeu unens, new a.nu
complete line just in, 41
Ladies' Hose
lixlra good quality, Peerless dye, fast black
ladies hose, special hirgain this week, Threo
pairs for $1, 4,
At the last meeting of the society
tho following were appointed a com
mittee on arrangements: MIbh Eliza
i.mii. Mllnrkev. Minn Esther Somm0l
vlllc, -Miss Molllo l.eeto. fosepli Mur
phy, Saniuol Nelson ami Kd Hlnimal
Ram. The telephone people have been al
most swamped with work of late.
Wlmt ndd no much to their duties
aud the labor of renewing tho sys
tem Is the flood of orders for new
iiOrMilmnPK of which there will bo a
great many more put in than the com
pany had any thought of oven six
weeks ago. Orders for new 'phones
have been coining In of into at the
late of four and live per day.
A Short Empire
Straight Front
Fancy Embroideried
Contilia, Lace and
Ribbon Finish,
Four Hooks
$1 value for 49c
Boston Store
Arriving Daily At
The NoH Store
Fiuu Line Crepe and TissuO
aper All colors and shades.
Fine figured crepe paper, fcr
shelves, lamp shades, Etc.
mand than ever. Fine Oregon
Yellow Danver Onion Sets, i2c
per pound. All 5c Vegetable and
Flower Seals, here for aj4c.
CROQUET -An ixtra fine line
now on sale. Hardwood and well
shaped balls and mallets, 95c to
S3. 45 a set.
ing tags, Hiring tags, shipping
tags, pin tickets, rubber bands,
about twenty different brands of
inks, mucilages, Etc,
Look 1 1
t Go where they all go, to
I Robfnioa's Amusement
J Howling, Shooting, Pool
nnu Milliards.
I Comer Mum and Webb Sta. !
100 VISITING CARDS, nicely
printed, 48c.
The Nolf Store!
TaUphoutt Mala 4 '
The Little DarUncs
Now that, gentle Spring is with us, Mothetd. you can
take your children out 111 the open aint'od Jet them onjov the
sunshine. tiHs& '
We want to l.ave the pleasure of iltoWjiigi you' the swell
est line of
"1 vc - . ' j 1
(i In Pendleton,
' ' Next door to Postoffice.
-4. y
1 . ,0 !