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    Going to
Repair your homes or places
B5pa" L hv ne them pamt-
i business uj -
to us
lrce and nicely selected
rtockol wall paP" and paints.
E. J. Mnrpny, !
Ill Court Street.
Agency for the Sherwin-Wll-liimg
Just received another
car load of Poultry and
stock supplies at the
li!7 aud 129 EaM AlU Stwl
Legislation Long Denied by Congru
Will be Granted to Region of the
Far North.
Washington, April 2S. Alaska will
unquestionably reap great benefit
from the visit of the senate subcom
mittee that Is to tour the territory
this summer In search ot information
upon which to baso future legislation.
Not only will the data gathered be of
a character to direct the action of the
next congress, but the senators com'
prising mo suDCoramlttee are men
who have never before been in Alas
ka, and once they see for themselves
the vast wealth and the crowlncr in.
dustries, they will join the contingent
from the Faciflc coast and a few
ethers who have visited Alaska in
support of much-needed legislation.
Congress Is growing more friendly
to Alaska every year. Each summer
a few senators or representatives
make a trip Into the territory, and
without exception they come back fa
vorably disposed. Onco Alasln has a
considerable number of friends in the
senate and house, men who have ideas
and the courage to stand by their con
victions, it will be able to secure all
necessary legislation.
The senate committee will give es
pecial attention to the (Isherlos, the
tax system and to the question of rep
resentation in congress, it has been
long recognized that Alaska Ashing
laws are Ineffectual, to a great ex
tent, but the government officials and
the cannery Interests have never been
able to come together on a common
ground. There has been very general
complain tthat the present tax laws
serve to suppress development, but
the unofficial delegates from Alaska
have not been able to convince con
gress of the need of a change, largely
because they disagree among them
selves as to what alterations are necessary.
The Alaska Delegate bill failed at
the recent session of congress, not so
much because It was opposed as be
cause there was a wide disagreement
among senators as to the wisdom of
authorizing elections, or having a del
egate appointed by the president on j
recommendation of the governor and i
judges. The committee will endeavor
by careful investigation to determine.
ursi, mo necessity for delegate, and
second, tho best method ot choosing
him, if ho Is thought desirable.
ine question of a territorial form
of government will bo considered, as
It is known in advanrn that efforts
will be made at tho next session to
enact a law giving Alaska tho same
Bmcrnment as is now In force in Ok
lahoma. Now Mexico and Arizona.
There will bo hut llltlo attention
paid to the land laws, although the
committee may make recommenda
uons 01 cnanges In boiuo of tho mia
Ing laws. Ijnd legislation was bo-
stowed on Alaska In abundance dur
ing the past winter, and there is little
In that line left to bo desired.
That legislation will result from this
investigation is almost certain. Just
what It will be depends upon tho
cnaracter of the subcommittee's re
port, and its purport cannot be fore
nous POWER
Might Ride There.
When Hetty Green was living i
her farm In Vermont she had for
neighbor a particularly crusty bache
lor, une day while threshers wero
at work the winnowing fan broko and
she sent over to borrow one from the
bachelor. He sent back word that he
never allowed Implements to be taken
rrom the, barn, but Mrs. Green could
bring her grain to have it winnowed
Some months later the old bachelor
sent his hired men over one morning
to borrow Mrs. Green's sidesaddle
for tho use of a vlsltlnc relative. "I
shall only be too glad to favor him."
waB the word sent back by Mrs. Green,
"but I never allow anything 1 own to
be carried off the farm. My saddle
U hanging across a beam In the barn
loft Tell Mr. Browne to send his
aunt over. Sho may ride there as
long as she likes."
Plant at Athland Purchased by Cali
fornia Company That Will Supply
Other Towns With Electricity.
Ashland. Ore.. Anrll 28. An agree
ment tor tho salo ot tho entire plant
nnd equipment of tho Ashland Elec
tric Power & LlRht Company to uio
Siskiyou Electric Power & Light Com
pany was entered In this city sunaar
between renrcsentatlvas of the two
companies. Tho former Is tho local
company and capitalized at 135,000.
The California comDany. It Is un
dcrstood, takes over tho entire stock
of tho local corporation and pays a
substantial premium over the face
value for It.
Tho California company is develop
ing cxtenslvo power ou Kail creek and
Klamath river on the south side of tho
Siskiyou mountains which will be
transmitted across tho mountains to
this valley, supplying the mines and
small towns ou tho way with light and
power, Including the towns of Klam
nthon nnd Hornbrook and n number
of quartz mills in that vicinity.
Tho distance from the new com
party's power station to Ashland In a
direct lino Is a llttto more than So.
miles, but by the circuitous routo that
will likely bo followed It will bo con
siderably more:
The Churchhlll Bros., bankers, of
gISKiyou county, ami Alex noseuur
oiiRh, of Oakland. Cal., arc tho con
trolling innuenccs in tno now com-
hamw mi,! thiv rlnlm tn hnvo avail
able lit tho waters ot Fall creek and
Klamath river total norso power re
sources of 22,000, which It Is proposed
to develop and with It promote elec
tric railways and manufacturing en
terprises throughout Bouthem Oregon
and Northern uamornia.
Tho local company, which Is to bo
soon succeeded by tho California cor
poration has been supplying Ashland
, with olectrlc lignts since us organiza
tion In 1889. has given an excellent
service, and has built up a Bplondld
business, it nas a vurj- vuiiiinn
plant, using water power from Ash
land creek with engines In reservo. As
.. n m. Itin lltlll lit Pfl HI Illpt Til
across tho mountains It Is understood
that tho new company win servo mis
city from that, and uso the Ashland
plant for reserve power only.
. ' in-,
1 tuvJiiUJUiK) nwiin wwwp -fl
Ucd Star and White Rose V
in half gallons, gallon, ,
jackets ana pans.
unions '
... 3
Lots for Sale.
t offer some nlco lots on tho north
sldo near tho river. No grading need
ed. Price $200 to $300. N. T. Conk-Un.
Standard Grocery
Court Street
Low Sellers of Gtoceriet
The Colombia
Lodging Home
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids will bo received at tho
county clerk's office of Umatilla coun
ty, until 2 o'clock p. m.. May Cth. 1903,
for the west half of block 8S, and all
of block 86, Reservation nddltion to
Pendleton, known as the County Hos
pital property.
Bids for single lots, quarter, half,
whole block or the entire tract (21
lots) wll be entertained, reserving
the right to reject any and all bids.
The right to occupy tho buildings
will be reserved until about July 1st, 1
1903. Terms cash. i
County Clerk.
Newly Furnished,
Bar in connection.
Hct. Alta & Webb Sts.
In Center of Block.
F. X. Schcmpp
Have you had your
at Teutsch? Try him,
shoes repaired hcu xiy-l wim1t if 1 n i:-t i it'lltllur wiod u.rf t
Fred Walters, Proprietor
i Capacity lfiO barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat
riour, juiii rmi, nu,iri rnv,
always ca band.
sjimnmm vmmm mmmmm rormmmmmmn fmmmnmmmroTH nmwmwwiromw mjmmmnmmmmj
H T T T I J T 17T1VT T"" CTHf11 lr
MAY 15th, 1903
Development at the Highland Mine Justifies an Advance in the Price ot Stock. It is Much Mor
E Valuable Now Than When We Placed the First Allotment on the Market Some
Two Months Ago.
A crew of men have been eoiistnntly sit work ever
sir.ee we acquired this property and the Glasgow crosscut
Las now encountered and fully crosscut tho ledge. In this
ci ossein we have opened up a body of ore sixteen feel in
width carrying pood commercial values.
Jn speaking of commercial values we mean ores
1 ki'h have n sufficient value to pay for the extraction
milling and all other incidental expenses thereto, with
oik ugh" of a margin left over to pay good dividends to the
This large lody of ore was not in tho nature of a
surprise, we simply expected it, as the surface develop
nifnts showed this same large body of ore, and there was
no reason why it should not lie encountered in this ero?s
'ut and at this depth.
We nro now turning to drift on the ledge to the west
from the crosscut in order that we may open tip the richer
uc at. a greater depth which are found on the utraw
throughout the Bnnnockburn claim.
This line of development, we believe, will prove very
interesting to all who are interested, or may necumc
of ted in the Highland mine, as it will certainly open tip
ore bodies rich in quality and in large quantities.
It will demonstrate that the Highland will rank as one
of the largest producers in tho district.
From now on the development work will be com
paratively easy and not very expensive, as wo vill be
drifting along the ledge where tho ground is much easier
io work than in tho country rock which encases tho vein.
Kvery month will show a largo increase in our ore reserves.
To any one who wishes to invest a reasonable sum of
money in the Highland mine, we will pay all traveling
expenses to and from the mine for the purpose of his
making a personal examination.
In offering you a free trip to tho Highland wo feel
that this is proof within itself of tho value of this prop
erty as it stands to reason that if we di dnot have a good
ii,:ne there and all that we claim for it we could not offer
ou such an inducement.
Wo would lie only too glad to have each and every
oik- who contemplates tho investment of money in mines,
me out and look over this property and tho district in
general. In offering to pay your expenses out here ami
back we fool that we arc not running any risk whatsoever
as we know positively that no one. no matter now grea:
or oonpervutivo an oxpert or mining engineer he may be,
could jKissibly, roughly speaking, "turn it dowu."
If you have not sufficient money yourself to justify
you in coming to tho Highland to look it over beforo in
verting, wo would suggest that you and your friends make
up a small pool and send onu of your number out here
to look over the Highland. In this way wo believe you
v i uld get absolute information as to tho Value of tho prop
erty you invest your money in, and you will also buvejin
opportunity to learn all almut tho reputation, Btauding
and ability of tho directors of tho Highland cumpiuy.
Wo take pleasure in referring you to any bank, bin
ii tss man, or mining man in our own community.
If you wish to secure any of this stock while it in
selling at tho low price you should send in your order as
quick as jiossible. TIiomj who hnvo not all tho money on
hand to pay for as much stock as they wIbIi to purchase,
may send lis a portion of it and we will sot tho stock, aside
W you and you can pay the balance later.
In case all the stock we with to sell you at this ptke shoU he sold
before your order is received, we reserve the right to return you
you moaey.
Address all communications, and make your ciiecks, drafts and money
orders payable to
Department No. 17
Financial Agents Stimptet, Otcgoo
iiiiuiaiiiiiuaiiiiuiuiuiui mmmm mmmmmmmmm turn uiiuiuuuutu mmmum