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    Something New f
In the Line of a j
Business Sack Suit I
Yet has the tinge so
favored by fashion the
correct dressers is im
pressed with. A strict
ly serviceable, up-to-date,
thoroughly good,
matter of fact suit is
the Harvard. Not high
priced but high Classed
from $10 10 $15 suit
m mm.
he urand i runK uoia nine
Sumpter, Oregon, Gold Mining District.
Is located upon the GREAT MOTHER
LODE system of veins and has for neigh
bors on th it vein such well known
mines as the NORTH POLE valued at
$10,000,000. The COLUMtirA valued at
5,000,000. GOLCONDA valued at $3,
ooo.ooo. THE MONMOTH G. M. CO'S
BELLE BAKER mine valued at $5oo,-
ooo. THE BALD MOUNTAIN valued at
$5oo,ooo. THE IBEX valued at $400,
000, and many others.
Is Grand Trunk Gold Mining and Milling Go.
It has no indebtedness of any character.
It has a conservative mining and business management.
It is offering 50,000 shares of stock at 153 per share.
It will become a dividend payer in a short time.
It will pay you to write us for full particulars and to make
careful investigation of its merits.
It has the indorsemsnt of mining men, business men and
bankers of Eastern Oregon.
Write us today and let us post you.
Farmers Through Their Seedln
-.n uooks Well Warm, Cloudy
vYcaier personal Notes.
Hideo. A11HI s n t. . ,
Insner moved their herd of cattle to
their John Day range a few days ago.
J. S Cherry, of Pilot Hock, was
a.u.m, messing last week. He rc
i.ulls s many as 16 poll tax payors
working for tho J. E. Smith Uvcstock
..n . , r creek- Thls 18 " Rol
stmt out for a vnnne n.iv
Tho thunder storm a short time ago
melted out the 'phono of W. O. Ow
ning, so as to prevent conversation
a short tlmo ,hut he had It repaired
Immediately, w. K. Uakor replaced
u.uu ,iuaiS nun repaired tho main
iiuo a icw days ago .
it. . ' sl ' pooplo are
I'.iuuBH seeding. Some .no summer
luiiuwing nnd others breaking sod,
urnin iooks well, except from the
need of a little rain Just at present.
Wo have had warm, cloudy weather
most of the week, with a small rain
fall last Tuesday night: grass is grow-
is uiwiy, gram is coming up In ap
parently good condition and evorv
tiling seems all right except It being
nun! inn ny ana warm t ieri,ioni
eter registered from :iS to 72 all week
and prospects for a contlmicnco of
dry. hot weather for awhile.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Fletcher were
visiting friends and relatives around
Nye last Sunday.
John nrown. the Pendleton hide
buyer, was transacting business In
tins part a few days ago.
William Fletcher of Nve. n. .
gUest Of Ills Sons nt Rlllim lllel n-nnL-
The Slmonton brothers were trans
acting ousiness In Pendleton a few-
nays ago.
Mrs. Frank Kopp ami family, who
nave neen living In Pendleton all
winter havo returned home.
viiiuam bimonton and family, of
Gurdane, are at present living in this
Mrs, F. U. Hosklns, of Colville,
asn.. 13 visiting with Mor parents,
Mr. and -Mrs Slmonton.
It Is reported that one of William
Futter's young teams ran away a
Fhort time ago and demolished a fine
bd Chapman, of Vinson, was a vis
itor in this locality a few days ago.
.Mrs. E. M. Hoffman, of Pendleton,
was visiting her dauuatei. Mrs. M. K.
Fletcher, a few days ago. and now
ir. and .Mrs. Fletcher are visiting
wan ner at nor Home in PendlKon.
Our school began tlilr. wee!; with
Miss Elizabeth Warner, of Pilot nock,
as teacher.
Captain Boyd Dead.
Tho Captain llovrt. who Is mention
ett bolow, Is a first cousin of Colonel
13. D. lloyd. of tilts Yilnro. nml in well
known to many cltUcna of this place.
ine dispatch is taken from the Rich
mond, (Vn.) Times-Dispatch of April
Wythevllle, Ya., April Hi. Captain
Charles R. Uoyd. a noted mineralogist
died todny In Nelson county, Virginia,
where he suffered n stroke of paraly
sis a fow days aso. Captain Boyd
was a Fon of tho late Colonel Thomas
J. Boyd, known as tho "Father of
Wythevllle." Ho was a captain or
engineers during tho civil war. He
leaves his wire, who was a Miss Spll
lor .or Wythevllle ,and thrco children
Charles It. Uoyd ,Ji, and Miss Cor
nelln Uoyd, or Wythoville. and Mrs.
R. R. Iron, or Mississippi. Ho had
been a noted mineralogist nnd metal
lurgist In his day, and made topo
graphical and mineral ninps of many
of tho counties In Southwest Virginia.
He was tho author of many well
known woiks on mineralogy. Ho was
03 years of age. Ho will be burled
H. S. McCallum & Company,
Miners, Brokorsand Financial Agents,
Or R. S. BRYSON, Local Agent, Pendleton, Oregon.
nr w . .
- laming setters on aumpter, uregon, uom mining
Uistrict free on Application.
"niimmiu(n-t. iiiniMiiiininiHM
'ly mowed Lawn
s are
at our
maintained. Take a look
Easy Running Lawn Mowers.
on,r.e m,ade on the correct principal. It's a pleasure to
Pe ate them. Let us supply you with GARDEN HOSE.
B goods at lowest prices.; :::::::::
Thompson Hardware Co.,
62 i Main Street
"caaquartpr.: i rr Iv . T 7 C 1?
k uupuuboi
Ml IIIIIIHIIHHt 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1
en built
to Merit
Has the large demand for
Brers' Best Floor
no. ni .1 i . . .... :
Ms Bm pi ' W1C cnoicest wneat tnai grows emeu ,u-"Wi-Iour.
It's perfection in Floor. Made by the
W. S. Byers. Proprietor.
Flakes of Dandruff on the Collar and
Shoulders of a Gentleman In Full
This Is tho thing you quite frequent
ly see in the ballroom a man's black
dress coat literally covered with
It must be annoying to the wearer.
and certainly not a pleasant thing to
observe. Hut dandruff can bo eradi
cated. It is a germ disease that will
some day cause baldness.
Newbro'3 Herplcide kills tho hair-
destroyer germ, and stimulates the
hair to a rich .abundant growth: It
does more keeps the hair soft and
Furthermore, Herplcide Is a most
pleasant toilet accessory; pleasing In
color, and cooling to the scalp.
Will Speak Tonight at the Christian
Church of Her Experiences In tho
Miss Stone Is an entertaining
speaker, hns a clear open way of ad
dressing her audiences .and Is not
confined at all to manuscripts. She
speaks In no uncertain words of the
cowardly robbers, who took two wo
n'en to tho mountains for a ransom,
and brought home to her hearers
much of the horror of the six months
of trouble, yet she says, at tho samo
time, she found even among thoso
men a feeling of humanity and a
sympathy for their captives in their
most sorrowful days. With many lit
tle pictures, dramatic and heart
touching, the story of the capture Is
told, while her hearers listen atten
tively to every word.
Acker's Blood Elixir positively cures
Chronic Blood Poisoning and all
Scrofulous affections. At all times a
matchless system tonic and nrlfler.
Money refunded If you are dissatis
fied. 60c and $1.00 P. W. Schmidt &
Co., druggists.
Stay at Home.
We are eolng to havo a great May
day celebration and every one should
stay at home and help everyono else
to have a good time, mo way poie
will be wound, three bands will play
and Mayor Halley will dispense elo
quence to the rythm of the music.
In the afternoon mere win dc a
ball game whether or no. If Pendle
ton connects with the league, uoi
fT will come down and try to carry
away the honors of the day; but If tho
city stays out 01 loeieaguo a bbihu
will bo nlayed between the Indians
and the negroes of the town. Either
wflv there win be a game and a cele
bration that It will pay toattend, and
all Pendleton will be sure to put away
tho cares of business and tho worry
of domestic life and whoop It up.
Arguments for Good Roads.
Speaking then, only of the money
side of tho question. It would seem
that all must agree In the following
icasons for good roads, bringing dol
lars nnd cents into the farmers' pock
et. A good mad will:
1. Economize time and teams In
Uar.snoitallon between farm and mar
2. Enable farmers to take ndvnn
tngo or market fluctuations In buying
ami soiling.
3. Permit transportation of farm
products and purchased commodities
during times of comparative leisure.
4. Reduce wear and tear on horses.
Harness and vehicles.
. Enhance tho market value of real
Skin Hum ours, Scalp Hum ours,
Hair Humours,
Whether Simple Scrofulous or
Speedily Cured by Cuticura
Soap, Ointment and Pills,
When All Other Remedies and
Best Physicians Fail.
In the treatment of torturing, disfig
uring, Itching, scaly, crusted, pimply,
blotchy and scrofulous humours of the
skin, scalp nnd blood, with Jon of Iialr,
Cuticura Soap, Ointment nnd Pills have
been wonderfully successful. Kven
thomot ob.stlnntoof constitutional hu
mours, such us bad blood, scrofula, In
herited and contagious humours, with
los of hair, glandular swellings, ulcer
ous patches In tho throat and month,
sore oye, copper-colored blotches, us
well as boils, carbuncles), scurvy, sties,
ulcers and sores arising from an Im
pure or Impoverished condition of tho
blood, yield to tho Cuticura Treatment,
when all other remedies uud methods
And greater still, if possible. Is tho
wonderful record of cures of torturing,
disfiguring humours nmoug Infnnt9 nmi
children. Tho suffering which Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment have alleviated
among tho young, and tho comfort
they have afforded worn-out and wor
ried parents, have led to their adoption
In countless homes as priceless cura
tives for the skin and blood. Infantile
nnd birth humours, milk crust, scall
head, eczema, rasht-1 and every form of
itching, scaly, pimply skin and scalp
humours, with loss of hair, of Infancy
and childhood, nro speedily, perma
nently and economically cured when
all other remedies fultalilo for children,
and even the best'phyelcians, fall.
Stock For Sale
7.'i head of well-graded Shorthorn cat
1 registered Shorthorn bull.
Bit head of horses, mares, geldings
and young stock, grade Clydes, and
10 head of Cleveland Hays.
15 head broke to work; weight, 1200
1500 pounds.
1 stallion, 20uo pounds weight. Clyde
and Shire.
Cash, or time with bankable notes.
Address JOHN L. COX,
620 Thompson St.,
Pendleton, Oregon.
(Would like to dispose of stock bo-
fore turning out on range.)
cure dyspepsia and all disorder aris
ing from Indigestion, endorsed by
physicians everywhere. Sold by all
druggist. No cure, no pay. 25 cents.
Trial package free by writing to W.
H. Hooker Co., Buffalo, N. Y. r.
W. Schmidt ft Co.
An Eastern Business House to ad
vertise their business and keep
themselves before the public give
away for one day only new $1 00
Greenbacks for 90c. The crowd
of buyers was immense. With us
you save more than 10c on every
Dollar. If you don't believe it just
read the following Cut Prices
which are fgood till JUNE 1 1st.
8 packages Sioux Starch, 25c
3 lbs, Gold DttBt, 20c
3 boxes Spices, 25c
3 2-oz. bottles Extracts, 25c
1 1-lb. can ground Chocolate, 25c
Baker's Cocoa, 25c
Granulated Beot Sugar, per sack, $5.45
Granulated Cane- Sugar, por sack, $5.80
Mocha and Java Cofleo, per pound, 30c
4 packages A. it II. Soda; 25c
(5 bars Owl Soap, 25c
5 bars Cocounut Oil Soap, 5c
Senii-porcolnin cups and saucer?, per do.., 99c
Somi-porcelain 7-in. plates, per do,., 81c
Somi-poreolain pio plates, each, 5c
Common lamp chimneys, each, 'G
Woven wire wash boards, each, 39c
8-qt granito tea kettle, oach, 73c
Everything else at corresponding prices
Ah McCormlck wuh the original Inventor of tho roapor and head'
cr, so was "Ilest" the original Inventor of tho flrHt successful Com
bined Harvester.
Wo wish to call tho attention of our frlonds whs contemplate
purchasing u Sldo-IIlll Combined Harvester the coming season, that
wo aro still In tho load in tho way of Improvements, In harvesting
machinery, und which our farmer frlonds havo rightfully named the
"KINO OF THK riEKU." Aftor watching Its work In tho field the
past sixteen years, and for tho season of 1903 It will bo stiil hotter,
as we have rando a number of valuable Improvements,
The MACHINE Is the stronost and most durablo made.
IMPROVED DRIVE WHEELS 6 feet 4 Inches high, 22 Inch tire.
RUNAWAY8 are a rare filng with us. There Is a brake ou
main drive wheel, which Is controlled liy the driver,
HEADER is drlvon Independently from the grain wheel of sep
arator, and Is arranged with a clutch for throwing In and out of gear
when turning corners.
THE 8EPARATOR We wish to call your attention particularly
to tho separating qualities of our machine. Wo claim that no other
combined harvester on the market can In any way compare with It
for speed and thoroughness of work, In all kinds and conditions of
grain, and will require leas team to oporato It
AUTOMATIC GOVERNOR Our patent wind governor on the
fans governs the blast so that at any speed at which the harvester
may be traveling, the wind Is automatically regulated and prevents
clogging the shoe and carrying tho grain ovor In tho straw.
We lake pleasure In Inviting you to call on Tempi A Wilcox,
Pendleton, and make a personal Inspection of each and every part of
our machines before placing your orders. Every machine warrant
ed to do all wo claim for It and to bo first-class In every respect.
Local Agents