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annum! Stoip 0
City Briefs
Choice moats at Houser'.
Best thee work at Teutsch's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman's.
Smoke the "Pride of Umatilla."
lco cream and soda. The Delta.
W. D. Fechter, teacher or tho violin
Spring samples, large lino, at Joer
feci .
USUAL FREE GONCERT will be given
Saturday afternoons from 3 till 6 o'clock in
stead of evenings, as formerly. This change
is due to accident at the Ligbt Plant, and is
onhj temporary. We will resume evening
concerts as soon as the lights come on again.
Don't forget the hour. Se; programs at store
Corner Main and Alta Streets.
,' the Sound with a party of laborers in
chargo of a man who represented
hlmseir to be a contractor. Before he
could start he must transfer some
j machinery from one depot to another,
'which was to be used in the opera
tions over on the Sound. Before it
could be transferred the freight
charges over the lino which hrnno-iit
Partial List of Those Lately Pur- j t Into Spokane must he paid.
Partial vi y 1 rp . pfinnlnclnti 1 Vr ij
chased by Pope & Howard, of Mon- j of I)m)co Haynes and Fraj. ea(,h )(
una. I up ?53 which they were carrying in
Pope & Howard, the Montana sheep , n common purse, to enable the "cou
lters, on their last trip into this tractor" to pay the freight bill
I fur the Montana nromiitlv and thus snvo ilmn in trot.
a one. al....... fill (rf thn et. ! Mllr- nwnv fllf tho Smi,l Thui.
m..Lut nfta l.nlnp- sum. f PiVPrl ns KPPliritv fnr l,fl- t11ft
. I- .tntu Alinitt nnn.hnlf . nn nllUPOil hfrl.- tin n Qitnl-nna t.nnl.
... .-a.- ..-.; ntwl nt.n.linlf tnr llonrlv ZAtUI Thti nl.r.l. .......
est auctii i-.v " . w..w ........ --- .,, .... tuvvn , od
1 wm-thlncet anil lhav hnrn t.n,
Tbe purchases were distributed as j able to got any trace of the ftlm-flam-
tnn A innt 2 "! nt Fnmerov te
hre nf Pilot ilock About 2.300 of
rf,H-on nr Ml In, lnrl. Alinilf .1111
Pat Doherty of Butter creek.
iiiiii nr iitiiiniii I f l. r rii t-e.il.
Buttei creek Sixteen hundred
HUH HIItHMl uiu lie siiuiiM.ri llHlWI'Hri
i'tth and :'7tli of May.
Inspects Several Districts.
John T. Whistler, the Irrigation ex
pert, since he was in this county
some weeks ago, has Inspected dis
tricts set apart by the government
lor investigation in Baker, Malheur
and Crook counties. These counties,
with Umatilla added, contain the only
districts wherein the government is
conducting special investigations in
this state. When it is remembered
that nearly every stale west of the
Missouri river is having similar in
vestigations made within its borders,
the folly of Jumping at conclusions
about the government spending large
sums of money for the development
of the science and art of irrigation In
any particular neighborhood is at
once apparent.
inv Lnoeicrs ior rreigm jnarges.
l J Hnynes of Orangey e. Ida-
top on a vimi with hlj broth
C S. Haynes. of the O. It. & N.
ioree .ir Haynes bad an
. ... uf'u.tMt.i a icn uajn
. ii.a iji uiiiiii -iii-
r llllur, Vr.n..
me 'wo hired out to go over on
ble Brace
lets, the
latest novel
ty just oat
Silver and Gold Filled
$1.75 to $3
JEWELER lnlorted llraburger and Swiss
Has Leased Teal Springs.
C. It. Dutton is an expansionist. Ho
has recently enlarged and moderniz
ed his candy store. It has been re
painted throughout, handsome orna
mental designs in rope as well as rope
portlers add attractiveness to the
place. He has sent for handsome
furniture for the ice cream saloon,
which will fcoou be here. Not content
with enlarging his business here, ho
has Just leased Tea Springs. He is
going to make of Teal Springs a
model summer resort. Located as it
1r in the mountains, it makes a de
lightful place to spend summer outings.
Noted Many Changes,
A. C. Mark, of St. Paul, traveling
for a lullliuary establishment, visited
I'eudlftcj todjy for the irst time in
five years. When he got off the train
he looked about in a bewildered way.
"Guess they have moved the depot,"
he said. He was convinced to the
contrary. "Well, then, they have
moved the town. Five years ago you
couldn't lose me here. Now I don't
know where I am at," and the mud
dled man hunted a policeman for dl
lections to the nearest hole!
-Can, We claim to be selliug a pure Catil Soap. C The
S?1? f"r Olive oil R'np y.? trade uame- rhere wa8 a time wueu 11
rafeoP madein K2fp, We will just wiy that we are selling an Olive
Iltwiti yoS,i?cfroijJ the k4 SjKinlHii Olive Oil and let you
0c Cake; 3 Cakes 25c
!,h' hlchu,?i,..i ict'1t1lle Peculiar color of OUU SOAP (uot jure
rf'.'"!! (noegrwn) which Is obUlnetl by
""tUoaof tfesoan 1 " gllt pure ery' A,d0 noUcJ tbe odor and
mi. j. uwmu uie vmwinuvac
Fish and lioultry, Lyman's 310
Have VOllr aliAoa ronalrtl nl
Tcutsch S.
Nice furnished rooms to rent at
su uourt street.
Hays' clear store hpnriniinrtera for
iiiuhuis supplies.
Fresh salmon received daily at Cns
tie's flsh market.
All kinds nf tmtiilrtn.l iml ilnmoQtln
uiuuues at uratz s.
Special bargains in street hats a
liumnueirs, court street.
Tlie Delta lco cream unrlors nro
now open ior me season.
try the Palm, 221 Court street
for nuts, candles and fruits.
A house for sale on installments
Slo per month. N'. T. Conklln.
"El Sidelo," the best cigar made, at
Rces' cigar store. Court street.
A paying business for sale, small
capital required. N. T. Conklln.
The Order of the Eastern Star will
hold a social tomorrow evening.
Pendleton Boquet and Pride of
Umatilla. A. Rhode, manufacturer
See the Underwood, high-grade vis
ible typewriter. J. S. Kees, agent
Our new spring patterns for suit
are for inspection. Seibert & Schulz.
Mce furnished rooms to rent at
300 W, Court street. 'Phone and hath
Blacksmith shop In Pendleton for
sale. See Earnhart, Association
Another shipment of that reliahl
white granite ware from Germany,
Rugg Bros, begin today to shear
10,000 head ol sheep on th'ir ranch
near Nye.
R. E. Porter is building a saloon
at Meacham. It will ho called the
Gallon Hous.e.
For Sale Cheap 250 good cedar
lence posts. Inquire at W. & C. It
fi eight office.
Machlueiy for the Stevent-Joidan
laundry Is being unloaded and put in
position today.
By express today, white organdie
at 2ac, 37Vie and 45e per yard, at the
Peoples Warehouse.
For Sale Residence with one, two
or three lots, located at ol7 Jane
street. Call at house.
C. D. Hastall, of Birch creek, has
lately Installed a water motor wood
saw which is in operation.
Stop paying rent. Own oiir home
A few choice lots for sale at a bar
gain. See Rihoru & Swaggeit.
W. J. Furnish will this spiing fence
his mountain pasture land in the
southeastern part of the county.
Frank Michaels, of Seven Mile, will
fence Ills mountain range this spring
and build a cabin for Ills herders.
For Rent Suite of rooms, nicely
furnished, one block and a half west
of Main street. Inquire 20S Alta
Honser always furnishes good
meat. Send In. your order. Market
Alta street, opposite Savings Hank.
T. M. Keller lias sent three men
over to Hot Lake to take charge of
the plastering of the new hotel it that
Ilattenberfi braids, handkerchief
patterns, panels, honiton laces, rings
In all sizes, by express, at the I'eo
pies' Warehouse.
For sale New reblueiice and one
lot at tho coiner of Washington and
Jefferson streets, one block from
Main street. Conrad PlnUouder.
John Luhrs, of Seven Mile creek,
Is building t-everal cabins for summer
quaiters for his herders and fencing
a large acieage of mountain pasture
John lllake. of Adams, is building
a lesldenco 28x30 feet and one story
in height. It will cost about $1,000,
and will be completed about the 20th
of May.
John N. Stone and wife today
tiansferred a niece of property In
townshln 0. north, and section 3, to
Kffle U. Hofcr. the consideration be
ing 2,r,00.
Attention Knights of Damon Lodge
No 4, K. of P. Will work in second
lank tonight. All members requested
to be present. W. J. Keys, C. C. D.
U, Bailey, K. of It, & S.
The infant child of A, O. Garden
and wife died last night, aged five
days, The funeral is this afternoon
at the home, north of the river, and
the interment will bo mado In Olney
It. E. Tarbet is breaking ground to
day on Thompson street, Just north
of the high school grounds, for tho
erection of a two-story residence,
which will probably be ready for oc
cupancy by the middle of June.
The Jolly Dozen will entertain their
liiends nex; Friday evening Instead of
Thursday evening, by request, as the
former 'law is tho one upon which
will be given the vltascope exhibition
for the benefit of tho Church of tho
John T, Hill, of North Cold Springs,
lias his new barn well under way. It
L,il lni U H ill UIIOI 111 WIV.MJ ilUVl'l bisuiiiauta huiiiu o.
ing tho items from the various doimrtmeuts from day today,
not interest you, those of tomorrow may, and is so, you will profit largely. It w
pay you to read tiiojo advertisements JWorv uay.
wo will otter in these advertisement some exceptional uarcains
4 1 - .1 k i . . . A. -J f I a 1 -
inoso oi touay may
We could tell you a whole lot about our
$15 Suits
but wo coultln't tell it nil, we'll much pre
ter that you come around and look at
tlic.ni, try thoin on; won't cost you a cent
and we'll make you feel welcome tf jou
Don't Want
to BUY
Pedestrian Skirts.
Ladies walking skirts that are excellent values
at 52. 25 and Si. S5. This week $1.29.
Shirt Waists
Ladies shirt waists that were priced low at
Si. 39 and $1.29. This week only Si,
Ladies' Dress Shoes and Oxfords
Our' oxfords excite the admiration of all who
see them. Made in welt or turned soles, pat
ent or vici stocks and cover a rangh of price to
suit any purse. In Ladies' Dress shoes we
have the handsomest line we have ever shown,
Klegant footwear in new shapes and leather
Patent Korona welt oxfords, inlaid lops S3, 50
Patent kid turn oxfords "hoot ideal" 3,50
Patent calf lace shoes Ulna make 2,75
Patent Korona mat top, lace, high grade 4,
Patent "ideal kid" turn kid vici tops 4,
Three Pieces Breeze Hop Sacking
make good everyday skirts and outing suits in
three good mixtures, Regular 15c value for
tomorrow only gc per yard,
Three Great Values in
Black Satin
Black Satin Dutches, firm and heavy, splendid
quality, fine finish, and lirilliant lustre. This
20 inches wide $1, values per yard 65c
22 inches wide 1,50 values per yard 89c
22 inches wide 2,25 values per yard SL65
Batten berii and Point Lace
Best material, new stamped linens, new and
complete line just in, 41
Ladies' Hose
lixtru good quality, Peerless dye, fast black J
ladies hose, special Inrgaiu this week, Three
pairs for $1,
will be 44x72 feet la ni.o, two ntoile
in height and Is u combined Htnck,
giain and hay barn. It Is one of the
largest structures of the Uttul in that
portion of the country.
Tho Helix-Cold Springs telephone
lino will have the. number of Its pat-
ons at leasl doubled la a few vcel;s.
Nearly every resident of tho district
through which it pashes is suiiserni
Ing and having Ills residence con
nected with tin; system.
A Farewell Party.
There was a farewell paity given
by Mrs. J. C. Huffman and her daugh
teis .Cora and Koxana, at their resl
ilenco at Liberty, in honor of .Mis. J.
Kusoo and her daughter, .Miss Nellie
Held Wednesday Mrs. Kusoo and
daughter will leave soon for I'endle
ton, Ore., where they expect to re-
Ide. Salem Statesman
The Swellest
Line of
iot Men
in the
Boston Store
Arriving Daily At
The Nolf Stoe
Flue Line Grope and Tissue)
apor -All colors and shades.
Fine figured crepe paper, frri
shelves, lamp shades, Etc.
mand than ever. Fine Oregon
Yellow Danver Onion Sets, iac
per pound. All 5c Vigetahle and
Flower Seeds, here for 2'jC
CROQUET -An :xtra fine line
now on sale. Hardwood and well
snapeu balls ami mallets, 95c to'
S3. 45 a bet.
ing tags, string tags, shipping
tags, pin tickets, rubber bands, I
about twenty different brands of
inks, mucilages, Etc. '
tTnnlrl Tnnirl!
J. 4.
100 VISITING CARDS, nicely I
printed, .(8c.
The Nolf Store
T Cio where they all go, to T
Robinson's Amusement
Howling, Shooting, Pool
and Billiards,
X Cornur Mum and Wobb Sta. X
Telephone Mulu 4
Where Whole Families Are Shod
The Little Darlings
Now that gentle Spring is with us, Mothuis, you can
take your children out in the op n air and let them enjov the
We want to have the pleasure of showing you the swollt
est line of
In Pendleton,
, Next door to Postoflice.