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An Eastern Business House to ad
vertise their business and keep
themselves before the public give
away for one day only new $1 00
Greenbacks for 90c. The crowd
of buyers was immense With us
you save more than 10c on every
Dollar. If you don't believe it just
read the following Cut Prices
which are good j till JUNE t 1st.
3 packages Sioux Starch, 2oc
3 lbs, Gold Dust, 20c
3 boxes Spices, 2oc
3 2-uz. bottles Extracts, 2nc
1 1-lb. can ground Chocolate, 25c
liaker's Cocoa, 25c
Granulated Beet Sugar, per sack, $5.45
Granulated Cano Sugar, per sack, $5.80
Mocha and Java Coffee, per pound, 30c
4 packages A. it H. Soda, 25c
6 bars Owl Soap, 25c
5 bars Cocounut Oil Soap, 5c
Semi-porcelain cups and saucers, per doz.,99c
Semi-porcelain 7-in. plates, per doz., 81c
Semi-porcelain pie plates, each, 5c
Common lamp chimneys, each, Gc
Woven wire wash boards, each, 39c
8 qt granite tea kettle, each, 73c
Everything else at corn sponding prices
As McCormlck was the original inventor of the reaper and head
er, so was "Best" the original inventor of the first successful Com
bined Harvester.
We wish to call the attention of our friends vh eontomplute
purchasing a Slde-HM Combined Harvester the coming season, that
we are still in the lead in the way of Improvements iu harvesting
machinery, and which our farmer friends have rightfully named th
"KING OF THE HELD." After watching its work in the field tn
past sixteen years, and for the season of 1903 It will be stnl better,
as we have made a number of valuable Improvements.
The MACHINE Is the stroneat and most durable made.
IMPROVED DRIVE WHEELS 5 feet 4 inches high. 22 inch tire.
RUNAWAYS are a rare thing with us. There Is a brake- on
main drive wheel, which Is controlled by the driver.
HEADER Is driven independently from the grain wheel of sep
arator, ai$l is arranged with a clutch for throwing in and out of gear
when turning corners.
THE SEPARATOR We wish to call your attention particularly
to the separating qualities of our rnachlue. We claim that no other
combined harvester on the market can In any way compare with It
for speed and thofcughness of work, In all k nds and conditions of
tiraln, andswlll require less team to operate It.
AUTOItfAtlC GOVERNOR Our patent wind governor on the
fans governs the blast so that at any speed at which the harvester
may bo traveling, tho wind Is automatically regulated and prevents
clogging the shoo and carrying the grnin ovor In the strnw.
We take pleasure in Inviting you to call on Temple A. Wilcox,
-. PeTdleton. and make a personal Inspection of each and every part of
'our machines before placing your ordors. Every machine warrant
eu to do all wo claim for It and to bo first-class in every respect.
Local Agents
R. F. Johnson, of Weston, Writes of
His Visit on the Lower Columbia
Is Very Thankful That His Home Is
In Eastern Oregon.
Wnshougal, April 22. (Editor East
Oregonlnn.) My present visit to
Webfoot after 23 years' nbsuncc,
seems almost like a dream; whore
ever I go. I am struck by tho mm y
great and sometimes wonderful
changes made both In tho cities and
the country. So great aro the changes
here that I havo concluded to send
nrter my wife, so that she also may
enjoy the sights,
I sometimes feel like pinching mV
self to find nut If I am really awake
or walking nbout In my sleep.
My arrival at Portland at first al
most caused me to wish myself at
once back again in the happy nnd
peaceful city of Weston. This feeling
was simply tho direct result from
finding myself lost In a strungo city,
where everything and everybody was
flying around at a high rate of speed,
lesombllng a lire brigade running to
a fire, the whole thing seemed to mo
very much like a hundred swarms or
bees all mixed up and nil swarming
at once, and to mo there did not
seem to be any regularity to any
thing at all, and I doubted very much
it' anybody knew where they wore
going or from whence thoy came.
And then there were all those multi
plying and Increasing number of
electric street cars continually clang
ing nnd banging with their bells and
running In nil directions, and on all
sides of a fellow just like some ond
leas chain. Aded to this babel nnd
confusion wore hundreds of teams,
tiansfers, delivery wagons, etc. etc.
Portland of 1880 and Portland of
1903, I found to be about as much
allko as a gopher hill resembles Mt.
Hood. The four bridges across the
Willamette river was a revelation to
mo worth looking at. I also found
that ulectrle cars aro now both run
ning to Oregon City and to Vancouver
In Washington.
One day I wended my way up to
the gieat Marquam building and de
siring to call at the supreme ollice of
the Order or Washington, I had tho
pleasure of entering the elevator and
of being hoisted almost halt way up
to heaven, where I found tho said of
fice to be located at loom No. (Slfi.
Once there 1 soon felt again at homo
with Mr. Morehead. formerly of Pendleton.
My next move was a trip down tho
Columbia river via steamer to As
toria, lieie again a great surprise
awaited me upon my arrival. Improve
ments and growth of that city was
tu me simply astonishing. The city
now reaches all the way from Smith's
Point up to Tongue Point, a distance
or several miles. Like Portland, As
toria also has its electric street cars,
though ,of course. In a lesser number,
hut Astoria also Is chock full or bus
iness and great preparations were be
ing made for the fishing industry
which started in on April 15. Hut
while gill nets are yet used In fishing
to a great extent, still I found that
tho bulk of salmon are now caught
with seines. Five cents per pound is
now paid for the salmon by tho can
neries and the fishermen hnve to fur
nish their own gear or hlie them,
that is, boats and nets, hut tho solnes
and the men who operate them aro
paid wages which ranges from $2 per
day and up Including board, but tho
bosses receive all the way from $r0
to $100 per month.
At the present time the river Is full
of salmon nnd smelt.
I had the pleasure the other day
at Washougal, 10 miles east of Port
land, to see a lot or men catching
smelts with dip nets and the dip nets
would bo so full or smelts that it ro
quired the united strength of two men
to lift them out of the water. Two
men caught 1G sacks of smelts In less
than an hour.
Wnshougal, whore I lived 23 years
ago, Is also wonderfully improved
und is now quite a city and boasts of
two now hotels, two saloons, three
largo stores ,one blncksmlth shop, one
barber shop, etc. A large creamory
Is also established here. Whllo in
1880 there was only ono small' store,
one saloon and tho wharf.
The country hereabouts (where 1
used to live) I also found to have
greatly advanced, but it Is very bard
work, however, to clear up the land
here for tnrmlng. There aro two
lines of industry hero .upon which
the rancher dopends for his living,
and ovory ono of them have their
acres . that Is, as fast as they can bo
cleared, seeded In with timothy and
red clover for his cows, and once or
twice a week ho hauls his cream to
the Wnshougal creamery. During tho
month of March ho received 32ViC
per pound for his butter fat, but from
now on through the summer be will
not recolvo nearly as much as tho
price of butter Is fast declining.
In addition to the cream business
many of tho ranchors here havo largo
prune orchards and fruit driers nnd
so far dried prunes havo sold readily
for three cents a pound. I am told
that a fow ranchers hero havo some
years mado as much as $1000 to $2000
on their prunes, but whether tills
prune business will not, soonor or
latov, bo overdone romnlns to bo
Now, In conclusion, I will sny that
while my visit hero has been vory In
teresting nnd pleasant In a certain
sense, yet, I am very thankful that
i ii i n..iL.i :.. nl l r..i: n
R P BEHRENDT iiraduate 01 iserun upumimju uuii, vd.uh, orniany anJI
the American College, j;eiron, mien.
Manufacturing and Refracting Opticians
th Haadache and Diseases often have the difiiiv
I tv traced' to eve defects. The visual centers are in the closest connection with
brain centers, consequently the -slightest disturbance ot vision produces sympathetic!
irritation in the entire system. If your trouble is due to this cause, we will franklvl
toll vott so. It costs you nottnng 10 nnci mis out, us wo :iikb no cnarge fori
Have your children's eyes attended to, as many are obtaining their education at the expsnssj
of their general health. j
Being direct rvlanutacturers and unnuers, um jjin-a wiwaium .vmi j;uou woiii
first quality goods. We make every conceivable style of Spectacles and Eye Glasses. 1
It will pay you to come diiect to us. Our Optical De
portment 'is complete,our knowledge of Optics the most
thorough, covering years of study, the most rigid train
iuc nnd :'5 years of constant practice, should bo suffici
eiit guarantee of perfect satisfaction in every instance.
We L'nnd our own Lenses, for each cane and repair and replace broken Lenses at moderate!
chnree You are cordially invited to visit our office, whether you purchase or not, and watch out
method ol lifting aim grinding ileuses. ii.aijniiuuu uuu nuii.i; net.. v.ii"ui a tyw u njiciuui.i
Very respectfnlly.
and I
Practical and Scientific Opticians.
Office in Tribune Bldg.
..4..fr..f.,.......l- --!---!----f !----- --J--
Tuesday Eyeiiig; April 2P at 83 p, m.
Lestore By
Who was captured by the Macedonian Brigands
and held a prisoner for 172 days and was
ransomed by the payment of $65,000.00
Miss Stone will relate the story of her remarkable experience.1
Pronounced a rare treat by the Press everywhere
Mominii(G)ini 5 emitts
my own homo Is located in Eastern
Oregon. Soil and climate Is far net
tor there than lioro.
Tho othor day as I was gliding over
tho waters ot tho Columbia river, I
thought that after all tho greater por
tion of all tho wealth piled up In Port
land' has been floating down there
from Enstorn Oregon. Yea, oven the
width and depth of the Columbia
rlvor receives Its trlbuto and tho
i'&Min 1 iif I'm tb" ormisrafir rfrr" ' ' - t imt i utinthr in -" "
greater part of Its water Mows down
through the Cascades and thus also
comes from east of tho mountains.
All In all, considered, I will still
proclaim that one of the wisest and
boat moves I over mado in my llfo
was in 1880, when I moved away
from Webfoot and up to the city of
Weston In Eastern Oregon.
Hurrah, for good old Umutllla
county. Including the Fnlrvlew farm!
. "..,... .l.nu- than Umatlll,
laid out of doors. J0ii.SJ
Jacks io' " VasI 0
I have for sale at th ,
stock farm, 12 miles m p
six 'head. Anyone wa"us,
Heppner, Ore.