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    k,milEHLnfiBil LETTER. I
For nil climates; heat, cold,
rain, gases, fumes and fire do
not affect it. Comes in
rolls ready for laying. Low
freight charges. Inexpen-
ive to apply, cheap m the
first place and lasts for
Sua for booklet. a
The Paraffine Paint Co.
San Francisco, Seattle,
Portland, Los Angeles
and Denver, Colorado.
One of the finest residences In
Pendleton 11 rooms all modern lm
provements; pretty lawn; complete
56,500. $2,500 down, balance on time.
Another residence 7 rooms, with
bath, sewerage, electric lights; pretty
lawn, shade trees, within three blocks
of Main street. $2,500.
Other houses and lots from $600 to
Nice residence lots, $150, 50 and
Much Other Town Property, and
Easy Terms, Where Desired.
E. D. BOYD, 111 Court Street
Bargains m
Real Estate
I have a larger and better
list of Farms, Stock 'Ranches
and City. Property to sell
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wheat section of Eastern
N. Berkeley
Holds no customer re
sponsible for more than
the margin he places on a
A margin of one cent a
bushel is required on
grain, and ti a share on
stocks. An eighth cent
a bushel commission is
charged on grain and
of one per cent on stocks.
Mansger Pendleton Office
ItH) head of heavy horses.. I wish te
ucll the entire bunch and offer them
for $40 a hood, spring colts thrown lm,
without charge. About 12 of these
horses are broke to work and about
25 of them hare been handled and are
halter broke. All of the young stock
have been sired by an imported Per
choron, which weighs upward of 2010
pounds. The Clyde mares are heavy,
low, block, solid animals. There are
n number of splendid G-year-old geld
inns In this hunch, This Is a bargain
for aora one. Call on or address for
further information
jj Alba, Oregon.
New York, April 25. Flowers ns nn
accessory of fashion were nover 1
greater domnnd than this year. In
deed, the modish woman's fancy light
ly turns to thoughts of flowers with
apologies to Tennyson ns the young
man's fancy turns to thoughts of
love In the springtime.
Blooms of nil descriptions run the
entire gamut of new dress nnd mull
nery trimmings nnd there nre even
variations for those who wish flower-
bedecked lingerie.
A pretty effect contains In nn after
noon gown of pastel green cloth of
light weight nnd high tlnlsh. The
corsage nnd skirt are almost covered
by a white and green silk braiding
upon which are appllqued small
sprnyB of Bill; rosebuds and green
leaves. From the waist broad plaits
nro Interlaced by Inlet pieces of the
cloth worked over with flower trim
med braiding.
Plaits similarly braided on the bod
Ice meet a triple pointed yoke having
shoulder epaulettes forming a double
Accompanying this toilette is an
oval tonne with loops of shnded green
and white straw arranged in flower
shapes, massed closely together over
the crown nnd around the deep brim
There flowers If they mny be called
so are each formed of four loops,
the white ones fitting in the Inter
srtlces of the green. Around the
deep brim a few green nnd white
grapes with the bloom on and some
tendrils, curl.
Elegant separate skirts of black
crepe do chine, voile and etamlne de
signed for wear with separate bod
ices have exquisite flounces of chlf
fou and not embroidered with flow
ers of nil kinds. Though black pond
lilies and wild roses are blooms that
exist only in the modiste's mind, they
mnke an effective trimming for these
deep flounces. The upper parts of
the skirts arc either tucked trans
versely, plaited or shirred nil the way
around at Intervals of about eight or
10 Inches.
Separate Bodices.
With restrictions the separate bod
Ices still enjoys popular favor despite
predictions to the contrary. Dame
Fashion has succeeded, however. In
reducing the subject to the white
waist and no other is permissible
with a separate skirt. This is as or
nnte and beautiful In detail as ever
and may be carried out in any of the
silky diaphanous materials, trimmed
with lace, embroidery nnd flowers
There Is an extensive range of
cream and pastel grounded voiles
stamped and embroidered with flow
ers for late spring and summer gowns.
One of the favorite blossoms is the
gardenia which is worn en bouque t,
with violets and imitated in em
broidery or wnter color decorations,
Sharing uomo of the favor accord
ed the gardenia is the simple old-
fashioned geranium. It Is remarkable
how well this flower holds its own
against the fleeting changes of fash
ion. One reason Is that It Is so real
istic In the variety of reds that are
now de riguer. And, incidentally, red
was never more fashionable. Wool
costumes In glowing scarlet relieved
with black are seen everywhere and
have a stunning ensemble when top
ped with n chic hat to match.
A Smart Chapeau.
A smart chapeau worn with an
afternoon gown In red grenadine had
a foundation of pale grey tullo and
was very large and flat. Caught In
careless clusters all over the tulle
was a mass of purplish-red berries,
while nt the back a large scarlet vel
vet bow with purplish green glisten
ed against the hair.
The bodice of the grenadine gown
has Insertions of heavy cream lace
threaded with black and there wos a
lace yoke with Incrusted bunches of
black and steel beads.
An elegant costume which might
serve ns a model for the home dress
maker and developed In champagne
ladles cloth. The corsage has a
quaintly shaped tippet collar bordered
with a similar colored taffeta upon
which are incrustratlons of needle
point lace.
The skirt, having a hip empleee-
ment of taffeta Incrusted to corres
pond, falls Into Innumerable narrow
plaits to the hem. This falling from
flat omplecement gives the figure
a sheath-like effect distinctly becom
ing nnd allows the supple cloth to fol
low the figure in the plaits In the
graceful lines, destroying any ten
dency to bulklncss.
Deep Fringes.
Deep fringes are seen on gowns of
all descriptions and are graceful and
effective when proporly used. A blue
mlrolr faco voile a charming now
material which mav bo mistaken Tor
and Is less expensive than crepe dc
chine affords a striking' arrange
ment of fringed ornamentation. It be
gins In .an unllned yoke of blue -lace,
from tho lower edge of which a fringe
of fine steel beads falls to tho waist
The skirt, which Is scant and cling
ing, trails In the back and Is formed
entirely of overlapping rows of fringe
matching that on the bodice. Tho
lowest row Is very wide and each suc
ceeding row Is narrowed, although
that at the top Is fitly nlno Inches
No woman with fashionable pre
tentions Is ready for any daytime
function nowadays without a bag of
some sort, consequently thore are a
number of designs from which one
might make a selection. Tho pret
tiest bags are of delicate gold and
Two-thirds of the inmates of our hosnitals are women. Thov aro in most cases either for treatment
or for an operation, made necessary by advanced stages of fonialo troubles which have resulted in ovaritis,
a tumor, or displacement of the womb.
How these words after tho examination strike terror to a woman's soul, and with what regrets she
hears them, Avhcn she considers that tho operation has becomo necessary through her own neglect. Female
derangements cannot cure themselves, and neglecting tho warnings of nature only means putting it off until
there is no cure. The woman who lets hor trouble make headway pays the penalty of a dangerous opera
tion and a lifetime of impaired usefulness at the best, and the operation often proves fatal when her life
ruiht have been saved by Lydia E. PliiUIinm's "Vegetable Compound.
When women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful menstru
ation, weakness, leucorrhaea, displacement or ulceration of the womb, that
bearing down feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache, bloating (or flatu
lence), general debility, indigestion and nervous prostration ; or are beset with
such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, lassitude, excitability, irritability, ner
vousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, and " want-to-be-left-alone feelings, and
the blues, they should remember that there is one tried and never-failing
remedy; Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound at once removes such troubles.
"Dn'.rt ilns. Pixkiiam: I cannot toll you how much good you have done me and how thankful I
am to you for it. For five years I have not been free from pain for a day. I have had backaches, headaches,
and those awful dragging sensations with loucorihoea, and when menstruation appeared I was in such a
condition I could hardly sit up. I doctored all tho time, but nothing helped me, and I was told that an
operation was necessary.
" Two months afro a friend sufrtrested that I try Lydia E. IMnklmm's VctrctnLle Compound. No
one knows what it has done for mo and how thankful I am for it. It brought mo tho itrst well days I have
had for five years. It did for me what doctors could not do, and I want every suffering woman to know
about it." Louise Nauek, 751 E. KlOth St., Now York City.
"Di:a Mas. Pixkiiam: I wish to thank you for what Lydia 12. IMiililiain's Vcirctulric Compound
has done for me. I had terrible hemorrhages, being lacerated from the birth of my child. Tho doctor told
mo that if I would have an operation I would bo woll and strong. I submitted to it, but was worse than
before : no one knows what I sulfered. Finally a friend advised mo to try your Vecotablo Compound : I did
so, and commenced to feel bettor ; I continued its use, and it has done for nip what doctors could not do. I
am strong and well. If women with any kind of female troubles would only consult you before submitting
to an operation they would bo spared many hours of nam and suirermg. I cannot thank you enough for
what you havo done for me." Anna KmonnoFF, 150 E. 100th St, New York City.
ftRAAn FORFEIT " w cannot forthwith produce tho original letters and signatures of nbovo testimonials, which will proTO
S3)iJJJJmJJ their atuolulo genulueuess. I.ydiu :. l'lnklinm Mcillcliiu Co., Lynn, Muss.
(Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
liver filigree, finished like many of
the silk bags, run through metal
rings a couple of Inches from the
top: the tops then fall back In metal
ruffles and have little points finished
with tiny round iendants.
Black Jewelry.
Ulack jowelry is very fashionable
and ono does not have to bo In mourn
Ing to wear It. It comes In enamel,
gun metal, dull Jet, bog oak and
bright cut jet. Sat with gold and
studded with pearls grey or vhlto
the dull or bright .lot In uol'glitfully
rretty' and loses all the Roinoioness
which one might be apt to associate
with It. These odd trifles are at all
prices, from 50 cents for a gun-metal
safety pin, ornamented with a single
baroque pearl, to $50 for a brooch of
cut-Jet flowers.
It is an assured fact that elbow
sleeves and collarless waists will be
qultcthc rage as soon as real warm
weather arrives, so the girl with skin
ny arms and scrawny neck, should
consider herself forewarned and look
up grandmother's receipts for tho
skin foods and creams that will build
up relaxed tissues and All out the
hollows. Nothing looks prettier than
a well rounded neck and arm and
there will an opportunity this summer
to show them off more fascinatingly
than over. .
For the woman who does not strike
approval on tho collarless bodice
there will bo narrow neckbands of
transparent lace supported by boning
or delicate ribbons run through them.
For Sale Cheap.
A small farm close In; fruit gar
den. Irrigated, high grade soil, good
buildings. For Information, see- Jno.
Halleyl No. 16, Judd building, or ad
dress P. O. box 432.
1l Vice-President of 1
the Palmetto Club, Memphis, Term.
is a thoroughly
scientific and mod.
em remedy, meet
ing the needs of the modem
woman in the modern way
without tho torture of an
operation. Wine of Cardui
has cured tlici in tho pri
vacy of their homes and it
has found a place in the
hearts of American women
that no other medicine has found. In
their gratitude over 10,000 American
women have written letters commend
ing Wine cf Cardui. Wine of Cardui
meets their wants as no other medicine
does. Jt sustains tho young girl at tho
shock of her entrance to womanhood.
Women who take Wine of Cardui have
little discomfort during pregnancy and
Utile pain at childbirth. When tho
change of life appears they enter a
happy, healthy old age. Every month it
comes to the rescue to assist Nature in
throwing the impurities from the body.
Hita B&ruh Finley, of Memphis,
Tens., vice-president of the Palmetto
Club of that city, speaks for herself and
.many friends when the bestows tho
)tUi Sural Pinlty.
following praise on Wine
of Cartlm:
"Among the numerous
medicines placed before suf
fering women for their relief
none can touch McElree's
Wine of Cardui. It tower
above them all as a reliable
female remedy. It simply
drives pain and disease away
and restores health in an Incredibly short
period. I have taken great interest In this
merllfme for the past two years, since It
brought health and strength to me. I
have also recommended It to a number
of my friends and they who bare used It
speak of it in the highest terms and I feel
that it is pralie well botowed."
If you are suffering from female
weakness Wine of Cardui ij the xnedi-'
cino you need.
You can have health the tame M
Miss Finley if you will take the Wine
of Cardui treatment. If you need ad
vice farther than the complete direo
tions given on the bottle, ddnet The
Ladies Advisory Department, Chatta
nooga Med. Co., Chattanooga, Tana.
A million suffering woman
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
I I IVVhW A I 11 f . .
v . i . . im Mf a iin
By the Fire Insure, '
panics we represent ft
companies stand fir,, 1
world. nrst J
Hartford Fire Iiinrn,,. . Anb,'
Alliance Assurance Co
London & Lnncnshlre' V'rl S
Insurance Co,
North British & Mercantile '5H
Royn! Insurance Co,. iW,
A Bad Wr ccfc
tin rtnt an had It t
WI..1 11 can be "houiSi J
vehicle Is always worth ropalrtor illtH
And lllrlhurmnrn .1
Our Winona wagons are the en'lVst rSl
wagniis on the market The outer tuti
maiie by the same firm ai.d re giuuM i
ir " "'"J ice out tm
V.". sya?u' Mnw handltn br tail
slickest thing lu earth.
We soil and guarantee the Sto CuiJ
Today I offer the followino city v
country property:
$20 per acre for choice 160-acreiJ
about one mile from city 1
new house.
? 10,000 for 600 acres, part bottaa,!
proved; ai0 acres In wail
acres fine orchard: 10 air
$10,000320 acres of first-class ill
land, improved; crop goes i
place; only two miles out
$l,8(IOa new house anil lot to k
$150 and up for lots on south sift i
A nice business which paysjor
$1,200. Two other business
N. T. Conilin.
:At Postoffice.:
Phone, Red 277.
Fino Yellow Newtown i
only 90 cents a box.
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 15 ctfl
Wo have the Famons ul
ways satisfactory
A trial will convince yo tf J
The Big Store to a S
A Ha Rtrwflt. DnnOSit SlTifl
"fclj signature Is on ery box of tho goniiw-
' w naus CM la omn eta.
CorW. AltaandLill
t vr fnrmerlyo'
... : f the c
Alta, nas cwr,- - ,
it '.. ttj v.rd. ana
pleasea to c - ;
Plenty ol stalls, i-- grf
loose horB.sand ttie. 3
cram lor sale.