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pastern Oregon Weather;
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Tonight ninl Tuesday, probably
RIL 20, 1903.
NO. 4722.
II 'A.'XS A X. - . II
T.-iifinc That Mrs.
LeS Fair Lived 15 Mm-
s After Fair Was Uead,
te Skulls of the Fairs Will
Nothing But There Were
Important Witnesses That
I Tdl Mch-
. ii Anril 20 Paul Pa
S. TT-itn states consular at-
fm Paris .v'ho accompanied
J10S0S rOWier in,"
t. tko man Wno oau "'"""
consular investigations
death of Charles Fair and wife.
i the attempt m piui "j
that the wire surviv
j ie !l losh. He declares that
Cert three Important witnesses
ace about whom me nens
IrniMnr. One of tnem can
that Mrs. Fair survived her
Id 15 minutes. He says the
i a janitor of the casue near
0 PaW lUe UCUUtUl ttiiu luium
lir dead. Mrs. i-air was sun
ar. He ran to the casue anu
nd found Mrs. Fair still alive.
lis fast as he could it would
it least 15 minutes to mal.o
p. He says me man is a iypi-
tinnan, overly suspicious, ann
i. and for a long time could
Induced to say anj mwg. us-
whllr sick, he told or the
liJalr to his physician,
kr to Reduce the Stock on
! and Hold Up the Prices-
lands Thrown Out of Employ-
wins. April 20. Nearly all the
mss factories in America
rosed today in accordance with
hemcnt between the independ
fi federation companies to ro
pe rtocks and hold up the price.
mis morning show that less
l pots are working. They will
ea several weens.
Will Not Discuss a Settlement With
Miners Unless They Withdraw
From Western Federation.
Victoria. B. C. April 20, A delega
tion from the miners ot the extension
again waited upon Dunsmuir. As
representative of his miners, Duns
muir admitted the delegation. When
In reply to his questions they admit
ted they belonged to the Western
Federation of Miners and represent
ed a branch of such federation, he re
fused to discuss a settlement with
them. He informed them that he
would have nothing to do with them
until they withdrew from the West
crn Federation.
Find Was Made at Frostburg While
Opening Up a Fire Clay Bank.
Cumberland, Md April 20. There
is considerable excitement over the
discovery of silver in Frostburg. Tho
find was made while opening some
fire clay banks. Professor Rutledge,
the geologist of John Hopkins Uni
versity .visited the mine and assay
ed the ore. He declares that paving
quantities exist. The mine is in' the
heart of the coal regions.
Judge Sanborn, After Hearing Arguments, Permits the Stock
holders Several Privileges.
St, Paul, April 20. Before Judge
Sanborn today arguments are being
made for and against the modification
of the decree in the Northern Secur
ities case, permitting a payment of
tho May dividends. District Attorney
Haupt argued against it. taking the
ground that it was not a case of
equity, but a statutory case and that
it was not in the province of the
court to allow the law to be disre
He declared that a suspension de
cree would allow the merger to con-
tlnue violating the law. The nrgu
In Honor of Jefferson.
Kansas City, Mo.. April 20. The
Democratic Club of Jackson conntr ment that the market would be af
has complete arrangements on an j ftcted was one that would not appeal
elaborate scale for its Jefferson day ' o tnc court
banquet tonight. While the affair is
intended to be in the nature of a
testimonial to Hon. William J. Stone,
recently chosen United States sena
tor, tho gathering of prominent demo
crats and tho speech to be delivered
will be of a character to attract wide
attention. Some who have accepted
invitations to speak are William J.
Bryan, Senator Bailey, of Texas;
Senator Cockrell, of Missouri, and E.
W. Carmack, of Tennessee.
Judge Young then began his argu
ments for a modification.
May Pay Dividends.
Judg Sanborn, after hearing tho
aiguments, ruled that the Northern
Securities might pay the May divi
dends, May 1, holding that the fede
ral court ly an injunction prevent
ing the mergei from voting the stock
of the Northern Pacific and Great
Northern, has a sufficient hold on the
concern. He held that the injunction
against the dividends was auxiliary
and could not be modified by the
court, in as much as such dividends
do not belong to the United States.
The Decree.
The decree permits the stockhold
ers of the Northern Securities to ex
change their stock for the stock of
the railways for which It was issued.
If the supreme court affirms this de
cree the stockholders of the Securi
ties Company can take exchange and
Because the Miners Would Not Work
9 Hours Last Saturday No Explan
ation Was Given for the Action.
Mahonoy City. Pa., April 20'. As a i draw dlvllentls ffm the companies.
sequel to the men's refusal to work ' Protects Stockholders.
nine hours Saturday a lockout tills I ,f the Kunrem rnnrt reverses th
morning wes inaugurated in the Phil-! j, - ,.i ., .i,.
adelphia & Beading collieries. Thir- i lrom th0 securities Company. The
ty thousand men and boys are idle. retention of the dividends bv the rail-
lody Found In Body Was That
Kadeuna Beneditto, of Buffalo.
Tort, April 20. Inspector Mc
J this moraine announced that
rrel victim had been identified
sienna ueneditto. 43 years old
". his nome was Buffalo.
wuy identified by his broth-r
Mhtrtn-Law Serving Time.
turns urothpr ic e.ri.,
IZ.a. ,e went to tne prls
tdav and shnu-eri o ,o..; ..r
wered man, which was in-
snned by the convict.
' Melrose, Chamed with
rd of w. u Bronm,
A"seles, April 20. Tho lurv
of w 11 Broome,
pan. I . " I'lominent
f testing '.i. "Ul,ess to the
was f,!?iBroom a"er the
"uwiuea and dy
Mass i. ...
l.i -, . nnru vii iM i..
t". TlClnlty thPru - - "us:
tm Of natrtn... , Kenel
ttTe. thP ... , lno 11(10 of
from BosZ" .0I,tUe Brlt'
er nZ.8.ton. to Lexington
4 Treat 'ne iIl'n,s Ut
.17. "' of the m
"wrest 0. ""uoca oi
h?.a11 yfortho
P?toni :rP,a,UI. Kruger will
e m,.. " not ve
No explanation accompanied the op-
eraiors- action. The men were slm
ply told "there Is no work for you."
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I "Ml.-
B Yo S- Pril 20.-The
ismt'4 m T" ,ant Mar
ABertna1Prrnlne trom
Cantrell, of Indianapolis, Pleads In
sanityGreat Trouble In Securing
Indianapolis, April 20. Rufus Can
trell, the negro ghoul, was placed on
trial in the criminal court this morn
ing. He pleads insanity. There was
gieat trouble in Eclecting a jury.
Scventy-flvo men were examined and
excused this morning. All said they
had determined in their own minds
mat Cantrell was tho guilty one.
All Officers and Directors Reelected
and Plans Ratified.
New York, April 20. The report of
the United States Steel Corporation
ior the year having already been
made public. Wall street is manifest
ing but a passing interest in the an
nual meeting of the company at Ho-
ooKen today. It Is generally under
stoow that routine business onlv will
be transacted at the meeting." The
stockholders are expected to ratify
tho purchase of tho United Steel
Company, in which Director Henry C
FricU is interested, and likewise to
approve of the purchase of the stocks
and bonds of the Troy Steel Products
Company, in which Directors John D.
Rockefeller and Henry H. Rogers are
interested. The program also calls
for the ratification of the plans of
me board of directors for the expen
diture this year of $30,000,000 in the
improvement of the plants of the
company. It is confidently exweted
that the eight directors whose terms
expire will be re-elected for a period
of three years, each.
Tho steel corporation today re
elected the directors and all plans
proposed were ratified.
way companies while the appeal is
pending would not enhance or speed
the enforcement of any legal right
of tho United States while it might
intlict' unnecessary loss and Injury
upon the stockholders who are just
ly entitled to receive these dividends
as soon as Uiey are earned.
It is the purpose of tho government
tc enforce the law against all illegal
combination in restraint of trade. Dur
ing the pendency of tho appeal the
government Is protected by that por
tion of the Injunction which forbids
the acquisition or voting of any stock
of these two railway companies, Tho
appeal In this case will probably bo
determined by the supremo court
about November.
It Is not perceived how n retention
or payment of dividends during the
pendency of the appeal can injurious
ly affect any rht of the United
States In this litigation nnd tho only
question Is as to whether the dlvl
dends shall be niled up in the treas
uries of the railway companies or be
paid to the stockholders to whom
they legally belong and who must
ultimately receive them, which ever
way a Una! decision In the case may
Filed an Appeal.
Immediately after tho decision
the Northern Securities filed an aiv
peal and following the order of the
court gave bonds for JdO.OOO. Every
point made by the railway attorney
was sustained, Judge Sanborn elucl
dated his position at length and said
the defendants hadn't asked tho court
to suspend the entire injunction, but
only that portion which restrained
the payment of dividends pending nn
Wall Street Surprised.
New York, April 20. Northern Se
curlties stock Jumped from 94 to 99
Immediately when the news of the
suspension of the injunction permit
ting the May dividends, was announc
ed. Wall street was surprised.
Men Chosen to the Championship
Automobile Race In Ireland, July
Garden City, April 20. L, Moore,
ot Cleveland nnd Percy Owens, of
Now York havo been chosen with At
cxandcr Wanton to represent Amor
lea In the world's championship nutO'
mobile raco In Ireland, July 2. They
were chosen as tho result of tho race
run early this morning nnd which
wns started at S o'clock. Owens
mndo the fivo miles In five minutes
nnd 25 seconds. Tho fastest mllo
was ono minute nud two seconds,
Moore's time Is not announced.
Public Opinion In Scotland Favors
Peace Between England and the
Olnsgow, April 20. Tho Chamber
of Commcrco this morning enthusias
tically passed a resolution favoring
a treaty of penco between Great Brit
ain and France. Tho action Is sig
nificant as showing tho trend of nub
ile opinion with regard to France.
City Marshal of Bakersfleld,
Died This Morning.
Hnkersflold. Cal.. Anrll 20. City
Mnrshnl T. J. Pncknrd. who was shot
yesterday in a battle with outlaw
McMimey, died this, morning nt 7
o'clock. Iki was president of tho lo
cal Knglos nnd a ptomlnent Rlk.
As Part of an Exhibit at St. Louis
Washington, April 20. Secretary
Root, Adjutant General Corbln and
Colonel Edwards, chief of the insu
lar bureau, today Iiad a consultation
over the project of including in the
Philippine exhibit at the St. Louis
Exposition, a battalion of the Phil
oppine scouts. The matter was first
brought to the attention of ihe expo
sition management and Governor
Taft was communicated with. It has
finally assumed such definite shape
that Secretary Root has directed that
anangements be made for the scouts
to come. A Filipino band consisting
of SO or !'0 pieces will accompany
tho scouts.
Labor Leaders at Toronto,
Toronto, Out., April 20. President
Samuel Gompers and a number o
leading members of the American
Federation of Labor, including John
Mitchell of the miners, are gathered
In Toronto. The occasion Is the an
nual meeting of the executive com
mittee of the federation. The busi
ness to be transacted Is largely of a
routine character and concerns chief
ly the affairs of the labor bodies of
the Dominion,
Kinn of Servla Scared.
Paris. April 20. A dispatch from
Servla today says that the body-;
guard of the royal palace at Belgrade
has been strongly reinforced as a
co.ip de main is feared.
Brother and a Neighbor Run Across
Kootenai County Man.
Rathdrum, Idaho, April 20. Tho
body of Frederick Whiteneck, who
burned his house anil barn Thursday
night, was found on the river bank
Saturday. A brother of the dead
man's wife and a neighbor discover
ed the body about 400 yards from
where the barn stood. Whiteneck Jay
In a thicket, a bullet hole In the
temple, anil a 32-callbie revolver by
Ills side. The position of tho corpse
was vory peculiar. The face was :ov
ered with blood, the legs straight
out in lino, with the body face up
ward, the left hand folded across
the breast. A slouch hat was drawn
over tho faco. The revolver wns
leaning against tho man's shoulder
butt on the ground, muzzle straight
up. The body was not touched until
the coroner s Inquest was held.
Chicago Wheat,
Chicago. April 2n. Whcat
cenu per bushel.
Declares the Labor Leaders Are Trying to Start a Rebellion
Against the Government,
Indianapolis, Ind.. April 20. H. C.
Parrv. president of the Manufactur
ers' Association arrived here yester
day. He says he bas no desire to
oppress the workers of this country,
and that no assault was niado on or
derly leaders of unionism. "If tho
nntniis." he said, "want to carry on
a contest along hlgh-tcned and lawful
lines, the employers or this country
will be glad to meet them on that
latis. He says the country will then
resolve itself into a vast Industrial
army and there will bo no hitch in
cur advanco toward complete com
mercial supremacy.
"But wo do not
the United States
propose to have
placed in the
clutches of tho dreary, obstlnato,
vicious sort of trades unionism, which
iins England by tho throat. Senator
Unnn.'i, (ortaluly made a true expres
Finn, when ho said trades unions
in this country need Americanizing.
"The movement In this country to
day." continued Parry, "is in tho
hands of foreigners of strong social
istic and anarchistic tendencies and
their lendciB aie doing everything In
their power to start a rebellion
against the United States government."
Reports From Kansas Show Finest
Prospects for Wheat.
Topekn Kan., April 20. If the state
board of agriculture predictions, an
contained In a report today, come
true, all rocoids of wheat crops will
bo eclipsed. There Ih tho heaviest
acreage over planted in the state
Marries a Pormer Countess and Creat
ed a Great Furore In London Has
Been Arrested.
London, April 20. The soli-styled
Prince .Athrobold Stuart do Modena,
who on December 17th married for
mer Countess Russell, was today nr
rested charged with assuming u false
name. His real name, tho pollco al
lege, Is William Brown. Ho created
n furoro when ho first arrived In Lou
don nnd wns considered a great matri
monial catch. Ho took u trip with
his bride 12 dnys nnd then disappear
Several Passenger Cars Were Derail
ed and Two Sleepers Were Burned
Five so Badly Burned That They
Were Unrecognizable.
Jamestown, N. Y April 20. Four
were killed and many Injured in n
wreck of tho Krio passenger trnln nt
Redhouso, about 4 o'clock this morn
ing. The passenger inn Into tho
renr etui of n freight, which wns de
layed In making a siding. Several
passenger cars were uerailiM nna
two sleepers wero burned. Three
bodies havo been recovered, but nro
Three More Reported Dead.
A second dispatch says that In ad
dition to the women and children re
ported killed, two pascngors In tho
day coach and u brnkeinnn on the
freight wero also killed.
The Officials' Report.
New York, April 20. Tho Erie of-
Ilclttls hero report that only three
were killed In the Redhouso wreck,
two women and a child. Five cars
wero totally wrecked.
Later Seven Killed.
Dunkirk. April 20. A complete ac
count of tho casualties of tho Red-
house wreck shows thnt seven wero
killed nud 12 seriously Injured. Ot
these, live of the dead wero so badly
burned that It wns Impossible to
Identify them. The tlames of tho
wreck wero put out by the Salamoncii
nro company, which was sent on a
special trnln,
One Is Stabbed, the Other Had Head
Crushed Both May Die.
San Francisco. April 20. K. W.
Hamilton mid Will Brown, convicts
In tho state prison, had n fierce bnU
lie wllli an Iron bar nnd knife this
morning, Hamilton wbh stabbed in
the aide. Brown Is suffering from
(ouciiKslon of tliu brain. Both mny
Was In Charge of Engine of White
Plains Local Train Which Killed
17 Persons,
New York, April 20. Locomotive
Engineer Wlsker. v. lio was In charge
of tho engine of the While Plains lo
cal trnln which collided with the
New linven local in February, 1902,
when 17 wero killed, was liiouglit up
fur trial on tho clinrge of manslaugh
ter In the second degree In tho crimi
nal branch of tho supiemo court this
morning. He looks III nud emui'lut-
Howard on Trial.
Frankfort, Ky., April 20. A cross-
examination of Howard this morning
has so far fulled to elicit any mute
i nil contradictions,
Storm in Germany,
Berlin, April 20. Tho storm
Germany continues unabated.
Charles Cunningham Sells 2,000 Reg
istered Rams to Montana Firm.
Charles Cunningham today la load
ing for shipment to Montana for feed
ing on tho summer range there, and
subsequent sale, 2,000 registered
Ramboulet rums, Mr, Cunningham
ias for years found a profitable mar
ket In Montana for u good many
of his surplus thoroughbred rums,
Thoso 2,000 will bring him 20 eur-h.
Tho lawa of .Montana are such that
a stay of 0 days In the ututo Is
.tcessary beroro sheep run ho mar
keted there. This Is no dlsudvuntuxu
as the animals become acclimated In
that tlmo and are all the moru sale
able on that account.
Mother Yes: and when the Piodl-
gal Son returned to his home after
being sorry for being bo bad his futh-
cr killed the fatted culf Bobby
But what had the fatted calf been do
ing? Had he run away too? Boston
Had a Band Play at His Funeral,
Which Played "Dixie" While tho
Dirt Was Shoveled Upon Him.
.John It. Lincoln, of Plattslmrg,
,Mo an old friend of E. M, Lyons,
or Pendleton, last week died In Plntts
burg, leaving Rome peculiar provis
ion! In Ids will. One was that tho
best baud In Northwestern Missouri
should be 111 red to piny at his fune
ral and at the cemetery.
This was done and tho Cameron
band wns secured for the occasion.
According to It Ih explicit Instructions
the baud played "Home. Sweot
Homo" on the wny to t lio cemetery,
and "Dixie" dining Hie entire time
that the earth was being shoveled
Into tin' grave. Mr. Lincoln was an
unreconstructed Confederate and
doomed It an honor that the laborers
who covered him for IiIh long sleep
should do so to the strains of the
Couft'dorucy'H national tune.
.Mr. Lincoln was R2 years of ago
whop ho died, and survived IiN wife
but one month. Mr. Lyono avers that
he was a man of exemplary charnc
tor personally besides being gener
ous to a fault and very public-spirit-pd.
Several Indians and Negroes Donate
for Drinking and Fighting. (
Tho police court record for today
Ih as follows: John Doe, Indian, drunk
onil disorderly .forfeited n ?5 bull.
George Hlewnrt, colored, elinrged with
fighting and disorderly conduct, wns
found guilty. Rlchnrd Keith, color
od, charged with fighting, was fined
$10, Parson Catnn, Indian, drunk
and disorderly, got tluee days In tho
city Jail. Whirlwind, Indian, drunk.
wub lined $5. Henry Pond, Indian,
was fined $6 for fast riding. Andrew
Banihnrt, Indian, for fast riding,
wuh fined $!,
Stepped on a Nail.
E. C. Sklles, of this placo, retire.
sentlug the Spokane Drug Co., stop
ped on u nail which penetrated tho
bull of his foot. Frlduv last. Tho
accident occurred at Kugeno. Mr.
Sklles Is now at homo and Ills foot
Is In pretty bad shape,
Passenger Train Ran Into Rear
End of a Freight Near Red
house, New York.
niimimiMiwjty- ' ! ' 'I