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eastern vjfegoa wmnw
Tonight nnd Tuosdny
t with probably showers.
NO. 471 0.
,ates Arriving in Colum-
Ohio, to Attend tne
Lai Convention.
lDitcutsion of the Wage Scale
rations of Labor an Impon-
Lture-Prldent shaffer May
I ... n..UUn
e His rw'-1"
h'T. T, Steel and Tin
r and will coiuiuuu iu -v
kn weehb. j.ito ------
ri most influen-
tbor bodies In America, and there
kveral things that combine to
' .. . -nthprlncr Iho most
rice I'lcpiii f . . .
'. i. i,ittnrv The steel
IS are sending their first dele-
. to this convention,
me radical changes arc propos--i..
io nr the orcanlzatlon,
F.. jt nr with annual eon-
ons redistricttnr the local lodges
,i t -,n u-ltli district execu-
committees to make wage scales
business agreements, and these
be submitted for consideration of
Another Important
It to be considered and acted up-
I the proposition or tno ucpuoiic
find Steel Company, which offers
til stock to the workmen on easy
bents. The company aiso prom
to give the workmen holding
i a director, who snail nave me
e power as any of the other dlrec-
Tko nccrvlntlnn will discuss the
Ier and if it deems the proposl-
wind nne the workmen of the
Ipany, who are all members of the
kciatlon. will he aavisea to lane
Bie discussion of the wage scale
i rnniMtlnnc nf lahnr for the enSU-
Ijear will, of course, be one of the
it Important features of tne con-
tion. No radical demands are an
nate hnu-pvnr nnfl It Ie thnlipht
t in amicable agreement with the
owners will ne reacned wimoux
it difficulty. The election of offlc
fe nltrnrtlni- mnrp attention
Ins the delegates than usual,
os to the opposition that has crop-
om against tne re-election 01
sldent Theodore Shaffer. There
10 disguising the fact that Presl-
l Rhaffer'c mnnnppmpnt nf the late
tnrrMfifiil ctrllp nf iho ctnd -irnrlr-
Ehas caused considerable dlssatis
on smnnp lln rnnl- und fltf nf
Fissociatlon. Friends of the presl-
fnuwrver, express me opinion
he Is still the most influential
i in me organization and believe
1 1 L . . 1 . . . 1 , M I
vu ue retiieciea. juis oooa, 01
wnrr Is hplne hnnmwt .nr nrpcl.
t by the opposition.
Alibama Grocers Meet
Ontamerr A1n AtiHi -it Th
Itama Reta'll Grocers' Association
M its annual convention here to
' with an attendant nf rpnrpRpn-
pe members from many of the
Ke Cities ftnH tnutlc tlirniffrhnnf
f Btkte. ThP RPGfitnna nnnHnna mn
it during which time there will be
fSMed numerous matters of Inter
I and Importance to the trade.
Maku Trial Run.
Jejmouth, April 13. The Sham-
unaer her mainsail, mado a
k "a 'n we open sea this morn-
A SMlftllv nnrtliDH. 1. A
ed that tha
' aUfactory. u returned to an-
er an hour's run.
9rieultural Congrei.
t1mh.,V " me international
iuv'.nEres8 0Pened here
t lth 2,000 delegates.
" FumUhed hv r.a.
Cmpany: W- Loca
izo court Street.
EO. AnHt 14
upenea. Closed.
75 76
76ft 68H
42 42U
lUinnV,:'".' 43V4
upenea. Closed.
73', 73
'1- 7 73
Employes of Well Shirt and Collar
Factory Are Compelled to Buy
Their Thread of Company.
Ingles Falls, N. Y April 13. Six
hundred operators of the Well Shirt
hnd Collar factory struck this morn
ing. Two hundred others who do
plocc work at home are also out.
They want a reduced rate for thread,
which th6y arc compelled to buy from
the company.
Horse Fell With Him Today During
an Exhibition In London Extent
of Injuries Unknown.
Manchester, England, April 13.
Buffalo Bill was Injured during nn
exhibition In his Wild West show
hero today. His horse fell heavily,
throwing him. Mr. Cody was remov
ed to the hotel. The extent of his
Injuries Is not yet known.
Grand Jury at St. Louis.
St. Louis, April 13. The local
grand jury which, under the guidance
of Attorney Folk, ts co-operating with
the Jefferson City Inquisitors In the
alleged corruption of the state legis
lators, resumed work this morning.
Hod Carriers and Concrete
Men Join Building Trades
Employes Now Out.
Elevator Burned.
Chicago, Apill 13. The Churchill
elevator, containing 150,000 bushels
of wheat, was destroyed by Are this
morning nt a loss of $100,000. A por
tion of the wheat was saved.
Will Import Scab Mechanics In All
Lines to Take the Strikers' Places
Agree to Boycott Union Labor.
Portland, Aprwil 13. The hod car
riers and the concrete men struck to
day, joining the small army of build
ing trades employes already out.
The employers this morning de
manded police protection on each
building, which was granted. They
will import mechanics in all lines to
take the place of the strikers, and
all have agreed in the future not to
employ any union men. All building
operations will be suspended tor a
few days.
Adverse Decision in Northern
Securities Case Does Away
With Railroad Combines,
Worthlngton Succeeds Himself.
Portland, Or., April 13. Governor
Chamberlain today appointed P. A.
Worthlngton, of Portland, regent of
the State Normal School, at Weston,
to succeed himself.
Mast Stepped.
Bristol, April 13. The work of
stepping the mast of the Iteliance,
commenced early this morning and
took 35 minutes. It is about 111 feet
high. The rigging is now going 011.
Departed for Malta.
Gibraltar, April 13. Edward de
parted for Malta aboard the royal
yacht this forenoon.
Striking Textile Workers of Lowell
Pass the Mayor In Review Father
McGrady Denounces Capitalism.
Lowell, Mass., April 13. Eight
thousand were In the labor parade of
the textile workers this afternoon.
The route was carefully guarded by
yho police and there was no demon
stration. They were exceedingly or
derly. Fully 3,000 women and girls
took part. The mayor reviewed them
bareheaded. Father McGrady. the fa
mous socialist speaker, made an ad
dress which was a scathing denunci
ation of trusts and capitalism.
Engineers, Firemen, Deck Hands and
Dredgers Out at Chicago Emplly
ers Will Use Non-union Help.
Chicago, April 13. One thousand
engineers, firemen, deck hands and
dredgers struck this morning because
they were paid smaller wages when
working at other ports than they re
ceive at Chicago. An attempt will be
made to operate with non-unionist
help, the employers relying upon get
ting government protection, as their
work effects the government and ship
ping Interests generally.
Buckeye Opticians.
Columbus, O.. April 13. The as
sembly room of the Nell House was
filled this morning at the opening of
the convention of the Ohio Optical
Society. During the day papers were
read and discussions held on such
subjects as optical ethics, the refrac
tionist of the future, and the value of
The officers in charge of the con
vention are: President, John C. Eber
hardt, Dayton; vice-president, E.
Klein, Cincinnati; secretary, Edwin
L. Jones, Sandusky; treasurer, L.
Bockman, Toledo.
Debate on European Aggression.
San Francisco, April 13. Much in
terest is displayed In the annual de
bate tonight between representatives
iUn ixn trront nnnHt institutions
of learning, the University of Califor
nia, and Leland Htanioru university.
The question selected for discussion
is; "Resolved, That the United States
should not attempt to resist the ac
qusitlon of territory In South Ameri
ca by any European state."
Interred at Arlington.
Washington, D. C. April 13. The
remains of the late Rear Admiral Bel
knap arrived this morning from Pen
sacola. He will be interred in the
Arlington cemetery with military and
marine honors.
Actor In Luck.
Eureka, 111., April 13. Clay Clem
ent, the actor, by the settlement of a
suit over his father's estate from
which he was disinherited because be
went on the stage, comes Into posses
slon of $12,500.
Resume Investigation.
Jefferson City. Mo., April 13. The
Cole county special grand Jury re
sumed the Investigation of the baking
powder 6candals In the state legisla
ture this morning.
Sultan of Turkey Orders Train Rob
bers Punished Also Orders a Pri
vate Yacht and Cruiser Built at Ge
noa. Constantinople, April 13. The sul
tan's fright over the upiislng of the
Albanians seems to have quieted
down. Today he issued an order for
the summary punishment of the Mac
edonian train wreckers and Immedi
ately afterward Issued nnothu- order
tc the Genoa shipyards for a private
yacht costing $60,000 and a new crnm
er costing $100,000. He las also ob
tained a large supply of electric
lights of peculiar construction from
a German firm that are to be used by
the Turkish hospital corps In saerch
lng for the dead on battlefields.
Will Discuss Kindergartens.
Pittsburg. Pa., April 13. The In
ternational Kindergarten Union, which
holds Its tenth annual convention here
during the three days beginning to
morrow, is a federation of over 70
kindergarten associations in all parts
of the United States and Canada.
Several hundred delegates have ar
rived to attend the gathering. Among
the prominent persons who will ad
dress the gathering are Dr. George E.
Vincent, of the University of Chicago;
Professor Arthur Dow, of Pratt Insti
tute, and Dr. William T. Harris, Unit
ed States Commissioner of Education.
Building Laborers to Organize.
Washington, D. C, April 13. In pur
ciin n no n r tliu r-nll IrrupiI hv President
Gompers of the American Federation
of Labor, delegates from local unions
of building laborers throughout the
llnltpH Ktatpu ami Panada assembled
at headquarters here today for the
purpose or forming an iniernuuunui
union. This move Is in accordance
with hi uDnprni nnllnv rpcentlv adopt
ed by the federation of getting the
allied crafts firmly weweu togemer
and in compact shape for future labor
President Loubet Decorates Officials.
Marseilles, April 13. President
Loubet arrived today ?n route to Al
ifp moa pnthiiHlasticatlv re
ceived. He decorated 25 officials,
kissing each one as ne pinnea n wij
Fishing Vessels Released.
Gloucester, April 13. Eight fishing
vessels which were caught In the ice
for many months In the Bay of
lul.nrfs M V and which were lonK
feared to be lost, have been liberated
and are coming nome.
l hplnr triprt In Den
mark to prevent drunkenness, and Is
working to perfection. ne eaioon
keepers are forbidden to sell liquor to
lo onH it ft "drunk"
does any damage, the saloonkeepers
- 111. mi .tnn 1. n am
are held responsioie. lucy
to pay lor carnages 10 kuu
home In.
Wall Street Violently Excited At
tempt Made to Support the Stock
at First,
New York. April 13. Signs are not
wanting on. Wall street today that the
adverse decision In the Northern Se
curities case Is considered a mortal
blow nt least so far ns railway combi
nations are concerned.
From the opening the stocks stag
gered from the blow up to 2 o'clock
this afternoon, and they dropped con
stantly. The hope that three days' hol
iday would give the big Interests vi
tality interested n chance to get their
breath, was rudely shattered. At
tempts wore made to support the mer
ger stock at the beginning, but heavy
selling orders crowded In from many
parts of the country nnd the reced
ing tide In values could not bo check
ed. The heaviest losses arc In those
corporations whose stntus might bo
attacked on the same grounds as the
merger. Large blocks of Union Paci
fic and Hock Island were thrown on
the market. Trading on the curb was
violently exalted. The brokers throw
over the Northern Securities in large
amounts. It opened nt 103 and was
beat down to 07 by 2 o'clock this
afternoon. The Southern Pacific
slumped off with tho rest.
Just before the close the Northern
Securities again broke nnd went
down to 04, being freely offered nt tills
figure. At 3 o'clock the stock show
ed a loss of nine points for today.
Jefferson Birthday Banquet.
Washington. D. C. April 13. The
ltlOth birthday anniversary of the
"author of tho Declaration of Inde
pendence" will be celebrated here to
night by n dinner at the Hotel Bary
011 undci the auspices of the Thomas
Jefferson Memorial Association, of
which Admiral Dewey is the presi
dent. Tho toasts and speakers "will
be as follows: "Tho Author of the
Declaration of Indepence," Senator G.
F. Hoar, of Massachusetts; "Tho
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Associa
tion. Its Alms nnd Objects," Andrew
A. Lipscomb, of Virginia; "Jefferson
as a citizen of the Commonwealth,"
Governor Andrew J, Montague, of Vir
ginia; "The Louisiana Purchase."
former Postmaster General Charles
Emory Smith, of Pennsylvania; "Jef
ferson an.! Human Rights," nev. D. J.
Stafford, of Washington; "Jefferson
as a Promoter of General Education,"
Charles W. Needham, president of Co
lumbian University; "The Statute for
Religious Freedom," William J. Bry
an, of Nebraska.
Big Meeting of Pedagogues.
Walla Wnllla, Wash,, April 13.
Teachers from far and near have
taken possession of Walla Walla, the
occasion being a Joint meeting of the
Walla Walla County Teachers' Asso
ciation and the Inland Empire Teach
ers' Association. An excellent pro
gram of papers and addresses has
been arranged, commencing today and
continuing through the entire week.
Foremost among the prominent edu
cators scheduled to address the gath
ering is President E. Benjamin, of
Nebraska University,
Lottery Raided.
Chicago, April 13. Tho offices of
the Montana Ixian Investment Com
pany, an alleged lottery concern, was
raided by the police this morning and
1,500,000 tickets wero seized.
Effort Being Made to Revive Interest
In the National Sport In Pendleton.
A telegram was received lato Sat
urday evening calling tho proposed
baseball conference at Dayton off on
account of the inability of Colfax to
be represented yesterday. The back
ers of baseball in this city state that
It Is Impossible to do anything toward
the organization of professional base
ball In this city unless something is
done toward Its support besides pay
ing admissions to witness games.
They claim that there must be man
ifested toward the sport the same
public spirit so necessary In the main
tenance of other quasi public affairs
else It will languish and the best
efforts of its friends come to naught.
A subscription paper Is In circulation
now in the city.
Supreme Court Holds That California
Had a Right to Submerged Lands,
But Not to the Islands.
Washington, April 13. California's
fnnums Mission Rock enso wns decid
ed by the supreme court today. Tho
rocks proper are two snmll barren
Islands In Snn Francisco Bny.
McKlnley set them nsldo for naval
purpose. In 1870 tho California leg
islature conveyed the submerged
lands surrounding tho Islands to tho
Mission Rock Company, who built
them up nnd crentcd 14 acres which
they Improved,
The United States brought suit for
possession of the Islnmla and also the
submerged Islands, and won in tho
circuit court, Thu court of appeals
modified It so that the United States
hnd no title to the submerged InndB,
hut held the Islands which have a
surfnee of lesfe than nn aero.
This decision wns sustained In tho
supreme court today, holding that
California bad n title to tho submerg
ed lands nnd had a right to convey
them nnd that It wasn't thu policy of
the president to receive more thnn tho
Islands themselves. Tho lslnnd In
question Is vnluod nt $350,000.
Is Now Grand Secretary of China to
Succeed Yung Lu, Who Died Fri
day, Pekln, April 13. An Inuftrlnl edict
wns Issued today promoting Piinco
Cheng, the head of tho foreign onico
to tho post of grand secretnry, suc
ceeding Yung Lu, who died Friday.
The new grand secretary beenmo nl
ternatlonnlly known when nssocinted
with LI Hung Chnng as China's repre
sentative In the peacu negotiations.
Oregon's Democratic Governor to Ad
dress Democrats at Boise, Idaho.
Boise, Idaho, April 13. Tho demo
cratic Jefferson celebration will bo
held tonight. Delegation s from all
over the stnte are present. Tho ban
quet address will bo by Governor
Chamberlain, of Oregon, when ho will
Iniinch his boom for vlco-presldent.
Owner of Canadian Coal Mines Will
Not Listen to the Government
Board of Arbitration,
Vlctorln, B. C, April 13. Diinsmulr
the owner of tho conl mines who pre
cipitated the presont strike by dis
charging men for Joining the Western
Federation of Mlnura, now refuses to
recognize the arbitration board ap
pointed by the Dominion government,
consisting of Chief Justice Hunter
nnd Rev. Dr. Rowe, He says ho has
nothing to arbitrate and that ho won't
recognize the Western Federation of
Miners. Ho declares tho commission
can do nothing.
Woolen Mills Now Prepared to W-ave
Designs That Are Not Geometric
No Limit to Range of Illustration.
When tho Woolen Mill resumes op
erations, which will bo In a vory short
time following the shut-down for re
pairs, It will bu prepared to do a line
of work which has never been beforo
handled by any mill west of the
Rocky Mountains. This line of work
stands in tho uamo relation to tho
art of weaving designs In woolen
goods thnt freehand drawing docs In
the renltn of pure art. Not that u
machlno has been Invented that will
do freehand designing .but thu Jacard
attachment which will bo In opera
tion soon In tho Pendleton mills will
weave designs that aro not geomet
ric. So thnt there will bo practically
no limit to the rango of Illustrations
that can bo put upon tho goods that
will be turned out by the Pendleton
mills hereafter.
Residents of Umatilla County Who
Have Taxable Money.
The following taxpayers have given
In on tho assessment rolls tho
amounts of money, notes and ac
counts set opposite tholr names:
Money. Notes.
T. M, Borger $1800
II. O. Walker 300
Borger Bros 300
Tom Winn 2000
J. M. B. Gcrklng 100
O. M. Morrison 120
J, J, Roulfltono 500 200
Ira McDonald 78
William Holdman .... 60
William Baker 160
T. J. Kirk 2100 9000
F. E. Sherman ,, 833 1C6
John Lundeman 066
William McBrido 2120
Is Raised From tho Mud in
Manila Bay and Beached at
Cavito Yards.
Valve of Main Injector Mlsnlng
Leads to Belief That She Was
Scuttled When Abandoned Fifteen
Holes In Hull.
Mnnlln, April 13. The lU'lna Chris
tina. Admiral Montojo's flegshlp
which wns sunk by Admiral Dewoy in
tho bnttlo of Manila Bay, was rnlsod
from Us bed of mud yesterday by a
crow or tho wrecking company and
beached. About SO Bkelotonn were
found In thu vessel. Tho vnlvo of tho
main Injector Ib missing, which londH
to tho belief that sho wns scuttled
when tho conuunndor abandoned her.
Fifteen shell holes are In her hull.
Otherwise alio In In a fair condition.
Members of the Council Intimate That
His Resignation Would Be Accept,
Cltv Marshal Joseph lllnkloy has
been' notified thnt It would ho very
satisfactory to a majority of tho city
council If ho would resign his posi
tion, anil In accordance with this ro
quest, Mr, lllnkloy will probably hand
lu his leslgnatlon at the council meet
ing next Wednesday night.
While the charter gives t ho council
absolute right to remove the niarshnl,
no specific statement of causo for tho
removnl of Mr. lllnkloy has been
stated In the request Tor his resigna
tion. Tho members nf tho city council
aro very reticent on the subject, and
Insist that a change Is to bo made
In the Interest of tho service.
Mr. lllnkloy has kindly offered to
assist his successor In familiarizing
himself with the routine work of tho
Tho movement Is n surprlso to Mr.
Illakley's friends, and tho spoclfla rea
sons Tor this action of tho council
will probnbly bo made public at tho
next council meeting.
No one lins yet been selected to suc
ceed Mr. lllnkloy and tho entlro mat
ter will ho Bettled at the regular
council mooting.
The councllinon who have signified
their desire for Illakley's resignation
uro Clopton, Sommurvlllo, Johnson
nnd Dickson.
Will Visit for Thirty Days In Port
land, San Francisco and Other
F. F. Wnmsley, ngent for the O. R.
& N. company in this place, has taken
a leave of absence, for 30 days and In
company with Mrs. Wnmsley will
leave tomorrow for an extended visit
to Portland and Sun Fruuclsco.
Mi. Wamsloy will attond the fourth
annual show of the Portland Kennel
Club, In Portlnnd, this week ,and will
go from thorn to San Francisco,
whoro he will visit old friends and
Mrs, Wnuisluy will accompany him
to Portland, whoro alio will visit for
two weeks with friends. She will not
go to California, but will return homo
lifter her visit In Portland.
Mr. Wamsloy has worked for tho
past four years without a vacation,
nnd feels that he will enjoy this trip
F. II, Harraden, tho company's au
ditor, Is chocking up tho office today
ami will transfer It to B. O. Smith,
the present cashier In tho office, who
will attend to buslnoss during Mr.
Wamsley's ubsoncu,
Organized In Pendleton Last Satur
day Evening George Hamblln
A Central Labor Council waa or
ganized In Pondloton last Saturday
evening, with the following officering:
President, (loorgo Hamblln, carpen
ter; vice-president, Mr. Kay, laboror;
secretary, F. II. Krabler, painter;
treasurer, I', Paulsen, plumber. The
next mooting will be next Monday
night, and the regular raoetlngs there
after every Monday night. Owing to
a misunderstanding about the time of
mooting tho printers were not rep
resented Saturday night. On that
account, and because of a wish that
tho barkeepers shall also be repre
sented, delegates woro not elected to
La Qrandu Saturday night.