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High Grade Clothing at
Popular Price. Work
manship and Fit Guar
anteed. Men's Fancy Worsteds,
Black Clark Worsteds,
Blae Serge,
Fancy Worsteds,
Fancy Worsteds,
$16.50, $17.50
Bae & Daley
One-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
ii 1 1 1 itmn in if in HmnimiHini m
The Mississippi River is rapidly
fallinc and Is now below 20 feet at
New Orleans.
Lord, Owen & (fo., one of the old
est firms in Chicago, confessed in
solvency in the United States dis
trict court Wednesday. Assets, $315,-
537; liabilities, S7C2.730. i
Governor Murphy, of New Jersey. j
has vetoed the anti-cigarette hill
passed by the legislature of that t
state. He says he believed they do i
not hurt toys and that the law can-1
not be enforced.
After a 15-mlnutes' conference Fri
day between officers of the railway
trainmen and the manager of the Col
orado & Southern, the demands of the
men were granted and their wages
raised 15 per cent.
Members of a Salvation Army
band In Paterson, X. J., were arrest
ed Thursday night, while holding a
Btreet meeting . Complaints were
made against them by merchants for
blocking the streets.
Three blind salamanders were late
ly captured In the United States flsh
commission artesian well at San
Marcos, Texas. The well Is 108 feet
deep and Is believed to have pierced
a subterranean cavern.
Through superstitious fear that the
passage of a strange cornse through
the plaoe would lead to misfortune,
the Inhabitants of Iharia. Hungary,
lately refused the passage of a fune
ral cortage. Police were called to es
cort the body, who were compelled to
fire upon the villagers, killing two
persons and wounding many others.
Roosevelt will address the students
ot the University of Washington at
John A. Kemp, a pioneer Indian
war veteran, died at Wooduurn Fri
day, aged 77.
Mrs. Rosa F. Burrell. one of the
best known women of Portland, died
Friday, aged GO.
James Jones, a sheepman of Fossil.
Or., was shot and killed by John Klick
Friday, over an old range row.
An official of the National Waiters'
Union Is now In Southern Oregon, re
viving old and organizing new unions,
Peter P. Morgan, a pioneer of The
Dalles, died at that city Friday, aged
.80 years. He came to Oregon in
Augubt Colinel. the Woodbum sa
Golden Rule.
W. H. Cottrell and wife,, city.
R. Austin. Chicago.
Fred Austin, Chicago.
Kate Dahl, Chicago.
John Plyme and wife. Chicago.
W B. Mitchell. Portland.
H. S. Young, Tacoma.
Mary Gerking, Athena.
C. E. Gerking, Athena.
L. D. Gerking, Athena.
Ross Bergoin, Athena.
Minnie Gergoin, Athena.
Li .McKenzie, Adams.
J. Nelson and wife, city.
R. L. Douker, Spokane.
A. J. Johnson. Eugene.
O. A. Campbell, Eugene.
Lee Cunningham. Portland.
D. W. Peyton. San Francisco.
L. Estes, Athena.
W. E. Millard. Spokane.
W. D. Keller. Culdasac.
G. M. Henderson. Culdasac.
W. H. Henderson. Culdasac.
It. A. Seeds, Spokane.
J. G. Helfrich .Spokane.
J. H. Kloeckner, Spokane.
Oscar Cain, Spokane.
C. Thom. Umatilla.
J. F. Gulliford, Milton.
William Huston .city.
W. B. Jenkins, city.
J. W. Ingram. Ontario.
T. W. Lusk, La Grande.
W. J. Reid and wife. La Grande.
Miss C. Heelbink. La Grande.
A. R. Anderson, La Grande.
Andrew Peterson, La Grande.
E. A. Norden, Spokane.
August Drake, Spokane.
John Larsen, Spokane.
M. Olsen, Spokane.
J. C. KIncald, Lewlston.
A. A. Aldridge. Joseph.
H. Windreth, Spokane.
ordinance No. 122. The new four
inch mains are now being laid down
Broad and Franklin streets, and the
new houses on Normal Heights will
soon be piped for free water. Weston
W. H. Holley Makes Most Artistic
Display In Window of Alexander's
A work of art Is to be seen In thi
window or the dry goods department
of the Alexander Department store.
The design Is the handiwork of W
H. Holley Eight fluted pillars sup
port four arches, the whole repre
senting the entrance to a Greek tem
ple. There Is nothing gaudy or far
fetched about either the design or
Its execution. The whole thing Is in
excellent taste, the color relief being
very simple but effective.
The pillars and most of the super-
W. V. Sackett, of Portland, to En
gage In the Poultry Business on an
Extensive Scale Wool Clip Very
Short Several New Owners.
Echo. April 10. Hon. George H.
Stevenson, of Tacoma, Wash., was
looking over the country here yester
day with the view of getting an alfal
fa farm. He expressed himself as
well pleased with the country and
said he would likely Ibvoj.
Dr. C. J. Smith reports the arrival
of a bouncing baby girl at the home
of Charles Bartholomew, last night.
W. V. Sackett nf Portland, who has
been spending several days looking I structure represent white marble,
over the countrv here, has returned I with the exception of the relief effect
home. He says' that he will return i which represents carvings from a
within a few "weeks for the purpose brownish red marble that Is one of
of engaging in the poultry business I the rarest productions or Itnlian quar
on an extensive scale. His idea Is to ! ries. The whole design Is some 10
rurnish flesh for his poultry from j feet in height. It Is very seldom that
the native jack rabbit. He thinks even a town the size of. Portland has
that the climate here being warm and ' as pretty a window as this,
the soil dry and sandy makes It an i
ideal place for a poultry business. ! Annual Banquet.
There seems to be many reasons why f The annual bnnnuet given by the
such an enterprise, properly manng- students or Pendleton Academy to
ed. would be a great sure??. the faculty will this year take place
Echo now has a saloon running full the evening of April 24. It will be
blast, which seems to be doing a clVen In the Arademv this year
thriving business. Heretofore it has been given in some
The entertainment given by Mrs. , hall, but the Academy building nf
Charles Miller, for the benefit of the I fords suitable room for It.
M .E. church, was a success financial-1
ly and socially. The proceeds i-as ' Acker's Blood Elixir positively cures
nearly 530 and the program a de- chronic Blood Poisoning and all
llghtful one. Mrs. Miller and Mr. Scrofulous affections. At all times a
Stansbury's sluging and .Mr. Greene . matchless system tonic and prifier.
and Rev .Tlnnptt's rendlncK linin? ' &r.A.. .nr..nr4.4 tt vn.. a, leentl..
. - - ' . IIJ UUCJ IClUUUrU . JVU
heartily encored, each of which was fled. 50c and $1.00 F. W. Schmidt &
responded to In a delightful manner cc druggists.
lot thm GOLD OUST twins dm ymr ,
A Great Sensation.
There was a big sensation in Lees
ville, Ind., when W. H. Brown of that
place, who was expected to die, had
his life saved by Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption. He writes:
"I endured insufferable agonies from
asthma, but your New Discovery
gave Immediate relief and soon there
after effected a complete cure." Sim
ilar cures of consumption, pneumonia.
bronchitis and grip are numerous.
It's the peerless remedy for all throat
and lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.
Guaranteed by Tallman & Co., drug
gists. Trial bottles free.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received
at the office or T. F. Howard, archi
tect, up to 12 o'clock noon of April
13th. 1002, for the erecllun and com
pletion of a two-story frame resi
dence, with stjti.? baVeiucnt for Dr.
C. J. Smith, according to I'ans lire
I ared for the same by T. I- HvwtirJ
Cn..r..aAl. t.t.1 . ...in
acqumeu. rej(;ct Rnv nn(, a ,jWj f.jr
Walla Walla county commissioners I April 1st, 1903
have Instituted a chain gang, on !
which county and city prisoners will .
Ii ivorkwl STATE OP OHIO.
lie worked. C1TY Qp T0LKr)0
An effort to held the annual en- LUCAS COUJiTV, )
cainpment of the Washington G. A. .trran!c, J- Cheney makes onth that he Is
Walla during Roosevelt's I rAVeo "HWtfi
AlMt, railed, j Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and
Lieutenant John S. Fair, of the i ;?stJ,,adJ1rP wt" pay .the am o n'
Klhrh Pnvalrv nf SW U'nlln U'nll I "uu r'"nr? lnr eocl Bn every "
-i - ... 101 "-otaiTii mat cannot be cured by
lino I . Iraiipfn.....! 4 v . 1. D.m.l Jl . . . ... . . J
tmq juotk itiuiniinu is im? i itipiuju, use or nan s latarrn wore.
Sau Francisco
.- Dan Wlulsle. wanted
'county for stealing horses, has been
'located in Humbolt county, Califor
nia, and win be returned.
, William White of Los Tegas, N.
il will start a woolen mill at North
,YakJma this spring, to cost $8,000.
He asks sheepmen to donate $3,0v0.
Sworn to before ran and subscribed In I
, . ,. 1 ray presence this 0th day of December, A. 1
in Jackson .. isse. :
The program was well rendered
throughout and showed talent seldom j
found In so small a town. Mr. Chas.
Miller, as pianist, and Mrs. Miller as
a mezzo soprano, are seldom equaled.
Rev. Jlnnett s Interpretation of a
lightning rod dispenser, wns well
The Echo Land and Lumber Com
pany Is selling lumber very rapidly.
which shows that the farmers are
making material improvements.
. H. Gulliford has a force of men
at work clipping his crop of wool. He
says that the clip will be light this
spring, but that the high price will
likely make it an average return.
the snort clip and the consumption
of public pasture Is a strong argu
ment that the grade will have to be
raised and the number of sheep diminished.
Makes a Clean Sweep,
There's nothing like doing a thing
thoroughly. Of all the salves yon
ever heard of. Bucklin's Arnica Salvi
Is the best. It sweeps away and
cuies burns, sores, bruises, cuts, boils,
ulcers, skin eruptions and piles. It's
cnly 25c. aud guaranteed to give sat
isfaction by Tollman &. Co., druggists.
Weston News.
Milton supports Columbia College
in a liberal manner. Several of itt
leading citizens have donated $50u
each. An endowment fund of JlO.OOt)
is desired, and Rev. G. H. Gibbs has
secured $7,000, $2,000 of which was
subscribed by church boards and the
balance by Milton people.
R. F. Johnson .of Fairview Farm,
left hurriedly Monday for Washou-
gal. Wash., in response to a message
from his brother, who resides at As
toria, that his aged mother is critical
ly 111.
A. M. Gillts has purchased &u acres
or timber land trom O .A. Headley
near Briggson. making 4& acres of
fine timber he now owns In a body
It is reported that the Athena lum
ber merchant Intends starting a saw
mill on this tract.
G. DeGraw has purchased the Green
ranch on Wild Horse Creek from C
W. Courtney, to be used in pasturing
his stock. It Is conveniently located
for the purpose, being only three
miles distant from Mr. DeGraw's fine
farm of three-quarter sections south
of town.
Mr .and Mrs. J. R. Kine have hnd
the satisfaction of installing at their
new house on Water street the first
tree water" that has flowed under
April 1 1
Every lady purchaser at our
store will be presented with
the Fancy Drinks so popu
lar with us last year. We
hope to soon see all our old
customers again calling for
their favorite drink at out
F. W. Schmidt, Ph. G.
Postoffice Block,
Phone Main S51.
Gray's Harbor
Snow white clothe mrm thm rmtult ef
It makes light the labors of washing. Turns
wash day into play day. Better than any Soap
and mora mconmmiomlm
Made only by THE N. K. FA1RBANK COMPANY,
Chicaeo. New York. Boston. bLixuis. m&jcers o uvai rAini SOip,
New Babies in Town
Just arrived, the new style Baby Upright Piano
315 East Court Street.
Call and see them,
They are reasonable in price
makes it possible for everybody to have one.
Commercial Co.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally 1
end acts directly on the blood and mucous 1
surfaces of the system. Send for tcstl-
monlals free, 1
K. J. COnNEr & CO., Toledo, O. j
Bold bj all druggists, 73c.
Hall's family Pills are tbe best I
Enjoy Life
Out door exercise means
impro ed health and a
sunny dispositicn.
All Kinds of Sporting
. and Pleasure Goods
No matter -what game or
pastime your fancy runs
to, you can get the
goods to promote it at
Book and Stationery Store
1 1
We Don't Keep Everything
But we do Keep a goud big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Bustle and Finish,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, in
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doom, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
aud Tar Paper and Apple
; Boxes Is complete, aud any
one lu need of Lumber will
; not be wrong lu placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C. R. Depot
On Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byers' Best Flow
Been built up. Only the choicest wheat that grows enters in
to Byers Best Flour. It's perfection in Flour. Made by the
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
Going to
1 Reoair vour homes or
, of business by having them
ed or piipered.
Cor W. Alta and Lillith Sts.
( L. Neff, formerly of the Hotel
I Alta, has chatge of the Old Dutch
I Henry Feed Yard, and would be
pleased to care for jour horses.
rienty ol stalls, large corrals for
loose horses and cattle. Hay and
grain for sale. Chop mill in connection.
A Bad Wreck
to us
Uutrjntiotiadnttnileht be. nnr .o l.nt I ariro 3nH nicelv
wbstltcanke tborouKhly repaired by ui, at 1 : , ,, - ,! naintS.
(kill aud experience, good woMimnnshlp, new I Stock of wall paper and p!B
palut and vsrolsb can do wonders. A aooa
' iwr worm repairing u it lire
paired rlebt, and that is, wtat we always do.
And furthermore our prfces are very ruoderulH.
Our Wlucua wacom are tbe enlett tunning
wagfiusoii the ruarkat Tbe outer besrin.
Mucks and steel clad hubs make them lude-stru-tab!e
In this climate Our hacks are
made or the tame tlrm and are guaranteed to
be tbe beat made. Call and see our burrict
T.V. s.y.r.4Fu,e. Wow n4ltn by u la tbe
sllekett thing In earth,
We sell and guarantee tbe Storei Uaiollne
wont to subscribe to mneazlnes or news
papers In tbe United States or Kurope, re
mit by postal note, check or send to the
BAH'I OKCUOMAN the net publisher's
price of tLe publication you desire, and we
ulll hare it sent rnn nnri n
;.. oi iub money Demg lost lu the malls.
It will save you both trouble and risk. It
you are a subscriber to the Uast Oregon Un,
lu remitting jcu can deduct XO per cent
k,.SV?f..plir,,"uer Pfce. Address EAST
E. J. JVforpky,
111 Court Street.
Atrencv for the Sherw
liains Paint.
Pennies and Ni
SBSSllSatBSP' Ljr tlt quarit i- 1. ,
tmnbrl will b rathervdla I',r UJC
mm i q si nr MACM.156
'TTer.VltEr-weW awl -WS
hnM urn. f ei.i iiiUf
oallw East oregonlan by
OliEGO.N'IAX 1'UB. CO., PeDdleton, Oreson. only 15 cents a week.