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1 Eastern Oregon Weathf
Tour residence
I Tonight and Sunday
I heavy frost tonight.
NO. 4T15.
Logical Formation Thought
to Be Very Favorable on
the Columbia River.
Million and a nan o"'
by Newly Formed Company at Ten
lr.ni. oer Share Development
IWork Will Begin at Once.
Irrank Graham, secretary, and Itoss
leardslej, vice-preaiuum. ui i
nbia River Development uuwi'ji
In fnwn niacins stock In tho oil
In v.!- driven at Castle Rock.
I Mr Beardsley. whose home Is at
Kington, wnile on a nuiuws ci'i.-u.
L mo arross some snrings lr
Kiih th water was In constant eba
lion. His curiosity was exrited and
made an examination 01 uiuai,
, fnnnii that their peculiar odor,
tvor and effervescence was not duo
k the presence of suipnur or miner
I inrrpdlents. as he had at first sup
Bed, but was due to me escape 01
is, which In forcing us way tnrougn
water, kept it bUDDiing hko
inches' caldron, "wnere mere is
there may be oil, reasoned Sir,
kardsley. So he kept his own conn'
M and auletly secured a "ranch'
Ihlch Included the bubbling springs
hat was the first step. The next
bp was to enlist the co-operation or
i few men who naa enougn capital
o acaulre considerable land in the
Hcinlty and had enough nerve to in-
lest it In development work. George
Conser, the cashier of the bank at
Beppner, who had made a ten strike
kith his Willow Creek coal mine near
Beppner, thought he knew a good
Sung when he saw it, so he went In
is one of the directors and has
n elected president of the com;a
H. Colwell. M. McDonald. Wil
Smith .Ross Beardsley, George
ponsor, Charles McAllister, of Trout
we, and James Cary. of Prosser,
the members of the board of di-
They have acquired control of 2.000
hcres of land located on both sides
!t tne Columbia near Castle Rock
it is reported that the eeoloeleal
formation and other indications are
pi tavorable to the belief that oil Is
10 Be found there.
They have an experienced man In
carge of the drilling operations and
re going anead with the active de
relopment Of the nronertv
I Naturally they hope it w:ill prove a
pecond Spindle Top as at Beaumont,
iciim, or neveionn ns wall at, thn n 1
fields In Southern PnllfnT-nln
nuever, whether it develops into
p suauer or omy a moderate and
p.eaay producer thov a min,
l'th Its development.
Ther have
Mrtet Issuing 1,500.000 shares at a
iiv Mm i l eacD' They are ful
. u un-asses6able and are
.k?Juote2 61 10 cents a share. If
1 thin r i . s develop Into a good
IZi i wi'.' mean increased good
I wr pari oi the state.
Agates to MadrM Rn.nr...
Ideil(Yrlt' A,pr" "--Several of the
I the Dnit7o. iraternity or
1 MedicaT p"1" " e interna ion-
to Madrid r.ntT bo3P l be Held
Tt Iu ""cu ior jsurope today.
ctthTreVDr- N,cholas Sen
ClntlA?' r5r" GeorBe W, Crile, of
JorBeIAind E. b, Bench and Dr.
I John A. w.k r" Bench and nr.
t'y- "addi.
. Present ,r7"X:v
- 4 N. R.s .
In tSo ... . ",l ,lao "en
4rLst,lte clrcult court by
w i w'eSptroRPhrletorB of, Buffa,
to b; d: T ,1.498 damages a.
& ' iWmibL110? ,08Be8 ""stained
hr r.,kiu?s hen their advPrti.
!? bi ttV U,P..wh'le Me trans-
rae coraplahii ,u"enant company.
01 SLl J 81 ates, that an employe
' July y Sr,"8 8et car
Dtlii. Po sold.
S1? MohaiV fr" M The Polk
.W0 rSn5!lr . A88olation nooled
P0l vi , t 35 cents. anH f ho
fu?1 aold. to .i.f61118' and 010
8ile. at 58 cenlmaa "rown. of
The Two Shamrocks Compete on
sz-Miie course First Won the
Weymouth. April 11. Shamrorl:.
first and third were sent on the flnt
olilciai trial race this morning. They
crossed tho starting line tocnthor.
The third gained from the start. Both
wero superbly handled. The course
was triangular, seven miles on each
leg, twice around, making a total of
52 mnos. un tho first round tho
tnira was six minutes and five sec'
onds ahead. It was slightly ahead
at tho end of the second round, but
tho race went to Shamrock 1 on time
allowances. The crew of the first got
tho money prize.
Shamrock HI, after the completion
ot mo test race, with tho first today
collided with a steam yacht and her
oowsprit was carried away.
Correction The Shamrock I. In
stead of the third .was damaged. She
naa nor spinnaker boom carried
away. Tho Matador had spectators
wno crossed tne course for the pur
pose of obtaining photographs. When
the captain of the third saw tho old
challenger damaged, he promptly
took down his spinnaker so thev
could close tho race on even term1?
Call for Bank Statements.
Washington. April 11. The comn
.roller of the currency today Issued
a can ror statements of the conditio:
of national bahks at the close
Thursday's business.
Bill Was Passed by the Second Cham
ber at Rotterdam Early in the
Week Employes on Public Roads
Can Not Now Quit Work.
The Hague, April 11. The first
chamber today unanimously passed
the government's anti-strike moasurn
which caused the present strike In
Holland. It was passed by the sec
ond chamber at Rotterdam early In
the week. This passing by tho two
chambers practically puts an end to
striKes in as much as it makes it II
legal for employes on public convey
ances to walk out.
Non-Union Laborers of Munele File
Articles of Incorporation Have
500 Members.
Indianapolis, April 11. The newest
thing In a labor organization was
formed here today when the Nor
union Labor Organization of Muncie
filed articles of incorporation witn
the secretary of state with the avow
ed purpose as stated In the articles,
to protect non-unionists who won't af'
filiate with unions. The club has 59'J
Northern Securities Attorney Notl
ties Clerk of Circuit Court That Ap
peal Will Be Filed at an Early
St. Paul, April 11. That the North
em Securities case will be appealed
was definitely decided this morning.
Judge Young, representing tho com
pany, this morning officially notified
Clerk Lang, of the United States cir
cult court, that an appeal from Thurs
day's decision will be filed at an early
date, which will act as a stay of pro
ceedings, it is not thought the case
will bo decided before October.
Assassinations of Both Christians and
Muesulmens Increasing.
Constantinople. April 11. Consuler
reports from Monastlr show that the
conditions of anarchy that prevail
there are becoming more acute. As
sassinations of both Christians nnd
Mussulmans are increasing. In the
district of Prllop during last week no
less than bO Christians were assasMi
nated by Mussulmans.
Howard on Trial.
Frankfort. Ky.. April 11. The firut
witness In the Howard trial for tue
assassination of Governor Goebel are
being examined today. Arthur Cor
bel, a brother of the dead man, has
been summoned as a witness for the
President Studying Elks.
Clnnibar. ADril 11. News from Iha
president this morning is that ho is
in ramp studying elk. 40 miles from
Yellowstone. John Burrougns, wno
was not able to ko so far the first day,
because of the severe cold, rejoined
him today.
Chicago Wheat
Chicago. April 11. Wheat 76
76 Vi cents, per bushel.
Gen. Davis Cables a Full Ac
count of the Battle With
Moros at Bacolod.
When Pershing's Forces Appeared,
The Moros Opened Fire, Wounding
Two Americans April 8 the Fort
Was Assaulted and Walls Scaled.
Washington, April 11. Major-General
Davis today cabled the war de
partment an account of tho battle
with the Moros of Mindanao. He
says tho Bacolods have been persist
ently defiant since the troops cntor
cd the district, flj'lng war flags over
their forts which are reported to he
tho strongest on tho lake.
Itcpcatcd efforts were made to in
duco the sultan to have a friendly
talk, but ho refused. When Persh
ing's force approached It was fired
upon and two men were wounded.
There was nothing to do but fieht.
The first attack drove the Moros out
of tho trenches.
On April S tho fort was assaulted
and a ditch 30 feet deep was crossed
under fire over a mabboo bridge con
structed by the troops.
Tho walls of the fort wero scaled.
the Moros defending desperately. At
2 o'clock in tho afternoon the Ameri
cans were In full possession.
Many Moros wero killed. Our cas
ualties arc 11 wounded.
Pershing has moved forward to
complete the exploration. His obje&
tlve point is Marashul. whore sun-
plies have been forwarded. Work on
the road is progressing. In a month
wagons will be able to reach Mara
Democrats of First District
Name a Standard-Bearer at
Albany Today.
Armour Bid May Wheat Up to 77
This Morning and Then Unloaded
Made $250,000.
Chicago, April 11. Armour accom
plished a great coup in Slay and July
wheat, which started a semi-panic on
the Board of Trade this morning. H-3
bid May wheat up to 77 cents from
76, and advanced July wheat ?i of
a cent.
Scenes that marked the Letter deal
were re-enacted. The shorts frantic
ally rushed to recoup but before they
could recover Armour unloaded and
put the price down from 74 to 697
cents. Armour's profits arc estimated
to be In tho neighborhood of 1250,000.
Job Pressmen and Building Unions
Stop Work Many Small Contrac
tors Give In.
Los Angeles, April 11. Yester
day's order for all unions affiliated
with the Building Trades Council to
stop work on Jobs where non-union
men are employed, was generally
obeyed. The employers gave In on
30 big contracts last night. The now-
Chamber ot Commerce building is
now unionized. Many small contrac
tors are giving In. The Job press
men are out and tho waiters and
cooks threaten to strike during the
fiesta and President Iloosevelt's visit.
Nearly 1,000 men are out today. All
will bo out by Monday.
Want Lower Express Rates.
Des Moines. Ia.. April 11. The
aundrymen of tho Middle Western
States are scheduled to meet In con
vention in this city early In the com
ing week. The purpose of the meet
ing is to consider prices and more
especially to make efforts to secure
from the express companies lower
rates for carrying laundry packages.
The laundry proprietors complain
that tho rates demanded for carrying
this class of business make it almost
prohibitory for out-of-town patrons to
have their work dono in tho city.
A Pedagogic Campaign.
Columbia. S. C. April 11. A num
ber of the leading educators of the
state met In conference at the office
of Superintendent of Education Mar
tin. Methods by which the rural pub
lic schools can be strengthened form
ed the principal subject of discussion.
Rioting In St Petersburg.
St. Petersburfl, April 11. Serious
rioting of the unemployed occurred
on the streets today. Troops we
called out who suppressed tho starv
ing people.
Convention Very Harmonious Sam
White Makes Ringing Speech and
Urges Harmony A. E. Reames
Will Make a Strong Fight.
Albany, Or., April 11. The 120 del
egates or their proxies to the demo
cratic district congressional conven
tion gathered hero today for tho pur
pose of selecting a Btandard-bearer
to opposo Dinger Hermann.
Sam White, chairman of tho stato
central committee, opened tho con
vention nt 2 p. m., with a ringing
speech wherein he urged that petty
differences be laid aside nnd that ths
democrats of the first district unlto
and present a solid Irreslstablo front.
He took up tho leading issues of
the ,!y, devoting especial attention
to the subject of trusts and the dem
ocratic party's attitude on that Im
portant nuestlon.
He complimented Governor Chnm
berlaln upon his clean administration
nnd urged I he party to stand by him
J. W. Weathcrford, of Albany, was
then selected as chairman of the con
ventlon and Charles V. Galloway was
chosen secretary. The committees
were then appointed.
The congressional campaign mis
time will bo handled by the state
chairman in connection with a com
mlttee of one from each county In
the district.
The convention then proceeded to
select A. E. Reames as their noml
nee for congressman of tho first Or
egon district.
Kansas Supreme Court Decides Mem
bers of a Club In That State Cannot
Buy Liquor for Their Own Use.
Topcka, Kan., April 11. Tho au
promo court today decided that n club
In which tho members contrlbuto
money to stoward for liquor for tholr
own use Is a nuisance under tho pro
hibitory Inw. Tho lower court decis
ion In this ease whoro tho stoward of
tho Octoplan Club was convicted of
Belling liquor, Is sustained, Tho de
cision is far-reaching.
Attorney Coatsworth Thinks
Clue Will Be Followed Out.
Buffalo, April 11. Attorney Coats
worth this morning said that nothing
but n non-committal vordlct could bo
rendered in tho Ponnoll Inquest yes
terday. Ho said tho hunt for Hur
dlck's murderer would contlnuo until
all possible channels for facts were
followed out.
Mlssourlani Tell of Their Connection
With the Alum Bill Scandal.
St. LouIh, April 11. State Sonator
Fnrrls and another senator, It la
learned today, hnvo made a full con
fession to the grand Jury of their con
nection with the alum scandal In tho
last legislature.
Leader of Manufacturers' Association
Advises Meeting the Unions Half
Cincinnati, April 11. Thomas Egan
ono of the leaders of tho National
Manufacturers' Association, which
meets here Tuesday, will adviso the
policy of meeting tho unions halt way.
He says better Judgment prevails
among workingmcn that aro well cd
ticated and trained. They therefore
deserve the highest consideration. All
should not be blamed for the loud
talk of the agitators. Ho deplores
the policy of President Parry.
Lone Robber Takes Wells-Fargo Ex
press Box From Stage Near Ne
vada City.
Grass Valley, Nov., April 11. Tho
stage running between Nevada City
and Downlcvlllo. wrb held up by a
lone highwayman seven miles from
Nevada City. Five women and two
men were aboard. Threo shots wore
fired by the robber, but no onu wbb
hurt. Tho Wells-Fargo express box
was ?aken. Tho amount In it is not
Joseph Chamberlain Will Not
America This Fall.
Birmingham, April 11. Tho Mull
today prints nn authorized denial of
tho report that Chamberlain will visit
America In the autumn,
Oberlln and Notre Dame.
uueni" .iitiil 11 The Noi'o
Dame University ilewitln? team came
to Oberlin today to try conclusions
in a forensic Joust with tho chosen
debaters of Oberlln College. It is tho
first contest of tho kind between rep
resentatives of tho two schools and
the result Is awaited with considera
ble interest. Tho Oberlln debatcm
have the affirmative and the visitors
the negative side of tho question,
Resolved, That tho United States
should not retain permanent control
of the Philippines."
District Attorney Osborne Out
New York .April 11. This was the
last day in office of Assistant District
Attorney Osborne, who rocently ten
dered bis resignation to District At
torney Jerome in order to resume his
private law practice Attorney Os
borne has been in tho district attor
ney's office since 1892, and has led
many famous criminal prosecutions.
Among other famous rases In which
he has appeared for the state were
the murder trials of Mollneux, Dr.
Kennedy and Albert T. Patrick,
Illinois Court Decides That Labjr
Organizations Must Not Inaugurate
a Fight Without Any Other Griev
ance. Chicago, April 11. A dispatch to
tho Tribune from New York say:
One of tho most Important legal de
cisions uver announced in tho statu
on tho right of a lnbor union to order
a striko has Just been handed down
by the appellate division ot thu su
preme court. It is in effect that a la
bor union hB not tho right to order
Its men to quit work whoro thoy wo
In receipt of tho wages demanded by
tne organization nnd whero thcro Is
no attempt to employ non-union
workerB. but whero tho only question
over which there Is any dlfferenco
Is a refusal of tho employer to roc-
ognlzo tho union or its representa
Man Is Also Wanted In Idaho for Em
bezzlement Was In Jail Hera
Three Years Ago for Issuing Forg
ed Cheeks.
Bert Prout, n white man aged ap
parently nbout .10 years, was last
night at ( o'clock taken from tho
east-bound paHsenger train from
Portland nt this place on a telegraph
ed description from Sheriff Storey, of
Multnomah. Prout is wanted in
Portland on the chnrgu ot being tho
Incendiary who Is responsible for the
Victoria dock fire. Ho mode no re
sistance. Prout Ih not a Htrangor to Pendle
ton, as ho waB in Jail here between
two and three years ago on the charge
of Issuing forged checks. Ho is salt!
to bo wanted In Idaho charged with
embezzlement from tho Idler Piano
Prout was detained hero over night
and today was taken In charge by
Sheriff Storoy, who arrived here to
day on an early train, and who loft
with his pHsoner nt noon today for
To Search for His Brother.
Hutte, Mont.. April 11. J. W. Egan,
of Chicago has arrived at Kallspcll
to renew tho search for his brother.
Superintendent Egnn, of tho Grunt
Northern, who was lost In the moun
tains last fall whllu hunting.
Employes of O. R. & N. Exonerated
In the Killing of Indian Yesterday
at Cayuse.
Tho result of thu investigation In
to the killing of Its-le-ll-uni. tho In
dlan at Cayusu yesterday was (hat
It has been determined definitely that
his death was In every sonso acciden
tal and unintentional so far as thu
omployes of tho company wore con
Tho testimony of u boy 14 years of
ago, who saw tho accident, was th.i
principal testimony adduced outsld-j
of thut glvon by tho trainmen. Tho
boy states that tho Indian was walk
ing on the trestle In tho middle of
It and was not taking advantngu of
tho footpath with which tho treutlo
Ih provided upon tho sides.
Ho was about 40 foot from thu
western end of tho trestlu whon tho
ongino struck him. About CO feet
past tho trestlo ho fell off tho pilot
to ono side. Actual death did not
ensue for about 20 minutes after tho
accident, although examination show
ed that his left leg was broken near
tho nnklo, and IiIh neck was dlslocat
It Is not believed that ho was drunk
hut tho day being cold ami disagree-
abiu Its-lo-lt-um had his blanket drawn
u pabout his head and earn unit
probably did not realize how close
the engine was to him, although ho
looked back once while on the trcH
tie and saw the approaching train
without doubt. Ho was about CG
years of age and a man of nt least
22G pounds weight.
Alfalfa and Hogs.
A. I.. Swaggart. of Athena, has
bought of H. C. Dum 1C0 acres on Mc
Kay Creek, tho sale being effected
by Rihorn & Swaggart. One hund
red and 40 acres of this land will be
seeded to alfalfa. Mr, Swaggart buys
tho place with a view to stocking It
with thoroughbred hogs, in which bus
iness he Is engaged at Athena.
Baseball Conference. . .
A conference of baseball managers
and backers will be held In Wal.'a
Walla tomorrow, which will be at
tended by one or more delegates from
this place, though it Is not yet de
cided who they will be. Dayton, Col
fax, Walla Walla and Pendleton will
be represented In flie conference and
perhaps othor places.
Judges Were Unanimous in Giving
Him First Place Fred Hartmm
Was Accorded Second Place Many
Fine Declamation.-,
In tho Judgment of nil the Judges,
accorded upon every standard. So
Williams was entitled to the llrst find
ing in the declamatory contest last
night at tho high school assembly
hall, nnd will ropresont thu high school
in the forthcoming tntcrschoiastle
debating contest at Walla Walla, May
With equal unanimity the Judges
accorded second place in tho contest
to Fred Hartman. It wns a close sec
ond between Mr, Hartman anj Effio
Smith, Gljun Scott, Clarcnco Allen,
Chns, King and Myrtlo Dlzney, Be
tween those mentioned and Mr. Hart
man the dlfforenco In merit waa so
slight that tho result was not easily
reached, but tho Judges finally agreed
upon Mr. Hartman.
The others enumerated In this con
nection all nttalned, In the Judgment
or thu JudgCB, such a uniform excell
ence In their delivery as to make
a cholco between thorn practically
Impossible. Tho standard adopted
by the Judges was of naturalness of
delivery, general offoct, Interpreta
tion and ease of dollvory and memory.
The Judgeu were T. O. Halloy, F. R.
Clopton and C. H. Carter, Tho other
contestantH wore Edward Jay, Albort
Warner, Milton Shaw and Elmer lin
ker, und Nell Jay.
The titles of tho discourses wero a
follows: So Williams, "Hogtilus to tho
Cnrthaglulansi" Fred Hartman, "Tho
Deathbed of Arnold;" Elite Hmith.
"Tho Polish Hay;" Olon Scott,
"Spartactis to thu Gladiators:" Clar
ence Allen, "Antony'H Oration;" Chas,
King, "L'ntniino's Defiance; Myrtle
Dlzney, "Tho Unknown Speaker,
Albert Warner, "Stop Up to tho Cap
tain's Ofilco and Settle Un:" Milton
Shaw, "Zagonyl'u Chargo;" Elmer Ba
ker, "Toussant 1'Overturo;" Noll Jay,
The Royal Archer:" Edward Jay.
"Littleness and Greatness."
Bert Prout, Charged With Set
ting tho Victoria Dock Firo,
Captured in. Pendleton.
Pendleton Academy 8tudcnts to Hold
A Prix ConUit.
Next Saturday night at tho Preebv.
torian church, will take placo the
rogular yearly debate of Pendleton
Academy for first and second nrixes
of cash. The contestants, with the
names of their declamations ,are as
Junlta Knedahl. "Mary. Ommmi ir
Mabel McDIIl. "The Curse ot Itoir.
flraco Crockett. "Thu ItulHln nt
Jarra's Daughter."
Ethel Forbes. "The Death TlrM.u r,t
the Tay." .
Nell Whlttemore, "Aux Itllln,"
i ir-- - ' " ir i i ii ssjsMsi.siMtMMMs1 '
-"mKnaimMimmir miiL-m nmmu rmmT3l inmraiiiiTrwiEiJiJiui. jMiunuu-gr