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Folding Vapor Bath Cabinet.
For the Sclentlllc Application of Hjat nnd Steam
In Curing and Preventing Disease. : : : : :
Endorsed by 3o,ooo PHYSICIANS and OVBR 600,000 Happy User
PRICE, $5.00
Truth Is always consistent
with Itself, and needs nothing to
help It out: It Is always near at
hand and sits upon our lips, and
Is ready to drop out before we
are aware; whereas a He Is
troublesome, and sets a man's In
vention 011 the rack, and one
trick needs a great many more
of the same to make It good.
Dr. Samuel Johnson.
The people of Cloveland, Ohio,
have again Indorsed the principles of
Tom Johnson, this time by 7,114 ma
jority, In the home of the only Mark
Johnson has proven himself to be
the friend of the common people. Ho
has made an honest study of their
needs In the city of his home and
has fearlessly made their needs hU
political creed.
Opposed to him are the plutocrats
who look upon the common herd as
so many horses, to be worked, while
the vigor of manhood lasts, and then
to be sent to the alms-house. If no
other charitable door Is open for
them. At the head of this rank of
political cormptlonlsts, opposed to
the people of Cleveland, stands Marl:
The municipal fight In Cloveland Is
waged about the street car faro and
franchise question. Tom Johnson
stand3 for 3 cent fares, the opposi
tion for 5 cent fares, the same rate
that has been charged since, street
railways were first built In Cleve
land. Tom Johnson represents progress;
the Hanna forces represent the
mossback capitalism that lights every
Innovation, no matter how worthy,
which threatens to reduce personal
dividends, in the Interest of all the
The election of Johnson Is a scath
ing rebuke to the fossilized forces
arrayed against him. In a leading re
publican state, and In the best city
In that state, it is refreshing to find
the common people tearing away
from the worn-out, thread-bare policy
which has built up one man and one
lortune at the oxpense of a thousnnd.
It would be a happy choice and one
that the great mass of the plain peo
ple would welcome, should Tom John
son be named as the standard-bearer
for democracy. The record he has
made In Ohio entitles him to consid
eration. In the stronghold of tho en
emy he has won laurels of which any
leader may well feel proud.
Without advancing the wages of its
employes one cent or adding aught to
the quality of Its product, the salt
trust has raised the price of salt from
$2.50 In February, as quoted to Doug
las Belts, president of the Stato
Woolgrowers' Association, to $10 per
ton on April 1.
This Is tho brand of prosperity that
helps one man and hurts a hundred.
Tho woolgrowers have labored In
cessantly to build up their Hocks.
They have invested money In lino
breeds. Improved their farms with all
the conveniences and equipment
necessary to tho comfort and caro
of their stock. They havo added
wealth to the county and state In in
creasing values. They havo offered
the markets a better product and aro
Just now In condition to reap a Just
reward from their labor and oxpense,
wheu tho octopus of greed grasps
their profits and pockets tho roward
they have earned.
Thoy must have salt. Tho trust
controls tho output. Thoy must pay
the prico fixed by the trust or go
without. And In paying the trust's
exorbitant prices, thoy aro unjustly
forced to give up hard-earned wealth
that should go Into further improve
ments in herds and homes.
Will thoy still ding to the trust
principle or is the lesson sufficient?
Will they still support the cause that
nourishes the trust, or will thoy Join
forces with tho reformers who stand
for tho rights of the people?
It Is said the neatest rottto by
which to 1 each a man's vote lies
through his pocket.
If this "hold up" of tho stockman
bv tho vllllanous salt trust Is not
enough to mnke them think deeply
nnd seriously, nothing can do It.
They aro robbed of profits which
should be used In educating their
families, beautifying their homes and
Improving their llocks.
Tho trust gives them no Increased
value for this Increased price. Tho
same salt that sold for $2.50 per ton
In February Is now quoted at $10.
The trust knows that the season of
the year Is on in which tho stockman
....... ltnvi nnlt n .1 tl.i fgtrrHl l.lt.i t(.
i uiiiaL 11(11; D.iii nun iiivjj ( ...
I pay them a 300 per cent increaso in
price to got It.
. Congress has done nothing to cur
tail tho power of the trusts. Tho
gieat boasts made by the republican
leaders were empty. The people nre
being mercilessly exploited by In
creased prices for llfe't, necessities,
and will be until the common people
themselves .overthrow machine poli
tics and make a few wholesome laws.
It was really a victory for the West
when Harrlman won In the great con
test for ownership of tho Union Pa
cific stock, against Kcene. Harrl
man, like Jim Hill, is an empire
builder. Ho develops tho countries
into which his roads extend. He In
vites dividends by making business
In the settlement of the country. He
Is a big man, of tho Western type,
a path-maker, a liome-bullder, and a
lover of development. Wherover the
Harriman system and the Harrlman
Influence Is felt, rural Improvement Is
going on, immigration is changing tho
character of the country for the bet
ter and railroads are made as far as
poslble, agencies of progress. Keene
Is a stock gambler, pure and simple.
To him, railroads aro sources of In
come and not development. He takes
no further delight In owning stock,
than to collect profits. Progress Is
not part of his creed.
The Uaker City Democrat, which
has been telling of the terrible op
pression of lite mlnlngcorporations by
virtue of tho corporation tax law, for
the past month, suddenly comes to Its
senses. Here is what It says on re
turn lo consciousness: "The Eastern
Oregon gold field is now the victim of
Eastern fake companies which are
pi eying on the unsuspecting and sell
ing stock In mythical claims, making
the good reputation of this district
tho lover by which thoy can gull the
public. How long this swindle can
go on without the doors of the peni
tentiary swinging open to receive
theso nothing less than robbers re
mains to bo seen. Certainly the gov
ernment authorities aro lax In their
duty or else thero Is a nigger in tho
woodpile somewhere."
Ain't no' sense a actln' so
Fickllsh all tho while
Fust yo' blow an' then yo' snow',
Then yo' crack a smile.
Jump from spring to winter In
One quick back'nrd bound,
Then yo' Jump right back agin I
Stop yo' caperln' 'round!
Came In gentle as the lamb
I.lttlo Mary had
IJreath was lull o" honey balm,
Heavenly, by gad!
; Then yo' got Into a fret
An' we quickly round
Yo' was Jest a durned coquette!
Stop yo' caperln' 'round!
Git as gentle as a dove,
Do the best yo' can,
Just to make a monkey of
Our poo' weather man.
Let him talk of azure sky
That ho thinks he's found,
Then.yo' let a blizzard fly.
Stop yo' caperln' 'round!
Ain't no sense a actln' so,
Makln' slcb n crack,
Fur it's time fur grass to grow
An' yo' set It back.
Paint with blue tho heaven-arch,
Paint with green tho ground
Jest behave yo'self. Miss March!
Stop yo' caperln' 'round!
James Hat ton Adams In Denver
Tho treasury department at Wash
ington Is publishing figures which
show that our imports from Porto
Hlco have risen from less than $2.
000.000 in 1S07, to $!),(i34.17li In 1902,
nnd that our exports to the Island
have, during tho same period. Increas
ed from a little over $2,000,000 to
about $12,000,000, Which leads, the
St, Louis Mirror remarks;
'As Porto Hlco has, for some time,
been enjoying free trade with the
United States, the figures published
deserve to be icgarded us Irrefragable
ptoof of the utter fallaciousness of
protectionist theories. There cannot
be a shadow of doubt but that the
establishment of free trade with
Cuba, the Philippines and overy other
country in the world would bo fol
lowed by still moie beneficial results
than It was in the case of Porto
The bullfrog sat by tho river's brim
And sang the whole day long;
The critics sometimes censured him.
And they weren't far from wrong.
Hut he sang away, as tho daylight lied
And didn't care what tho critics said.
He gurgled and croaked till tho toads
so fat.
And the pollywogs so slim.
Remarked: "To warble a song like
Must be very hard on him.
Hut no doubt it Is difficult to do,"
And the bullfrog simply pegged awny
The very best ho knew;
They learned to bear It. and day by
His reputation r;irv.
Till at last, inrough the pond, it Is
That whatover the bullfrog sings, it's
good. Washington Star.
You wear a coat. Why?
To keep the cold out ? No ;
to keep the warmth in.
What of the body that has
no warmth the thin, poor
body that lacks the healthy
flesh and fat it needs?
For such we say that Scott's
Emulsion provides the right
kind of a coat. Why? lie
cause Scott's Emulsion builds
firm, solid flesh and sup
plies just enough fat to fill
nature's requirements no
more. That means bodily
We'll tend you a umple free upon request.
SCOTT BOWNK, 09 I'earl Slreei, New Vork.
"let the GOLD DUST twins do your work-"
This would be a cleaner, brighter world if
every housekeeper used
It Multiplies your pleasures; Divides your
efforts; Subtracts from your cares; Adds
to your life.
Chlcwo. Haw York, Boston. St. Louis. Makers of OVAL FAIRY SOAP.
is caused by trying to compel
the stomach to keep too rapid a
pace. It is
the bane of
the present age and is wrecking
lives bv the wholesale a little
assistance is needed by the diges
tive organs of
half the world.
That distressed feeling can be
removed speedily by using
Beecham's Pills and can posi
tively be
cured by
tnlrino' n rnnrso. of this excellent
I medicine. Your stomach will be
kept sweet anu clean anu your gen
eral health will be perfect if you
will use
Sold Everywhere.
" In boxes, I Oe. and 26c.
I. Ik
JJUUll ,
Go where they all go, to T
Robinson's Amusement
Howling. Shooting, Pool
and Billiards.
Corner Main and Webb Sts.
Treasurer of tho Brooklyn East E.nd Art Club.
ENSTItOAIj irregu
larities are gener
ally the beginning
nf !i wniimti'ii trou-
Witl. lm vitalitv ni a.
low ebb, tlie bloou vrcaK
enoil, the digestion disor
dered, she goes about pale
faced, hollow-eyed and hag
gard, u piteous contrast to
tho blooming health of
l.A. f....ia. coif lint m'pr
111.1 - i
health again by taking Wine o Cardui.
As a regulator of the menstruali periods
Wine o Cardui has never been' known
to fail. It lias seldom failed toTestore
perfect health, even in tho most persis
tent and aggravated case of weakness.
Jlin Ida M. Suvder, of No. 535 Ber
gen Street, Brooklyn, X. Y., ha used
Wine o Cardui and she says it helped
her into a new life. Health to Miss
Snyder is worth a great deal. She is
an attractive young woman with intel
lectual attainments and she occupies
the portion of Treasurer of the Brook
lyn I'ast End Art Club. This position
marks her as a person of intellect, cul
ture and refinement and it speaks highly
of the respect and trust her fellow
women have in her. She writes:
"If women would pay more attention
- 1
to their health we wou"
have more happy wivev
mothers and daughters, ana
If they would use more Intel
ligence in the matter of medi
cines, observing results, they,
would find that the doctors'
prescriptions do not perform
the many cures they are given
credit iit.
"In consulting with my
druggist he advised McEtree'i
W7:JT. rs4..l on4 ThrA-
ii T lilt, W mm -
ford's Blade-Draught, and so X took it
and have every reason to thank him for
a new life opened up to me with restored
health, and It only took three months to
cure me."
Yon may secure the same relief as
Miss Snyder, if you take Wine of Cardui
as she took it. Thedford's . Black
Draught is the companion medicine of
Wine of Cardui and it is a liver and
bowel regulator which assists grtatly
in i effecting a cure. If you take these
medicines according to direction, the
relief and cure is simple. Some cases
are cured quickly and others take longer
because the disease has run longer.
Remember how Miss Snyder took Wine
of Cardui and has health The tame
medicines are offered you to-day.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
Is Manufactured bv
2 for 25c
ALLEN b LEWIS , Distributors
Water tank!
We make a Specialty of Building RaMJ
Wc make them right and thev
always give satisfaction. Out
work is never slighted or botched
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard.
Ronr.KT Foustcr, pf0p
Fine Yellow Newtown Aunlei
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 15 cents a
We have the Famous and i.
ways sausiaciory
A trial will convince you of Iti
Alta Street, Opposite Saving! Bui
riimiiiij. nunui nnu liiiiuiuuMi
work guaranteed.
Babbit Metal
i I 1 1 f . !l It
of Harvesting Machinery.
Manufacturer of
Diriv n fvv UiDT?CTH
IVlViDJ "V LU i u HfUllilidlli
709 East Alta Street.
Baltezore & Howe's Uld stun
Going to
UKIJ.UI VUlll II Willi--J v r-
X J .
ed or paptired.
to us
i 1.. c PC
juarge anu nitciy
stock of wall paper and pam'
E. J. Mtitpny
m finnrt Street.
Awmoy for the Snerww
llama Faint.
Price $1.00
per bar at th
E. 0. Office
Farmers Custom M
Fred Walters, ProprM
n ii. erv l,nMlau itftV
i.i.r. w.i Mi for wlieii ,
F 11)11 1 " I k MIL
Klour, Mill Feed, Cliopw
always on uuuu.
Of Course You Do.
The place to get the best
meal served in the city is
Main street,- doors north
of W. & C. R. depot.
Easter Bargains
.. ... .. a. .... . . . . . . . ....lPli (0 Z
mis is iuu ween 10 ouiui lor easier an.i we Have ma.le uaeirort to get everyuiius n,
fumislilyou.a complete outfit for Eajter wear. V
We will receive thU week a shipment of
new tr.umied hats for ladies ami mittses. See
them before buying vournuw spring hut Flow
ers of nil kiudt, tco, wo have on hand, and Bilks
and ulilflonu for trimming.
Beautiful Wash Bilks, more than 20 dlfler-
ent patterns for summer waists. Our si'60.1
price f rtuts week, 4 yard waUt patterns
omy fl.8f. Japanese Silk fcr trimming r
pese., HUnohe wide, u uallj' sold elMwMJJ
for 35o yard, our price this week, ioo yu. J
Bilk WalstB, ne stylte, all olors, Hue yam
$8i!!i. Fine 811k Waists, all new sty ,
colors, 8.75 and $5.00. Bee our window tiup.
of. Silks and Bilk Waists.
We will have many specials on sale Saturday, too numerous to mention in
space. Call at the store and see them.